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Little Fox Day School - 16 Reviews - 5014 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL - Child Care Reviews - Phone (773) 561-7206

Little Fox Day School

5014 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 561-7206
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Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL
Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL
Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL
Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL
Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL
Little Fox Day School - Chicago, IL


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when my husband and i were looking at different child care center for my son we were very picky. we looked almost everywhere around our neiborhood and little fox day school was t...


When I first started taking my 2 children to LFDS I loved it. After a few months this school has started to get on my nerves. At first the director was willing to work with me abo...

very happy 10/24/2011

when my husband and i were looking at different child care center for my son we were very picky. we looked almost everywhere around our neiborhood and little fox day school was the most clean and kid friendly child care center around. the staff and director were very helpfl and friendly during our tour and interview. becasue of the great environment and helpful staff we choose little fox for my son to interact with children and learn special activities which they provide. of course i was one of those mothers who were very nervous and was calling every hour, the teachers were very patient with me and did not give me additude which i thought was great. after a while i felt very comfortable with having my son in a safe and loving place. my husband and i are very happy with our decision and very satified with how our son is excited each day to go to school. Thank you Little Fox. :) more

wonderful school 10/11/2011

My son just started attending little fox day school and is very happy. I love watching my him wake up each day happy and looks forward to go to school. He has attended other school's and was very sad everyday. he used to run away from his old schoo lbut with little fox he RUNS TOO the door and is very excited. Tt is thought that this is because of the wonderful curriculum and friendly staff. Everyday we go into the school the staff has smiles and makes my son feel special and loved. As parents little fox makes my husband and i feel like my son is in a safe and well looked after. It is a great feeling NOT having to worry about my son when at school and if he is well looked after. This child care center is very child friendly and heart warming place. I have never seen any day care like this one, so if you are looking for a warm and kind place to send your child little fox day school is the place for you. more

We love LIttle Fox! 3/9/2011

Our son started the earliest they take them, 15 months. From the first day we walked in to check the place out, the director and all the staff made us feel so welcome! Each classroom he has been in, he has gained so much from his teachers, and peers. He has learned wonderful manners, social skills, letter/number recognition, potty training, and great dance skills; he loves to share his knowledge others. Every staff member takes the time to meet all the children, and understand their individual personalities. Because of the ""day school"" schedule (which includes backyard playground time), we know our son will have no problem adjusting to a CPS full day. We all leave smiling with pleasant goodbyes from teachers, classmates, and the friendly woman behind the desk. Since the day I picked him up, and he had learned how to say ""I love you,"" I knew Little Fox was the perfect choice! more

Ok for the most part 2/28/2011

When I first started taking my 2 children to LFDS I loved it. After a few months this school has started to get on my nerves. At first the director was willing to work with me about the fact that I was stretched for money. I told her that my husband and I make combined 1550 a month and 950 of that is our rent. She said that the state would cover most of it and that I would only have to pay 100 a month. well that has turned in to 150 a week and if I'm late on my payment because I don't get paid until late Friday nights the staff is rude to my children. My daughter who is usually very out going and happy is starting to retreat into herself because ""my teacher yells at me cause you owe her money."" How dare an adult treat a child differently because of a problem you have with the parent. My son has had a constant diaper rash since starting LFDS. I thought at first it was just teething and his sensitive skin but he spent 2 weeks with my parents and never had any problems. All in all I don't recommend LFDS. more

Blessings of 2010 12/26/2010

In this space between christmas and new year, I look back at 2010 in my mind and remember how I have been richly blessed in so many ways. This school has been and will always be a blessing. Thank you very much to your staffs who are taking care of my daughter with love and compassion. She enjoys being at school and now she's experimenting on eating her vegetables. She said her teacher told her that vegetables makes her eyes look beautiful. The Christmas show last Dec. 15 was spectacular. I don't know how you did it, but my daughter DANCED on stage!!! and that's something because she's basically a shy kid. I know sometimes the staff feels they are not appreciated, with the things you have done and taught to my daughter... there is one mommy here who is really grateful! I can never be thankful enough. Keep up the good work! more

Professional or not?? You decide!!! 12/14/2010

Mornings at Little Fox are very unpleasant for some of us like myself. Miss Malu isnt a morning person at all. She is rude and unprofessional to the children and parents like myself. I have actually heard her say to a child as I was signing out, mind you the childs parent had just walked out ""Why should I give you breakfast when your mommy owes us money?"" When I ask her questions or share my concerns she is just out right rude and sarcastic. All I have to say is avoid her. My friends and I love the school and so do our children but unfortunately Miss Malu needs to turn it down a notch or maybe get another profession. ""It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch"". more

I would not recommend it.. 10/6/2010

Well, I had my 17 months old kid for a short time at this daycare. I would say that some of the teachers were kind but others were very rude! I was concerned about their food the most. They feed kids dounuts for their snack time which I think is crazy! They say that they cook meals for the kids but I saw that they buy ready meals from stores and serve it for kids!!!! Plus my kid used to be hungrey all the time especially when I pick him from this daycare. So one time I asked one of his teachers if he ate his lunch and she said Yes. Then, I went and I asked the second teacher if he ate his lunch but she said that he is not a good eater and usually he eats two bites and that's it !!!!!!! so should I call that teacher a lier? My son lost lots of weight when he was there and I thought its just a stage the kid faces but I kept searching until I found that every time he doesnt eat his lunch they give him cookies! I blame these teachers for not telling me that my son refuses to eat lunch and trying to cover it by giving him stupid cookies! \r Also, one time I told the teacher that my kid is constipated and I asked her to keep giving him water to drink to stay hydrated and she was nice and said she will do. After I came to pick him up I asked her if she gave him water but she said just a couple of times because if she gives him water infront of the other kids they will want water too!!!!! how crazy is that!!!!! does that mean that all kids thirsty all the time or she doesnt care if my son dehydrate? \r One more time I asked the teacher if my son slept during nap time and she exactly said "" we have so many kids in here so I dont know""!!!!! that was crazy too!\r And by the way, NOT all teachers have early education degree in this daycare. I know for sure that the two teachers for kids ages 2 and younger do not have degrees. When I first went to look at the place the owner said that all of her teachers are certified with early childhood education...thats the big lie!\r To all mothers who are reading this review, please trust your feelings especially when you feel something wrong is going on with your kid!!!! more

~Peace of mind for parents~ 9/28/2010

Agreed with Jaifra7 and all other POSITIVE AND TRUE comments about Little Fox Day School. TO THE ONLY HELPLESS WOMEN WITH A BAD REVIEW! You must still be in high school or extremely immature and unprofessional to bring up names and bad mouth the best school in Chicago with the most honest loving and caring staff. We/ They understand your daughters. We all know what Aqua and apa and wawa and water is so no need to state what your daughter didnt get it when asked,im positive they gave her water during the day! .. Take your daughter and her little sippy cup somewhere else. for you to say the teachers gave you dirty looks. haha thats hilarious and completely childish.. where do you come from ??. Did you actually think you would get attention for writing a bad review on city search? well heres your attention as you make up stories.. Anger management .. lol . Claudia you are delusional and need help! maybe you should attend a pre school to learn how to treat people.. it seems you are disrespecting yourself and others. Parents, you dont need to think twice about bringing your kids to Little Fox! My three children were there for four years.They were potty trained,learned Spanish,loved the food,came home with great projects,and even had homework.We went to work with total peace of mind! more

The Hidden Gem 9/2/2010

Little Fox is really a hidden gem on the North side. Our family has had our two children there for well over two years. I feel very comfortable with their abilities but most importantly my children love it and have grown with them over this time. Each teacher/caregiver that they have been with (as they move up to the next level a new team is usually assigned to the group) has always had my childs best interest in mind.\r \r These people live it day in and day out and in some cases may spend more time with your child than you do. I have to say that they are like our extended family. I'm not sure how anyone would have a poor review but if there was it would be due to a personality conflict which in life does happen now and again. Overall Little Fox is a great place for children thru Kindergarden. more

Re: ClaudiaSabina 8/23/2010

This is very interesting because I wanted to write a positive review because I had a wonderful experience with the staff and I come here to this venomous review that could not be far from the truth. My child is always taken care of and the teachers genuinely care about my son. Ms Maria has never yelled at me. Through her interpersonal skills she was able to make me feel better about a situation I had(being a single father) and I will never forget that. It seems SabinaClaudia is an unhappy individual and if the teacher has anger management issues she wouldnt be there for as long as she has been. Thanks for all that you do Little Fox !!! more

LFDS Great School and Great Teachers 8/23/2010

My daughter has been at LFDS for 2 years now - thus having Ms. Maria as a teacher. Ms. Maria is a great teacher and individual. When my daughter was new - Ms. Maria made her feel comfortable. She was always friendly and loving as she too is a mother. I can't believe the negative review that was posted -- It sounds as if Sabrina Claudia has anger issues. I am truly thankful that my friends referred me to LFDS --- My daughter loves the school and all her teachers --- She has grown so much and continues to do so because of the excellent staff --- Many who have been there for many years including Ms. Maria. I hope you find a school that will be able to handle you and make you happy!!! more

Response to Sabrina Claudia fabricated stories... 8/22/2010

I was shocked an appauled to read the comment by Sabrina Claudia that was written reguarding little fox day schoool, two of my children are now attending and we couldnt be happier. one child in the 2 yr old class comes home singing, using the potty for the first time, and does age related projects. My second child has learned to write his name, share with other children, loves the food, and knows all the songs that ms. josie has taught in music class! As far as your comment about your kid drinking water, many occasions when picking up my kids i know there is always water and cups available for the children at all times. I feel truly blessed that i have found this nurturing school for my kids and I will keep them there until they graduate kindergarden. I must say I remember meeting you at the school and couldnt believe the way you verbally attacked ms. Maria when she graciously tried to explain something to you. I remember speaking with you and you told me this is your daughters 3rd school!! I truly think you are the one with the issue and I feel sorry for your daughter because I saw how happy she was there...Good luck at finding a school and staff as good as LFDS more


My daughter attended the daycare for about a month in June. After one week my daughter told me the teachers do not give her water. Each day when I picked her up, she would cry for her sippy cup of water because she was extremely thirsty. I spoke to the teacher regarding this matter, but they were offensive and uncooperative. The only thing I said is that if my daughter asks for aqua or apa she asks for water, which they already knew since the first day. After that incident, they gave me dirty looks when I would pick her up. Another problem I had with the daycare is the diaper rash my daughter developed while attending . At first I didn't think much of it because of the heat outside. I kindly asked the teacher to change her pull ups more often and use the diaper rash cream after each change. Maria, one of the teachers said she would use the cream. Since my daughter's diaper rash was not subsiding I decided to speak with the manager. She was very nice about it and told me that would definitely discuss it with the teacher ( Maria). When picking up my daughter the very same day, Maria confronted me by yelling at me that I should always complain to her if I have something to complaint about. She also proceeded to tell me that I have an attitude and she has never seen a person like me. Excuse me, but I think I have the right to ensure the safety and health of my daughter. I found out that not even half of the 25 pull ups I brought in for the month had been used. No wonder my daughter always had a diaper rash! The owner called me to apologize for Maria but did nothing to accommodate my daughter in terms of putting her in a different classroom. How can I take my daughter back there when this teacher has anger management issues and does not know how to take care of toddlers? If she has the nerve to disrespect me, how is she going to treat my daughter? I thought that a day care provider should always be calm around kids. Parents take my advice and think twice before you take your children here.\r \r \r Pros: N/A Cons: Bad more

Awesome place and staff 12/7/2009

My daughter absolutely loves this place. We are new to Chicago and wanted a place that was ethnically and culturally diverse, in addition to a challenging currriculm. This place is it! We investigated several places across the city including montessori schools and hands down this was the best. The kids learn through play and in different languages (ie. Spanish and Chinese, etc.) My daughter wishes that she had school on Saturdays. I also like there emergency planning. The outside is very deceiving; the place is huge and takes up two-three buildings with the classrooms having a lot of space and sunlight. The staff and I communicate daily on my daughter's progress/days events and we work on things that she is doing at school at home. It truly feels like we are team. When we leave our child in Little Fox's care.. I know that she is in good hands. Pros: serv., staff, activities, park'g, cleanliness, nurse onstaff more

Wonderful daycare and VERY good staff 11/17/2009

I've had 2 children in this daycare and I dont think there is anything bad I could say about them. My daughter went there from age 2-4 and she loved it and when I put her in a regular grammar school, she was way more advanced then the other children because LIttle Fox has a great teaching cirriculum. I moved to the burbs and when I had my son, I couldnt find adequate enough daycare for him, so we moved BACK to Lincoln Square just so he could attend Little Fox. He attended there as well from age 2-5. The Director is wonderful and has great learning ethics she carrys over to her staff. Every teacher either of my children had were wonderful and I never had a problem with any of them. It would be ashame to over look this daycare for your child. You can drop your child off knowing they are in great care. more

i love it!!! 12/9/2008

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