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LifeCare Therapeutic Massage

7981 168th NE (at NE 80th Street)
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LifeCare Therapeutic Massage - Redmond, WA
LifeCare Therapeutic Massage - Redmond, WA


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Nearly instant gratification. Working in a completely sedentary type position, one day I woke up with severe (very painful!) kink in my neck. Completely in able to move my head to...


I would not recommend this massage therapist. He never found the trigger points, talked incessantly throughout the massage, and created a weird, uncomfortable vibe.

Nearly instant gratification. Working 5/3/2012

Nearly instant gratification. Working in a completely sedentary type position, one day I woke up with severe (very painful!) kink in my neck. Completely in able to move my head to the right, I immediately reached out to Tim at Lifecare for his recommendation. He had immediately recommended I go see a chiropractor to take care of any sort of structural misalignment and then without delay come see him afterwards to work on the soft tissue. Fortunately for me, he had an opening in his otherwise well booked calendar. After the chiropractor there was some relief, but my neck was still very irritated. So I followed direction and made my way onto his table where, with no better way to describe, Tim worked his therapeutic magic and completely regained my range of motion in my neck. This all happened in a matter of 2-3 days just in time that I didnt have to cancel my weekend snowboarding trip. Tim is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable I would highly recommend his healing services to anyone in need. Finally, a BIG thanks to Tim at Lifecare for the quick and smart guidance that lead to my instant pain relief and putting me back on track to tackle the essential activities that help me balance the sedentary-ness of my profession. more

Great Massage Therapist 2/28/2012

I tend to have a lot of stiffness in my neck and upper back. I get great results in relieving that stiffness, including improved mobility, by working with Tim. I have tried several massage therapists in the area but I get the best results from Tim. I would highly recommend him. more


I had lived in constant debilitating pain following a misdiagnosed and failed knee replacement for eight years that robbed my of my active life style until I found Tim. Tim was determined to work on my knee and to get to the bottom of the problem. Through Tim's hard work, determination and contacts, I now live a much better and more pain free active life style that I had given up on ever having again. Tim works concentrates on the "issue" parts of your body, but addresses you as a whole. He does very deep massage and gets results because he has the strength, dedication and desire to see better results from his work. He has a sincere desire to help those that haven't been able to achieve results from anyone else. He doesn't take a "let's see what happens approach", but addresses the problem head on. My problem was very complicated after seeing many doctors and having several surgeries. Tim wasn't daunted about my prognosis. He wanted to get to the heart of the problem and he was able to refer me to specialists specific to my problem areas. To make a long story short, he enabled me to get the correct diagnosis and then he has proceeded to improve my flexibility and wellness. I also have a much better neck and mobility because of him. I feel like I have a new life to live again. I cannot recommend Tim high enough for what he has done for me. more

Ahhh, what a relief Tim is. 5/16/2011

Tim is different, better! He gets results. Whatever your physical complaint, he can put his hands right “on the spot” and work the pain or soreness away. Tim's strength allows him to work deeply and for a long time. He calls it therapy, because he goes beyond a relaxing “feel good” massage; occasionally you have to activate a muscle while he works it, grip his hand, flex your lats. The result: relief. I see a chiropractor and I practice yoga. Tim is the only one who helps me feel better immediately. After seeing him for several months, I have more freedom of movement than I’ve had in years and am recovering quickly from everyday activities like gardening and working out. I definitely recommend Tim. more

Nothing but the best 12/15/2010

I have been going to Tim on a fairly regular basis for a number of years. He is a magician. I had my second cervical vertebrae fusion a year ago. Due to Tim's fine work, my neck's range of motion has returned. Last week, after an unusually intense session focusing on the neck and upper back, I realized that I could look straight up for the first time since my original neck surgery. If only I had found Tim earlier. more

There's a reason for all the good reviews... 11/9/2010

Several months ago I went looking for a massage therapist close to work. A simple web search led me to Tim, and the overwhelmingly good reviews led me to give him a shot. I've been nothing but pleased. Tim is professional, friendly, and treats you like a person. I have always felt like he knows exactly what he's doing. I now see Tim for treatment every 2 weeks, and am healthier for it. Like the others say, he's usually pretty booked, so you might have to wait a bit for your first appointment, but if decide to see him regularly, he'll help you find a time slot you can regularly schedule in advance. more

Highly Recommended 7/28/2010

Being an 18 year old athlete, i am constantly either sore after a long days practice or injured. Tim's massages have always helped me recover quickly, while also taking preventative measures to make sure the occasions don't happen as often. I fully believe without these constant massages, I would not be able to continue in sports. Pros: Great massage with good conversation Cons: Full schedule more

LifeCare can you help you rehab from serious surgeries 1/28/2010

I came to Tim with a pretty unique situation. I've had 13 surgeries by the age of 29. I've had 5 left knee surgeries including an ACL reconstruction, partial meniscectomies, a microfracture, bone spur removal, and a meniscal allograft. I've had 5 right elbow surgeries. I've had surgery on each hip to correct femeroacetabular impingement (both cam and pincer type) and to repair torn labrums. One of the hip surgeries even included a microfracture to repair a defect in my articular cartilage. In addition to all these surgeries, I have a propensity to grow scar tissue. As you can imagine, all of these conditions caused considerable collateral damage. I had such poor mechanics for such a long time that my body became extremely stiff and unbalanced. I developed considerable back pain. I became really frustrated with almost all of the physical therapists I had seen because most of them simply aren't strong enough or skilled enough to handle the level of stiffness my body had reached. Most of them really can't handle a hip as stiff as mine. Keep in mind that I am 6' 2", 200 lbs. so you can imagine how heavy my leg is. I can't tell you how annoyed I'd get when I'd here a therapist complain about how heavy my leg is. To truly push my leg and hip around to help it regain serious range of motion, it would take serious strength, dexterity, knowledge of kinesiology and body mechanics, and leverage. Tim has all these abilities. Tim has gone through his own serious injuries so he has a unique perspective on the whole rehabilitation process. He too had a long road to recovery and went through the process of finding the right health care practitioners. And when you watch him work, you'll be amazed and inspired. You almost won't be able to believe what he himself went through. A great example of Tim's skill is watching him work on lateral epicondylitis (also known as tennis elbow). This is an inflammation of the tendons on the outside of the elbow and it is extremely frustrating to recover from. Tim goes through this process where he has you move your fingers in order to find the correct forearm muscles (and thus the tendons at the end of those muscles). Then he goes about "stripping" the tendon and then through some other techniques in order to effectively create inflammation in the tendon. This is a good thing because this inflammation helps the tendon truly heal. This is the same effect that is the goal of other more expensive needle based therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma injections and Prolotherapy (both of which I have had). All of this takes great strength, dexterity, and skill. Frankly, after going through the needle based therapies, watching Time go through his process is so impressive. I seriously wish I had met Tim much earlier on than I did because he has been such a positive force in the rehab process for my last slew of surgeries (I've had 6 within the last 12 months) and he has truly helped me progress much faster and much better than I would have otherwise. Pros: It would take more than a few words to name them all. Cons: It's hard to get on Tim Kelley's schedule. more

Serious Healing 9/19/2009

I highly recommend Tim to anybody who is looking for a specialist with the strength and technique necessary for some serious healing. Pros: knows what he is doing, can schedule apointments online Cons: usually a wait for first appointment more

None Better 8/12/2009

Tim is by far the best massage therapist I have ever tried. I have more flexibility than I have had for 40 years! He is also working wonders for my wife - eliminating headaches and adding flexibility. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Pros: Many Cons: Long wait for appt (that's how good he is) more

Skilled, professional Deep Massage 6/1/2009

I started going to LifeCare after living 8 months with a stiff neck. After waking up one morning in so much pain, unable to move any part of my body without excrutiating pain in my neck. I first tried muscle relaxers, then a chiropractor and stretches. Until I went to LifeCare did I finally find relief. Tim Kelley, of LifeCare was able to increase my range of motion and over a couple more sessions I was finally pain and stiffness free. It wasn't exactly a plesant, spa-like massage but even after the first session I Knew I was doing the right thing. Tim explained reasons behind his work and muscles he was was working on and how one muscle worked so many other parts. He was very knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Pros: Fixed my pain Cons: none more

Best Massage Therapy I Have Experienced 8/8/2008

Tim has slowly but surely helped me become ambulatory again after disk surgery. I have had massage therapy before but none this good. Tim has my 67 year old joints functioning better than they have for many years. Even if you think you don't need massage therapy, I am willing to bet he can change your mind after one session. Very, very highly recommended. Thank You Tim! - John more

Experience Massage Heaven in Downtown Redmond, WA 8/6/2008

I am extremely picky when it comes to getting a massage... A year ago, I was searching for awesome massage in Redmond and I found Tim Kelly via City Search. His clients raved and raved and raved... I immediately became one of his raving fans :-). Over the past 10 years, I have had cronic back, shoulder and neck pain that ended up causing pain in my left arm. When in chronic mode, nothing seemed to bring me relief. I recently realized that I have not had any chronic pain in the last 12 months. Tim spends lots of time on my neck and how it relates to the rest of my body. He has a great technique for finding what muscles need to be worked on. I have an appointment with Tim every two weeks. I am bummed when I have to cancel an appointment due to my travel schedule as I know that means it will be 4 weeks between my massage appointments. Over the past year, I have tried other therapists when I could not get an appointment with Tim, and no one comes close to Tim's skilled technique. It is time for Tim to train others his technique so more people will be able to experience massage heaven. Why am I addicted to massage? My 91 yr old dad always told me that having a massage was one of the best ways to reduce stress and support yourself in today's hetic lifestyle. I think everyone should experience awesome massage on a regular basis instead of treating it as a special occasion!!! Pros: Plenty of parking, skilled technique, massage bliss Cons: Hard to get a replacement appointment when my schedule forces me to cancel more

Weird vibe 7/3/2008

I would not recommend this massage therapist. He never found the trigger points, talked incessantly throughout the massage, and created a weird, uncomfortable vibe. more

#1 Massage Therapist! 6/27/2008

For almost a year I suffered from a hip/leg pain that radiated from the backside of my hip to the front groin. Some times I couldn't even walk or put pressure on that leg. I have a two year old son and the thought of me carrying him and having my leg literally give out (this happened about every two weeks or so) scared me, not to mention the pain I experienced when it would go "out". I went to my internist who said it was possibly bursitis (NOT!) and then went to a physical therapist who gave me a shoe lift insert and painful exercises to perform. I researched massage therapists online and Tim Kelley's name came up with 100% wonderful reviews. After my first visit with Tim, not only did I feel very comfortable with his warm personality, but I was very impressed with his knowledge of the body and patience in explaining the mechanics of how the muscles and body work together. After my first session with Tim it was very clear that I was in need of some deep tissue and muscle work in order to get my leg and hip back into working order. After two sessions, and some discomfort with the deep work that Tim needed to do to train my muscles to work properly again, my leg/hip area felt more stable. It has been five months since I started going to see Tim and I have not had one episode of my leg giving out!! His work is incredible and we have been able to stabilize my leg and hip muscles as well as train the problem area to become stronger. I highly recommend Tim Kelley to anyone who is seeking therapeutic massage. Pros: Excellent massage therapist, easy location access Cons: Tough to get appointments more

Best Therapist 4/24/2008

I had a chronic neck pain for more than 2 years. I had tried several chiropractors and physical therapists, but nothing made a drastic change to my condition. I read reviews about Tim Kelly and decided to try this one out. Tim Kelly is a Pro. I must say that I started seeing the difference after my very first visit. He does a great deep tissue massage that completely relaxes the body, getting rid of all the stress points. He is very knowledgeable, he would inform you about what he is doing and how it would help you. With almost 5-6 visits, my neck pain is reduced by 70-80%. Pros: Highly skilled specialist, easy parking Cons: Finding appointments could be difficult more

Best Body Retrainer ie. Pain Reliever 3/24/2008

I've had chronic tension headaches for years. After just a few sessions with Tim, they've stopped. He really has retrained my muscles to allow me to respond differently and to be much more aware of what I'm doing to create tension in the first place. I'm very familiar with body work. This fellow is kind and caring, very knowledgeable and, Boy, is he strong! Those hands can really take you apart and put you back together in the way you'd like. This work is a wonderful assist for changing whatever you'd like in your life. Starting with your body. more

Tim Kelly, the maestro of massage! 9/11/2007

Tim Kelly, the maestro... At the end of February 2007, I was in a car crash. I was in a Lexus LS and I was T-boned. Considering how I felt at the time I thought all was pretty well. Three days later the impact of the crash sunk into my body (by the way, the insurance adjuster totaled my car). I did the usual and went to the MD, got the x-rays, and was prescribed to use eight weeks of PT. I dutifully went to the assigned PT office. Each time I was subjected to ultrasonic massage, electro-muscle-stimulation, physical exercise and some fluff-and-buff massage. After each visit, I felt as if I'd been in the car crash all over again. I needed to do something different. I was referred to Tim Kelly by Pamela Birimisa, my Pilates instructor of 2-1/2 years. (By the way, she and Redmond Pilates are an awesome asset to Redmond, check them out. But that is a different story). Tim Kelly was unbelievable. His massage technique, which was ridiculously deep (although he claims - and I believe him - to be able to adjust to the situation, including working on babies) was unbelievably successful. Within three visits, the issues that I had from the car crash were resolved. I am still going on a relatively regular schedule, to work on other issues, other baggage, that I have accumulated in 60 plus years on this planet. Yes, he is still using deep massage techniques to resolve my problems. I have had deep massage before, but Tim is amazingly strong. Sometimes I think he is going to come out the other side from where he is focusing his pressure and energy (that's OK - breathe - breathe into it). He gets to the heart of the problem and it yields to his will. I sincerely appreciate Tim's knowledge, skill and caring. I highly recommend him to anyone who has issues that can be dealt with through massage. Tim Kelly is truely, a MAESTRO! Pros: You will get your issues resolved. He listens and is knowledgeable, skilled and caring! Cons: None - Although he is frequently fully booked and you may have trouble getting in. more

Very, Very Deep massage 8/21/2007

I'm 55 years old, and started going to Tim Kelley for treatment of a stiff, painful neck - probably due to swimming and lousy posture. After a couple of sessions, my neck range-of-motion was much improved and the pain and stiffness had decreased markedly. Tim didn't stop at my neck, and over time has worked to release a lot of years of stress and tension and improve flexibliity in a number of places. His massages are really deep, and yes, at times they hurt a lot, but I've been happy with the results. I'm not the easiest patient, but TIm doesn't seem to mind. He also trys to understand the causes of my various aches and pains, and has offered what is probably very good advice on improving my health - if I'd only take it! Pros: Deep Therapeutic Bodywork, good location and parking more


I'm an athletic soccer player/coach in my mid 20's and work long hours daily. After 10 years of continually seeing, spinal specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists, I have give up hope on my lower back pain and accepted the fact of this agonizing daily ache because I only received little relief that lasted a day or two! I was using anti-inflammatory pain medications on a daily basis to alleviate the constant pain in my back. There were times where I could not walk for two weeks straight if I carried something heavy or moved in the wrong way. As a matter of fact doctors told me that I could never work out again. I showed up at Tim's office over a year and a half ago. I could barely turn my head from side to side or touch my hands to my knees. I had two bulged, scared, and inflamed L4 and L5 disks. I was unable to sleep with pain medications longer than 5 hours a night due to my brutal pain in my lower back, neck, and shoulders. My wife has convinced me to see the highly recommended Tim Kelley after extensive research on massage therapist in the area. After several sessions with Tim Kelley, I began to experience minimal to rare pain in my lower back. Tim has beyond doubt helped me restore my mobility, reduce pain, and most of all given me hope in the healing powers of the human body. Tim Kelley has helped me get back to working out in the gym, sitting healthier, thinking healthier, stretching, and cooling down. Tim is a healer. If you are seeking help to relieve some major pain to any injury to your body and/or restore mobility and hope TIM KELLEY IS THE SKILLED SPECIALIST. Pros: Parking is good, service is excellent Cons: none more
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