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Leafy Dell Apartments - 9 Reviews - 815 Cole Drive, Johnstown, OH - Other Reviews - Phone (866) 459-4601

Leafy Dell Apartments

815 Cole Drive
Johnstown, OH 43031
(866) 459-4601
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All reviews seem negative


First off to the person who wrote pretty sweet deal----3rd floor apartment?????? WHERE in Leafy Dell is there a 3rd floor---maybe that's the person or person's I hear in the atti...

Don't move to Leafy Dell 3/26/2009

First off to the person who wrote pretty sweet deal----3rd floor apartment?????? WHERE in Leafy Dell is there a 3rd floor---maybe that's the person or person's I hear in the attic---lol We got a flyer on the door today, one of the things it had in there was 15 mph speed limit. Okay for example----if the cops were to try to give me a ticket for going say 13 mph---we could tell them that the management says we can go over the posted speed of 10 mph everywhere in the parking lot!!!!!! Also make sure you make sure your dog understands to hold it until he or she gets to the designated pooping areas!! We have been told as well as other tenants that when the manager is not in, there is a note on the door----I have as well as others I have talked to have not seen a note on the door. The new manager does not even live here---does that tell you anything about the apartments here. You have a new manager running the place that I feel has never had the experience to run a place like an apartment complex. I have never lived in an apartment complex that the manager did not live there. Seems she is trying to run it like ---it is my way or the highway---- I have been in management for over 20 years, and I can tell you that this place will not get any better. You have to bend in management----have feelings for people. All I hear here as well as others have told me is----I will evict people if they do not follow my rules. My opinion is---we did not have very good management before----and still do not have at this point--- Pros: None---stay out Cons: Management???????????????? more

Pretty Sweet Deal 2/25/2009

Ok, So I don't know if the people writing these reviews have actually tried to find decent apartments in the area for less than they are paying now but I have and, news flash, we've got a pretty sweet deal! So the pool closed early for maintenance or whatever....cry about it! I've lived her a year now and I have never had any REAL problems. Any work order I've put in properly has been taken care of with in two days --- and if they had been real emergencies I'm sure they would have gotten there sooner. Yes, they don't shovel the sidewalks when they are bombarded with a foot of snow overnight...but neither does the rest of the town...that kind of situation takes time and they got to it as best they could especially with all the ice we get around here. Weather happens and people are only human. In my experience, I've had the benefit of a nice quiet place to live, a well cleaned aparment when I moved in, and a pretty resonable price compared to a LOT of other apartments in this area! The only thing I can agree with the other bad reviews about is that the office was always empty and I always saw the manager out and around visiting with friends on the property when the office was still supposed to be opened --- this was especially annoying on rent week. We just got new management this month and I hope to find them more professional; they seem like their trying to turn this place around regarding the bad more thing....if you have the chance and are able...take a 2nd or 3rd floor apartment...two words...giant spiders. Managment actually took care of it for now...but before they got pretty scary and I'm dreading the spring...hope they can spray early! Pros: Great school, great neigborhood, clean, attractive Cons: spiders in first floor units more


This is the worst place ever to live! The people in management and maintance are liars and well say one thing and do another. They never shovel or salt the sidewalks or parking lot. I Dont see how that one person(probably the manager) wrote the review about it being safe here. The people who live here have to do it. This is NOT a pet friendly place either. If you want to actually get in contact with the people who own the place good luck with that. Let alone trying to get ahold of the manager that works on site is a task in itself. It is so bad here that a few months ago the garbage people didnt pick up the trash for like 2-3 weeks. There is GARBAGE all over the ground. It's never picked up. They do have an on site fitness room...but they dont have anything to clean the equipment off once its been used. You don't know who's been on them or what they've done on them. Thats nasty!!!! Moving to Leafy Dell apartments was the worst mistake I have ever made. You pay TOP dollar for apartments that should be government housing. If I could give one piece of advise to someone trying to find a decent place to live it would be anywhere but LEAFY DELL APARTMENTS! I don't feel like I can say it enough....NEVER move to leafy dell apartments!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: I'm moving Cons: Can't get outa here fast enough more

run away! 1/11/2009

Sorry but this is not a good place to live. This place has NOT been cleaned up. I honestly feel like i live in the expensive projects! You cant get the manager to do anything, that is if you can get ahold of her. She's never in the office. There is garbage every where. The sidewalks and parking lot is rediculous! you cant even walk outside with your kids because you will more than likely fall on your butt becasue nothing gets salted! These apartments may look nice but they are JUNK! Nothing works. It's not maintance's fault because there is just so much to fix! I would not recommend moving into Leafy Dell apartments! Only use it as your last resort! Pros: washer and dryer Cons: everything else more

hmm.... 1/9/2009

All the other reviews on here talk about nothing good just bad things and they are all saying the same thing. But yet none of them mention the fact that it is a nice quiet place to live.. I've lived here for 4+ years and honestly since the new manager all the WHITE TRASH that was living here is gone. We have nice ppl who live here. Before there were people getting away with basically anything and no children were safe to go outside and play because of people speeding, drinking, and throwing trash all over the place. Others who didn't live here were welcome to use our pool and now they aren't.... The maintance man, he is available 24/7 and actually helps us. I know my husband called him at 3am because my heater broke down and he came right away.. I HAVE NEVER AT ALL SEEN A TOW TRUCK DRIVER LOOK INTO WINDOWS OF CARS.. THE COPS THEY COME HERE AND BUST ALL THE DRUNKS AND OTHER ABUSE USERS WHO ENDANGER MY CHILDREN AS WELL AS OTHERS.. Honestly don't believe everything you read because it is a quiet place and I would tell people about the apartment complex. If your looking for a place where your kids are safe then come here to leafy dell Pros: dryer, washer more

Worst place ever plus! 1/7/2009

We have lived in these apartments since late summer last year. We have had so many issues it is ridiculous. We lived here for several months without any big issues, but in November we had this wonderful family (not) move in below us that has caused nothing but problems. They have called the cops on us several times because we were too noisy and we weren't even doing anything. Background checks are not done on a regular basis on each tenant so just anyone can move in regardless of their history. When we looked at this apartment, we thought it was the bomb! Well it is the bomb, but not in a good way at all! The pool was supposed to be open until Labor Day, it was shut down 3 weeks before and of course when it was the hottest days of the summer. We have black spots all over our carpet and it looks crappy! We were supposed to have the apartment cleaned and painted before we moved in. That didn't happen, conveniently something came up with the painters and then the shampooer broke down. After that it has just been down hill. If i had to choose all over again, we would definitely not choose these apartments. The management is horrible and never available. They can be in the office and if you try to call, they don't answer the phone even if they are right there. They also talk about private information about other tenants which is totally inappropriate. Pros: Good school district and community Cons: Don't move here! more

Worst Place Ever!!! 10/24/2008

We have lived here for 3 years and are happy with the location of the apatment but not so happy with the Management or Maintenance. We are on the 3rd manager and she is the worst one yet. She is NEVER in the office when she should be. She has changed the office hours 3 different times since she took over back in March of this year. Nothing gets done when we ask and it's not just us, many people have moved due to the managements inability to manage. We have had several maintenance issues that we tried to stop into the office to get corrected and no one is there so we had to leave messages. No one ever calls us back and NOTHING we have asked to have fixed is taken care of. I wouldn't recomend this complex to my worst enemy. STAY AWAY from here, I will be leaving soon myself if things aren't taken care of ASAP. I was able to email someone in a higher possition than the manager but if I don't get a responce I may be forced to contact our attorney. Heed my warning, STAY AWAY. Pros: washer/dryer, part-time pool hours Cons: everything else under the sun more

Bad management 10/8/2008

I have lived at Leafy Dell for over a year. They have gone from one bad manager to the next. In my time here they have gone through 3 managers, and this last one is the worst. She tells everyone her hours are from 9-5 through the week, however good luck finding her. She RARELY comes to work at all. She pops in for a few minuets every now and then, but that is it. She continually does inspections for no apparent reason. If you ask her why she'll just respond, "By law I'm allowed to." She always waits almost the maximum time she can "by law" before she will fix anything in your apartment, which is 30 days. One old woman had her apartment flooded because the water line broke. She lived in a flooded apartment for 6 days, 4 of those days the manager knew about it. We have tenants moving out without notice all of the time, breaking their leases, just because of her. She is very obviously eviction crazy because she loves to remind people of her eviction power, she has reminded my wife and I at least 4 times now, and thoroughly unprovoked. The parking Passes she has now enforced are a joke. The tow truck comes every night with a flashlight and peers into everyone's back windows to find their passes, and tows people away for really dumb reasons. He actually tried to tow a Time Warner Cable van, that is how rediculous it is here. It was funny to watch, but everyone here feels as if they will get towed for no reason. The real kicker though is that the company who supposedly is in charge of Leafy Dell, SRI Holding LLC, is non-existant. Seriously, look it up on the internet, you won't find it. So there is NO ONE to complain to about this. If you ask for the "owner's" phone number the manager will just tell you she'll call him and tell him to call you. So please spread the word to everyone looking for an apartment here to STAY AWAY! The Apartment manager's name is Mary, and she is useless. Pros: Washer & Dryer included? Cons: Horrible management more

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/10/2008

I live in Leafy Dell Apts, and I feel like I am paying way too much for a HORRIBLE place. the pool was supposed to be open by memorial day and it still isn't. 24 hour maintenance is non existant. and the parking passes are sooooooo stupid cuz you can't even see them through most rear windows. Pros: Johnstown is a great community Cons: THE PLACE IS HORRIBLE more
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