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Last Drop Coffee House - 12 Reviews - 1300 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA - Diners Reviews - Phone (215) 893-9262

Last Drop Coffee House

1300 Pine St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 893-9262
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Last Drop Coffee House - Philadelphia, PA


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I've been going to the Last Drop for years now. I love the atmosphere, the coffee, and the snacks. It's a great place to have long discussions with friends; it's equally good fo...



YAWN YAWN YAWN 9/28/2008


Wow! I don't know what I'm talking about. 2/28/2008

WoW! This place was totally awesome and bad at the same time. I think I love it and hate it. Wow. Ok. Pros: I like the name Cons: But I don't REALLY like the name more

Nice place to hang 2/25/2008

I was a regular visitor for a long time, and then for a while I went away as a result of unfavorable conditions for a while. I returned to give the place a second chance and have become a regular again. Most all of the staff is friendly and accomodating, they make a decent cup of coffee, and it's a great place to hang and use the interent, especially when laying over in the city for a long time. It's nice because it is only about 2 blocks away from the subway, but it is 12 blocks from the main line of South Street and about 8 blocks away from Reading Terminal Market. They lack a substantial menu for food, so not a place to go for a real meal and distant from most pplaces where you can get a meal, but nice for coffee. Pros: Good coffee, nice place to hang Cons: Lacking a substantial food menu more

Awful Coffee, Dirty and Unkept 2/25/2008

My boyfriend told me to get coffee here, he said it was a really cool place with good coffee and tea. I don't drink coffee and got tea, the tea made me sick to my stomach and my friend said the coffee tasted burned. I thought about buying food, but it looked stale and was very expensive. I thought the place was very unkept and very dirty, there was grafiti all over the walls in the bathrooms and the painted walls in the basement. It didn't look like anyone has ever cleaned the place, and the seating is very limited. My friend and I could not find seating on the first floor and went down the flight of stairs to the lower floor seating, which would have been very nice and quiet and romantic were we not panhandled by the homeless man heating his food on the radiators and digging through his bag. When I went to use my lap top to connect to the internet, the homeless man asked us to move so he could clean, not wanting to be harassed further we moved,he picked up and moved piled of newpapers from one place to another and then said he was done. The free internet they have is nice but tempermental. A man in a cowboy hat with a lap top overheard our trouble and said the internet wasn't working and that it might not work for the rest of the day, he seemed just as frustrated at the lack of internet and suggested that internet failure occurs often. There was nothing offered at the Last Drop that would make me want to return, I would suggest the Starbucks a block further down any day before the Last Drop. Pros: Would probably be nice, quiet, and romantic Cons: Dirty and limited seating more

Good coffee, so-so atmosphere 1/30/2008

Once a favorite hang out of mine, the Last Drop is on the verge of losing a long term customer. Although the quality of the coffee has always been high and the coffee prices usually slightly below average, the customer service and the atmosphere of the cafe has been changing to the negative. With the exception of the usual morning staff, I have found that most of the staff for the rest of the day are non-responsive to courtesy and polite treatment. The selection of food is somewhat limited and higher than avergae in pricing. The facility has gone from seeing regular care and cleanly to being usually dirty and visibly in need of significant repair. The reason I initially began to hang out at this facility was a comfortable and private setting, the lower lounge having had arms chairs and romance. The lower lounge has been turned into a 'Starbucks'-like lounge and th first floor lounge is too cramped and dirty for my liking. The coffee continues ot be of high quality, but poor treatment by staff and a progressive chnage into a 'Starbucks'-like cafe makes me interested in finiding a new place to hang out. Pros: Great tasting coffee and usual selection of barista beverages and teas Cons: Rude 'better than you' service, uncleanly lounges more

Great Philadelphia Coffee Shop, Free Internet, Excellent Food 9/11/2007

I live closer to starbucks at Pine and Broad but walk the extra blocks to the last drop coffee house because the music, coffee and food are better. This coffee shop is in essence what a coffee shop should be, fantastic coffee, freshly made edibles, relaxed environment, sidewalk seating, free internet and more.\r \r My personal favorite food is the Turkey Wrap, at 4.95 they are not cheap but ... if I get in around 11am I can watch the guy make them fresh. If you prefer your food fresh as opposed to shipped in the last drop is a place for you.\r \r I drink a large amount of coffee and have been to many of Philadelphia's coffee shops, the coffee at the last drop is among the top of the list in terms of quality. Since I spend so much time at the last drop I appreciate the free wireless internet access. Though the internet is not always the fastest connection, it is the cheapest and works 99.5% of the time. I can send and receive email, watch streaming tv shows or browse the web. The terms of service say no file sharing apps like bit torrent but people do it anyway and the management / staff don't seem to mind.\r \r I have never before written a review but upon reading some of the previous postings I felt obliged to clarify some of the complaints. The staff are generally affable, there were some people with what I will call a ""bad attitude"" but I have not seen them for some months now and can only assume that management let them go (or they moved away). The ambiance is not ""trendy"" but rather local and perhaps a bit eccentric but friendly and warm. I feel comfortable meeting friends here, having a casual date or even bringing my mom.\r \r The summary is: Great place to hang out alone or with friends, to get some work done and last but not least have an excellent cup of coffee and maybe even a lunch. \r Pros: Great Coffee and Food, Good Service, Great Ambience, Convenient Hours, Plenty of seating indoor and sidewalk, free wireless internet Cons: No credit cards only ATM downstairs, slightly higher food prices than other coffee shops more

Great for Hanging with Friends or for Getting Work Done! 5/30/2007

I've been going to the Last Drop for years now. I love the atmosphere, the coffee, and the snacks. It's a great place to have long discussions with friends; it's equally good for sitting by myself and getting a bunch of my work done. I do have to say though that the employees at this place are the biggest jerks I've ever had to deal with. I always approach the counter with a friendly face and I never waste time debating on what to order; however, I have not had one experience at the Last Drop where the person behind the counter was actually friendly or even polite. Regardless of the crappy customer service, this place still rocks. Pros: Good, cheap coffee, Nice atmosphere, Convenient Location Cons: Grumpy staff more

A Favorite ""Indie"" Coffehouse 5/13/2007

I have actually worked at Starbucks for over a year now, and yet, even with my 30% discount off of any sbux product, I still go to The Last Drop over Starbucks, even though, there is a Starbucks a block closer to me than The Last Drop. Why? Here's why.\r 1. Their internet is faster than in my own apartment\r 2. No stupid T Mobile Hotspot fee's like at Starbucks, the internet there is free (while they prefer that you please buy something if you're going to use it, which is very fair)\r 3. The interesting, ecclectic array of tables and seating-that in itself is art\r 4. Their bathroom is like you are swimming in a mosaic painting, which, for those who drink coffee regularly, know that to have a cool bathroom is a nice bonus\r 5. They use a marzocco (manual) machine to pull their espresso shots as opposed to a verisimo (automatic-which is what all starbuck's have now switched to b/c they are more quick efficient)-I prefer this machine however, because the espresso shots come out tasting very smooth\r 6. Their array of homemade vegan and non-vegan treats, and toasted bagels and cream cheese\r 7. Their extensive HOURS!\r 8. The fact that not only is their staff nice, but they are nice to look at\r 9. Their support of artwork and music with their vast bullitan boards littered with flyers and walls with art by local artists\r 10. The people that come in there-if I don't see about 5 of my friends from my school, I usually end up making friends with whoever I'm sitting near-everyone is just very friendly and open\r 11. There are 2 levels, in my experience, upstairs is nice for homework, downstairs for groups of ppl.-but you decide\r 12. During the spring and summer, it's perfect b/c even being inside is like being outside\r 13. Great taste in music\r 14. sugar water for iced coffee and tea, and other more rare coffee accessories\r \r Cons:\r 1. only accepts cash\r 2. a bit mroe pricey than starbucks' full prices\r 3. very dim lighting\r 4. sometimes, the music is too loud to talk to others Pros: atmosphere, baristas, espresso, art, space, variety, scene, internet Cons: price, cash only, lighting more

mmmmmmm...artsy coffeeshop. 3/3/2007

i love this place sooo much. over the summer while i attended the University of the Arts (right around the corner) summer program, i came to last drop a lot. now ive grown to love it. while im in the city i always try to stop by. its waayyy better than starbucks (a block down). way i see it starbucks is horrible, they don't have books to browse in the basement or band fliers or awesome art. Last drop offers sooo much to such a diverse group of people. i will be there today. Pros: books, bands, basement, vegan and non vegan stuff. Cons: sometimes very crowded and not enough people working. more

Sassy Employees and Excellent cake 2/27/2007

I miss going to 90% of the coffee shops in Philadelphia and being able to have a vegan muffin or a piece of cake with my subpar coffee. HOWEVER. The beauty of The Last Drop is that there is vegan cake (try the oreo one, uber yummy) , and I can channel my inner fatty by inhaling said cake while drinking a delicious cup of coffee and and people watching. Epic say I. EPIC.\r \r Pros: Sassy Staff, freaking awesome cake Cons: sometimes, they are sold out of said cake more

I love this place 11/6/2006

OK... in response to the above comment... I happen to be an employee at this fine establishment. I have been informed of the true events of this incident... which are a bit different than mentioned above.\r \r So... here it is folks. This place is awesome. We DO offer free wireless to CUSTOMERS. It's a nice thing we do.... but if we do not have customers.. that is people who buy things... we can't have free wireless. We love our customers... and the regulars know us by name and we know them. \r \r So please come visit us. We'll make you frothy beverages. You can use the internet.... but like all luxury items, the free wireless must be handled with love, not abused. xoxoxo Pros: You might see some interesting people wandering around outside Cons: They might come inside more

was good, but recently jumped the shark--lost two regulars due to rude staff 8/22/2006

I was a regular last-dropper until recently. I don't drink coffee and their tea gives me severe stomach-aches, but I went there at least 3x per week to partake in the cake and the pleasant atmosphere while getting some work done on my laptop with the free wi-fi. Well, I thought it was free anyway. A guy who I've seen working there before kicked me and my girlfried out for not buying anything within the first 20 minutes of us walking through the door, despite the fact that the first words out of our mouths before we even sat down were ""hey, you want to split some carrot cake"" and we even had our cake-money pulled out and sitting on the table next to our laptops the whole time! And it was a slow day; there were all of about 5 other people in there at the time. But the coffee-dude's shrewd business-sense came to the rescue when he spotted my girlfriend bringing in an outside beverage--contraband! He will single-handedly save the business by forever getting rid of riff-raff like the two of us. How dare I come there 3x per week and spend money on cake! Jeez, coffee-dude, I thought the business model of the LD was come in, sit down, surf, chat, stay a few hours and buy several things along the way. And the more the merrier--people sitting in there with their laptops open are free window advertising to passers-by. \r \r I suggest if you plan on go there for more than a half hour without feeding the till-monster, sit outside or downstairs and outside the eyeshot of the rude staff. Pros: good cake, biscotti Cons: so-so coffee, bad tea, and rude too-cool-to-be-nice staff more
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