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Lee, Andrew Y, Dds - Dental Plus Dental Group - 244 Reviews - 310 S Lake Ave B1, Pasadena, CA - Dentists Reviews - Phone (626) 795-6855
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Lee, Andrew Y, Dds - Dental Plus Dental Group

310 S Lake Ave B1
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 795-6855
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Lee, Andrew Y, Dds - Dental Plus Dental Group - Pasadena, CA
Lee, Andrew Y, Dds - Dental Plus Dental Group - Pasadena, CA
Lee, Andrew Y, Dds - Dental Plus Dental Group - Pasadena, CA


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First, I would love to thank Michie. She helped me with a payment plan and explained the cost and made me feel comfortable. She got me an appointment as soon as possible. Next, th...


I had a similar experience as other reviewers on this site. They attempted to bill my insurance several unnecessary procedures, which were very expensive. Once I pointed these o...

will recommend anyone who needs a dentist to Dental Plus. 8/9/2011

First, I would love to thank Michie. She helped me with a payment plan and explained the cost and made me feel comfortable. She got me an appointment as soon as possible. Next, thank you Dr. Farid, he explained my condition, told me about the procedure and took excellent care of me. I feel brand new. Thank you so much. Now I’m not in pain anymore. I can eat anything without eating on one side of my jaw. I don’t have headaches anymore. I’m glad that I was fortunate to be a patient of Dental Plus and they are welcoming and comforting to all their patients. I feel really happy to be healthy again. I will recommend anyone who needs a dentist to Dental Plus. more

LEON!!!! You should be ashamed!!!! 7/13/2011

That is what your Mother is telling you every day the way you treat people that trust you!! Don't believe any good reviews! Beware of these rip off artists. Dr Roisman should be ashamed of all the bad reviews, but he keeps taking your money for things you don't need. They were going to xray my 97 year old mother's mouth!!!She hasn't had any teeth in her head since 1950!! Shameful Dr. Roisman. I hope you have a hard time sleeping on that pile of money you have stolen from unsuspecting patients!! Whatever you do...Don't even think about going here ! more

Perfection! 6/22/2011

I have read many of the reviews that have been written about this practice and all I can say is, "they cannot be talking about my DENTAL PLUS". I am a Health Care Provider and am accustomed to not only giving quality healthcare, but receiving quality healthcare...and DENTAL PLUS is quality in every sense of the word. I have been a patient with this practice since moving to California 12 years ago. I needed and have undergone many procedures, some of them quite extensive, and all of them were done with perfection! Each dentist/surgeon/endodonist/ was exceptional! Pricey??? NO, you get what you pay for! For each procedure that was recommended, I recieved at least 2 estimates of the cost. One offering safe, effective and customary care and one that offered the "premium" care that usually included materials that were superior because they would last twice as long as the "usual and customary" material that insurance companies routinely pay a fraction of the cost. Anyway, despite what you may be thinking, I am not rich - in fact most of the work that I chose to have done was far in excess of what my dental insurance would reimburse. But having poor quality work done by poor quality practitioners is not a bargain. It will cost you in the end by causing more pain and maybe even harming your heath. I must mention that my teeth -ALL OF THEM!!!- look fantastic. Thanks to Dr. Dominic LeTrong (Cosmetic Dentistry) for my beautiful new smile. Anyone who is considering any cosmetic work- seek him out!!! For Oral Surgery- despite what one reviewer said, I highly recommend Dr. Hunt. He has done extensive surgery on me, all with perfect results. One last word! The staff (all of the staff) are OUTSTANDING. From the moment you walk in, their concern is that you have a safe, pleasant, and quality expereince. Dr. Leon Roisman has created a superb, "One-Stop-Shop" for all of your dental needs! TRY THEM OUT! more

fantastic work! 6/21/2011

I've been reading the bad reviews below and I can only tell you about our experiences, which have been very good. We've been customers there for about 4 years now and they've been a godsend. My wife suffers from severe anxiety and a terrible gag reflex, so anything really invasive is a huge challenge for her. Their DOCS (conscious sedation) procedure is fantastic and has made it possible for her to have the serious dental work that she needed done. I was particularly impressed by the bone graft (actually not so much a graft as stimulating the growth of new bone) in her lower jaw..fantastic work! The doctors have been almost invariably helpful, informative, skilled and really nice people in general. Drs. Roisman, Friedman, Hunt and Hopper particularly come to mind, and some of the staff are heroes. I particularly like Bobby, who makes each surgery appointment as pleasant as possible, and Amber, who's been so helpful with all the scheduling details that a complicated program of dental work requires. Now..a few words about some of the negative reviews. They ARE a big business, and they have lots (I'd guess somewhere between 50 and 100) people working for them. That means it's not going to be as personalized as your friendly neighborhood dentist, obviously. Particularly if you have to see more than one doctor on a visit it can take some waiting as he or she is held up in another appointment, etc. *shrug* It's the price you pay for dealing with a large dental office with a large staff of specialized dentists. The other piece of bad news is usually the cost. Dental Plus can do some great work for you, but your insurance is going to cover a small fraction of it, so there will be a large bill to pay. We've found Carmen, who handles the finances, VERY helpful in this, and I just don't recognize the experiences in the other reviews as something I'd expect from Carmen. I can only talk about our experiences with her and they've been wonderful. Yay, Carmen! If I had any criticism is that they're sometimes a little chaotic in more

I was very reluctant to get my teeth whitened by a professional 6/17/2011

I was very reluctant to get my teeth whitened by a professional. I have VERY sensitive teeth and I can't even make it a week with "Crest Strips". I went to Dental Plus and with them knowing my history of sensitivity, they recommended "Power Blast" whitening technique. This is supposed to be the latest and greatest for ultra-sensitive people like me. It's as simple as going in to Dental Plus to get molds made (step one), going in for a beginning conditioning treatment (step two), bleaching at home for two weeks (step three) then going back for one more treatment in the office, two to three hours, but surprisingly very comfortable (step four). After these procedures you need to bleach with the trays monthly for keeping up with coffee, tea, etc stains. I just could not believe there was no sensitivity during the treatment! The last in-office treatment had only a few moments of being uncomfortable, but totally manageable, not painful like before where I couldn't even drink anything cold for days. This is the best whitening system ever! My husband did Zoom which was much more uncomfortable and time consuming and didn't have nearly the results mine did. WOW my teeth glow in the dark!! Thanks Dental Plus. more

I had a great experience 6/16/2011

I have to say that I was reading the reviews for this office as I was waiting in my car for my appointment, and I almost didn't go in. I hadn't been to the dentist in 8 years, and this was one of the offices that my insurance covered. So I thought what the heck, I will just be annoying and ask about how much everything costs. I walked in and asked how much my co-pay was, and the receptionist said nothing. So everytime they did an x-ray or exam, I asked if my insurance covered it first. I can say that I had a great experience. From Marcus, who took my x-rays to Adrian who was my Dr., to Noreen who did my cleaning - I can honestly say I am shocked by the horrible reviews, because they were great. I can say however, that when I was finished they sent me to a follow up counselor and she tried to get me to pay the $134 for the one cavitity I needed filled right then and there. I asked why the heck would i pay now for a procedure I was going to get in a month? Her response was to hold the appointment. So anyway, up until her I was pleasantly satisfied. more

certainly worth it 6/15/2011

Before going to Dental Plus. I was terrified of dentists. I have had some very bad experiences but since I've been going to Dental PLUS, everything has good great. Yes, they can be pricy but its certainly worth it. As long as I keep needing dental wok, I will continue to go to Dental Plus. more

very caring, gentle, and personable 6/15/2011

Specialty Care I was referred by general dentist. I needed a dentist who knew how to treat complex mouths. It turned out Dr. Roisman;s office is a specialty office who dealt with reconstructions of the mouth. I found Dr. Roisman to be very caring, gentle, and personable. He explained everything in complete detail and really showed how much he cared about me as a patient. I was very satisfied with the result and really happy with my smile. Anyone who has dental problems should definitely see Dr. Roisman. I was so thrilled with everything that I referred my son to him. more

Very professional 9 to 5 type of joint 6/15/2011

It might be just me but this place seems to be really cool. Very professional 9 to 5 type of joint. Pretty nurses or dental assistants. I chose this place from insurance from work. Last place I thought over charged me for medication they didn't told me wasn't included in my PPO plan. So this is my HMO even though they are independant dentists. Anyway, I've had an impacted sideways wisdom tooth for the longest time. It was time to get that sucker out. I had to make an appointment for a check-up they said before they can make an appointment with the oral surgeon. When I saw the doc, he said he recommends that I get all 4 out. I don't even have the uppers in yet. I think it was a ploy to make a play for more money. I had to pay for the oral surgeon portion because that isn't covered in my insurance or something. I got an appointment for Friday afternoon and even the oral surgeon is kind of hot! As soon as I got the mask on for the laughing gas and in IV in, then came the knock out stuff through the IV, I was out like a light and woke up in the chair as they were putting in the gauze. Well, I'm sitting at home with swollen cheeks like I've been in a fist fight. Not as bad as some stories I've heard and just chillin out for the weekend. I believe the worst is over, going to the dentist should be much of anything but a carousel ride from here on out. more

great people 6/2/2011

This is such a friendly office with great service and great people! more

Patient and kind 5/31/2011

I love how professional everyone is up front. I had no surprises in my treatment or at the end. Dr. Koutsoukos is wonderful and very nice. Dr. Malakzad is patient and kind. I will be back!... more

Throbbing pain 5/27/2011

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Roisman and I was really glad he did. He is a really nice guy with a great staff. He took care of the throbbing pain I had in one tooth without visiting any other specialists, my periodontal problems were alleviated. I am a very satisfied with his service. He is not only an excellent dentist but he has a modern and very clean office. The hours are convenient, and his staff is friendly and helpful. more

good 3/31/2011

the job was good more

helpful 3/28/2011

everyone was so nice and helpful!!! more

improved my gum problems 3/22/2011

I have been going to Dental Plus for about 2 years now. The program that they have implemented has improved my gum problems. I have seen many dentists over the years and this has been the first time a dentist has been able t correct my deep pockets and i have seen great improvement in my gum issues. I only wish i have started going to them 10 years ago. more

Moved my whole family to Dental Plus 3/21/2011

Everyone whom I dealt with at Dental Plus made my time there very comfortable, to many people to name. I have now moved my whole family to Dental Plus for dental care. more

Excellent quality of care 3/17/2011

Dr. Roisman always made sure everything was working very smoothly. Excellent quality of care and the dentists are all great. Dr. Letrong is very picky and a perfectionist, exactly the kind of guy I want making my crowns! Dr. Chan is very intuitive and fast, he can tell if I am feeling anything even before I say anything. Dr. Hopper is very warm and friendly and informative, all of the assistants were exceptional. more

I recommend (DOCS) 3/15/2011

I recommend (DOCS) for everyone regardless if they fear the dentist or not. You would never know I had any dental work done at all. Thanks so much! more

Very friendly 3/11/2011

I came to Dental Plus and all was taken care of quickly because all of the specialists are in one building. I like that! I like that they all communicated well with each other and that I was not sent somewhere else. Everyone is very friendly and professional, along with a very clean office. more

skilled personnel 3/10/2011

Very curtious and skilled personnel. more
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