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Last Place On Earth Pet Store - 32 Reviews - 1461 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (704) 864-3722
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Last Place On Earth Pet Store

1461 E Franklin Blvd (at

We are located in Akers Center between Jackson's and Toys R Us.

Gastonia, NC 28054
(704) 864-3722
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Last Place On Earth Pet Store - Gastonia, NC


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I have purchased 3 puppies from this store and I have no problems. Very clean store and good selection. All my puppies came from USDA licensed breeders.....they are not puppy mill...


I don't care how clean this place is or how good it is. The old an is rude just because I told him that I thought the guinea pig I bought from them was pregnant and I bought her a...


I have purchased 3 puppies from this store and I have no problems. Very clean store and good selection. All my puppies came from USDA licensed breeders.....they are not puppy mill dogs. A+++ more

Adopt, Don't shop! 2/24/2013

Two words, puppy mill. They have been in business for 15 yrs with the same breeder out of Kansas that keeps them in stock. Midwest is nothing but puppymills. more

So stupid 2/11/2011

I don't care how clean this place is or how good it is. The old an is rude just because I told him that I thought the guinea pig I bought from them was pregnant and I bought her about two months ago he says "no she is not pregnant, they only stay pregnant for 28 days." They do not know anything about animals, they are stupid and I know more than they do. My guinea pig was pregnant and even though her and the babies are all healthy my mom and babies could have died cause guinea pig pregnancy and birth is really risky. And they have to get them from mills unless they don't know how to find put a guina pigs gender. A pet store should never sell pregnant animals, so if u are planning to buy a female guinea pig, do not go here, you might end up with more than you can handle. more

Rude Owner 1/12/2011

The store is cute and very clean. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. However, my main complaint is some of the staff (the older gentleman, I believe he is the owner) is extremely rude if you come in just to browse. My daughter and I love to go in and look at the puppies and birds. She never touches she just looks. I haven't bought a puppy from there yet because we have not decided as a family what kind we want. This man who works there knows this. Now, he is extremely rude when we walk in because he knows we weren't ready to buy. Now that we are ready to buy, we will not be going to the Last Place on Earth! They lost our business. They also lost my sister's business. She was looking to buy two yorkies. Which as most people know are not cheap. This store lost out on what would have been about a $3000 purchase from just one person. If you don't believe me. Walk into the store a few times and just browse... more

Very Disappointing! 11/5/2010

Well, first of all, I came here as an alternative to Pet Smart to buy some pet rats. When I first walked in, I thought, "This is a cute little shop, seems very nice". I was horribly mistaken. I went to the back of the shop to look at the rats, first of all, they had over 10 in a 10 gallon AQUARIUM. I have never had a pet rat before and knew from research that you should never keep a rat in an aquarium, the ammonia from their urine can cause shorter life span and respiratory infections. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I decided I would still buy a pet rat here, if anything, to give it a better home. Then, while standing there waiting for someone to come get one out for me, one of the employees walks up with another customer, reaches into the aquarium, HITS a smaller baby rat off of the water bottle, then grabs one of the rats in the corner by its TAIL, jerks is up from the bottom of the pile of rats, and the entire time the poor little rat is squeaking and squealing while being da more

Compassionate and Knowledgeable 5/18/2010

I have found everyone who works here to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We rescued two abandoned puppies which we were unable to continue caring for. LPOE supplied us with a contact at the Humane Society of Charlotte. We brought the puppies to HSoC and they were fostered, inoculated, neutered and re-homed within 6 weeks. LPOE had nothing to gain from this referral and were instrumental in the pups finding loving, forever homes. more

Glad my vet sent me there 4/30/2010

The store is clean, animals well cared for and the sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My vet recommended them when I was looking for a new puppy. Puppy was healthy, well socialized and they provided me with many tips for taking care of my baby. They were voted best pet store in Gaston County and I agree with the vote. more

Wonderful place on earth 4/16/2010

I have been bringing my dog Sam in to Last Place for years for grooming and they are fabulous with the the dogs. Sam loves to go there and he is not a dog to go much anywhere.\r I take my granddaughter in there and the manager always has a hug for her and takes time to speak with her and show her something neat. It's a great place for kids to look around.\r They get their animals ONLY from reputable people - no puppymill dogs EVER! They play with them and are very knowledgeable about everything.\r And it is the cleanest pet store I have ever been in. more

Great family-owned biz to help you and your pet live healthy 3/21/2010

I recently attended a workshop spearheaded by a holistic vet at LPOE. It was a great experience, and I met some other great customers in the process. The family that owns this shop takes a real vested interest in the health of the pets they sell and service. You can't go wrong - great knowledge base! Very clean store, too....esp. with all the animals. Pros: good natural foods more

Perfect place to find a family pet! 2/28/2010

I am appalled at all of the people who have something to say about the dogs in this store! If you think that the place is mistreating their animals then why would you tell people not to buy from them? Wouldn't you want these sweet little creatures to find a good home? They are an independantly owned store that has been in business a long time and the staff truly care for the animals. As far as the birds, there are some that permanently live in the store and have been there for a long time but there are others that are for sale. You can not fault them for having their own personal pets there so that they can enjoy them all the time and allow their customers to enjoy them at the same time. Please stop posting your animal rights mumbo jumbo here and allow those of us who do not care about registering our NON-pure breed but who are simply looking for a family pet to get the information that we are searching for! more

Last Place On Earth - BEST Place On Earth! 2/25/2010

I don't care what ANYONE says, this is one of THE best pet stores I have EVER been to. As someone who does exotic rescues, I went in there to see that many of their exotics are cared for very well and they even allow my suggestions and take them in stride. We recently went in there with a rescued ferret and they helped SO much. Thank you guys so much! You'll always have this gal's business. more


I purchased a dog from this pet shop and currently we are having a DNA done to determine if the dog is a pure breed or not. If you raise hundreds of dogs in cages you are a puppy milller govt.inspected or not!!!! Please google the breeders to find out more infomation on them especially if the puppy comes from anywhere in MO. Just like another person stated you can register a coon on APRI.Check it out on the registery papers it always says APRI or check out the OR AKC. Due to legally issues pending I can not go into details but please buy your puppies from a breeder where you can see the parents and how the puppies are raised and if they come from a puppy mill.NEVER BUY A PUPPY FROM ANY PET SHOP...VIST THE BREEDER SO YOU WILL HAVE A COMPLETE UNDERSTANING OF HOW TO PROPERLY CARE FOR YOUR PET. more

Last Place On Earth is a great pet store! 8/27/2009

I purchased a Quaker parrot three weeks ago at Last Place On Earth. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the store. The employees were super friendly and very informative of their birds. My parrot has been exceptionally friendly to everyone who's been around her. I know she has been well taken care of and loved. I would definitely buy another pet from their store. If you go into any place of business with a friendly attitude, you're surely to receive that same friendliness in return. more

Best Pet shop in the area ! 8/5/2009

Last place of earth is a wonderful store to start your pet family. Disregard what negative comments are left. I own a Feist dog, three parakeets (Purchased Two from LPOE), 3 Leopard Geckos, and a Quaker parrot ( purchased from LPOE) and I buy all my pets supplies from them. Cheaper than petsmart and they know what they are talking about when it comes to animals. The store seems small but its a lot of animals to choose from. They are not being cramped! Their are birds that have lived in the shop for years and are Healthier than a human their age! Some supplies may not LOOK perfect on the shelf but the animals are well taken care of as if they were there own pets at home. Basically im trying to say ""shop their! you will not be disapointed at all ! "" Pros: Care is perfect! Cons: Nothing bad to say about the shop! more

Last Place On Earth is not worth a visit poor animals 8/4/2009

I went to last place on earth to buy a macaw and the one that they had wasn't for sale not only that the birds that they were selling were over priced and not friendly aimed at bitting but also the staff wasn't very friendly except for one ADAM he was very helpful but i am looking for a bird for my family and not an attitude so if anyone knows of any great shops post it please more

Don't you know? 6/11/2009

Where have people been? Don't you know that ANY pet store IS buying from puppy mills? NO REPUTABLE BREEDER would EVER sell a puppy to a pet store, not know who it is going to or be able to keep up with it. Reputable breeders have references, a wealth of knowledge to share and health guarantees! Please People... buy from a breeder NOT a pet store puppy mill supporter!! This is only keeping these horrid puppy millers in business! When we went there the poor puppies didn't have water in their crates and had 2 to a small, tiny cage unless being displayed on the big crate on the floor... again with NO food or water! There was one puppy there that was just looking so sad. Didn't even want to greet us. It wouldn't even move. It's so pitiful to see that! Puppies aren't like that! STOP SUPPORTING the puppy millers! more

Could be tons better. 3/30/2009

Employees were unfriendly to me and my inquiries. While I like their selection of animals, I haven't purchased anything more than bedding from them. The conditions weren't deplorable, with the exception of the feeder mice. Numerous times I've seen dead babies in the cages, and the feeding system (feed used as bedding, or mixed in with bedding) is horrid. I purchased a mouse for a pet only once, and she died only a week later. They keep males with females, with too many per cage. Even feeders deserve a little better quality of life. They do not sell frozen but do offer pre-killed. I bought only one live pinkie from them, and I had to clean it before feeding it to my snake because it smelled of urine. Thankfully my snake did not get sick, but I was uneasy about the feed and never purchased a rodent from them again.Oh, and the other cages could be considered crowded. I'd recommend more space or less animals at once.They're not as bad as a commercial store like Petco or PetSmart, but they more

Happy 1/15/2009

Over the last 3 years I have bought two ferrets from this store. Both ferrets are still alive and wonderful. They are healthy and they took to each other very well. I admit the last store was cramped but the store they are in now is bigger and clean! I often go in to look at the new and cute animals. I also have 2 dogs. Last place on earth takes care of their animals. Disregard the negative reviews. I will continue to but from them and refer them to friends. more

What a great pet store! 9/19/2008

I bought an African Grey from Last Place on Earth and took it home yesterday. I was so impressed with the clean and loving environment. Every time that I visited Gypsy, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Jim taught me how to handle the bird and gave me some great tips to make her transition into our home easy. Gypsy is doing wonderfully and eating!! Thanks! Sara P. more

Last Place on Earth is also the Best! 6/28/2008

I just called the store to thank them for all of the wonderful and helpful information I received yesterday. They truly care for all of their animals. Every time I've been in I've been amazed at how clean everything is, especially the bird area. If you own a bird you know how quickly your sparkling cleaning job becomes a demolition site. \r I was given great help and already my 13 year old rescued cockatoo, Noah, is showing behavioral and nutritional improvement. Please ignore the negative reviews, different strokes...Prices are quite reasonable too!\r \r People!!! Stop bitching about "imperfect" puppies and go help one! They all need love!!! more
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  • Our animals and our customers are our top priority. Our goal is to provide Friendly, Knowledgeable Service.. Our puppies all come from USDA licensed & inspected breeders. We have dealt with our network of our breeders for many years. We are licensed & inspected by AKC,USDA & NCDA.Our breeders give us a one year health guarantee! Our purebred puppies are registered with AKC,APRI,UKC or ACA. We do not sell CKC puppies. We also provide Designer Dogs . We raise African Grays,Macaws,Cockatoos,Conures,Amazons,Quakers,Cockatiels and more. We do not sell un-weaned babies. Our birds come with a full 60-day health warranty. We also stock a variety of parakeets,lovebirds and finches. We carry a wide assortment of snakes,lizards,iguanas,amphibians and arachnids in our Reptile Room. We have a wide variety of tropical and goldfish. We are happy to special order fish for our customers. We have ferrets,bunnies,guinea pigs,hamsters,gerbils,chinchilla s and more. Our ferrets have a one-year health warranty provided by Marshall. We also are licensed to sell USDA regulated Exotic Pets incl uding Sugar Gliders,Hedgehogs,Prairie Dogs and Degus. We can special order any Exotic Pet that you want if we don t have the pet in stock. We stock Mice,rats,Crickets,mealworms,giants meal worms and super worms. We als stock feeder comets and roseys. We carry a variety of dog,puppy,bird,fish,and more! Dog grooming and more offered!

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    Sun 12pm-4pm, Mon-Sat 10am-7pm