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Lite Spa Too - 32 Reviews - 1201 Harmon Pl Ste 105, Minneapolis, MN - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (612) 339-0888

Lite Spa Too

1201 Harmon Pl Ste 105
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 339-0888
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I went to Litespa last weekend & I was just SO impressed with EVERYTHING!!! When I first stepped in, I was warmly greeted by their front desk staff. They showed me to an area th...


I went here to have a long needed massage and I was highly dissapointed: The massuese seemed to be inexperienced , the room was very drafty and cold, there was just a hospital ...

Awful Manicure/Pedicure 7/29/2007

I went for an express Manicure/Pedicure. The ""express"" still cost $80, so it wasn't exactly cheap. However, the service I received was the worst manicure/pedicure I have gotten this summer in Minneapolis. The express does not involve any lotion (which it does at other salons) apparently (even though she tried to sell me on their lotion, of course). Who is going to buy something that wasn't even tried on them? I'm not certain if a regular manicure would be better, as the polish on my fingernails was done so sloppily, I was peeling it off of my fingers in big chunks. If I wanted my fingers painted with my fingernails, I can easily do that myself. Definitely not the work of a professional manicure.\r \r Bottom line--don't get the express at this salon if you want a real manicure/pedicure. $80 at this salon does not get you the same ""express manicure and pedicure"" that you can get at other salons in the area. I would recommend JUUT, which I have been to multiple times before (I couldn't get an appointment in time) instead. And watch the woman (asian, name started with an M) that likes to polish fingers in addition to nails--if you must go, make an appointment with someone else. I won't be going back. more

Average service for above average prices 1/26/2007

I have been to LiteSpa several times for bikini waxes. The first few times that I went I was very happy with the service, the waxer was very professional and made me feel comfortable in a normally uncomfortable and painful situation. She also did a very good job. However, the last two times that I went in I had a different waxer, I'm not sure if the other woman left or was just unavailable, but I couldn't get an appointment with her even upon request. The new waxer was okay, but she did a horrible job. She didn't remove all the wax and I was picking little bits off myself for the rest of the day (extremely painful!), and she didn't remove all the hair. It looked awful. The next time that I ended up with her, I told her I wanted her I wasn't happy the first time, and although she got all the wax this time, she didn't do a complete job and I was left will a lot of stray hairs. It looked terrible. After two bad experiences I decided not to return. I have gotten much better service at other places and for much better prices. Pros: Atmosphere, location Cons: Price, quality of service, pushy sales peopl more

more stressful- than relaxing 12/21/2006

When I set up my massage appt. I asked if they used oils, and they didn't give a straight answer, only that the masseuse would talk to me at my appt. time. They only had 3 or 4 kinds of lotion- of their own scents- none of which smelled very good to me. This was to be my fourth or fifth professional massage, and a gift from my spouse. I had a masseuse who smelled like cigarettes, and I had to interrupt the massage shortly after it started because the smell was awful. The masseuse was reluctant to admit to smoking, but ended the massage at that point by my request. I was shuttled without much discussion to get a manicure and pedicure. This service was fine, even good, but the walls were really dark pumpkiny color, not relaxing and I was stressed by then, and had taken time off for work for this purpose of relaxing. I was sent in my robe and pedicure sandals to dry my nails under a little machine that was hard to use, in a little dark corner of the waiting/entry area. I sat there for a really long time- without my watch or clock, and it must have been about an hour or so before the receptionist laughed and said ""you can go whenever you want."" I received a letter and a gift card to return again as an apology and give them another try- but I was not looking forward to that. I did not want to return and get stressed out again. If you go, go for a pedicure or manicure if you like dark walls. The pros were that my toes stayed painted for a long time, and I drank a lot of tea, like 5 cups while I was there. Pros: drank lots of tea, toes stayed painted for a long time like a month Cons: smoky masseuse, staff that didn't address my questions, expensive, no free parking, more

Litespa is THE place to go in Minneapolis!! 4/28/2006

I went to Litespa last weekend & I was just SO impressed with EVERYTHING!!! When I first stepped in, I was warmly greeted by their front desk staff. They showed me to an area that I could sit and wait for my massage therapist to come get me. She came and was just so friendly, she made me feel comfortable right away, seeing that this was my first time at a spa. I would DEFINITELY recommend Litespa to everyone I know!!! more

Customer service 12/7/2005

Litespa gives the impression of being an enticing place. But here is the thing folks- DON'T EVER GO THERE. The attitude of staff sucks and they need to learn a thing or two in speaking with clients. Net net, we have better places to go in Minneapolis downtown than there!!! Cons: attitude more


I would strongly recommend everyone to avoid this place. The owner and the staff are just plain arrogant. I was a little late for my appointment they deducted the whole amount from my credit card without even giving me the service. They even asked me if I ever would want to be their customer. Who would want to be customers of such a place???? I think most of the positive reviews have been written by their staff. Cons: Poor Service, Arrogant, Impolite more

Blah! 8/26/2005

Went for a massage. Requested a deep tissue and didn't get what I asked for. When I asked for a majority of the time to be concentrated on my back, I didn't get it. At that point I just layed there and tried to relax. Might as well get some benefit out of it, right? Then, I purchased an essential oil that the therapist used. I liked it. Well, it was around $70 for a tiny bottle (not marked). Got it home and had buyers remorse and decided to return it two hours later. At that point, I was told they don't do returns even though I had paid cash. I exchanged the oil for Nutrisodas, a book. Disappointing all-around! more

VERY expensive experience 7/27/2005

The staff was very nice and friendly. They were a very pleasant group of people. But the facility was grossly over-priced for what it was. I have been to spas all over the USA, and this was more expensive than ones that I have been to in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and New York. The quality is not as high, and the sales pressure is through the roof. Try another location. Pros: open late, nice people Cons: no parking, expensive, sales pressure, not enough privacy more

A Great Experience 7/16/2005

I have gone to LiteSpa many time before and every time I have gone it has been a joyful experience. I started out as a hotel client getting a massage which was so convienient considering I had meetings all day and wanted a later massage. The therapist was very good and very intuitive. I recently moved to the city and have been frequenting Litespa, my first time in the spa I actually met the owner Kim McNair and she was a very knowledable and a wonderful woman. I have been to many spas and I have never had the joy of actually meeting the owner. I have enjoyed even their new location on Harmon and recieved a haircut that was great and the spa is beautiful. I have never been pressured to buy product although I have bought a couple of their recommendations and have been pleased with the results. Pros: Front Desk, Owner, Staff Cons: Parking more

change my life? 7/5/2005

I was told by a dear friend that Litespa had a weight loss program. I went in one day to find out what it was all about. The front desk was knowledgable about their products, but they were to pushy in selling them. They told me that my current weight loss program was all wrong, and that their program would ""save the day."" I told them I was going to think about it, then they gave me all these coupons to use! Now I am the kind of lady that need to think things over before she goes through with things, and I was way to pressured in this situation. I left and never came back. There is something to be said for good customer serivce. Litespa was too pushy! Pros: parking, flowers Cons: decor, front desk, attitude more

No No 7/4/2005

I was visiting from out of town, and the hotel I was staying at told me about Litespa. I figured, ""Why not. I usually have a bunch of successes at spas, let's give this one a go!"" But this go go turned into a no no. The front desk was not polite, I felt pressure to buy their weight loss program, and this was even before I was to recieve my parafin facial! The facial was satisfactory, it felt good, but it was incomplete. They were having problems with their machines that day. I do understand this, but maybe the technician could have compensated for this in some way? Overall, an uncomfortable experience. Pros: location, parking Cons: messy, rude, owner more

LiteSpa IS GREAT 7/1/2005

I am a very busy business woman and for my job I have to travel all over the United States. I have been to many spas in many high priced cities, after visiting LiteSpa I am very impressed. I was greated with the upmost respect and intuitivness. The receptionist and service providers knew where I was at all times and where I was to head next on my day package. My massage was amazing my therapist was very interested in my where my pain was and after it was over I felt great. All of my other services were wonderful also. This was my 2nd time there and I would definetly go back. I would recommend this spa for everyone!!!!! Pros: Decor, Staff, Attentivness more

A much needed metropolitan eden 6/28/2005

Litespa was my first experience at a spa, and I am more than impressed! The massage I received was skillful and wonderful! I was nervous to go to a spa at first, but from the time I got there, the staff put me at ease and were very consiencious about individual clients' needs. In addition, the service providers at the spa were highly trained and very knowledgeable about technique and products. Pros: Friendly staff, Relaxing, Great Value Cons: expensive parking more

I Love Litespa 6/8/2005

The service and staff at Litespa are on the cutting edge of health and beauty. Each time I visit the spa I am greeted with true kindness and professionalism. From relaxing massage treatments to skin care and body-contouring services that actually produce results, Litespa offers top-notch service and products. Their staff is extremely educated and has introduced me to products, both nutritional and cosmetic, that have improved my overall health and wellbeing. I have always enjoyed my experience at Litespa and will to continue to be a happy and loyal customer. Pros: Great Service, Professional Staff, Superior Products more

Simply the Best..right in my hometown! 5/27/2005

I travel frequently and have gone to many spas..San Francisco..San Jose..New York..Chicago. This place is the best! I have also gone to many well known spas here in town, too...but it just can't compare. Fantastic Massages and Fabulous Facials. Everyone here is very sincere and professional, wonderful service, I also use all their products that have been products, vitamins, all just topnotch, ""can't live without"", very affordable. LiteSpa is Minneapolis..Minnesota's Best Kept Secret - my favorite escape and treat. Worth the parking. Go on Sunday (free parking on street) or park at Martens Parking Ramp - I think it was $3.95 after 4pm. Pros: World-Class Service Cons: Parking more

Horrible Customer service, waste of money 5/14/2005

I am in the service industry and was completely apalled at the lack of customer service. I had to ask the receptionist if I was to come in early. She said, "" A couple minutes."" Upon arrival the one receptionist was on the phone so I waited. Then I was told to hurry up. I paid 80 dollars for a 30 minute massage. I was only alotted 50 minutes from entry to exit. (for a 50 minute massage?) No time to change or to fill out paperwork, just less massage time. I was there only 54 minutes. I was quoted on the phone for a 1 hour massage and told 50 minutes when I arrived. Train your receptionist. All that separated me from the next person was a sheet! Very uncomfortable. My therapist chewed gum! Everyone was rude. I explained my issues with a manager and she was just defensive. Pros: downtown location Cons: staff, time management, decor, privacy more

Okay 5/7/2004

$450 full day spa was disappointing. Internet description: full day includes an ozone steam, nutrutional analysis and make up consultation among other things. Didn't recive these 3 items that I was told online I would be receiving. Day started at 7:45a and after a hot shower, end-dermology, facial, hot tanning bed, massage and the hot herbal wrap it was almost 2:00pm and I had to ask for my lunch. I have large gaps of plain nail showing through manicure. I went home with a headache and asked my husband for a massages, just as good and free! I also had to sit in lobby naked with nothing but a robe on in front of a dozen people to get my nails dried! It was embarrasing! I thought a day at the spa meant relaxation not more tension. The only thing I would go back for was the End-dermology. Pros: End-dermology, Ambiance, Lunch by Jimmy John Cons: , Felt worse afterward, Lite Spa Itself more

Overpriced and Overrated 3/29/2004

I laid out $165 on a LiteSpa Massage and was incredibly disappointed. The attendants at the front desk were not friendly and inviting, in fact I stood waiting in front of them for a couple minutes when I arrived before they bothered to help me. The massage was mediocre at best and left me with bruised muscles, a pulled muscle on one leg, and a very sore stomach from the ""lift"" that was given. I asked the therapist three times to lighten the touch, this after explicitly saying that I required light touch on my legs and stomach because of medical conditions. Go to the Aveda school. Even my worst massages there were better than this one. Pros: parrafin dip, heated pads on table Cons: , poor quality, snobby attitude more

Stars go here???? 5/7/2003

I went in for a facial and arrived at my appointment 7 minutes early. While I was filling the lengthy forms out, my facial person came over and told me to hurry up because I was causing them to run late. Remember, I was early. My facial was somewhat enjoyable despite the thin curtain that seperated myself and another person receiving a facial. I would expect privacy from Litespa with the prices they charge. After my facial, I was scheduled to tan, but because someone else was in the ONE tanning bed, I had to wait 30 minutes. I tried to reschedule the tanning twice, but the front desk staff insisted it would only be a minute. Not once did someone offer me a drink or offer to take my jacket I was carrying around. All of their staff were inexperienced and immature-constantly complaining about their schedules and jobs. Cons: Inexperienced staff, horrible decor, lack of privacy more

Better every time 4/29/2003

I have been going to Litespa for a few years now and have enjoyed it immensly. THey continually are improving and upgrading services and the atmosphere. They all strive to be the very best they can be. I am completely and totally impressed with the spa and team members. more
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