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Leung's Driving School - 27 Reviews - 103 Mott St # 203, New York, NY - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (212) 226-5006

Leung's Driving School

103 Mott St # 203
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-5006
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Thanks to Albert, I've passed my exam on the first try! I agree with the other reviewers who say he is the best teacher! He's very patient, and I'll remember all the tips and po...


First off, be aware that when they give you a price quote, the price is for a 45 minute lesson but the lessons are really 90 minutes long so you'll end up paying double. They're s...

great school, great teacher 7/6/2011

I decided to go with Leungs because other schools were either out of my price range or women reviewers reported being groped (really). At first I suspected Leung's of packing their reviews, but after taking classes with Albert, I can report that the good reviews are all true. Albert is a good teacher; very patient, totally unflappable and with a dry wit that kept me smiling. Alice, in the office, is very sweet and accommodating -- no problems there. They only get 4 stars because the office is in a dirty building with no bathroom (use the one in the excellent dim sum restaurant downstairs), and the videos used in the required ""5 hour class"" look like they've been in use since 1975. The Toyota I learned in was not new. But the driving teaching is excellent (if you get Albert -- I never met any other instructor), which is all that matters. I signed up with Citysearch to post this review, because Leung's deserves it. more

Very disappointed 3/21/2011

After reading all the reviews I decided to go with them. The five hour class is a total joke. The class is given in a box size receptionist area on a small tv screen mounted to the wall. The day of my first lesson I stood out in the rain waiting for my instructor very upset and stressful to the point I was crying. The lesson was given in so much congestion that it was hard for me and the instructor to concentrate on the lessons. If you want to learn how to drive this is not the place to learn. If you need a course in defensive driving this is the place to go. Choosing this school was a costly terrible mistake. Please do your research and only pay for one lesson before you commit more

Cheap, but you get what you pay for 11/29/2010

First off, be aware that when they give you a price quote, the price is for a 45 minute lesson but the lessons are really 90 minutes long so you'll end up paying double. They're still competitively priced, but I thought that was really deceptive. I have the impression that people's experiences with this school depend on which instructor they get and whether or not they speak Chinese. My instructor's English wasn't great, and he wasn't very good at explaining parallel parking, three point turns or maneuvering in reverse. I basically had to figure those out by trial and error. He was also extremely unfriendly; he didn't even introduce himself, or say hello or goodbye, and his comments were often more distracting than helpful. For example, if I was waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I could make a left turn, he would point out a poorly parked car on the other side of the street and make me look and acknowledge it before finishing the turn. On multiple occasions we got stuck in the middle of an intersection after the light changed because he told me to drive through the intersection when there was traffic backed up on the other side, and under pressure he mixed up directions like 'forward' and 'left'. He didn't really hear my questions either, and never said one positive thing. On the plus side, they give you lots of experience driving in traffic and the instructor pays very close attention to detail. He'll correct your smallest mistakes, which definitely helps you improve. However, his poor communication skills made the entire experience more stressful and I failed my first road test, which he was half an hour late to. I'm going to find another school to help me practice for the second. more

Awesome Driving School!! 10/13/2010

Thanks to Albert, I've passed my exam on the first try! I agree with the other reviewers who say he is the best teacher! He's very patient, and I'll remember all the tips and pointers he gave to me. I don't know what the previous reviewer seraph2008 was talking about...he's probably just upset because he couldn't pass his driving exam. Both Alice and Anita are wonderful and just really sweet. I would definitely recommend this school!! more

Worst driving school and people (Alice and Annita) 6/25/2010

I have the worst experience at this school. I don't even want to give 1 star to this school. \r \r Although I have told the assistant there (Alice ?? and Annita) that I am poor driving and need a good teacher to give me guidance. The teacher they recommend me don't even know the correct steps of starting a car. He was rambling all the time during the 1st and 2nd class. \r \r When I told the situation to school, they were extremely rude and said that all tutors in their school are ""excellent"". \r \r I was extremely disappointed at their service, their atitude and their driving class. I can't understand why others gave so high scores to their class. Frankly speaking, that's definitely the worst school I have ever attended. \r \r When I asked very politely about their boss Albert Leung's name card, they just refused bluntly. I wonder whether their boss knows about the terrible service of his employees and classes provided. \r \r It is a shame that this so call ""good"" driving school is so crappy. I strongly recommend other choosing other driivng schools. Pros: no. Cons: rude tutor and assistant (Alice and Annita) more

Great Place for learning how to drive! 3/19/2010

Wow, the place is cheap and the people are really nice. He helped me and gave me really good hints even before the exam and I passed at first attempt. Although I already had a driving license from my origin country, I never had any experience of driving in NYC or with an automatic car. Anyway, I feel more confident with his advices. PS: there were 3 other students with me that two of them passed. The last person did not see the traffic light and crossed a red light. I think she was just nervous. Pros: Everything Cons: Nones! more

Five Star Quality Teaching from Mr. Leung! 3/17/2010

These five stars rating are in no exaggeration. Mr. Leung had received multiple positive reviews and I decided to give him and his driving school a try. Indeed, he was an excellent teacher. His instructions were clear and concise and helped me gain the confidence needed for the road test. Moreover, when I requested for additional parking training, he gladly worked with me until I aced everyone of them. And finally today, I passed with perfect score, who could I thank but Mr. Leung himself.\r \r Patient, meticulous, and adaptive teaching style make him a great teacher. I kid you not. Make certain you ask for him as your instructor. Pros: Mr. Leung... that is the Pro and also Alice Cons: None! more

Couldn't ask for more 1/27/2010

Just took my road test yesterday, and passed on first try! So happy now...and I am so thankful that I chose Leung's Driving School, if it wasn't for Albert's instructions, I don't think I could've done it. I didn't even know how to start the engine of a car before starting the lessons with Albert, and he was the most patient person ever. I was intimidated to drive in Chinatown right off the bat, but surprisingly by the end of the first lesson, I could somewhat maneuver through the Manhattan definitely gave me confidence to really take up driving. Albert is VERY attentive during the lessons, ALWAYS on time, and of course, patient and always giving tips on good road skills (which helped me pass the road test). Also, the receptionist lady is very sweet and accommodating, she always fit me into the schedule which was convenient for me. Would recommend to all my friends and everyone who's reading this, for the price and value, as well as quality, I don't think you can find anything better in Manhattan. Pros: Um...EVERYTHING Cons: Can't think of one more

Not so good 11/11/2009

After reading 19 five star stellar review of this driving school, I've decided to give it a try. Well, it was definitely not five stars. My teacher had this really old car and I didn't learn anything. He just get annoyed at the way I drive. His instructions were not so good. After one class, I decided to give it another try with another instructor. Maybe the other ones are better. When I went to sign up again, the lady told me there is a two weeks wait. That's way to long between classes but I decided to get the cash for it. When I went back I changed my mind. There are other driving school, not just this one. When I went back to take back the card, I told the lady, I don't want to sign up for a class that's two weeks later. That's too long. She immediately responded that she spoke to the boss and there is a class for me next week same day of the week and same time. I said no anyway. Then later I realized that day one week later was available but she won't give it to me because if there are students starting next week, they would want to start immediately. I remember I sign up on Wed and got a class on Sunday. This is how they treat their students. Leung's Driving School, you are not the only school in NYC. I'm going to take my business elsewhere.\r \r I'm skeptical about the 19 good reviews. It's probably written by the school. Cons: didn't learn anything more

Great Driving School and Instructor 9/7/2009

My daughter and I just took the road test and we both passed at the first try. This is thanks to the great instructor of Leung's Driving School. We both can highly recommend this school. Pros: Professional, well-organized, well priced, great instructor more

00000 8/14/2009

0000 Pros: 0000 Cons: 0000 more

Terrific Driving School 7/22/2009

They are always very friendly and honest with you. Mr Leung is the best instructor, he also speaks English (dont think he is the school namesake though lol). I never drove before this school but I passed my road test on the first try. This was all due to Mr Leung and how hard he worked with me beforehand. He keeps notes on each student and will have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses after a few weeks so he knows what you need to work on. He is strict but very nice and truly wants you to do well. He came up with an alternate way for my parking cause I just wasn't getting it and it was because of that I was finally able to park right and also learn how to correct and judge when I needed to correct so that I could park right, this helped a great deal during the test cause I saw I was going to go onto the curb but corrected it in time. Make sure you read your DMV manual cause he wants you know the rules and will lecture you if you dont. \r \r They are very busy especially during summer so you have to be patient but trust them they know how to schedule you so that you will learn but of course some will need extra lessons and if you ask Mr Leung he will evaluate and give you his honest opinion if you can pass and if you need extra lessons squeezed in before the test. They wont try to get more money from you if not necessary cause I know that they could have gotten an extra few hundred but didn't. I trust them and will recommend all my friends to them especially Mr Leung cause I know he will work very hard to get them ready for the road test. I added extra lessons but I was still unsure if maybe I needed more lessons and to reschedule the road test but they all told me to try the test and that I was ready as long as I did not get too nervous should pass so why waste the money. So I trusted them and decided to do the road test and I passed. So I know they wont try to rip you off, if you need extra lessons they will say it but if you dont they will also say it. I trust them to give me the right advice. If I had not passed I would have went right back to them cause I know they would have given me the right amount of lessons to get me ready. \r \r You wont find a better school anywhere IMO. But like I said they are busy so make sure you let them know what you expect and they will tell you if its possible if you have a short time frame required. Get Mr Leung if possible but I'm sure their other instructors are just as good and they speak English if you need. Pros: Friendly, honest, knowledgable Cons: busy more

Mr. Leung is excellent, but beware of this 4/8/2009

I took the 14 class package for $540, which was more expensive than if I took individual classes, which is $25 per class, but it does include guaranteeing use of the car for road tests. I passed on my first try so it didn't matter. Mr. Leung is a great guy. Patient and informative. I definitely recommend him. BUT, beware that there is a second instructor there who is basically the opposite of Mr. L. I had my first 6 classes with him (3 sessions) before I found out he wasn't Mr. Leung -- he never corrected me when I called him Mr. Leung! (so I assumed it was him). I basically wasted 6 classes. I feel like I would be much better now if I had been taught by Mr. L from the very beginning. Definitely ask explicitly to be taught by Mr. Leung. Pros: Very nice and patient instructor; friendly staff Cons: Beware of the other instructor more

Knowing how to drive is not the same as knowing how to pass the test 1/7/2009

I've had an international license for years and I consider myself a good driver. Nevertheless I took a couple lesson's with Leung's and I can say for certain that if I hadn't taken the lessons I would have failed the test. There's a lot of little rules folks don't follow in their everyday driving, but which are critical to passing the test.\r \r I took the test at the same time as a European who had been driving for years. He didn't take the lessons before the test and he failed.\r \r The staff at Leung's are exceptionally helpful and courteous. The whole process could not have been easier.\r \r If you are a foreign driver who needs to take the NY road test, sign up for Leung's package (I think it was $170 or so). The classroom instruction isn't much but NY law requires it so you gotta get it somewhere. The lessons are great and they organize the whole process of taking the test for you. Well worth the money. Pros: Lessons were key to pasing test Cons: Classroom instruction is nothing much -- but required by law more

Great Instructor!!! 11/27/2008

The instructor was very patient, nice, and experienced. He taught me all the techniques to pass the driving test, I got the license on my first try. Very happy and excited. Pros: great instructor, location more

I passed the test on the first try 10/1/2008

The teacher helped me a lot!! I have my international driving license, but Leung?s teacher taught me how to prepare for the road test, you know how to drive doesn?t mean you know how to take the test. I passed the test on the first try. more

I passed on the first try and it's all because of Mr. Leung!! 8/25/2008

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Leung for his great classes. I feel like a confident driver here in the city. He is a great teacher. I passed my road test today on my first try! Thank you thank you thank you so much! Pros: Value, teaching more

Highly recommended driving school 8/4/2008

Mr. Leung is a great instructor. I highly recommend this school. The vehicle is in good condition, Corolla. Mr, Leung is very thorough and patient. He keeps a log of all the lessons, to see what you will need work on before the road test. I took the 10 lessons package with additional 2 lessons for the mock road test and passed on my first try. Only complaint about this school is the defensive video could be shown in a better setting. Cons: Video can be shown in a better setting more

Good instruction at a great price 6/1/2008

I had held a foreign driver's license for over ten years and decided to use Leung's Driving School to assist me in the process of obtaining a NY driver's license. I took a couple of classes to brush up on my parallel parking skills and get some pointers for the road test. The classes were very successful, and although I had over 10 years of experience driving, Albert managed to teach me a couple new tricks and gave me some really good tips on NY traffic law. I also used Leung's Driving School for my four-hour theoretical class, and car rental for the road test. The staff is always very polite, helpful, and prices are very reasonable. By the way, I passed the written and road tests on my first try. Pros: Good instructors, good value Cons: The theoretical four-hour class could be a little better more

This is the driving school you should be going to! 3/19/2008

Mr. Leung was my driving instructor and I must say that he did a very good job. He is very thorough with his lessons and explained every single detail you need to know to pass the driving test. He is also very attentive during driving lessons unlike most instructors who always do their own stuffs if they think that you are capable of driving. The front desk lady of this driving school is friendly and helpful and I'd recommend this school to anyone that needs to learn how to drive. Pros: Attentive and patient instructor, great customer service Cons: No proper classroom for watching the video prior to learner's permit test more
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