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Leaky Roof Pub & Grill

1538 SW Jefferson St
Portland, OR 97201
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Leaky Roof Pub & Grill - Portland, OR
Leaky Roof Pub & Grill - Portland, OR


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this is a great little restaurant. under new-ish ownership & they're doing a fine job. their happy hour is perfect. Guinness Irish Stew, yes please! Pros: buckets of whiske...


If anyone said this to me, I'd certainly never eat in their restaurant again! "Did you really have our hand formed vegetarian black bean burger that vegetarians from all over t...

Great Neighborhood Hole-in-the-wall 1/16/2009

Theo Provided by Partner
this is a great little restaurant. under new-ish ownership & they're doing a fine job. their happy hour is perfect. Guinness Irish Stew, yes please! Pros: buckets of whiskey Cons: ? more

ummmmmmmm Bread Pudding 8/9/2008

ckerian Provided by Partner
They have beer for $2 all day....great burgers, fries. I have had the burgers, steak, black bean burger and the bread pudding; that's worth the world... First, have lunch, and then stay for the happy hour. $3 burgers and fries a steal of a deal. Service was excellent and very cozy for the lady. Pros: All wiskey for all tastes Cons: a little small more

Great Atmosphere and service 7/31/2008

Webster64 Provided by Partner
This quaint and cozy restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a great meal. We stopped in to have dinner and drinks before a baseball game. The service is outstanding, we enjoyed our meal outside in the fresh air and the service was still great (not like other restaurants where they forget about you because your outside ). We started with great appetizers (I recommend the calamari) which did not take much time to get. The drinks are good with fair prices, the main courses are well proportioned and well priced. We enjoyed our visit so much that we lost track of time and got to the game around the third inning. After the game we stopped in for a few more drinks. I just wish there where more places like this around, this restaurant is vital part of the Goose Hollow Nationhood. Pros: The ambience, and the great menu selection Cons: Wish it was a bigger place more

Defensive much 3/11/2008

starmoon Provided by Partner
If anyone said this to me, I'd certainly never eat in their restaurant again! "Did you really have our hand formed vegetarian black bean burger that vegetarians from all over town travel to get?.... Come on.... " Are you really interested in customer service, or do you just want to be right? Come on.... Pros: Food? Cons: Rude! more

Used to love this place... 2/28/2008

jenny81213 Provided by Partner
Unfortunately, the new owners have upped the prices and downed the service. Guess I'm going to have to find a new neighborhood hangout. What a shame. Pros: Cozy and just down the street. Cons: New servers and prices. more

A question, and a little feedback on the posts: 1/16/2008

judy38 Provided by Partner
I am a neighborhood resident, and have yet to visit, although I?ve been planning to. I telephoned some time ago because a handicapped friend (wheelchair) also wanted to join me there for lunch.. I called and was told at that particular time, the restaurant had been grandfathered out of the required disability act that requires establishment to provide this kind of access. That?s actually beside the point, except that I would like to know if, having changed hands, the business now provides this accommodation. Additionally, and only as a personal aside, I must say that I daresay that the best of businesses can never please everyone, but it seems to me it doesn?t serve any useful purpose for the manager/owner to become defensive.. a simple ?I wish you had requested a word with me? seems so much better than taking issue with the complaints.. after all, this is one particular customer?s view of things, and even though it may be over-critical and small-minded, it serves no useful purpose to argue about it.. Acknowledging that mistakes happen isn?t a sign of weakness, after all. And there are so FEW critical postings. Also, it would be wonderful to find an online menu for lunch and dinner, along with the hours/days open. Thanks for listening! I had to choose a rating (the form requires it).. I just chose the middle road.. don't pay any attention to it. more

Great if you like waiting forever and getting soggy garbage 1/4/2008

crabshingle Provided by Partner
I watched with sadness for 15 minutes as my once delicious hamburger waited under a heat lamp just out of reach. The place was not busy. The hamburger was an inedible , soggy pile off garbage which I could not eat. The staff was not apologetic. Avoid this place. It used to be good but it is a bunghole now, believe me. What a shame. I hope this place fails. They'll deserve it. Bastards! more

Can't say enough good things! 11/6/2007

schnei1976 Provided by Partner
My boyfriend and I had been here for lunch and loved it. After hearing nothing but great things about the Leaky Roof and their dinner menu, we knew we had to try it. My parents came over from Vancouver for dinner and we thought it would be a great place. They had actually heard rave reviews from a friend who lives in San Francisco. We were not let down. Our meal consisted of the Paella (which was absolutely amazing), the Holiday Chicken with Pumpkin Risotto (YUM!), Osso Buco w/Champs (the pork melts in your mouth) and the Guiness Fish N Chips. Everything was simply to die for. Don't plan on having left overs, it is too hard not to eat every last bite. Not only is their food tasty and unique, the service is above and beyond. This restaurant has such a warm feeling the moment you enter. From the toasty fireplace to the initmate seating this place is great. Keep it up. Can't wait to visit again soon :) more

Great stew, lamb, burgers, meatloaf..... 10/1/2007

db1221sw10th Provided by Partner
A little place that you could walk right by, but don't because it will be your loss. Excellent food and a great value. Pros: A friendly and delicious experience Cons: no cons more

Outstanding! 8/3/2007

jaguar111 Provided by Partner
A friend of mine invited myself and my family to celeberate his massive job promotion, while enjoying some quality, well-aged wiskey and great food. We both brought our relatives and my friend was paying for the bill. I was shocked! The service was top-notch, bathrooms and tables were spotless, the food was well worth the money, the beer selection was impressive (I am a beer drinker) and the wiskey selection was exciting. We shared a shot of 52 year old Irish wiskey (I never knew wiskey could taste so smooth). Our group asked for a silver fizz mixed drink and a mint julip. Everyone was very impressed! The staff will do anything they can to provide the service you wish for! If you are ready to have a nice dinner and drinking experience at a nice restaurant, Leaky Roof is a must try for Portland and SW Washington folks. *On a side note regarding the Miller reviewer....If you like Coors, Miller or Amstel, then you should try either German Hefiweisen or try the Italian lager. I myself enjoy European beers but I am not a big fan of trendy hopy NW beers.* Tip well! They deserve it! Pros: Everything, seriously! Cons: Aged wiskey can cost you but you get what you pay for more

poor service, and the food left me throwing up all night 6/30/2007

alibabna Provided by Partner
We were so excited about this place before going, and ended up completely disappointed. There was only one vegetarian option on the menu (the garden burger), which was spicy and not at all what I wanted. The waitress was rude, slow, and unaccomodating. We got our drinks after our food, the food was gross, and I was up all night throwing up the grossness. We will certainly never go back and warn others to stay away! more

A place with a good portland feel 4/5/2007

poonslang Provided by Partner
I have lived above Goose hollow for over a decade so I have been in the Roof a couple of times no more and only for a beer or two. But reading the mostly positive reviews I took a party of seven there tonite and had a pretty enjoyable dinner. Judging by the good size crowd spilling out onto Jefferson Avenue I think the Roof has really got it going. I went with the buffalo burger which was good and sampled some of the regular burger (again good) another had the crabcake dinner (again good). I think the food here is probably solid and the atmosphere is bubbly but mellow. Average patron is a typical portland thirty five year old. Best thing was the mix of music they played. Mellow new rock think Shins and The killers entire albums. Good friday night dinner music. One bad thing: no domestic light beer! Cmon. If I cant have my Miller Light at least give me an amstel or a Coors light to chew on. *****Update***** I read the response from what I assume is the owner to my suggestion that they have Miller Lite available and am scratching my head. Who are you trying to impress that you don't have any light beers around? Sure portland is beer city supposedly. So have some selection. Not everybody wants to drown in alcohol when they are eating. Just stock some bottles of Miller Lite is all I am asking. Nothing wrong with miller lite. it goes fine with lots of dishes. Beer snobs are some of the most annoying people around. Too cool for school. Pros: Music was not annoying and actually fit the ambience Cons: No Light Beer? Oh yeah we gotta pretend to be beer happenin! more

Come eat with the family! 3/18/2007

pcrag Provided by Partner
I brought my Mom in for a Birthday brunch. The place felt so warm and familiar. I felt a little bad at first, because we got there 10 minutes before opening. Everyone made us feel so welcome though. Heather had such an energy and fun way about her that we just loved. Christina was conversational, funny, and very down to earth. Conor was sweet and silly at the same time. Christina made us a wonderful meal that arrived faster than we could imagine. And Seamus recommended the perfect Bushmill's finish to our brunch. Mom had the best time on her birthday, and we will both be back soon. You guys are the best! Pros: Fast Service, great ambience and staff, wonderful food Cons: Parking may be a little difficult if you get there late more

Dont go on weekends! 1/21/2007

mangoswartz Provided by Partner
My husband and I have frequented Leaky Roof often since the late 1990's since previous owners. We brought our friends here after we were thrilled to hear that one of our favorite places to eat had started serving dinner on the weekends. The place was completely packed and, as it took only 20 minutes to seat us, we sat waiting for our food for 1 hour while the rest of the restaurant was seated, served and already leaving! I was astounded as the waiters blew us off while we sat there waiting for our bill for another hour! It didnt seem like a particular wait-person was assigned to our table and I think this has always caused spotty service at this restaurant. Skip long waits and unending hunger by avoiding weekend nights! To the mgmt: Please assign waiters to tables!!! This was a real disappointment. Cons: Spotty service more

I love this place... 11/5/2006

mina_ann Provided by Partner
I've been here a couple times now, and I really love this little place. great food, awesome service, very nice atmosphere, and cute accents too =) definitely try their bread pudding - nothing like it sounds (I'd never had this before), it's very, very good. more

retract positive review 11/2/2006

thumbilina Provided by Partner
What has happened to this place? It used to be one of our favorites restaurants. Does it have new owners? Pros: um.. Cons: service, food more

Average Brunch expensive price 10/9/2006

mmm_good Provided by Partner
Since Epicure left the NW over a year ago I have been searching for a new brunch spot to frequent. After reading the reviews I thought I had found just that. First impressions were good, it is was warm and cozy; I was a little disappointed with the menu, very heavy on the meats, not many veggie dishes. I settled on my favorite brunch staple, vegetarian eggs Benedict. The meal itself was fine nothing to write home about, but not offensive, until I got a mouthful of eggshell, now that will ruin any meal and it did mine. When I told the server she was polite about it, but there were no apologies. From working in the restaurant business even if you are unable to compensate the customer for the meal you should always get the manager or the chef to apologize. So instead of leaving pleasantly full I was left paying the tab on a meal that made me gag. In the end I am still searching for a new brunch spot, any recommendations? more

Great Service, Menu...Hidden Gem! 9/7/2006

chrisrockn Provided by Partner
I first went to the Leaky Roof about 3 years ago when I lived in the Goose Hollow area and I loved it for the great servers, food and the simple fact it was not where everyone else was! I moved away from Portland for a year and half and recently moved back in May. Although I don't live in Goose Hollow any longer, I have made a point to go back to the Leaky Roof and found that it has new ownership which has only improved on a great thing. The menu and food is current favorite is the "Osso Bucco", the servers are still great, in fact they are the same servers I enjoyed 3 years ago which makes the experience even better!! An extensive wine list and great drinks makes it easy to sit and enjoy your time here! Also, a very nice facelift to the interior of the restaurant as only added to the nice ambience. I introduced my father to the Leaky Roof 3 years ago and anytime he comes into town(from out of state!), the Leaky Roof is a must! I highly recommend the Leaky Roof to anyone wanting great food and service. This restaurant is equally on par if not better than many of Portland's trendier, more recognizeable restaurants. I love the fact that it is not crowded and is more of a Locals place, but the Leaky Roof definitely is going to get noticed so I may as well put my 2 cents in! Pros: Great Food, Excellent Service, Food Presentation more

Price may catch the eye, but quality holds the customer 7/12/2006

bialann Provided by Partner
My visit to the Leaky Roof was much more than just a meal - it was a wonderful dining experience. The top quality delicious food is matched by high quality service. I was left wondering, "How do staff who are so efficient maintain such a friendly atmosphere and find so much time to give individualized service to all their customers?" I haven't sorted out the answer yet - I guess that is the secret of Leaky Roof's undoubted success! I remeber seeing a sign in a business once, which read "Price may catch the eye, but quality holds the customer". This applies to the Leaky Roof. As the big man in the film said, "I'll be back!!" Pros: delicious food, individualized care for customer, 'home from home' atmosphere Cons: closed on Sunday more

If you haven't been there recently... 6/12/2006

mannequin Provided by Partner
I used to drink here when I went to college and it has changed so much! I had the Vegetable Napolean and it was amazing! Got an interesting history lesson from the server. Stiff drinks, Good food. Yay! :) more
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