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Le Paws Pet Grooming Salon - 10 Reviews - 6565 Babcock Rd Ste 7, San Antonio, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (210) 690-9333

Le Paws Pet Grooming Salon

6565 Babcock Rd Ste 7
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 690-9333
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The problem with these review sites is that people only go here when they are angry and they tend to lie and enhance the real situation....... why don't more people take the time ...


My dogs looked AND smelled the same as when I took them in, the only difference is that my long haired dog looked as though they allowed a child to cut her coat. She looks like a ...

Not Worth Even 1 Star DO NOT GO HERE! 5/2/2011

My dogs looked AND smelled the same as when I took them in, the only difference is that my long haired dog looked as though they allowed a child to cut her coat. She looks like a squirrel and it is going to take FOREVER for her hair to grow out properly again. I asked to speak to the owner, Pam, who was a flat out B****. I have NEVER delt with a business owner who was MORE unprofessional than she is. I voiced my concerns to her and she told me to ""quit my bitching"", she never offered to fix it, she didn't offer a refund, that was the gem of advice she left me with. If you love your animals DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE. WORST SERVICE EVER! more

NOT A GOOD PLACE 3/15/2011

At first I was happy with this place but then saw my dogs nail was torn badly. Tho they might not have caused it they didn't tell me about it. After my 2nd dogs grooming I realized how rude the owner is and how bad the grooming on my dog was. I simply wanted to ask and see my dog before I paid, since it was a different price quote than originally stated. I am not sure if the owner was in a bad mood or if she didn't care that the door was not sound proofed but she said mean things about me and my request. My dogs shave was so uneven it was obvious they spent little time with it. What was the worst is the collar on my dog was so tight that I couldn't fit my pinky between it and her. They tightened it when shaving her and didn't bother to loosen it so she would be comfortable. Not a pet friendly place at all!!!!!!! more

GREAT PLACE!!! 11/9/2010

The problem with these review sites is that people only go here when they are angry and they tend to lie and enhance the real situation....... why don't more people take the time to say something when they are happy?? I think I will, I have been taking my dogs to LePaws for several years and just love the personal treatment we get. The staff is so caring and knowledgable I feel safe leaving my pets there and when I pick them up the are happy and look great, I have not one complaint about this place and will continue to use them !! This place has been in business for 15 years and you can't please everyone so it mnakes sesne to have a few unhappy people who by the way are never happy no matter what they do. more

Beware!! 5/19/2010

Do not take you beloved pets here. I took my dog here and I will never go back it was a blood show. When I went to go pick up my dog I was told that I was charge a 5 dollar handling fee. I asked, well what is that. The lady explained that my dog was very hard to handle and took longer than it should of taken. I said that is weird because the groomers normal comments are that my dog was very well behaved, in fact my past groomers have never told me that my dog gave them any type of trouble at all. I paid the bill and went home. When I got home I noticed that my dog was rubbing his ears a lot, so I took a look. I was horrified. His ears we blood shot red and bleeding, and some sores had puss coming out. I immediately call le paws. I spoke to a lady and I asks her what kind of chemical do they use to clean the dogs ears out. She got all defensive and said why. I told her why and she said we don't use a chemical we use corn starch. I said okay then why is my dogs ears look like they have chemical burns on the inside of them, so much so that there is puss coming out. She said that his ears are probably irritated. I told her that my dogs ears have never look like that after coming back from the groomers. I then asked it will my dog now get a ear infection because of the condition of his ears, and she told me well if your dog already had a ear infection then.... I said I didn't say my dog had an ear infection. She recommended that I use peroxide to clean his ears and remove the blood. My dogs ears did heal but now when I try to comb him he doesn't let me come close to his ears. No telling what they did to my dog. but now he is terrified to go to the groomers. I felt like this is something that pet owners should know, and to not trust this place. Cons: Abusive more

try it you may like it I did..... 4/23/2009

Is it me or does it appear a little peculiar that there are 3 complaints all written on the same day?? I couldn't help but notice the last reply On how the store was bare.. My concern is that the pets are well cared for rather then decorations hanging on the wall .. When I was there on 04/17/2009 The walls are filled with wonderful new retail ..Now to address the other ridiculous comments. I know for a fact bathing and grooming isn't as easy as one would think.. As as far as washing a cat have you tried it lately??? If your not getting clawed trying to dry a long haired cat can take hours to allow the animal to rest in between periods to avoid stressing the animal out genius one!!!! And if you pet has matts it shows you dont brush or comb your pet.. Have you ever had a knot pulled out of your hair it hurts bright one....Also bathing a dog or a cat requires putting them into water they drink the water as you are bathing them all them time so to say there not given water is a joke!! And when animals are separated from there owners are in a unfamiliar place they do not take water and food as well as if they were home. Bright one. Sounds to me the past reviews were all on the lets be miserable and hate the world boat.. My dogs look fabulous when they come out of le Paws as well as my cat!! I encourage everyone to try something once ... I m impressed that there open 6 days away they have self services facilities in the making the shampoos and perfumes are amazing not to mention the goodies bags as well as an adorable bandanna for every occasions !! My review would be to try this place your self and you be the judge... Pros: open 6 days a week Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

ABUSIVE AND RUDE!!! 3/28/2009

We pulled up to find a big sign on the door saying they moved. When we finally found it, walked in, it looked as if the place had been robbed - no furniture, no decorations. Another customer walked in obviously annoyed and wanted to see the owner who apparently had done the grooming on her dog, but of course wasn't available. The customer was highly upset and rightfully so- her dog was matted horribly-looked like a 2 yr old w/ scissors had cut her hair. Before I left I asked when she would be ready?the girl said that she would be ready in the early afternoon-that they would call. A couple hrs later I called to double check the time. The girl informed me that it was going to be around 4pm before she was ready (not exactly early afternoon). My appt was at 10am?.now she won?t be ready until ?around? 4? Really 6 hrs? Around 4 I called again to check. The lady who answered was older & very SNOTTY. When I asked if my cat was done, she snapped ?Hang on!?, and hung up on me. I called back. She answered the phone again, I said we must have gotten disconnected?she was short, curt and rude?insisted MY phone disconnected us and she didn?t have time for this. I asked if my cat was ready?she slammed the phone on the counter & yelled back to check. She came back said no &I would be LUCKY if she was ready around 5pm, yelled ""Look! It takes time to do cats!? When I told her I was just going to get my cat-she said, ?FINE!? &slammed the phone down. When we arrived an older lady came out. My cat was shaking so bad her carrier was rocking back & forth-hair was everywhere-she was cowering in a corner wide-eyed and terrified. The lady said she was the owner & the one I had spoken to. I told her I was disappointed w/ the customer service & condition of my cat. She started screaming/yelling at me-in front of my children-that there were 30 other pets that her staff actually WANTED to work on. She said I owed her $32 & if I didn?t pay she was going have me arrested. This upset my children so I calmly sent them outside to get my purse, & asked her why she was so upset?she said I was rude & condescending, that she wouldn?t debate it w/ me. When my kids came back in with my purse, she said, ?They don?t listen very well do they? Why'd they come back in?? I couldn?t believe she insulted my children! I told her I was going to file a complaint with the BBB-she replied, ?Fine! Are you going to pay me or not!?? I politely handed her my card & my military ID-she rolled her eyes, sneered, & said ?Like that f*@king matters!? She yanked my card out of my hand, started pounding/stomping around-swiped my card, tossed it back, flung a pen across the counter at me. At that point, I just signed the slip. I asked for an itemized receipt? she refused. I asked for their card?she said they didn?t have any but threw one of their business magnets at me. Once we got the cat in the truck we noticed the smell of cigarette smoke. I got her home-she ran for her food, water and litter box. As she limped up stairs I noticed red on the carpet- bl00d from where they clipped her claws too short. They cut the knots out of her fur rather than brush so now she's splotchy. She still smells-I have bathed her 3xs now-had to toss out the carrier too. Needless to say, I will NEVER go back. If you love your pet, DO NOT take them there. Pros: NOTHING good at all!! Cons: EVERYTHING - The OWNER is the worst!!!! more

horrible 11/24/2008

i have to agree with the other comments left here on this wesite... Pros: - Cons: i can do better grooming at home !! screw this place more

AVOID !! BAD PLACE 11/24/2008

Hi Pros: no pros Cons: staff-- smoke - no water for your pet- no fair appointment stting- bad bad bad more


PLEASE DONT GO HERE !!! Pros: nothing !! Cons: everything !! more
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