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I have been seeing Dr. Leone and Dr. Lewis for the past 6 months. I was referred to him by my neurosurgeon after one back surgery pending the second. I have received quality car...


In April or 2010, I was in Dr. Leone's surgery center to have a routine removal of a trial spinal cord stimulator. With a couple of well-placed mirrors, I could have done it mysel...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/16/2014

Horrible. Made an appointment for my mother back in Dec of 2013. It was set for 12:30pm on the 15th of January 2014... New patient. No one called to confirm the appointment. We got there at 12:15-12:20 pm did all the paper work and paid the co pay.They told Mom she was the very next person to be seen there was one person in front of her. The first thing after we walked in the door and did the paper work they hit us with a drug test.. Mom could not go on demand.. They said oh ok you can wait until the Dr sees you. well after an hour of waiting 1:30 pm I went back to ask how much longer.Also asking Kim in the new patient office what was up.. Was lied to and told oh the appointment is not until 1pm jus told you 12:30pm becaue of the paper work.... The first thing that was said was ""Oh it isn't because she could not take the drug test."" In my mind I was like umm that is not what i asked...But smiled and answered"" Well people can not pee on demand."" What is the problem. They were like oh""we are busy and trying to get a room..."" I said once more well how long.. No answer.. Ok while sitting in the lobby people were telling us how they do not do anything but hand out drugs... Also how they can sit for 3-4 sometimes longer hours... Well it hit 2:30pm.. I stood up went over and said ""ok we have been sitting here for 2 hours now, Mom was supposed to be the next person seen. what is the problem and how much longer.."" Again no response. Finally I said ""look you have 6 minutes I am going to cancel the co pay on my credit card and walk out of here if you do not have her in a room and seen in that time..."" Smoked a cigarette in my car waited came back in Mom was still sitting there in pain mind you... Why do you think we went there she has pain so bad she can barely walk and sitting there was not helping..I looked and Mom and said""Lets go!"" I called my credit card company canceled the co pay and called Moms insurance company and let them know all about this... Also called a few friends in the news. Not a good first time experience.... This place needs to be investigated something is seriously wrong here....... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/29/2013

I am a 35yr Registered Nurse and have worked every aspect of patient care. My specialty is the E.R.. I have worked beside some of the best Doctors in Nashville, with an outstanding knowledge base in their field and great bedside manner. My career is very rewarding. When I come across a Dr like Dr Leone it upsets me to think of the damage both psychological and physical that can be done to the public. I have always been a patient advocate. I myself have suffered with a metabolic disorder since my 20's so I can relate to the neuropathy with chronic pain during flare-ups. I have prayed for the numbness and tingling but get the severe burning. This flare-up has lasted 2 years, I developed autonomic dysregulation so even my BP is fluctuating. I did my research looking for a center that could help me get off the narcotics and do my PT both. My neurologist found cervical stenosis with disc protrusion. Also protrusion in the lumbar area and a tear at L4-5. My right leg would not weight bear at times which put me on the ground. EMG showed nerve damage. My Neurologist spoke of PT before surgery and to let him know where I wanted to go. Surgery was not going to be an option, I have taken care of to many gone bad. Dr Leone entered the room, already appeared rushed. I wanted to let him know about my metabolic disorder, that I was very sensitive to medication. It was obvious to me at this point that he was oblivious when it came to Endocrinology. He made the statement that what I was telling him was not medically possible. Well believe me it is because I live it and I was just repeating what my Endo and Neuro had stated. It troubles me to come across a Dr. that is arrogant and cup already full with no room for knowledge. Medicine is a continuous learning process. He had not even read the multitude of medical history forms you have to fill out. He knew not a thing of my case. The only thing he knew was I was from out of county and he did not even get that right. So I did not even get to the part that I was looking for a center to help me get off the meds and start PT. Please, Please do not use this facility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/9/2013

I have been in a lot of pain for many years and resisted going to a pain center. Perhaps, I felt it was almost a stigma. This was until I finally took the advice of my urologist and made the appointment. Big step for me! I had to forget about my being a psychologist and admit I now needed help. From the first time I entered the Pain Management Group I felt welcome. Everyone of the people who work there go that extra mile and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. Aside from being pleasant and taking time to obtain a proper history, they are warm and in NO hurry. I understand pain from a neuropsychological framework but not from the medical expertise exhibited by all the physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants at PMG. \r \r I am taking time to share this with anyone in pain! Please make an appointment with Dr. Leone or one of his staff. I usually do not refer patients as I feel it is a commitment and one I take seriously. In my clinical and personal judgment, this will be the best thing one in pain can do to help themselves. Do not put it off and make the appointment. I know you will agree with me and hopefully pay it forward so that no one we know and care about has to live in pain. Thanks to all of you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/3/2012

Every Dr in this facility has been great to me as I have been a patient here for over 6 years now. Dr Leone and Dr Miller are the two that I have seen the most and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has severe pain. If you have been told there is nothing more to be done for you, this is the place for you as well. My life has been vastly improved since coming to this group of doctors. I only wish I had found it sooner! Not only is the surgery center located next door but they have an MRI machine and a pharmacy on site so it is truely a one stop pain management facility. Don't hesitate to call these wonderful doctors! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/3/2012

I have been in pain management for over 10 years. I have been to doctors in Lexington, Ky and several in Nashville. I found Dr. Leone about 6 years ago and he has by far exceeded any of my prior experiences. Right away I felt he had my best interest at heart and allows me to actively participate in my pain care choices. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Leone and all of the doctors associated with his clinics. The surgery center which is next door and the MRI machine on site along with a pharmacy truely make it a one stop experience. When you are in pain you do not feel like walking all over a hospital to different areas for tests and treatments. \r Not only has my care been excellent, but since I am not a spinal surgical candidate Dr. Leone has helped me to be able to make informed decisions about what treatments are best for me. I know without a doubt that I am able to enjoy my life and be more active after being in this respectable doctors clinic. I trust his decisions explicitly and have had many positive surgical pain management procedures while in his care. I only wish for pain sufferers everywhere that they had a Dr. Leone in their town. A sincere thank you to him and his staff! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/26/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Leone for over 10 years, and have seen dozens and dozens of Dr's for my failed back surgeries. When other Dr's pass me off as a ""dead end"" patient that they cannot cure, Dr. Leone took a personal interest in me and genuinely wanted to help increase my quality of life. I can genuinely say that Dr. Leone's nerve treatments, physical therapy, and medicine's have made a huge difference in my personal well-being. As a result I have been able to get back to work. Dr. Leone is an exceptional caring and skilled Dr. that can help you manage your pain and increase your quality of life. I have seen countless Dr's for comparison for my condition, and without question Dr. Leone is an exceptionally skilled, caring and professional doctor.\r \r more

Great Pain Management 5/2/2012

I have been seeing Dr. Leone and Dr. Lewis for the past 6 months. I was referred to him by my neurosurgeon after one back surgery pending the second. I have received quality care, with attentive medical staff. I was skeptical of taking medications but after several long conversations with Dr. Leone began to understand that medications arent the beast some make them out to be. However.... this clinic is not a pill mill. You will be required to meet standards, to pass drug screens and to do what the doctors (or NP) require. I agree with other reviewers that the wait is sometimes long, but the wait at this office is not out of line with other doctors offices. I would recommend Dr. Leone to my family and friends. more

Life Changing Results 2/20/2012

After seeking treatment for back issues, chronic pain and post surgical pain for well over a decade I finally found comprehensive treatment that has made a forever change in my life and personal well being. Led by Dr. William Leone, my overall treatment has been highly effective! I came in a total skeptic after living in pain for so long and seeking help from other good physicians who had answers of heavy drugs and surgery. I hated the drugs and their effect on my life. I finally broke down and had surgery with a great physician and it helped in ways but caused new problems as well. Even after new medications and therapy were introduced, the pain was constant and I did not know what to do. I did seek alternative treatment in one Nashville office because of seeing a advertisements, which I found did not represent them appropriately. They were actually chiropractors, not MD's (managing physician out there ""somewhere"") and should never have been allowed to give me injections around my spine! They did not have the proper equipment, facilities or professionals in place. A few hours after they performed one series of 15 injections around my spine, I had a tremendous spinal headache. I was scared, called them and they told me to take some Excedrin. I keep calling because it didn't go away and it was so bad my teenager had to drive me. Only after walking into their office crying to see a MD for help did they tell me there were none on site and they were only chiropractors and could not help - go to ""your doctor"" they said.... Assumed that's what I was doing. Needless to say, I was not anxious to try again! I did finally visit Dr. Leone on the referral of a friend. I am sure I seemed to be a very tough patient and was highly skeptical of his ability to help or introduce me to anything I had not already tried. He looked at my surgery scar and mentioned the way he would need to inject me so I would not get a spinal headache -- I had not even told him that had happened to me! Confidence was gaining.... He talked to me about my lifestyle and past history. He then asked if I would allow him to try and help me and we would watch the results as a team to see what truly made a positive impact on my life. Well, I went in to his surgery center for my injections and the experience itself was like a night and day, not to mention the results. I received only a couple of injections that day and a couple more 2 weeks later. After 4 years of being on medication for intense sciatic pain, within days I was totally off of the drug and haven't been back on it. The series of injections is typically done in 3 but because I was better already he did not even schedule a third. He also introduced me to a new medication delivered via a patch system (like a nicotine patch) which provides a steady stream of low dose medication for chronic pain. It helped me tremendously!! I need to function at a high level and not feel ""drugged"" and this was the first pharmaceutical that had done that for me. It was such a new (expensive) drug that my insurance did not cover it at all. However, his office called my insurance carrier and in a day it was ready for me to pick up under my co-pay only. They did all of the work to make that happen on my behalf. I have a very different quality of life now and I believe I have a physician who really cares about helping me. He doesn't just want to push drugs or unnecessary treatments or waste my valuable time. I do know that there are other good doctors out there but for true lifestyle pain management my confidence and experience tell me that Dr. Leone is the best Middle Tennessee has to offer people in need. Dr. Leone has proven to me, and to others who have watched my change, to be a physician who understands the needs of a professional working individual living with chronic pain. more

Haste Makes for Additional Physical and Emotional Pain 11/27/2011

In April or 2010, I was in Dr. Leone's surgery center to have a routine removal of a trial spinal cord stimulator. With a couple of well-placed mirrors, I could have done it myself. Dr.Leone, who was in such a hurry that he didn't bother to close the curtain for privacy, instead of just snipping the suture holding the wire in place, also snipped the lead, leaving 8 inches of it inside me, in the vicinity of my spinal column. The result was major surgery to remove the wire and a months-long delay in getting my permanent spinal cord stimulator. I nearly forgot to mention that Dr. Leone did not bother to tell me of his 'error' and let me leave his surgery center believing all was well. He called me later to tell me what had occurred. I would dearly love to put this all behind me, but I have a 4-inch scar in the middle of my back, some numbness, and the sting of being passed off to a surgeon and then ignored as if nothing happened. Knowledge does not always result in quality care. Sad...\r more

Dr. Leone is the Best in this field! 10/20/2011

I have been seeing Dr. Leone for over 10 yrs. If not for his treatment and consideration for my back problem I don't know where I would be today. I have read some of the reviews and can't understand anyone not liking him nor his plan of treatment...He has been so considerate of my well being and there for me whenever I need him. And Yes you do see a PA sometimes a lot of the time, but if Dr. Leone is in the office he has never failed to come into the room or stop me in the hallway and ask how i am doing or if I need anything...If not for his radiofrequency procedures I would not be able to function at times. I know I have to pace myself with the back problem I have but I get one about every 13 to 15 mo. and it allows me to live a life where I am free of pain sometimes whereas before Dr. Leone there were times the pain was unbearable. And yes they will give pain medication if taken and used right....But the proper procedures are followed as far as distribution of pain medication. I would highly recommend Dr. Leone and his staff to anyone that was in as much pain as i was before being referred to him by a neurologist. He actually found that I had two torn disc that others had missed for almost 2 yrs. I just can't say enough good about him and his staff as well. As far as wait time if my appt. is at 10 am, and I am there 15 min. before I get in before 10 and my needs are totally met when I see them. They are a wonderful group of caring Drs. and I highly recommend them to anyone that has chronic pain. more

Rude and does not care what you have to say 6/4/2010

I went to this place for 2 months and was not getting anybetter I told the PA which seemed to make her mad Isaid this is pain mangement right I FEEL WORST THEN WHEN I came here went back the next month and told her my back was still hurting she ask about the meds I showed them to her the amount I was to have and said they do not work she said how about a trigger point shot ok if this will help she left the room and said I will be back with the shot well then enter a DR I had never seen before he said you are kick out of pain mangeament because no drugs were found in your system well they never lable you name on the cups so I ask to see the proof and he said know I said do it infront of me and let me see the results I said why not are you hideing something I knew he was lying wanting me to do something that I did not want to do a medical procuder so if you do not do what they want out you go I was glad to leave I FELT like I was in a methdone cilnic he was the rudest DR if thats what you want to call them I also found out they use other DR names that I HAVE NEVER heard of or even seen sent to insurance company every meds prec had a diffrent dr name on it too never seen any one except PA and the doctor one time for about 1 minute this is the biggest insurance racket I have ever seen please be aware Cons: you wait forever to see a PA AND THEY DONT LISTEN EITHER more

BEWARE 2/9/2010

This pain mgmt clinic will see you once (Doctor face-to-face), then a PA will dispense narcotics regularly. I went there for many years, and only saw an actual DR. 2x. Also, they change billing to give the impression your seeing multiple DR's. Pros: Narcotics without seeing a doctor regularly Cons: Narcotics without seeing a doctor regularly more

60 min of procedure 12 hours of wait 1/21/2010

Been going to tpsc for 5 months now,everytime my wait has been 2 hours, I hope the witchy receptionist enjoyed breakfast cause my father in law won't get his first drink of the day untill aftewr lunch even though the app time was 9 am... Again, dr leone and tpsc do not care about their patients time,comfort, hunger or thirst... They just don't care more

I had an excellent experience 10/3/2008

I went to Dr. Leone as a referral from my regular pain management Dr. I met with Dr. Leone and had a thorough exam and am planning to have the stimulator trial soon (November 2008). He was extremely professional and attentive to my questions. He answered my questions with straight answers not a hem haw beat around the bushes type person. Agreed with my current regimen of meds. \r Pros: Attentive,straight forward.\r Cons: Very busy office,long wait,no pain management group will prescribe Soma.Had to quit taking Soma cold turkey after 14 yrs of taking it. Haven't found any muscle relaxer that will actually work for me. Have tried them all and maxed out on them and had others added to them to try to get relief. Pros: Parking, attentive,straightforward Cons: busy office,long wait, more

Medical Care fFrom The Pain Mgmt. Group 1/14/2008

I first met Dr. Leone in 1995 at the Nashville V.A. Med. Ctr. pain clinic. At that time I had a bulging disc between L-5 & S-1. I received a series of Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections which gave me 95% relief. As i got older my spine worsened. He has personally performed several procedures in the last 13 years that have honestly given me my life back. I play golf regularly, bowl, have completed Nursing School and live a normal life. I was rolling out of bed to my knees and then standing up before I met Dr. Leone. My wife is also a patient of his. In 2002 she had back trouble and was off work for two weeks. I took her to see Dr. Leone and he treated her for arthiritis of the spinal canal. She received a series of Lumbar Injections and returned to work in a week. She went to see him three years later when she started having some back pain and received another series of Lumbar injections. Since then she has been pain free. I myself have been pain free. I now take my father-in-law to Dr.Leone and he has had injections at another pain clinic in Nashville with no improvement. When I brought him to Dr. Leone, he and his staff went after what was causing him pain. He has had care on his right side of his back and is pain free and now he is beginning care on his left side. He is 76 years old and says he will go to no one except Dr. Leone for his back pain.\r \r Dr. William Leone is a wonderful, caring man who cares about the general well being of all poeple that come to see him. My family and I refer alot of people to the Pain Mgmt. Group who report having good results.\r Thank You Bill\r Bruce more

In my opinion, Dr, Leone is very unprofessional. He tells you what to do, doesn't include the patient in their own decisions. 12/4/2007

I saw this pain clinic director at my personal care physician's recommendation after moving to Nashville from Iowa. An LPN performed the entire exam. He did not examine me at all. I had all of my medical records with me and all my bottles of pills. She took the information to him and shortly afterwards he entered the room, introduced himself and told me that my current treatment was wrong because the medication I was on was ineffective. (I've been taking medication for 4 years for relief of severe chronic pain and it's the only thing that has helped substantially). He didn't give me a chance to explain this. He stated that certain medications lose their effectiveness, but this was not the case for me. I take 30 mg/day and have been for 4 years with the same effectiveness. Then he said he had a procedure that was a spinal stimulator. It is an invasive procedure that I've had the option of taking before, but upon doing research, only about 50% of people that have had the procedure get about 50% pain relief. I don't believe in fixing something that isn't broken. When I told him that I was not interested, he offered no more information, did not try to explain it to me at all. He merely looked away and quickly walked out of the room muttering ""iI can't have you as a patient"".\r Such behavior I've never seen in my 48 years, and I've seen 30+ doctors in that time.\r \r In summation, he performed no exam, read very little if any of my medical history I provided him, asked no questions about the effectiveness of my current treatment, gave me no information on the particular procedure he had in mind and was very rude and\r unprofessional in his behavior. I would not recommend this guy to anyone in pain since he didn't include my in my treatment in any way. My opinions and thoughts did not matter to this guy. Pros: Parking Cons: waiting time, LPN performed the exam, Dr, spent 20 seconds conferring with me more
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