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Lawry's the Prime Rib - 77 Reviews - 100 N La Cienega Blvd, Pasadena, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 652-2827

Lawry's the Prime Rib

100 N La Cienega Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(310) 652-2827
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Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA
Lawry's the Prime Rib - Pasadena, CA


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I love dining here. The service and food are both excellent. I would recommend making reservations and arrive a little early so you can get seated at the time you requested. It...


I went to Lawry's with my boyfriend for our anniversary for the first time. When we stepped into Lawry's the decor seemed lovely- lots of chandeliers, more sophisticated, with to...

Great Prime Rib 7/22/2009

cj914 Provided by Partner
This was the first time that I have been to the famous restaurant. I'm from the midwest and this was a nice treat with very good meat. The carver understood the cut of meat that I was looking for and accomodated me very well. Loved the spinning salad, I think that what's it called, and the horseradish sauce. It was very creamy and not too much spicy as horseradish can get. Pros: spinning salad, prime rib, service Cons: waiting for a table with reservation more

Solid simple food. 5/1/2009

9524tee Provided by Partner
Great food, down to the salad dressing. Excellent Wine list and some rare dessert wines. Great desserts as well. Very pricey though. It could have been 10-20% cheaper for the quality. Oh well, it was good. Nice wood decor and the waitresses are in very old attire which has a nostalgic feel to it and makes you feel at home. Very cool place. Pros: Prime Rib Cons: Expensive more

Decent, but Over Priced 2/6/2009

fluteplyr011 Provided by Partner
First of all, I have to say that I was looking forward to going to Lawry's. Secondly, the long drive down in traffic AND in pouring rain didn't exactly help. I can't believe we still had to wait 20 minutes to be seated, even though we had reservations! The furniture and setting is definitely from way back in the day, with the servers dressed as old war nurses complete with hat. There was an appetizer buffet hidden in the seating area, which I didn't see until we were being seated, which I heard had some mediocre meatballs. The spinning salad was fun to watch, but they definitely put too much dressing, I love dressing, but even that was too much for me. The iced tea they had was flavorless, the meat was pretty good, but they only serve prime rib. Some of the meat was dry and small, the creamed corn was pretty good, kind of tasted like the corncake from El Torito. There was a lot of Happy Birthdays going around, but doesn't everyone want free dessert? I've always wanted to try the English Trifle since that one episode of Friends ("It tastes like feet!"), it was too sweet and too tart. Overall, I would probably go again, but only if it were for a fraction of the cost. Also, beware, valet is $6, though I have heard that for special occasions like Valentine's day, it could go up to about $20. Pros: Decent food, interesting service Cons: Pricey more

Overly presented, but under performed 9/19/2008

MCfromPhilly Provided by Partner
I went to Lawry's with my boyfriend for our anniversary for the first time. When we stepped into Lawry's the decor seemed lovely- lots of chandeliers, more sophisticated, with tons of presentation at the entry. Our server introduced herself as "Ms. Something-or-other" (I'm choosing to omit her name), which struck us as a bit odd, but it was clearly Lawry's policy. Our server was a distracting and odd combination of cold and hospitable- everything she conversed with us was evidently recited from memory and "perfect"- almost like she had been trained to say certain things, and the experience was uncomfortably robotic. Everything was overly-presented- from height pouring on salad dressing on a spinning salad (makes no effect on the taste) to the formality the servers are clearly told to act with. On top of all this, on the Monday night we went, we literally heard "Happy Birthday" being sung every 3-4 minutes, I almost felt like they just do it at every table for desert! =) When our actual meals arrived, the meat was carved in front of us on a large rolling cart, and after an average salad, we assumed that the main course was going to make us forgive the salad- afterall, this is a steak house. With the level of presentation you really feel like it MUST be good, whether or not your mouth thinks so- but the steak was among the more average of steaks we had both had. It didn't register as bad, it didn't register as amazing- just an alright steak. Dissapointing considering the reputation- if I had had this steak at IHOP, I would have just thought "wow, IHOP has pretty good steak for 8.99". We decided to order strawberries and chocolate for dessert, and most of the strawberries were overly ripe (verrrry mushy- eew) I really wanted to like Lawry's- but it just glowed with being overly self-special with all the "this is how we do things", and our service would have been perfect if she was not afraid to loosen up and "be there" rather than phoning in personal warmth. more

Pretty good, not great 9/4/2008

MaryCC Provided by Partner
My husband and I pass by this place all the time. So many restaurants in that area to choose from. We finally tried Lawry's. Nice place with a friendly staff. We felt so young. Most folks who dine here are 50+. We were sat at a nice booth, and our server took good care of us. Most of their service staff are also older then the usual young attitudes that serve in the area. We think that's a good thing. The only complaint I have is the cooking temp on my husband's prime rib. He likes it rare. A carver comes to the table, and cuts right in front of you. His cut was not rare. Instead of complaining, he ate most of it. Nothing special about this place that has been around for something like 70 years. Their $99 dinner for two seemd like a good idea when you compare the regular menu prices to what you get for that fixed price. Pros: Service, valet Cons: cooking temps more

BEST PRIME RIB! 7/6/2008

OnTheGo101 Provided by Partner
I love dining here. The service and food are both excellent. I would recommend making reservations and arrive a little early so you can get seated at the time you requested. It is definitely worth the wait though. The cream corn is my absolute favorite. Don't fill up on the bread! You'll want an empty stomach so you can enjoy the juicy prime rib. more

Good food! 5/21/2008

foodie114 Provided by Partner
This is definitely a place to go for a special occasion. The decor and furniture is very upper class and fancy. I liked the way they cut the prime rib for you at the table. Expensive, but it's worth a try. more

definitely only go for prime rib 3/21/2008

dthstar Provided by Partner
it's always good here. but we recommend only going to get their prime rib- afterall, that's what they're know for. the sides you order that come along w/ the prime rib dinner are all very good as well. do order the bread pudding too! the service is always so pleasant- the cutely dressed older waitresses really make your meal just a little bit better.. they've been serving prime rib probably longer than i've been alive. have dessert & coffee too when you're done. the decor feels like you're dining in a ball room. you see tons of tourists dining w/ you too! Pros: all round great dining experience Cons: tourists, tourists, tourists! more

Cream corn, yorkshire pudding and their seasoning meat 2/19/2008

deathtaster21 Provided by Partner
Love this place for their traditional services and great food. I have been there fore years, great for occasions because its too busy and its fairly crowded. However, the last time I went, the host is very rude. She kept nagging at us about when will our party arrive so we can start ordering. My parents came only 15 minutes late and she gave one whole hell of the attitude, which really made my mother angry at the scene. I wished I remembered her name and report her. Eversince that kind of service, I never went back, and I wished they do something about that. Ok about the place, they literally crowd the whole entire place up, I even had to pull the table over to be seated in the booths...which I'm not too happy when it comes to fine dining place like this. Their Lawry salad is a spectacle, its just fresh ingredients and special sauce with the waitress tossing it with the sauce poured straight up 4 feet from the air spinning the bowl...hahah. I guess the oxygen gives it the special flavor. Took about 30 minutes until the food arrive in a heavy duty metal cart with the Chef. Cream corn and yorkshire pudding and prime rib, is a must, very flavorful. Don't eat the lobster, I felt it was overcooked and bland the whole entire time, and it's not worth it when you have to rip a hard shrimp on my own. Food is great on the meat and corn, but they need to re-evaluate their service with the host. I know they are busy and some get bitchy, but THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE to throw it at people. Pros: Valet is easy, grand entrance like a hotel, good food, good wine, old fashion style. Cream corn! Cons: Overcooked lobster, bad management on the tables/crowd, and unforgettable moment with a bitchy host more

Pretty good but nothing great 2/13/2008

sdticks Provided by Partner
I've been eating here since I was a little kid. The prime rib is pretty good, nothing extraordinary. Pros: Prime rib and baked potato are pretty good Cons: Not much. more

Definitely an icon of LA and there is decent ribs 1/30/2008

finedine2008 Provided by Partner
Lawry's is great for special occasions dining and their prime rib is not bad, although once I went to Lawry's and had a piece that is very very dry... but most of the times, their prime ribs are great, and well that's what they are famous for anyway. Just on the other note, the cream corn side is definitely a must try if you like creamy food. Some may find it too heavy but a couple spoonfuls won't hurt ! more

A true L.A. icon that never disappoints 1/16/2008

jeffusc1 Provided by Partner
Lawry's is a true Los Angeles Icon and remains one of the best places around for prime rib. The food is consistently good and the decor is timeless. Going to Lawry's is always like a little trip back in time. Lawry's prices have crept up quite a bit in the last few years while portions seem to have gotten smaller (never a great combination.) The Lawry's ("house") cut of prime rib is now over $30.00. This cut is supposed to be 12-14 oz. but always seems to come out on the smaller side. They are also less generous with the sides than they used to be. However, by Beverly Hills standards Lawry's still remains a reasonably good value and is always a solid choice for a good meal. Pros: Dependable, high quality food, good service Cons: Value has erroded over the years more

Delicious Prime Rib 1/5/2008

joanovarq Provided by Partner
Lawry's is the perfect place to go for a fancy, special-occasion dinner. The female waitresses wear these little brown outfits that look like french maid costumes and wear name tags that say "Mrs. ___." The thing that stands out at Lawry's is of course the tender, juicy prime rib with gravy and au jus. The creamed spinach is also exceptional. They start your meal with a "spinning bowl" salad that contains beets, hard-boiled egg and a thousand-island style dressing; the salad is nothing to write home about, just something to do until the prime rib cart arrives! Lawry's is too pricey for every day, and the prime rib does not reheat well, but it's truly perfect for rare special occasions. Pros: delicious food Cons: long wait, lack of parking, expensive more

Good food, good service 11/4/2007

thejadedcarnation Provided by Partner
The food was really good as well as the service. The way they make the salad is light-humored at the table - something to lightly wow you and make you smile. I like the setting of the restaurant - it reminded me of a ginormous living room - it felt homely to me. I came here with my brother as a congratulatory dinner since we both gotten into schools. Thier cream of corn is very yummie! I would love to go there just to eat thier cream of corn! Great place to go on any occasion. more

Think about it first 10/2/2007

felixtam Provided by Partner
The prime rib is not tenor, even i order for pink. The meat is not hot when it serve. I don't know why but the trolly presentation make me think about Home Town Buffet. The side dish is taste much better than the meat. It is worth to paid extra. I strongly recommond to order the creamy corns and creamy spinish. Pros: side dish, banana cream pie Cons: seating, parking more

The prime rib here is delicious!! The salad, creamed corn... 7/20/2007

RinaLee Provided by Partner
The prime rib here is delicious!! The salad, creamed corn, mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding compliment the prime rib perfectly. The creamed co... more

Lawry's IS 5 stars!!! 7/11/2007

poochamina Provided by Partner
Lawry's is what a 5 star restaurant is all about, without the attitude. the prime rib is tender & tasty. the Cream corn is unbeliveable. Service is top notch. The rewards program they have is fun!! I've been going more often now. Pros: dining there is truley a great nite out Cons: valet only more

the best!! 7/8/2007

charmgrl Provided by Partner
It's always a real treat to dine at lawrys. never had a problem. service is top notch. love it. Prime rib to die for, cream corn that will knock your socks off!!! And I get to take home extra bones for my mutts!! the best experience in LA!!! Pros: the best Cons: fattening!!! more

Bad place to go if you want to spend more than 20 minutes for a meal 5/18/2007

sbianchi Provided by Partner
Let's see our night started off with the hostess not wanting to seat us since two of our party were in the bathroom. Now I accept the policy but was speechless that instead of her saying "I can wait so your party doesn't have to find you" or simply "I am sorry but it is our policy," she responds to us with "I think I will wait and see if they are in there" meaning I think you are a liar. It was a business event with eight diners and I swallowed my pride and said not a word. We were seated and the waitress was at our table before the hostess left asking if we were all having prime rib, which everyone responded yes. Our menus were immediately removed, in fact not even one person had a chance to look in them, and another server had already started our salad. I was thinking wow that was fast but the speed of pushing us out the door did not end there. At the same time our salad was being cleared our carver was at our table cutting our beef. Just to break it down we where seated at 7:20, salad served not even five minutes later then cleared and prime rib served at 7:35 and not even had all of our party finished eating that our entree plates were cleared at 7:45. About five minutes later the rest of the party finished eating the bill was presented and the table stripped. After paying we never again had a server come to check on us. With most places I would say that with this kind of service we would not have to worry about them being around for long but the way the lobby looked on the way out I could tell that is not the case. Don't get duped into going here, plus honestly the prime rib at Houston's is way better. Pros: A few good dishes, prime rib not bad, awesome banana coconut cream pie Cons: They want to turn your table so fast they pratically kick you to the curb more

Melts in your mouth 4/4/2007

salongoer Provided by Partner
The prime rib is so tasty and tender that it melts in your mouth. I went a couple years ago only once and I still think about it often. You can select your cut and how you want it cooked. The atmosphere it traditional and the prices are high,. but it is worth it to treat yourself every once in a while. Go to the theater and then take yourself out to Lawry's... more
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