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Larry's Irrigation Drainage - 10 Reviews - 4380 Three Bridge Rd Ste C, Powhatan, VA - Lawn & Garden Reviews - Phone (804) 598-2880

Larry's Irrigation Drainage

4380 Three Bridge Rd Ste C
Powhatan, VA 23139
(804) 598-2880
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I have worked with, done business with, had business done by and recommended the work of Larry's Irrigation for more almost 15 years. Larry runs a small business out of his home,...


Larry's prices beat the competition. However, parts of the yard were not being watered, resulting in large dead patches of sod. His post-installation customer service was an ans...

Would NOT Recommend 4/4/2011

Larry's prices beat the competition. However, parts of the yard were not being watered, resulting in large dead patches of sod. His post-installation customer service was an answering machine, and he was simply impossible to reach! When we would finally talk to him and get him to come out to fix a problem, he would show up seemingly angry, as if we were bothering him or something (very unprofessional, very intimidating). Also, after calling him several times, trying to convince him that no rain sensor was installed (because he would not believe us), he finally showed up and made up some story that there WAS a rain sensor installed in the system, but it was underground and you couldn't see it. I called another irrigation company, and they confirmed that such a device does not exist. Plus, I read the instruction manual for the panel (cover-to-cover) and located on the panel where the rain sensor wire SHOULD have been installed. There was no rain sensor wire installed on our device. After asking Larry about the missing wire, he said that the rain sensor was wired in somewhere else in the system. He couldn't say where, however. Finally, he begrudgingly installed a rain sensor on our system. Larry installed it on the outside wall of our garage, UNDER an overhang!!! That same day, I re-installed it where rain could actually reach the device. This whole irrigation experience was exhausting, expensive, and emotional (esp. for my wife). I'm not even aloud to bring up the subject anymore. I'm embarrassed that I made such a wrong choice in irrigation companies. I would absolutely NOT recommend this company. more

small company, hard working man 1/16/2011

I have worked with, done business with, had business done by and recommended the work of Larry's Irrigation for more almost 15 years. Larry runs a small business out of his home, he is a one man show who hires people to help him with the physical labor that he cannot physically do. Whoever the person was who accused him of working illegals to do his dirty work seems to be slanderous and racist, I know that Larry has all the necessary credentials needed for his 2-3 employees he may be able to work because we have needed them pulled for jobs he has done for us. All businesses have to have a hierachy, there is a boss at the top and he's doing his job. I don't understand how people can accuse people of such petty things when a company is working hard to get buy. Isn't that what this country was built on, hard working, small businesses? I can't believe what people will do to try to ruin others' lives just because they have a grudge. The positive side to this is that Larry has been in business for many years, he has more customers than one man should ever be able to keep track of and I am one of them. He may run behind, the weather may hold him up, but he gets the job done and he does it well with high quality supplies and high quality workmanship. I think that it comes pretty standard now days with all the crooks out there that companies have to ask for money down for services. I know that we do in our businesses, so I don't see where that is unreasonable. Maybe if Larry's Irrigation would raise their price for services then they would have more profit to not have money down, but then again, that would not be fitting to the way their company does business, they work hard to keep things as cost effecient for the customers as possible. I just hope that people who read these reviews are smart enough to know that out of 15+ years of business, when you get just a handful of reviews that are negative, you are doing pretty good. more

Does superb work 8/18/2010

I have had this company do work for me for the last 15+ years at several of my homes locations and my businesses and they have always done an excellent job. I guess some of these other reviews were just bitter people who probably aren't happy with anything in life, you know the saying ""misery loves company"". more

NEVER deal with this company!!! You may have a heart attack 8/7/2010

First of all IM convinced the 1 good review here was posted by Larry himself, lol....because NO ONE in their right mind that used this company would ever do it again. Here the way it works. more

Incredibly frustrated and now being ignored 7/22/2010

I am kicking myself for giving this man 50% deposit for ""supplies"" on work he has barely started. After going around and around for a couple weeks just to get started, they FINALLY show up, two guys, Larry dropped them off, and half the time they sat sitting in the yard in the shade...they didn't even show up at all today. So far, in 1 week, they have dug MAYBE a 10' trench. After trying to call today to see what the holdup is now, he isn't even bothering to return my calls. I'm getting very nervous since he already has some of our $. He actually came recommended from a friend who apparently he did a good job for a couple years ago. Things must have changed. I should have done my homework before going with him even though I had a recommendation. If I had searched, I would see that he is more or less a con-man. I see too on the BBB website, his grade is an ""F"". Unless he shows up very soon and does a great job like he claims he does, I have a feeling I'll be going to small claims court to get our deposit back. Cons: non responsive, doesn't show up, etc. etc. more

Poor Quality 7/16/2010

The cost of install $4500. I asked for mist at narrow locations or small areas. The next day found no mist sprays were installed & was convinced by Larry that its to my benefit to have it the way he installed. Hence the area is always dead looking because the water is being wasted hitting wooded area and not grass. Also, I was charged for Rain Sensor & found a few weeks later, none was installed. The spickets were installed in ground instead of off ground in a corner. I called and left 30+ messages about issues & never got a single call back. I then tried calling as a new customer with different phone & got a call back from his home. Told her the issues and was promised I would get issues resolved but never heard back again. I read the comment about Larry being the master of getting away with things by giving you bogus reasons and the reviewer is %100 correct. To fix dead area grass, I now have to pay $1500-2000 more. Tilley's price quoted was only $700 more than Larry's. I have seen Tilley's work at friend's house, and they are awesome. Pay a little more & get quality results. Make sure you do four things to be happy later. 1. Have every little detail discussed with a contractor on paper (review over a few days and ask to modify if needed before signing contract)...2. Be there the day of work & watch and make sure everything is done as expected. 3. Don't pay until they show you everything on contract has been done & quality is perfect. 4. Try to hire someone reputable & pay a bit more to be happy later. Pros: Lower price then reputable companies Cons: Poor quality & charges for work never done more

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/3/2010

Contracted for a residential irrigation system with Larry BEFORE doing my homework. I know that Larry successfully installed a number of irrigation systems on my street. That must have been a different Larry. The current Larry is not dependable. He hires unskilled workers, drops them off at the site and leaves them there with no supervision. He is only interested in getting paid. He is a master at telling the homeowner what he wants to hear. Larry will then ignore the homeowner's concerns and work at his own glacial pace. Slow is not necessarily bad if the quality is high. Not only was Larry's work slow, it was hideously poor quality. Cons: Thumbs way, way down more

good company, go with him, great economy pricing good man 12/5/2009

tjo mr. bluemangroup, you are not telling the whole story and why not? because as a close neighbor you are a hard fowl mouth person to please!!!!!!We know as your neighbor, you had no problem with this man and his company during your walk through at the final when balance was due, and you paid him dummy, why if things were so bad. witness it all,BBB can tell all on this company and so can his ref. Pros: good honest small business owner Cons: not enough companies such as this one more

Beware!! 10/4/2009

had irrigation system installed by ""larry"". did poor work, many leaks in the system. had to come back many times to fix problems. was most interested in when he was going to get paid instead of doing a quality job. DEFINITELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY!! Cons: poor quality work more

Larry's Irrigation avoid at all cost. 9/18/2007

Not dependable, do not returns phone calls timely nor does he show up timely, Also is not a truthful bussines man. Pros: Thumbs down Cons: Thumbs down more
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