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Lawrence Christian School

5450 Boy Scout Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46226
(317) 545-5595
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I went to Lawrence Christian and it was an amazing school. I left when I was in 3rd grade because I didn't like the lunches though, which was stupid...


I saw how some of those kids were treated when I was there before. I actually watched as Mrs. Marshall grabbed a little girl by the arm and walked so quickly up to her office that...

Is this school even in operation anymore??? 2/15/2017

I noticed on the building they have removed the lettering and it is called The Hope Resource. Has Lawrence Christian School moved? more

Avoid...much better options out there. 8/4/2015

This school is overly concerned about money. Ms Marshall and none of the teachers are trained at identify ADHD. Our son was continually put in timeout at three years old. They accused us of not properly disciplining our son. Ms Hargus told me that all the needed was "Some good hard corporal punishment" to take care of him. We stopped this year long experiment after that. His new school identified his issue and he is a wonderful student. Avoid this school like the plague. I have also heard and seen the playground monitor turn parents and students away for not paying. This lady made no attempt to keep her voice down. She seemed intent on humiliating whatever parent it was who had a late payment. more

My review 7/26/2014

I went to Lawrence Christian and it was an amazing school. I left when I was in 3rd grade because I didn't like the lunches though, which was stupid... more

I went there. 1/6/2011

I went to LCS for Pre-K3 - Kindergarten & I can't really complain about the curriculum, however, the way they treat kids can be a little upsetting. I got the chicken pox when I was 4, and instead of having me wait in the office for my father to come pick me up, they sent me back to the gym, where I proceeded to lay on the floor and try to avoid the other kids. I'm 21 and it still bothers me. more

Great School Hands Down! 1/6/2011

My child had learned so much at this school. I like that the class sizes are small for more of a one on one learning experience. I would suggest that you visit the school before listening to the negative reviews of others. more

Don't Send Them There 9/17/2010

I saw how some of those kids were treated when I was there before. I actually watched as Mrs. Marshall grabbed a little girl by the arm and walked so quickly up to her office that she basically dragged the little girl through the wood chips on the playground. She and her daughter should not be near children. I had many problems with the staff at that school. more

Do Not Recommend 6/21/2010

My child was in this "school" for about a month. I cannot count how many time I had to pick him up earlier. The final time I received a call to pick him up late morning, I told them I was done and going to find another place for my child. I was told if I did do something with my child (specifically spank him), he would be a criminal before he turned 18. Nice christian teachning. NOTE: The new place he went, he had no problems and was VERY happy there. more

My son 6/1/2010

My son went to Pre-K 3 and just finished Pre-K 4 at LCS. Next year we have decided to send him to LCS rather then Noblesville Schools. In Pre-K 3 he learned all the shapes, numbers and letters. How to write his name as well. In Pre-K 4 he learned to write in cursive, phonics and to read. They also took field trips to the zoo, bounce zone, apple orchard/pumpkin patch and to the local park. On top of the educational pieces this is a Christian School and we love that my son talks to us about Jesus. The school does stress Christian morals! There is also a Christmas program every year and its unreal how well these 3-4 years olds sing. To answer the issue I read on here about payments. Payments are due Monday morning. LCS gives you until Wednesday to pay them. If on Thursday you drop off your kid and haven't paid the children simply goto a room and have to wait for their parents to return to pay. 3 days to pay is a long time, we missed this once and I felt horrible as a parent as it was my fault. Also, LCS is non-profit so they rely on the money each week to pay the teachers salaries as they don't keep a huge balance in the bank. Also, its very inexpensive to send your son/daughter to a private school. The education is awesome. Lunch is always provided and they can have breakfast for a small fee. The school is also open from 6am - 6pm for working parents. Its great flexibility. For all those considering sending your children to LCS please realize 3 things. 1) Its a Christian school that will expose your kids to the basics of Christianity. 2) The teachers will grow your children by leaps in bounds over other pre-k organizations with the ABEKA program. Its an advance program to educate children. 3) Your children will be respectful young children that you will really be proud of as they teach not babysit! more

Wow you guys are crazy! 1/25/2010

FYI- I was online looking for a school to send my daughter and just the bickering non sense going back and forth between the post makes the school and parents look bad. I pray for all that are involved. more

A wonderful school 7/30/2009

Our children attended LCS we could not have been happier. The academic program is wonderful. Parent more

In response 6/17/2009

My son attended this school and for the most part, the education was excellent. I do have an issue with the school teaching my preschooler about abortion. My son has not even received the public school sex-ed yet and he was already being taught that babies can be killed before they are born. He has no clue how babies even get in the mommy's tummy. I taught preschoolers at the church I attended and they never once had in their lesson plans to teach them about abortion. But, overall he was ahead in the other departments, this one, too, considering other children his age don't have a clue what abortion is. On the issue of paying the bills. I completely understand hassling a parent when they haven't paid. We, as parents don't need to hear that another parent hasn't paid their bill though. That is none of our business. The teachers could be made aware, but as for the hassling, leave that up to the admin. For crying out loud people, they already have to pay the late fee, they don't need the teacher embarrassing them, as well. I was there when one teacher harassed a parent, and I thought it was quite crude of them to do so. Believe me, if it were me, I would be furious, too. I thought it was very unprofessional and unethical. As for the person who responded to Joe S., you are on here to review the school, not blast someone for writing their review of the school. You have no clue what the situation was, and you aren't really entitled to judge him. Just shows that you are one of "those" Christians. It is people like you, that turn people away from our religion. He made a review about a school, don't harass him for it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I think you were rude! The school in general was great, my son had a great time, but we have moved away and have found a better school for him to attend. Yes, there is a better school. more

this is the best there is 6/17/2009

THIS SCHOOL IS AWESOME. I have had three children attend this school and they all THREE came out ahead in life. They are well structured, educated in not only the basics but beyond. I am shocked that parents would give a bad review based on them getting harrased for not paying THEIR bill. These are your children and your responsiblity, pay your bill on time and when its due!!!! As far as the political comments yes Lawrence Christian does due a little political events however if you dont want to participate or have your child participate dont, its that simple. We have never been harrased about not participating in something we did not wish to. Whats your next complaint-they still say Merry Christmas. Why lie to children about whats truely going on in life they know more than you think. This is truly a blessed place and staff for your children. It is definatly the best priced around for the education and life lessons that your child receives. more

Have some issues with Lawrence Christian 4/24/2009

Our little boy has spent this past year at LCS, and was having a great time. He liked his teacher, made friends, and socialized well. I have a few issues with the school as a whole, though. First, I have a big problem with teachers hassling parents to pay. I have been confronted and have seen other parents confronted as they dropped off their kids, by teachers, for their payments when they're one day late (and this is regular practice that I'll expand on in a moment). It's embarassing and rude, and terribly unethical. Teachers should teach, not administrate. What if a teacher decided certain kids should be treated differently if their parents are late paying, or delinquent in payments? Next: my 4-year-old son brought home an envelope addressed to the president discussing children who die in abortions. I found this extraordinarily inappropriate for my preschooler, who should be learning about walruses and ABCs, not politics, and certainly not sex education or killing babies. It's not an issue he's ready for, and I was not consulted before they enacted this project. Finally, last week I informed the school that we'd be withdrawing our son for financial reasons (despite our issues we were going to let him finish the year). I was told we had to give two weeks notice, and that I should continue to bring my son for those two weeks. I informed them that I'm fine with that, but that I do not have the money immediately, and it will be a few weeks before I can pay. Mrs. Marshall said okay, but the money will remain on my statement until I paid, but never said "don't bring your child." The following Thursday when they didn't receive payment, I dropped off my son and went to work. I received a call soon after saying I had to pay or come pick up your kid. I explained the situation and got another call about 45 minutes later saying Mrs. Marshall said you have to pick him up if you can't pay. I feel like that the school cares more about money than education, advanced political views at my son's expense. more

This school is WONDERFUL! 12/1/2006

My daughter has been attending this school for nearly two years and we have found the administration and teachers to be gracious and professional, while committed to their profession. At age four, she is learning cursive, bible verses, reading, and interaction with a wonderful and diverse group of children. We feel blessed for having found this wonderful program. more

Beware 9/8/2006

My son had attend this school and it seem good and he was ahead. His learning was impressive but the problem came when the principal tried to justified to many things instead of listening to a parent. To many problems and they think because they have so many different generations attending there school is they can do what ever stuff. Kids get mis treated and they don't like when the parents are coming in and watch in there children.I What kind of school is that. This school is the worst school and there is so much better than this. The claim they are the best but what school wouldn't when trying to get in your pockers claiming they can give your child the best education. This school is terrible and it needs to be ran and constructed by someone with the people and abilities that a person should have running a school. My child no longer attends. more
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