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Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - 22 Reviews - 985 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (650) 733-8313

Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital

985 Linda Mar Blvd
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 733-8313
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Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital - Pacifica, CA


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Dr. Strubel is amazing. We have referred countless friends to her and they all love her too. The staff is kind and professional, she returns our calls and answers any questions I...


A very sad experience. Avoid at all cost. I recently had to put my 11 year old pit bull down. I saw the wonderful ratings this place had and decided to choose them for this ver...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

A very sad experience. Avoid at all cost. I recently had to put my 11 year old pit bull down. I saw the wonderful ratings this place had and decided to choose them for this very emotional and trying time. The vet told me they did they cremations in-house, which I thought was very odd and didn't think was possible. In any case, they do sent out for cremations and when I got my beloved pup back he came in a somewhat custom box with crooked hinges and a huge advertisement for a pet cemetery that was over 2 hrs away. This was not only in extremely bad taste but was also redundant as I had my dog cremated. I don't know many that cremate their dog to then later bury the ashes. Odd. Also in the world of advertising, usually if you pay for something, one considers it free of advertising, neon signs, etc. This was in such poor taste and when I called the vet I spoke to the manage who seemed completely indifferent and wondered why I would have a problem with an advertisement posted on my dog's custom box. Then she went into how it was the company that did that, etc.. I didn't care because when you 'sub contract' to someone else, you are responsible for their work. Obviously the manager is somewhat clueless and very much working in the wrong field. AVOID at all cost unless you want your heart broken. Despicable. more

The worst work ethics ever 3/5/2012

Our family had been going to this hospital for years with both our dogs. One little dog was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had seisures. He was 16 people years old and was not doing so well one Friday afternoon. We called and was told the vet would call us back. We asked for some type of medication for our small dog to get him through the pain and make him comfortable. The vet told us we would need to talk with the receptionist to make an appointment and they had nothing until Monday. Wow really, our dog was left to suffer. The vet did not care nor did they want to continue with the conversation. I will never return. I should have learned my lession when we had a dog about 15 years ago we had put down and they incorrectly scattered our family dogs ashes without our permission. Save your money and your family hard ache . more

Fanstastic Vet 4/11/2009

Dr. Strubel is amazing. We have referred countless friends to her and they all love her too. The staff is kind and professional, she returns our calls and answers any questions I have.\r \r My dog almost died due to my old vet not having the knowledge about how to treat her condition properly. Dr. Strubel is incredibly patient and thorough and consulted with a specialist for my guy. She gives a lot of thought to your pet's diagnosis and needs before just writing a prescription. I have to bring Kobe in regularly check-ups and meds, but he's doing fantastic.\r \r As far as being expensive, vet care is expensive, but Dr. Strubel is worth every penny. Apparently they got a Consumer Reports-type ranking for being best for quality and price - and I'd believe it. I've paid a lot more for a lot less care elsewhere. more

great vets 3/24/2009

I've had a lot of positive experiences with these guys over the years. They have a ton of different doctors (my favorite is Dr. Strubel) and I trust all of them with my dogs. I haven't been over to their cat hospital, but I think it's great that they have a separate place for cats. Pros: lots of doctors, long hours Cons: not in SF more

Nice people who know their stuff 12/31/2008

We stopped at Linda Mar Vet on the day after Christmas because our Pomeranian had an extremely painful problem. They were booked solid, but after a little persuasion from the dog (sad brown eyes and a big wail), they said they'd work him in. Within 20 minutes, the doctor had not only helped our little guy's problem, but spotted another potential health issue that we followed up on with our regular vet. Everyone we dealt with was extremely considerate, despite being crazy-busy, and we were on our way very quickly with a much happier dog. Nice folks who know their stuff, highly recommended. more

Took the time for my dog when my regular vet wouldn't 4/24/2008

I ended up at Linda Mar Vet when my regular vet was 'too busy' to see my dog for his eye infection, and they gave me the offhand option of seeing if Linda Mar would see me. When I called Linda Mar, the receptionist was very nice and concerned. She explained that they were fully booked too, but asked if I could hold while she checked to see if there was anything she could do to help me.\r \r Long story short, 2 hours later I was in the exam room with my dog and he had a very thorough examination. Everyone there was really nice, took care of getting my records sent over, and didn't treat me and my dog like we were some kind of inconvenience. I have since transferred all of my pets here and been very happy with the quality of care and medicine. Thanks for taking the time to care, guys. Pros: worked me in on short notice, nice staff more

Worst case scenario, at least one of their vets questionable 3/6/2008

My girlfriend and I took both our dogs in for a routine neutering. One of the puppies had one testicle drop but the other testicle was still in the body cavity, during surgery the vet cut through my poor dog too look for it and severed a blood-vein, his urethra AND a nerve! We had no idea exactly how bad it was until the follow up visit the next day where my puppy was rushed to a specialist in SF. We then found out since the blood-vein was severed more than half of the bladder had died and had to be removed along with the prostate. We found out that due to the dying part of the bladder, urine had seeped into the bloodstream and he wasn't expected to live long. He had to have tubes inserted into his bladder so the specialist could drain the urine since his urethra and bladder was in bad condition. Great job by the SF specialist, the puppy's nerve and urethra was patched up. The after affects are the puppy having to constantly urinate in a dribbling manner, not able to produce a stream at all. It all mounts up to a month from now to see if his scar tissue doesn't close up his urine passage, otherwise he would have to be put down since urinating is a necessity of life.\r \r My devastated girlfriend has been kind and understanding after speaking to the owner of the clinic and we found out that the vet surgeon was on ""indefinate leave"". I'm not surpised, after readying the other review, I'm sure she screwed up a few other animals as well. I don't as much blame the clinic itself, but I do seriously question their selection process of hiring vet surgeons. If the puppy ends up having to be put down you bet there will be legal ramifications! This place gets ZERO recommendation because of one vet. Pros: The staff was good at what they do and the owner is reponsive. Cons: Veterinarian skills more

Great Staff 2/17/2008

Linda Mar vet is a great place for animals and people alike. The staff at linda mar are awesome. When I walk in with my dog, they remember her name and mine. They ask me how she is doing since her recent emergency life threatening illness that sent her to the emergency surgeon in San Francisco. Even though the surgery couldn't be performed at linda mar itself, they rushed her in the back trreatment room and started on her immediately. \r My sick doggy had 3 vet's working on her and a handful of technicians that were working proficiently and as though they were one. They got stat xrays, an ultrasound and and IV catheter in her in a matter of minutes. While all this was going on to figure out how severe her condition was, the reception staff was photocopying all of her records and giving me directions to the next stop on her journey. They managed to do all of this and keep me calm at the same time. They even offered to call my husband for me so I would not be alone.\r My dog is happy, healthy and now a spunky 8 year old that is happy and eager to go to the vet. All I have to say to her is ""do you wanna go to the vet"" and she jumps up out of a sound sleep and starts wagging her tail and stands at the front door.\r If you are in driving distance to linda mar, this facility and staff make the drive worth it. Pros: Great staff, shot clinics tuesday nights 7-8pm Cons: nope more

Run don't walk 12/29/2007

I will never bring my dog or any pet to this place again. \r \r I had a female doctor. I brought my dog in to have his nails cut. He is a peaceful dog but he does get high anxiety when at the vets and also freak out about people touching his paws. For that reason I requested the dog be sedated. I guess I didn't speak clearly as they ignored my repeated requests without as much as a response. Here is my experience in the office. \r \r My dog was nervous and feeling cornered so he was jumpy. For that reason I was invited into the back room to help get my dog in a muzzle (he nips when in this panicky situation but he has never bitten anyone.) The first thing the doctor did was pull the leash through two handles on the table. She then had two technicians pull his rear end to hold him still. She proceeded to put her foot onto the table and pull my dogs leash as hard as she could to try and prevent him from moving, jerking his head toward the table. Then they tried to muzzle the dog which they were unable to do because my dog, every bit an important part of my family and as corny as it may sound and as pathetic as it may sound my best friend, was of course freaking out. I was then told that the procedure wasn't going to happen and I was happy to get the hell out of there if you can see my side. The vet then came out to me with a couple of papers on how to train my dog and then talked to me like this was my fault because my dog isn't trained properly. \r \r My dog is trained great, he has never bit anyone, he was and is a valuable participant in raising my son. He was attacked by a cocker spaniel who bit on his ear and he didn't do anything, My dog is 100 pound black lab who could have destroyed that cocker without thinking about it. I will never go back to this place again. \r \r Imagine what happens when you are not there to watch. \r more

Take your dogs elsewhere... 12/26/2007

I thought I would love this place, they have an acupuncturist and a chiropractor plus all the standard vet services. However, I'm sorely disappointed after this holiday weekend. Our dog decided to go on hunger strike this Christmas, and when we called on Christmas-Eve, we got an appointment for 12/26. We got a phone call today and were asked accusingly whether we had gone to the emergency vet over Christmas. When I said no, she asked 'why not?' When I told her that he ate some wet dog food, she said, ""The lead tech says you shouldn't wait until your appointment. Go to the emergency vet."" \r \r So, now, $700 and a-few-hours later, I know nothing more than I could have if I had gone to Linda Mar. I'm waiting until tomorrow for a full-blood panel and the emergency vet did a chest x-ray to determine that he's _not_ in heart failure.\r \r The tech and whomever called me should be fired. Since neither are vets, they shouldn't be diagnosing my dog over the phone. They should have referred the question to the vet who has seen this dog almost every week for the past two months.\r Pros: open all week, alternative medicines Cons: too busy, horrible experience with phone service more

Awesome patient care 1/25/2007

Linda Mar Vet has the finest collection of veterinary professionals. The compassion extended to every patient from every staff member is fantastic. There is no lazy medicine practiced here. No corners are cut. Fees are appropreate for the level of care and medicine practiced here. Nurses are knowledgable and careful. The doctors discuss cases amongst eachother so your pet recieves the best medicine from several very experienced doctors. For day practice standards, Linda Mar is the best. Pros: Great patient care, compassionate doctors Cons: Can get too busy so there might be a wait to see the doctor more

Caring, excellent service for your pet 11/8/2006

I have used this service for all of my cats, and have been so pleased with their caring attitude. I have had to have 2 of my siamese cats put down, because of FIP, and the vets and the staff went out of their way to help my animals and myself get thru this ordeal. I would recommend them without a minute's hesitation. more

Really compassionate, knowledgable vet 7/17/2006

These guys were really great the whole time I had my cat Luther there. He was hospitalized for 6 days, and they were really nice and understanding every time I called to check in or came by to see him. When I eventually had to euthanize them, I got the feeling that they really cared about him, and me. Dr. Glahn and Dr. Eshman were really great, and they worked together really well, so I felt like I could always reach one of them to talk about Luther. Pros: very nice, approachable, knowledgable vet more

My favorite vet! 7/17/2006

I really like this vet in Pacifica! I tried another hospital on the highway when I first moved to town, but they could never get me in and it just wasn't worth it. Linda Mar Vet is open til 8 on weeknights, which is great, since I work in the city and need late appointments most times. Dr. Craig and Cucaro are my favorite, but Dr. Craig is mostly at their new Cat hospital (Coastal Cat Clinic, I think?) in Pacifica, and I have dogs. They are really a good bunch of people and obviously love what they do! Pros: really smart and easy going Cons: she's mostly at their new cat hospital now more

Linda Mar Vetrinary Hospital is The Best! 5/4/2006

I recently became a client of Linda mar upon a recomondation from a friend, and I lust say that I have never been more satisfied with a Vet office. The doctors and staff are incredibly professional and compasionate. Their prices are fair and I get the impression that they will do anything they can to help you out, which is important when your animals are your children. I have had some unfortunate experiences with Vets in San Francisco and the drive to beautiful Pacifica is well worth it. I can not thank them enough for helping me out here with my sick kitty. If you are searching for a caring, compassionate vet , then you should become a client of Linda Mar. PS: They also have a seperate Cat only hosptial near the ocean. more

Excellent and highly recommended Vet! 5/3/2006

This is a great clinic. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Treated both myself and my doggie so great. They are laid back yet on-the-ball. They don't charge you an arm-and-a-leg for a visit, treatment, etc, yet are a top notch (in my opinion) vet. I've been to quite a few and this one is by far my favorite. more

Really Helpful 4/26/2006

They are really sweet and helpful here. After Devil's Slide closed, they started doing all kinds of extra things for those of us who live south of the slide. Their staff started delivering meds, taking animals up for surgeries and stuff, and they are planning to set up a satellite facility to the south until things open up again. I really appreciate the effort! Pros: Helpful, Flexible, Friendly Cons: none!, none!, none! more

gotta love people who love animals 1/28/2006

Great vets. Great staff. Great service. Great medicine. Fair prices. I like that they offer acupuncture and chiropractic, and that they don't push vaccines and extra stuff. Plus, it's kind of nice to see a hospital that's almost all women. They have like 2 men and 30 women. I don't know, it's just a very nurturing environment. Pros: Really Nice People, Acupuncture & Chiro, Not too expensive Cons: n/a, n/a, n/a more

Worth leaving SF for 1/27/2006

I don't mind the fact that I drive past tons of vet clinics to get to linda mar vet in pacifica, because I know they know me and know my pets, and it's worth it. I went to a closer vet once, but they came off really indifferent. I've never felt that at linda mar. They really seem to care. Pros: compassionate, friendly, good parking Cons: not in sf more

They go the extra mile! 1/25/2006

Linda Mar Vet Hospital recently diagnosed my kitty with chronic renal failure, and I was really worried about having to cancel an upcoming trip because no one could bring her in for her treatments. Not only did the veterinarian arrange for someone to come to my home to do the treatments while I was away, they taught me how to do the treatments at home myself so I wouldn't have to drive to Pacifica with her in 3 times a week. She is doing so well, and they were clearly more concerned with making sure she was doing well than finding ways to make me pay for extra visits. It has meant a lot to me and my kitty! Pros: Flexible, Considerate, Professional Cons: n/a, n/a, n/a more
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  • At Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital we treat you and your pets like family. We embrace the special bond between you and your companions in an atmosphere of caring and compassion. We are dedicated to providing the very best in veterinary care for the total wellbeing of your pet. We are devoted to our clients and their loving companions and are grateful for the trust placed in us. Our main facility and our exclusively-feline sister hospital, Coastal Cat Clinic, are both in beautiful Pacifica - conveniently located for pet owners in San Francisco and the northern peninsula. At Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital, we offer weekend and extended evening appointments, as well as a dog vaccine clinic each Tuesday evening at 7pm.  

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