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Lipinski Chiropractic Pa

182 Thomas Johnson Dr Ste 201
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 620-7111
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Editorial review from Citysearch 3/13/2013

I enjoyed the office, staff and Dr. Lipinski's service, efficiency, and atmosphere. It was always enjoyable to come for a treatment. The treatments were very beneficial in restoring the posture and neck to their more proper position. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/10/2013

I am writing to tell you why I believe in Lipinski Chiropractic. I had a very sore right shoulder that had been jammed and than hyper extended upward. It had been a problem for years and I could not raise my arm even as high as my shoulder. I met Dr. Lipinski and Pam at the Frederick Fair. We, my husband and I, signed up to have an evaluation and adjustment. One of the best things I ever did was make that appointment. We had xrays and learned a little about chiropractic care and than got an adjustment. I was amazed, after just one adjustment, I started using my shoulder like normal and my full range of motion returned. My shoulder has not given me any trouble since. I have done research and am happy to say that I believe in the philosophy and life style behind chiropractic care. I believe that Dr. Lipinski has a program that will benefit almost everyone and help their bodies heal themselves. I am currently being adjusted weekly and continue to feel the benefits of being more flexible and healthier. Life is too short and too much fun to spend stiff and sore, particularly when you have a choice. I have no hesitation in suggesting to family and friends that they should get an evaluation and see how Dr. Lipinski can help them to a better and more healthful life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2013

When I first started I did not know what to expect, Dr. Lipinski & staff were nice, professional. I had severe back pain which prevented me from walking up steps without pain in lower back, and some time, my back pain was so severe I couldn't straighten out, now months later and many back neck corrections I have no pain in my back, its wonderfull thank you Dr. Lipinski. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2013

I initially came to Dr. Lipinsky because I had a serious injury in my lower back resulting from a strenuous dance class that never fully healed. The pain would come in waves, leaving me unable to move for days at a time. As a dance teacher, this prevented me from teaching my classes or doing any dancing personally. Not to mention the times when I was barely able to stand without massive pain, and could only walk hunched over. My only solution was to stretch out the muscles and rest. The pain would subside for a time, but any amount of serious dancing could throw me into a fit that could last for days. After starting care with Dr. Lipinsky my back pain completely disappeared over time, and I have had no problems since. I find that I am back in my rigorous teaching and dancing schedule and have not had to slow down due to back pain at all. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/12/2013

I came to Dr. Lipinski because I was in extreme pain. I have gone from Dr. to Dr. and was given medication to treat the symptoms I was having. I was diagnosed with a Rhumetoid Arthritis like condition and an unknown auto-immune disorder. I had pain in my joints, knees, shoulders. The pain was intense at times and caused me to miss work because of the pain. I had IBS, Colitis and then diagnosed with Crohns. Nothing worked to help. It had gotten so bad that I only had a bowel movement once every 11 days. I was so bloated and miserable by days 7-11. I took laxitives, Amitiza, and other drugs for digestive motility. Not only was I bloated, but I also had GERD. On days 7-11, I usually went on a liquid diet and could not eat for a day or two because I had fluids up to my esophagus and lost my voice for at least 2 weeks every 2 months. I was told I had gastroparesis (sp?) and there was nothing that could be done except change my diet. I had iritis which would occur every 3-6 months and that this was caused by the unknown auto immune disorder. Again all that could be done was to treat symptoms as they occurred. I lost 2-3 weeks of work at a time because I couldn't drive. In addition, I have TMJ and only had 6 teeth that touched when I closed my mouth. I was told I would need surgery to correct the alignment. They would need to break my jaw, put in metal plates and wire my mouth shut for at least 2 weeks. I have been suffering for the past 20 years w/ multiple health issues. I can't even count the number of days or work lost or the amount of money lost because I was absent without pay. Basically, I was a mess, miserable & falling apart. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2013

I play a lot of tennis and at my age (55) the wear and tear on my body can be a problem. I'm also quite a few pounds overweight which doesn't help. Several years ago I blew out a disk in my lower spine that eventually required surgery to repair. I woke up after the surgery with about 85% of the pain gone, but playing tennis still seemed to aggravate the sciatica pain down my right leg. I saw a chiropractor and after several weeks of treatment I felt well enough to play tennis again. I've been playing ever since but haven't been to a chiropractor for a couple of years. Last summer at the Great Frederick Fair, Dr. Lipinski had an exhibit and since I had a lot of stiffness and soreness form tennis, I decided to visit the exhibit. His staff offered me a free exam and I decided to take them up on the offer. I was worried about all the ibuprofen I had been taking to manage my tennis pain and I knew from previous experience that chiropractic care might be able to help. I was very impressed with both Doctor Lipinski and his very organized and friendly staff. The office runs like clockwork and I always feel welcome there. Equally impressive to me was the comprehensive nature of the exam. I especially like the way Dr. Lipinski documents everything and bases his treatment plan on verifiable results using periodic re-examinations to monitor progress or lack thereof. Since beginning treatment I have regained a full range of motion in my m neck, shoulder, and arms and my intermittent sciatica flare ups have disappeared even as I continue to play strenuous tennis 3 times a week. I have nearly completely stopped taking ibuprofen or any other drugs for my symptoms I guess because I rarely need it anymore. At my first re-exam the X-rays showed visible improvements but there is still work to be done. I am motivated to continue treatment because the results are worth the effort. Yes, I said effort because according to Dr. Lipinski half of the results depend on me doing my homework which involves some exercises and stretches to do at home. Dr. Lipinski recently asked if I had any other tennis problems and I mentioned that I have the usual litany: shoulder, elbow, wrist, and knees. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that chiropractors are trained to work on those areas as well. I recently began adjusting them and I am loving the results: much less stiffness and soreness during and after tennis in my elbow, shoulder, wrist and knees. I already feel 10 years younger most of the time and am looking forward to feeling even better in the future. I believe healthy eating, moderate exercise, a good night's sleep anda good chiropractor (like Dr. Lipinski) will get me there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

When I decided it was time to change something in my life and seek treatment, I could barely move through my day without back, neck, and leg pain. Waking up in the morning was painful. I felt defeated, exhausted, and as a result, in a bad mood. This had been going on for years. I couldn't do my life!! Waking up, brush my hair, lift a pan in the kitchen, write on the blackboard (I am a teacher), and I do not want to start with playing with my son or even think about exercising again. I went to two different chiropractors in Frederick. It took too long, the appointments were endless (sometimes over an hour) and they did not seem to have a plan for the future or a structural treatment. I tried exercising but it hurt was too much. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Lipinski. After starting chiropractic care, I am in a better mood. I can look over my shoulder when I am dancing. I can exercise. I can live!! I have more energy and I feel great! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

I have arthritis in my neck, spine, and hips, also needle like and burning pain in my legs and feet. I complained a lot, took time to straighten my back upon rising from a chair. I have had arthritis for about 30 years. It prevented me from walking a distance. The pain also put stress on my system which caused me to get short of breath. It also prevented me from standing straight. I was getting so round shouldered. My medical doctor put me on Daypro, this helps the pain, but put my blood pressure up. Then I tried aspirin and Tylenol, and a series of shots and exercise. Nothing helped the pain. The next step was surgery, but I decided to try a chiropractor first. Since coming to Dr. Lipinski, my neck movements improved. I have a lot less pain, and can enjoy walking again. I can shop with ease, also my breathing improved. I feel better than I had for years, walking climbing steps or stairs, just standing to do dishes without leaning on the sink. I complain a lot less. Thank you Dr. Lipinski for saving me from back surgery. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2013

I come to Dr. Lipinski because I was having back pain and legs pain. I started getting depression. I lose my job. I was in very bad situation. I gave up on everything. I even tried to commit suicide. I had no desire to live. I was praying everyday that someone please help me. My prayer came true. I have seen so many doctor. Neurologist told me everything in my head. I am taking Lyrica 2X everyday. Now I am under chiropractic care at Lipinski Chiropractic. I am feeling much better. I can walk right now. My smile came back. I do most of my house work, shopping, etc. I spend more time with children. Now I can sit on the floor. I am very happy right now. I am very thankful to Dr. Lipinski to give me new life to me and my family. Now I can see my children grow up. Thank you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/9/2013

I have a desk job and in recent years my lower back began to bother me until the pain was so bad that I feared I would have to quit and find some other line of work. Doing household chores even became difficult. Eventually the pain spread to my mid-back and even sleeping became difficult. My neck would also become stiff and unable to move properly. In addition to interfering with my work and household activities, recreational things became painful. Running in particular was hard because my lower back would stiffen and ache. I love to hike and hiking was a challenging to my back too. I occasionally used pain killers, but I don't like using medications unless absolutely necessary, so I mostly just suffered. I assumed doctors wouldn't be able to do anything or would suggest surgery or pain killers. I tried increasing my exercise regimen and that would help some, but only temporarily. After starting care at Lipinski Chiropractic I immediately experienced relief in my neck and my range of motion improved dramatically. Over time, my mid and lower back areas became less and less painful and I could sit at my desk for longer periods of time without pain. Because I feel physically better, my mood improved and I became much happier with life in general. more
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