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Late Night Pie - 51 Reviews - 302 Tuam, Houston, TX - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (713) 529-5522

Late Night Pie

302 Tuam
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 529-5522
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I love this place. The pizza is some of the best in Houston and very laid back. Cons: open at 5pm


When you go for late night dining, expectations or pretty low, you want your food hot,and fast. If it tastes great and is served by a friendly wait staff all the better! Well the ...

Cash ONLY Establishment. Does not accept MC/Visa/AMEX/Disc! 11/30/2011

I didn't even get a chance to go inside. There's a big sign on the front door that reads it only accepts cash. Isn't this 2011? almost 2012? what legitimate business doesn't accept credit/debit cards? ODD. more

This place has gone down hill 9/27/2011

I've been a LNP regular for some time, but it's going downhill. Their pizza quality has been inconsistent. They're always out of good beer - never seem to have what's listed on their menu. Last night they were out of ranch and Dr. Pepper. I had to get my soda cup and fill it up myself, and I had to go hunt down cheese and pepper. After I ordered a slice of pepperoni, it was taking forever. The bartender wasn't noticing, so I had to ask him. Turns out the pizza got burnt, so they had to put in a new one - which took more time. They did give me an extra free slice. Nobody there seemed to be paying attention. I'm gonna go somewhere else. more

just change your hours if you don't want to stay open late! 9/16/2011

Okay, so pizza is alright, at best ... we all know that. The whole positive thing is they are open late. (hence the name) If you don't want to stay open late, stop picking up the phone and hanging up at 2:30 am, or change the name to ""Open Kinda Late"" and just adjust your hours! Seriously, I started trying to call at 2:30 am on a Friday night. It was a series of hang ups and busy signals. What a bunch of idiots. more

Horrible service and long wait times 7/7/2011

I am never going to late night pies. On my last visit, I they had no ice! I asked if the drinks would be free then, and the waitress said no. Really how are you going to charge for a drink with no ice. Then after an hour ( really an hour, not exaggerating) , I asked where was my pizza. The waitress told me that ""it takes a long time"". That really didn't answer my question. So I got up and left. more

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me . . . 1/14/2011

I wish they had a 1/2 star, it's too generous to give them a 1-star. We have frequented Late Night Pie several times in the last year, and had a great time:ok-good service, great food, all was well. more

Does Late Night Equate to Lazy Service? 5/24/2010

When you go for late night dining, expectations or pretty low, you want your food hot,and fast. If it tastes great and is served by a friendly wait staff all the better! Well the staff seemed confused that a table of eight wanted to be sat together, after much mulling around we finally put some tables together and ordered. The normal stuff, no special orders, just pizza and salads, We did not expect all the pizzas to come out at the same time, but after 20 minutes the first pizza came out charred, The server put it down and asked if we still wanted it? HuH it looked like a giant hockey thanks. After that service went to hell! To make matters worse one couple did not get their pizza until after we had eaten all of ours.(the server said that's because they didn't accept the hockey puck )Thats when the snippy manager came over and offered them half price, take it or leave it. They declined the generous offer, she yanked the pizza off the table, and flounced away in a huff! Considering that this was the couple who had recommended the place it was pretty embarrassing to them. It was clear our patronage was not needed and we will happily oblige them. If you are in need of a little late night snack, go to the many places that actually want your patronage, Pros: Those of us who got their pizza, thought it was great! Cons: Time was not of the essence! more

Late Nite Pie was awesome!!.... 6 months ago. What happened? 5/5/2010

For the past few years my boyfriend and I have been ordering the same thing from LNP about every week. The drivers always got our pizza to the house really quickly * probably because we tipped at least 50 percent* and the large peperoni, sausage, mushroom, and goat cheese pizza we ordered would melt in our mouths. About 6 months ago something changed about the service and quality of food we were getting but last night was the cherry on top. The first pizza we ordered last night took over an hour to get to us and the barred out girl who brought it up to the door did not keep it in a heating bag so it was cold. I tipped her and brought the pizza upstairs to find that after we waited so long the damn thing was cold AND burnt. So I called back to let them know and the guy was really cool about it and sent us another one. We had ordered the first pizza at around 10 or 10 30. We did not get something edible until 1 15 the next morning. What really ticked me off was that there were not any managers there last night. How can you keep a profitable business running or make sure your business is doing well if there is no one there watching the place. So, here is a message for Late Nite Pie owners, You are now out at least 80 bucks a months. We will be taking our business elsewhere as I am positive other people will be doing. Maybe you should get off your lazy asses and hire people who arent driving around on hard drugs. Pros: Used to have super quick delivery and mouth watering pizza Cons: All of their drivers are on drugs and the pizza is burnt. more

Great pizza 5/4/2010

I love this place. The pizza is some of the best in Houston and very laid back. Cons: open at 5pm more

One of Houston's Worst Pizza so far.... 4/12/2010

We are new to the Houston area; we moved from the Cleveland Oh area a few months ago. We decided to order Late Nite pie one night after we had had a few drinks with some friends. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza for delivery. The person on the phone said that it would take approx. 45 min. which it did. Pros: Fast Service Cons: Bad unedible food-doesn't even deserve a star more

Best Late Night Pizza & Bar! 3/23/2010

This is the ONLY Late Night Bar and Pizza place that has a nice patio for smokers that I know of. I like the bar atmosphere within the restaurant, too. a couple of times theyve had live music playing, one night was rock another was hip hop. it was awesome. the food is excellent pretty much all the time except when it gets busy. from like two three its slammed and its hard to get your pizza quickly, but what do you expect at 2:30a.m.? if you go expecting everything to go your way you will get disappointed, but late nite pie has got to be one of the coolest places in town. the best part is theyre open till3! if you like delicious pizza and sandwiches, a cool crowd and staying up late, this is the place for you. did i mention the beer and full bar? thats always a plus Guiness Floats For The Win! Pros: Open Late-Savory Slices- tasty garlic butter! NOMs Cons: Greetings and Seating lacks- but you can always order@ bar more


Oh, man as my computer was booting up I knew I had to write a scathing review about late nite pie immediately. I have no clue how this place could possibly stay in any business whatsoever. Ive ordered from this place for delivery maybe 10 times (solely because this the only way I can get food past 3 am if I dont feel like driving to whataburger). Anyways, I can't hear the door from my room, so I always specifically tell the person I'm ordering on the phone with of this and that the delivery person needs to call me. Either this message isn't being passed on or the delivery people are too stoned/idiotic to remember the notice. This has happened about 3-4 times. It happened again tonight, well technically today, its 3:11 as of right now. I ordered the pizza just before 1 am. i call the restaurant to find out where my pizza is at just before 2. He makes up a cockameanie story about the delivery girl having to get gas. Well the pizza girl got here like 2:20 am. The pizza delivery girl just left the pizza at my door and didn't bother calling (I asked why and she said no one told her the message about the doorbell then I asked why didn't you call and she said her phone was dead - yet the guy working at late nite pie managed to call her? how is that possible?) - needless to say it was cold and inedible. When I spoke to the delivery girl who delivered it, I told her this was ridiculous and she just hung up on me. SUMMARY : DON'T ORDER DELIVERY FROM HERE THE PIZZA IS ALWAAAAAAAAYS COLD AND TAKES 2 HRS TO GET TO YOUR PLACE EVEN WHEN YOU LIVE 2 MIN AWAY. 0/5 Pros: they deliver till 3 in the morning Cons: worst customer service and food. more

Not just bad service... NO SERVICE WHATSOEVER 3/11/2010

Saw this place on Tuam many times and my partner and I decided we would stop and have a pizza. Visited on Sunday, Feb 28, 2010, around 6:30pm. Walked in and saw one table of people with a pizza. No other customers. Pros: Not one Cons: no service at all, waitstaff that completely ignore you more

Bad service. Underage drinkers. 2/9/2010

The worse service ever!!! It took forever for someone to even make eye contact with me while I was waiting at the bar to order food. The bartender was high as a kite. His name is Ace but should be Space. He didn't know what he was doing. The waitress (tall with long hair) was so out of it. She walked passed my table a few times holding my pizza but couldn't remember who ordered it. I even had a number on my table but that didn't help much. The workers are definitely on drugs. I even saw the workers drinking behind the bar. I saw them serve people who look like they were 12 years old and did not ID them. This was the third time I had been there and it will be my last!! Pros: Food Cons: Bar and waitstaff, wait time more

Late Night Pie still fills that hole in my heart 2/7/2010

I don't care what the haters say; when I'm in a funk, nothing can pull me out of it like this pizza dive. Yes, the service is spotty and the wait can be long, but only if you don't know how to work it. Just like the murky but colorful building that houses this 2 a.m. gem, the waitstaff here work with what they've got, which is often similar to what the patrons have got ? hangovers, neuroses, interesting stories, and more on their plates than they can handle. It helps to be sociable with them and to push them around when necessary. Skip the formalities; act like friends. If you elbow through the wacky painted doors expecting sycophantic respect for the customer or any kind of ceremony, you've come to the wrong place. This isn't even Katz's; this is a dive. You can expect top-notch people-watching here, a pool table and arcade (I've heard there's a playground but somehow I've missed it), a few choice leerers (or a shady corner from which to leer), a stellar classic rock soundtrack, and something interesting on the TV at all times. The atmosphere can be loud, but it's always chill and welcoming of anyone and everyone. You can also expect inventive thin-crust pizzas ? sardines, anyone? ? with fresh ingredients ? spinach is a mood-booster, you know ? and more garlic butter on the side than you'll ever need. Pair that with some good friends, a cheap pitcher of IPA or my personal favorite, a Guinness float, and a few well-placed yells at the waitress dawdling across the room, and you'll leave satisfied. And yes, there's pie here, too. Pros: pizza, beer, divey atmosphere if you like dives Cons: service, divey atmosphere if you don't like dives more

more like long wait pie. 2/1/2010

I have friends that swear by this place. After a show recently a bunch of us trickled in and took up different tables over a 30 minute period. My table of 4 was the last to show. We waited close to 15 minutes for someone to visit us. I am from Austin; I know how to wait and it's not a problem. I was going to go to the counter when our server appeared. It took another 10 minutes to receive our drinks. There were a bunch of servers and runners working and the place was busy but probably standard for a Saturday night. We weren't real hungry and I decide to just order a slice of pie and the table just wanted to munch on bread sticks. I am not kidding when I tell you that after 1:15 minutes we walked. I left money to cover our beer but after making ""hungry"" jestures to our server and her multiple apologies we couldn't wait. Aren't slices of pizza from a pie already made up? Breadsticks? I kept seeing tables getting served that arrived long after us. All of our friends were leaving full and satisfied and left. I can't see going back. Sad that I have to review food that I never even got to taste. I think I would have to be drunk or dragged to return for another chance at this place. Pros: It's open late Cons: HORRIBLE service, slow and lot's of TUDE more

Woo Hoo new bar outside! 10/10/2009

We eat here about once a month. They have cheap beer, and reasonable slices. I am most excited, however, about the full bar outside. There's also a playground, a pool table and an arcade, so as long as the weather is cool it's a really nice place to hang out. Now this is not gourmet pizza, but i like it better than any chain that's out there. Pros: sit at a bar and smoke Cons: $1 for ranch? more

Over Rated 7/11/2009

They don't pick up the phone when you call them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most ridiculous service ever....the owner of this place should be embarrassed. Stop hiring people from Montrose off the streets!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

OK Pizza - Really Bad Service and Attitude 4/11/2009

The first couple of times I went to late nite pie I really liked it - the cowboy hat guy was super nice and the pizza was good. The last couple of times though, there has been a girl there with serious attitude and the pizza was undercooked. The last time I was there the girl was profane and would not take my order. I waited patiently for over 30 minutes at the bar only to be yelled at when I asked, very politely, if I could place an order - she made eye contact with me would not acknowledge me for that whole 30 minutes. When I gave up 15 minutes later and my girlfriend told the girl she was very rude she screamed that she's busy and that you have to order at the bar. My response was ""what Have I been trying to do for the last 45 minutes."" I will not be back as long as she is there - cowboy hat guy - you're our only hope. Pros: The pizza is ok and the cowboy hat guy is super nice Cons: The chunky lady that ""works"" there has SERIOUS attitude more


Let's see....I'm at home at 3:55 AM, writing a review. Would you think that would be a good one? If I wanted to use the language we constantly heard from one of the staff, the answer to my question would be...""F**K NO""'s not a good review. It's also a shame that your first experience in the place was so poor. Cons: EVERYTHING ABOUT THE DIVE more
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  • In Short
    When winding down another raucous Houston night on the town and you must have pizza, this is the place: With its New York-style slices, whole pizzas, hot and cold sandwiches,...

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