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League City Animal Clinic - 18 Reviews - 2310 W Main St, League City, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (281) 332-0644

League City Animal Clinic

2310 W Main St
League City, TX 77573
(281) 332-0644
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Dr. Huber is the best! I've always owned pets and lived many places. i am so fortunate to have found him. He doesn't overcharge or sell things/services you don't need. He saved...


My black lab had started to decline in health very quickly after she was fixed ( she was not fixed by Dr. Hubert ). I took her to Dr. Hubert because I had taken my animals in the ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2014

Dr Huber is by far the best Vet I've ever met! I took my 15yr old golden/collie in today and we made the decision to put him down. He was SO sincere, SO caring and didn't even charge me for the meds just so I could put my money towards cremation and a box to bring my loved one home in. I'm in awe of his practice, everyone there were so amazing. Please don't trust your pets with anyone else. League City Animal Clinic is the best in town! more

Dr. Huber is the best! I've always 6/10/2012

Dr. Huber is the best! I've always owned pets and lived many places. i am so fortunate to have found him. He doesn't overcharge or sell things/services you don't need. He saved my chihuahua's life when two other vets couldn't. You rock, Doc! more

A little peace in a time of sorrow 10/6/2010

Our cat needed some immediate medical attention! Called her vet of 6 yrs at 8am, was told I could not bring her in until 5pm. Found Dr. Huber on line. He is so very kind and understanding!! He saw her right away, he explained all of our options to us. Unfortunately she was very ill. We had her put down this morning. As sad as we were, Dr. Huber and his staff some how managed to help us feel better. We can thank them enough. I read on his reviews he is a Dr. that cares. That is an understatement!! We told him we would be back, we have another cat who is only 1 years old. Thanks for all your help and compassion. more

THE best vet around 10/1/2010

Wonderful vet. Our pets have seen Dr. Huber for their medical needs for almost 10 years. His office works on a first come, first serve basis with surgeries done in the afternoons. If you don't have time to wait your turn, then get to his office by 7:45 am and wait at the door. more

Only Vet to Diagnose the Problem 6/4/2010

My cat got sick on a holiday weekend so there's not much to choose from. The EC quoted me $1,500-1,900 for a UTI. I left and went to Petsmart. They diagnosed ""kidney stones"" needing surgery. When Dr. Huber's office opened on Tuesday, I brought my cat in and he stayed for two nights. He did not have kidney stones and did not require surgery. After getting him home from Dr. Huber's office, the change in my cat was immediate. He called, after office hours, to check how my cat was doing and to deliver the good news that my cat's bloodwork came back normal....ruling out the kidney stone theory. I will never take my pets to anyone else but him to diagnose an illness. He knows what he's talking about and has the patience and compassion to figure out what's wrong. AWESOME VET!!!!! Pros: Cares for your animal more


Our family and friends have been taking our animals to Dr.Huber for over ten years. He is honest! I have never felt ""tricked"" into buying extra stuff or getting test done that aren't needed. Try him out, and you will not regret it! more

Dr. Huber 10/23/2009

He is an exceptional diagnostician, with exceptional follow up. He's been with 4 dogs of ours plus one cat. Even when he could not save my favorite dog he tried to figure out what happened and why. I still mourn Lalique and now he takes care of my girlfriends dogs and cat with the same care as he did all my previous animals. His staff is terrific and try to help with everything they can. They operate on a first come first serve basis when you come in before noon, and surgeries are scheduled for after lunch. Most people around the League City area know he is the best and try to be there early in the morn so expect to wait for at least an hour, however he, or his colleagues are worth it in my humble and honest opinion. Pros: Long service with exceptional help... Cons: Wait time may be 2-3 hours on a weekend more

We LOVE our Dr. Tom! 10/13/2009

We have been going to Dr. Tom for many many years. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else! When my dog had to have emergency surgery, Dr. Tom worked on him until about 11:00 p.m. He then took Jaxon home with him and put him in his walk-in closet with a heat lamp. When Jaxon woke up at 2:00a.m. crying, Dr. Tom went in the closet and layed down on the floor next to him to comfort him. OMG!! What else can I say..... We just love, love, love him!! :-) Pros: Best Vet, Great Staff, Affordable! more

I love Dr. Huber! 8/3/2009

When my pup was 8 weeks I accidentally shut her tail in the door and severed the tip of her tail off. She also had a hernia. I took her to NASA vet clinic and they wanted to charge me over 800$ and said I had severed her spine. They didn't put medicine on it or wrap it or anything. They also said I needed to have surgery on the tail and the hernia. They charged me over 100$ for this. For a second opinion I took her to Dr. Huber. He took the time while in surgery to come and check out my pup. He was so kind and didn't make me feel bad about the accident like the other vet office. He took a look and said that he felt like it would probably heal on it's on. He took great care in applying antibiotics and wrapped her tail, and loaned me a cone. That's right, loaned it to me! He also checked her hernia, he said that it wasn't a problem and she would live a normal life with out doing anything with it. He didn't want to put her through any trauma if he didn't have to. I feel nothing but confidence in Dr. Huber's office, my pup loves him and the staff. They remember her, etc. We live near his office and when she escaped from our back yard, Dr. Huber's office staff saw her running near the street and went and rescued her and called me to come pick her up! they are just so super cool! I'm sending my mom over tomorrow with her new pup! My pup is now 8 months old, you can't even tell her tail was severed or that she has a hernia! Pros: Takes time with my pup! Cons: Absolutely none! more

Best vet ever! 11/5/2008

My pitbull got a really bad infection in his arm from i think a cat scratch. We went and saw Dr. Tom because my mom knew his son and referred me to him. When i went in he was actually closing but let me right in anyways. I was pregnant at the time and my boyfriend and i were kind of struggling with money. Whenever he looked at it he poked at it, figured out exactly what it was and gave us medicine. I think he knew we were struggling so all he made us pay for was the medicine. He is the nicest doctor and i couldn't find a better one. There is usually a wait but it's worth it!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. His whole family works there, son, wife and daughter. They are very welcoming and def. remember you!! Pros: Remembers you, welcoming, thoughful!! more

League City Animal Clinic 9/6/2008

Dr. Thomas Huber is a really cool vet!. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest, and very caring about the animals as well as their owners. He has been our family's pets' vet for over 25 years. We've never had to wait very long. Dr. Huber is very thorough in his exams and makes sure the owner is aware of any future health issues that are characteristic for that particular breed of animal. (We've had a couple of different breeds of dogs and cats over the years.) I can't praise him enough. Pros: Wonderful caring staff. more

He caused one of the worst experiences in my life! 7/18/2008

My black lab had started to decline in health very quickly after she was fixed ( she was not fixed by Dr. Hubert ). I took her to Dr. Hubert because I had taken my animals in the past to him and was very happy with his consern for them. He could not figure out what was wrong with her and his treatment was making her worse. He got very mean with me...(while I was morning / it appeared my baby was dieing) He asked me how I could let this happen to my dog, etc....He blamed me so I showed him the reciepts from all the times I took her to the Hou. Humain Society and that I had been asking what is wrong with her. Every one told me she was fine...but I am poor and was just trying to save by taking her to the HHS. He advised I put her down. I asked him so you dont know what is wrong with her and she should be put down? I asked if he could refer me to someone for a second opinion before I can make a decision like that (my puppy was 1yr old). He refered me to this place you have to put $1000 down just to get seen. Meanwhile my sweet baby is dieing. A friend refered me to Dr. Grant @ New Concept (just a little down from Dr. Hubert's office), Dr. Grant diagnosed her with a liver shunt, perscribed a special food for her all for just $40. Today she is a strong, healthy, beautiful black lab who happens to be the greatest friend I have ever had. Pros: I now know better than to take my pets to Dr. Hubert Cons: Terrible bedside manner! His pride is more important than my dog and what I have with her. Old school knowledge/ out dated. He's actually mean. more

This vet is awesome!!! 2/12/2008

I can't say enough about this vet. He was packed (i waited two hours!) but when it was my turn, i tried to be quick because i knew there was a ton more critters waiting, he said, ""this is your turn - i'm here for as long as you need me - you've waited your turn"". I still feel guilty that i took up so much time but he was truly concerned about my pet. (also, it was about 6:30pm!!!!!!) He called me the next day to make sure i was happy with the decisions i had to make for my cat, and i was very confident after his diagnosis and possible treatments that i had made the right decision. (my cat is almost 20 years old!). But this is only one time he helped me! The other time was years ago but i will never forget the care he gave her. He greets you at the front desk with a smile and asks how YOU are doing every chance he gets. We need more primary care doctors like him around!!! Don't hesitate - give him a call, i promise, you will NOT be dissapointed. Pros: confident in his knowledge, caring, good ""pet"" manner Cons: can be busy at times/no appts. more

No-BS hippie who loves animals 12/8/2007

I only trust this guy with my dog. He's been my vet since I was about 10 years old. He's done several surgical procedures on previous pets who had bad habits of either eating rocks or being eaten by other dogs. His daughter was the assistant (not sure what she did - i was drugged) when I had lung surgery. I drive all the way from Midtown/Downtown to see him. My mom told him about my upcoming wedding while she was taking her dog for a visit. I went in for a visit a few months later and he remembered and gave me a wedding gift. How many vets do that? I'll never go to another vet as long as I live in Houston. Pros: Remembers everyone, does it because he loves it Cons: Get there early to avoid the wait more

Best Vet Hands or Paws Down 11/21/2007

Dr. Huber is the best vet in the Bay Area. You know this because even though there might be a line in the waiting room, EVERYONE waits, happy to know that their animal will get excellent care. You too will be willing to wait for the best vet ever. And don't worry, there are 2 TVs in the waiting room. He and his staff are so gentle and truly care about each and every animal. When you get called into a room, Dr. Huber will care for your animal like it is the most important one he treats. The next time you need a vet, please try them. Pros: Friendly staff, Caring vet more

Best Vet Ever 11/9/2007

Dr. Tom has been my families vet of choice ever since he saved my 1st dog's life about 23 years ago. Brandy had been perscribed a medication (by another vet) that was not meant for small domestic animals (Brandy was a small Toy Poodle). Since then Dr. Tom has taken care of all of our 4 legged children. He even helped us adopt one of them. Pros: Every thing about this place is great Cons: Can be some long waits (see's patients on 1st come 1st served), but he's worth it more

Dr Huber lll, Thomas L. DVM - League City Animal Clinic 8/29/2007

I was refered to Dr Huber by a friend, he is wonderful, very caring he listens to you, the list goes on. I highly recommend him as a Vet. I give him the best Vet award! more

Best vet in the Clear Lake area!!!! 4/13/2007

He has a wonderful ""bedside"" manner. Definitely makes you feel at ease. I have recently had two dogs pass in the span of 1 year prior to being refered to Dr. Huber. To say the least I am a little gun shy now when any of my animals are ill. He has been very kind. He has also been very generous. He has even did an EKG for free to help rule out a congenital problem. He will listen to all you have to say and make sure you understand. He does not rush you through the visit. As the other reviewer said... he is very upfront with the cost of anything so there are no unpleasant surprises. He is also not a vet that thinks that they have to recommend the most expensive product so they can get a good commission. He will tell you the best way to do something without breaking your wallet. i.e. if you have several small dogs... he will show you how to buy one tube of the flea medicine for large dogs and tell you the appropriate amount for each of your animals so you can buy one tube instead of 3-4. The medicine is the same strength... it is just the amount you administer that makes a tube for large or small dogs. This extra effort makes me believe that he would not order a test that is not needed just to boost his profit. His rates are very reasonable too. The only complaint that I have is that since he does not take appointments it is on a first come first serve basis. This can make for long waits in the waiting room. But if he did take appointments, he would have to rush to keep up and not take his time as he does. he truly seems to care about not only your pet... but for you too. I recommend him to everyone i know. Pros: reasonable price, caring vet Cons: sometimes long office waits since he sees pets on a first come first serve basis..with the exception of triage cases more

User review by cami87 11/28/2005

Dr. Huber and his staff are wonderful. I have a very nervous cat and his staff has been the only people who could handle her in a loving manner. I don't believe in vaccinating indoor cats and Dr. Huber is the first vet that has not required my cat to be vaccinated before he would see her. He is also very upfront on the cost of any treatment he is going to prescribe avoiding any surprises when you open your checkbook. more
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