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Larry's Independent Volvo - 28 Reviews - 6301 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (206) 395-2988
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Larry's Independent Volvo

6301 Beacon Ave S (at South Graham Street)
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 395-2988
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I appreciate Larry's Volvo...they are patient with people and they answered all my questions without hesitation. The most important part of the buisness is the honest answer they ...


This business is a joke, even their own manager Janusz Burnatowski rated them 3* on Facebook LOL

0 star if I could 10/25/2018

This business is a joke, even their own manager Janusz Burnatowski rated them 3* on Facebook LOL more

2012 volvo s60 R 2/7/2018

Do yourself favor and read this please, before you get screwed by LV. I had coolant leak on my 2006 Volvo s60R and since I was Larry's Volvo customer for past years, I had them checked out and Larry's Volvo came back to me with $2500 +TAX bill for head gasket replacement. I thought that was excessive and i decided to give another shop a chance and they came back with $80 fix (coolant bottle cracked and new cap) Another Larry's Volvo estimate I had was for exhaust manifold leak, they told me $750 for gaskets replacement, I asked new mechanic to check that as well and he came back with $0?? yes you are reading correct. he said all bolts on manifold gasket where bit loose?? Since I got the car in 2012, I have been using Larry's Volvo for all my needs: oil, control arms, filters, etc car was solid and didn't need much, but in my opinion every time I went there for something day after I had some another issue going on so for a while i stopped going there for oil and car was running without any issues. When I called Larry's Volvo and ask them to get car ready since I decided to tow car to another mechanic they never disclosed any issues with it, they where very polite and tow truck showed up 1/2 hr later and they wouldn't release the car to tow nor they ever called me back . apparently I owe them $80 so I ended up paying twice for tow truck since they send tow away... such dishonest business if I could 0 starts review!! Also when I contact the owner he told me bolts get loose over time on a car??? are you serious? why you quoted me then $750 for exhaust manifold gasket replacement if car needed tighten the bolts?? Larry's Volvo = NEVER AGAIN! To answer your response about oil change: I STOPPED DOING OIL CHANGE AT YOUR PLACE SINCE I WAS SUSPICIOUS AND I REGULARLY DID OIL CHANGE MOBIL1 FULL SYNTHETIC AT OTHER SHOP. NO ONE IS ASKING YOU TO DO ANY WORK FOR FREE BUT I ALSO DON'T LIKE TO BE RIPPED OFF WHILE OTHER SHOPS WILL DO FOR HONES CHARGE. AND THAT WAS NOT ISSUE, ISSUE WAS YOU ARE UP-SELLING AND CHARGING FOR WORK THAT IS NOT NEEDED AT ALL. I NEVER REPLACED HEAD GASKET CAR WAS FIXED FOR $80 AND THAT WAS IT! WHAT IS NOT CLEAR HERE? AND IF BOLTS GET LOOSE WHY YOU QUOTED ME $750 FOR EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKETS REPLACEMENT?IF YOU PRAISE YOURSELF ON SUCH HONESTY WHY YOU DIDN'T SAY "YOU NEED BOLTS TIGHTEN" AND CHARGE IS 1 HRS OF YOUR TIME FOR EXAMPLE? AND ON ONE OF THE OIL CHANGES I GAVE YOU NEW MAGNETIC OIL PLUG TO INSTALL AND I WAITED THERE FOR JOB TO BE DONE, WHEN JOB WAS DONE YOU NEVER OFFERED MY OLD PLUG BACK I HAD TO ASK TO GET IT BACK AND I GOT SOME WEIRD LOOK FROM YOU AND YOUR PERSONNEL LIKE I'M DOING SOMETHING WRONG? HONEST BUSINESS LOL more

Very honest and affordable 12/29/2015

I appreciate Larry's Volvo...they are patient with people and they answered all my questions without hesitation. The most important part of the buisness is the honest answer they give. The employees are happy and they treat customers with respect. The owner displays a trustworthy character and he has a very serene attitude.I will refer anyone with a Volvo who wants honest hardworking service to Larry's Volvo. They are Awesome!!! more

I trust my volvo with Larry's team 6/9/2015

After moving to the Seattle area in December 2014, I was so glad to find Larry's Volvo so I could get my 240 DL serviced and keep it running well. The Larry's Volvo team does excellent work: they are fast and efficient, give you a run-down of all issues with their free whole-vehicle check, and are very nice and professional fellows to boot. The fact that Warren has been working on volvos for 27 years tells me that my '89 240 wagon is in good hands, and they have kept my car running smoothly. I am grateful for this professional, reasonably-priced and quality volvo service. Thank you! more

they all go a mile out there way to assist you 3/20/2015

very, very good customer service. I take my hat off to them more

Fives for everything. They are just that good! 11/27/2013

I'm a long-time customer of Larrys Volvo. What's best about them is that they will go to great lengths to get the best deal if something breaks on your car. They were able to find something that would have been $500 for only $100, for example. They always manage to do things like that! more

Pleasant staff. I feel confident in their work and servicing. 11/26/2013

I have been going to Larrys Volvo for a few years. The staff is perfectly accommodating to my schedule when I need to make an appointment. They always do a good job. Larry is very pleasant. I feel confident that my car is well taken care of when I leave it for servicing. I don't have to worry about anything. I have been very pleased with Larrys Volvo. I wouldn't even think of going any place else. more

He's the mechanic you always hope to find. You can trust them with your family car. 8/7/2012

I have known Warren as a vendor probably for 15-plus years. Larry's Volvo has worked on my Volvos, Rovers, Audis, Minis. He is the kind of mechanic you always hope to find. He will tell if you should wait until your next service before having something done, he will let you know if something is more immediate, and he will give you a heads up on when is a good time to sell. He's a super reliable mechanic. I have had major work done before, and once the problem was not what he thought, but he still didn't charge based on his professionalism. He took responsibility for the misdiagnosis and chose not to charge for the work. more

Larry fixed the problem and showed it to me! 7/11/2012

I went to Larry because the other place I went to for many years couldn't find the problem that was created. Larry fixed the problem and showed it to me. That totally switched my allegiance, and Volvo owners are a particular crew! Larry's Volvo also does safety checks at no extra charge. Kathy Naughton more

20+ years! 7/9/2012

I've been a customer of Larrys Volvo for about 20 years now, and I won't go anywhere else. A friend of mine first recommended I go to Larrys Volvo, he told me that Warren's an honest guy. And he is, so now I recommend him to my friends who drive Volvos. My experience with them has always been good. I go there for my tuneups and my oil changes every 3 months. I usually go before work, which is very convenient for me because while I'm there, I can work on their computer or watch the news on their TV. I like it because I can keep plugging along and don't have to stop work for the 1 or 2 hours I'm there. So my work never has to be interrupted. Warren and his team have always been cordial to me, given me ideas about cars and things needed for them. They also helped me out when I bought cars for my son. They checked them out and told me what I should expect from them, and if they were good cars or not. They have been very, very helpful to me over the years. more

Larry's Volvo Repair Service is 4/26/2012

Larry's Volvo Repair Service is excellent. Thank you for the extra service Warren. more

Amazed at the integrity and dlighted by the service. 3/27/2011

Many Thanks to Warren and the team at ?Larry?s Volvo? in Seattle! more

Not Recommended, competent but sneaky~ 3/9/2011

I went to Larry's Volvo only because they have a decent website with a video and bios of all their techs. more

Best repair service for your Volvo 9/6/2008

\r Larry's Volvo's owner Warren is the type of person you would trust your Volvo to. Always good advice, fair prices, and most importantly he is HONEST. If something does not work out, he will go out of his way to get it fixed. A few times he did not even charge us when the problem was not completely fixed. more

Should have stayed with larry's Volvo, won't try anywhere else again! 8/26/2008

I made a BIG mistake after reading a review by ""the shaft"" and tried the repair shop he recommended. Boy, was that a mistake! I had more problems getting the car fixed correctly after they worked on it. The guys at the other shop were nice enough but I just didn't get the ""vibe"" I got when going to Larry's Volvo. I tried to save a few dollars with the other shop but ended up back at Larry's to get my Volvo fixed right. Warren, the owner of Larry's wouldn't say one bad thing about the other shop telling me that ""everyone has a bad day sometimes"" Warren always took care of me when I had a problem with a repair and even when he pointed out and proved it was not even related to the repairs they did, ( I was so embarrassed ) he didn't charge me! WOW, can you believe that? It's true, Warren really wants to have a happy customer and told me he felt bad that I had to come back in before my next oil change. I know times are hard right now with gas and food prices so high and everyone wanting to save a buck or two, but don't try skimping on getting your car fixed. I learned the hard way and Warren if you read this, I promise, promise, promise I won't take my car anywhere else but to Larry's Volvo from now on!!!! Pros: FAIR PRICING, INTERNET ACCESS, ON #36 BUS LINE TO DOWNTOWN Cons: HAVE TO PARK DOWN THE STREET SOMETIMES more

I was wrong about Larry's... sort of. 4/24/2008

My original review read as follows: So, I took my XC V70 into Larry's about six months ago. They diagnosed that I had a problem with my drive shaft, likely the front universal joint. At that time they quoted me $450 to fix it. I didn't have the money at that time so I waited on making the repair. Two months ago I had them replace a CV boot, and they reminded me of the drive shaft issue. I asked the tall fellow there what he thought it would cost to fix it. He said ""even if the whole drive shaft needed to be replaced it would only be $800."" So, last week, having $800 for the repair, I took my car in to have the drive shaft replaced. They called me and said the drive shaft itself was $1,250! At least the labor was only quoted at $91. Not having $1,500 for the repair, and suspicious of the ever increasing estimate on the repair, I took back my car without work being done on it. I got home, called the DEALERSHIP to get a price quote on a new drive shaft, which was $1,063. WTF?! The dealership wanted $200 LESS than what Larry's quoted me! When does that happen, when the dealer is cheaper? So, I got online, and found a new drive shaft in about 15 min. that was $435! And it was shipped to me for FREE in two days. After receiving it, I called and left a message at Larry's asking if they'd be willing to install it for me still. I never got a call back. Funny, considering they had been prompt to call me back in the past. So, I drove over to Emerald City Repair on 4th. Michael at Emerald City was the nicest mechanic I've ever come across. Bonus: Michael used to work at a ""Volvo only"" shop for years and even owns one. His price for the install? $123. So, by NOT going through Larry's I saved myself about $900, and found myself a great new trustworthy mechanic at Emerald City. Another bonus: I always had to wait a week to get in over at Larry's- Emerald City? Same Day. Warren over at Larry's seems like a nice enough guy, but c'mon! I'm going to get a plasma TV with all the money I saved myself. Update: DO NOT TAKE YOUR VOLVO TO EMERALD CITY! THEY'RE CLUELESS! I'm going to give Larry's another shot since Emerald City repair f'ing awful job. Though what I said in my original review was true, Warren seems really polite and nice and close to my house and I obviously need a Volvo specialist. Pros: Parking, close to home, expert Volvo repairmen Cons: Price! Price! Price! Waiting a week or more just to get an appointment. more

A Little Out of the Way for Me, but Worth It 4/24/2007

Went to Larry's early last year for the first time. I was a little leery at first because I was bringing in a new 2006 S-40. I wanted a place that specialized in Volvo's, but wasn't an expensive dealership. I love finding hole-in-the-wall businesses that offer great service and Larry's seems to be one of those places. I've been there three times now, so I think I can acurately review them. \r \r After finding Larry's on Citysearch I tried them at my 15000 mile service. I waited in the small waiting area reading magazines. I would recommend bringing something to read, or a laptop/dvd player. For the active types Beacon Ave has a strip of park that you could run or walk. Don't know about the crime in the area, but it didn't seem too bad mid-week when everyone is at work or school. Larry's got it done pretty quickly for me and didn't seem to have any problems with my new car. When it came time to pay the bill I was like, ""Whoa, is that all?"" My wife drives a 2000 Mercedes that cost us more than double, maybe triple, that same week at a dealer. Needless to say my wife now goes to a hole-in-the-wall called Mercedes Garage in Bellevue that has been like Larry's for her.\r \r The second time I went to Larry's I had them put synthetic oil in. They said no problem, charged me a very reasonable price for the more expensive oil, and the total service price was again very reasonable. This time I came prepared with some books and my dog, and walked the park area while they did the service.\r \r The next time I went it took a little longer for my regular service because it was the special 30000 mile service. Expecting this I used the Metro bus website for planning and then took the bus across the street downtown to do some shopping and reading in a coffee shop. I took the bus back a few hours later. It dropped me off practically at the front door. All for about $3 total roundtrip.\r \r Overall - good prices, good service, access to park and bus a bonus Pros: Service, Prices, Access to Bus, Access to Park area Cons: Not many business close to walk to, small waiting area more

Done on time and quoted cost! 3/2/2007

Went to Larry's on a friend?s recommendation, she is also a Volvo owner. Good recommendation! The job was done on time at the original cost. What more needs to be said? Oh, the car was NOT covered by greasy finger prints and the owner was trustworthy and friendly. I am going to take all my service there. Pros: Done on time at cost! Cons: nothing so far! more

A Friend's Referal 6/20/2006

I came up to seattle to see a friend and my car breaks down, great stuff hu. Anyways my buddy up here said to take it into Larry's, sounded good to me, im pretty sure we're all scared of mechanics.\r \r Anyways i had no problems at all. got my car over there, chatted with the owner, great people and great service. Car's been running clean since. more

Terrific experience at Larry's 4/18/2006

I went in to get the ""Brake Failure"" light on my '84 240 DL wagon checked out. They tested the brake system but found the cause was a faulty relay switch, not the brakes...which was a relief. I also asked them to reconnect my overdrive switch to my gear knob; they wound up fixing the overdrive system by flushing and replacing the fluid, and they fixed the weighty clutch that I've had for years. All for $200! I was very happy with the service. They also tried to call me 3 times before going ahead with any extra work, which I appreciated. Pros: very nice mechanics, reasonably priced, fast Cons: location, no loaner cars more
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Specializing in all aspects of Volvo repair!

Owner Message

  • Larry's Volvo is a family run, independent car repair shop, specializing in Volvos and is located in the heart of Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood. Larry's Volvo was founded in 1980 by Larry Hebert, a dealership technician and then service manager since the early 1960s. Larry's fair pricing and honest car service spread through word of mouth by his loyal customers. Warren Moy, the current owner of Larry's Volvo makes sure the quality and integrity of this business is kept.

    Larry's Volvo Repair & Service is Volvo Master certified, ASE certified and a member of the Better Business Bureau.


  • Specializes in Volvos, but services other foreign cars in everything except body work; also does pre-sale inspections.

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    Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm
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    Master Card, Discover, Visa, American Express
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    Greater Duwamish, Mid-Beacon Hill