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Larry Reynolds Personal Training - 20 Reviews - 2600 North 44th Street Ste. B1, Phoenix, AZ - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (602) 667-0886
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Larry Reynolds Personal Training

2600 North 44th Street Ste. B1
Phoenix, AZ 85008
(602) 667-0886
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Larry Reynolds Personal Training - Phoenix, AZ
Larry Reynolds Personal Training - Phoenix, AZ


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I just wasn't looking for another gym- I wanted and needed personal one on one attention and they offer it here! Being a Phoenix native, I was impressed that Larry Reynolds has be...


I hold university dedgree in exercise science and I can tell you from experience, expertise, and a vast professional knowledge based around physiology, nutrition, and biology, tha...

Personal Attention 8/17/2011

I just wasn't looking for another gym- I wanted and needed personal one on one attention and they offer it here! Being a Phoenix native, I was impressed that Larry Reynolds has been in the valley for well over 40 years and I believe he is the most experienced weight loss and training expert with a plan that works. more

Very Positive Results 8/15/2011

My wife and I decided we needed the discipline of personal training to assure we exercised, as we found it difficult to do so consistently without a commitment to a time and place. I, in particular, had become disillusioned with my weight gain over the years. We carefully researched alternatives, as to reputation, location, availability and expense. Larry Reynolds and his staff have been exceptional to work with, prodding us forward at a steady pace, and gently convincing us that exercise alone, without making proper changes to diet, will not result in the healthy lifestyle we sought. Larry's dietary recommendations have been simple to follow, are uncomplicated and make eminent sense. There are no gimmicks -- just healthy, readily achievable changes. There is no pressure to purchase product. At the gym, we always feel as though we are among friends. I steadily have lost weight and intend to lose more. I now can wear clothes I had set aside and thought were a lost cause. My family and friends all have noticed the significant changes. I sleep much better and feel significantly less stressed. Most of all, I now crave the exercise I previously tried to avoid, allowing positive results to build more positve results. Above all else, successfully creating the desire to exercise is the most valuable result of Larry's program. My wife and I could not give Larry and his staff a more positive recommendation. The results speak for themselves. more

Astounded By the Results!!! 8/11/2011

I found an ad for Larry Reynolds and Associates in the New Times claiming I could lose or gain 15 pounds in 30 days. I tried everything to put on weight and never had any success. I weighed about 122 pounds at that time and was up for the challenge! With in 7 weeks after using his recommended meal plan and high intensity training, he helped me gain 15 pounds of muscle!!! I was astounded by the results that his program gave me. He transformed my body in such a short amount of time and i only had to workout three days a week! I have referred over a dozen friends and family members over to him after seeing for myself what life transformation results his program has to offer. Everyone I sent over to him thanked me for the changes he brought to them as well. This is one of the most effective training programs I have ever come across that offers quick and long-term results. Thanks Mr Reynolds for helping me reach my goal! more

Larry's a Legend 8/6/2011

I AM a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at prestigious clubs and resorts and have been teaching and training for almost 30 years. Larry has been MY trainer for over 6 years. Why, because Larry's expertise and knowledge is BEYOND what is taught in Certification courses. more

great value, always a great workout! 8/5/2011

I've worked out at Larry's personal training studio for a few months now and have consistently gotten a great work out with continuous progress that is evident to me on a weekly basis by increased strength, weight loss, and physical appearance. The trainers are consistent about doing exercises correctly, making sure you get the most out of your workout and are motivating and friendly. Routines are changed up regularly so it doesn't get boring. more

The TRUTH about Larry Reynolds training 6/22/2011

I hold university dedgree in exercise science and I can tell you from experience, expertise, and a vast professional knowledge based around physiology, nutrition, and biology, that this place is FAR from professional. Here is the truth about this place of business: #1: The trainers are not even certified, they simply work underneath Larry's personal training license and certification. In fact, he will just hire someone as a trainer with no experience at all, and as long as they have some muscle tone you think they are a professional trainer. #2: Larry's claims are false and in fact immoral. He claims to have 30 years in the business and expertise in nutrition. Larry has NEVER studied nutrition, he holds no college degree in it, he doesn't even hold a certificate in nutrition. All he does is put you on a low carb diet, period. He has you buy all of these products such as: a protein powder, an oil, fiber, etc....and then tells you to only eat 40 grams of carbs per day. Basically just eat meat. Folks, as a physiologist who has studied epidemiology for years, you are putting yourself at risk for all sorts of health problems. Not only does a diet high in protein and fat put you at risk for colon cancer and kidney disease, you are also at a higher risk of developing a heart attack or stroke. WHAT? YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME? Well ask Larry, he suffered a mild heart attack not long ago. Probably from his poor diet. Folks, your basically doing the atkins diet. All meat and maybe a coup of fruit per day. #3: Don't let his muscles fool you, he did steroids when he was young. Its not like he did it naturally. He doesn't even look healthy any more. #4: Larry will claim that his routines and diet will cause you to lose 5 -10 pounds in the first week. Folks, you will lose 5 - 10 pounds on ANY diet in the first week. He claims that it is fat, folks, this is not true. In fact, its almost all water weight. Its simple physiology. Folks, your body stores glucose in places like the muscles and liver - this is known as glycogen. When you start to diet the body will immediately start using those stores as energy. The problem is that glycogen is made up with tons of water. As those stores deplete, you are losing tons of water. Look. If you just want a place to workout and someone to train you, but you don't care if the trainers are certified, then go to his place, pay them, and let them work you out. There is nothing wrong with that, but don't accept all of his false claims and unhealthy diet routines. I am upset because I feel that he uses all these fake slogans and marketing techniques that are false. He doesn't have that build from natural lifting, his diet is EXTREMELY unhealthy, the trainers aren't certified, ETC.... Now that is full disclosure. I believe in full disclosure. Unfortunately its miss representation and lies that draw you in - its sad that people conduct business this way. will you lose weight more

Best personal training ever! Super Star Larry Reynolds! 1/28/2011

Best experience I ever had! Larry Reynolds is amazing and caring person. Larry Reynolds is kind and his trainers are very knowledgable and care about you! As a client been training for about a month I have to admit this place has equipment and suppliments and infared spa that you can love. I speak from the heart. Larry Reynolds care enough to make me feel special and his trainers do too! I;m so happy that I joined Larry Reynolds his training has so far transformed my body. His shakes are the best tasting shakes and was unsure at first. Larry Reynolds made me one then I was hooked. Thank you Larry Reynolds and associates for everything! You are the best in the valley by far! more

The Best Personal Trainers in Phoenix 12/30/2009

Larry Reynolds provides a variety of exercises that have helped me lose fat and build muscle. He rotates exercises on a regular basis that have not only challenged me physically, but have made more alert in my daily activities. Larry's diet program has lowered my glucose index and my blood pressure. His individual trainers are always courteous and attentive. Taylor has taught me a great deal about exercise technique and always challenges me to go beyond my limits. Walton puts me through some of the most challenging leg routines. Matt motivates me. The people at Larry Reynolds' are awesome! I highly recommend Larry Reynolds Personal Training. Pros: Motivation and Attention to Technique more

GREAT Trainers! 4/23/2008

All the trainers have been very helpful and supportive in helping meet my goals!!.....Larry and Brandon have been AWESOME in being supportive in my weight loss process!!!! Pros: Great support more

great for beginer or advanced 8/20/2007

I have worked with several strength and conditioning coaches, boxing instructors, personal trainers etc. etc. and after one work out with Larry Reynolds all I have to say is WOW!! Larry was able to guide me through a 45 minute bodybuilding workout that had me using muscles I forgot i had. His precise use of technique and form made for very effective exercise customized to my needs and ability. I would recommend his studio to anyone wanting to get a great value for there money, and work with a staff who really cares about you and your progress. Pros: Great Value Cons: None. more

Great Trainers 8/13/2007

I have been associated with the Larry Reynolds Training since January of this year when my girlfriend began working with them in order to get ready for her wedding in Oct. I was doing the Discovery Health Challenge, I lost 12 lbs. In June I signed up at Larry's so that my girlfreind and I could work out together instead of me going to another place and dropping her off at Larry's. Since I began working out at Larry's with his trainers (they are awesome!) I have been able to FINALLY get into a pair of Rockies Jeans that I haven't been able to wear in 7 yrs!!! I had checked into getting a personal trainer at Bally's, Larry's is less money and the trainers really work with you and push you to your max. When you feel you just can't do another one in the set, with their encouragement, you manage to do 1 if not a couple more. I would HIGHLY recommend Larry Renyolds Personal Training to anyone. more

- 8/6/2007

-- ----- ---- ------- ---------------- ----- -------- -------- ---------- ------ ------ -------- ------- -------- Pros: n/a Cons: etc. more

simply great personal training with equally impressive results. 7/24/2007

look no further. in a city with literally dozens and dozens of places offering fitness solutions, this place actually delivers. save yourself the time of weeding through the countless overpriced, inexperienced trainers out there and go straight to this studio. Pros: consistently challenging. unbeatable value. more

Best Fitness Program I've Found 6/7/2007

When I was shopping around for a personal trainer I got the impression that they were all more concerned with making a sale than they were with addressing my fitness goals and concerns. I didn't get that impression from this business at all. The results I experienced in the first three weeks were literally more than I've seen in several months with other trainers. The entire staff is consistently upbeat, friendly, and helpful. The nutrition plan is easy to follow and fits perfectly into my busy schedule. Most places throw in membership fees, facility fees, or joining fees, but the rates here were as advertised with no hidden fees. Overall, it's been a great experience and I have referred several friends and coworkers to this program who have all been very successful on it. Pros: Best price for professional training in a very nice facility. more

Review 5/9/2007

In 2001 I was a 16 year-old who was overweight and had little to no confidence. Wanting to loose weight to do the things teens my age did, I decided to take some of my money (that I worked really hard for) and get going. I contacted Larry, told him my story, and ordered about a years worth of products to do the program with. I did see results, but the shakes weren?t the greatest (at least not compared to Myoplex) but I did like the bars, many flavors to choose from and a lot of them were pretty good. Anyway, I was almost at the end of the year when I was informed that I had $400.00 left on my account. My plans were to take the money and buy from a nutrition store around here, save some money on shipping, and have a bigger selection to choose from. It was a year, I had more experience in choosing nutritional products, and I?m from NJ so you know, 1,700 miles was getting to me. When I asked Larry if I could do that he proceeded to go into a rant, making it out to seem like I was some spoiled rich kid that got away with everything. In reality, I was living with my family in a house we could BARELY afford and were just about making it financially. I saved that money from years of work starting in the Summer of the 6th grade working with a family friend who was a tile man. When I came across Reyonlds on this site I decided to write a report. There are other, more professional trainers, with the ethic and moral he didn?t seem to have with me, who have in my OPINION better tasting products. more

Phenomenal results. Best price in town. 11/28/2006

Pros: Results! Very nice facility, great trainers and rates. Cons: Only one location. more

Great results in short period of time. Highly recommended. 11/24/2006

Within the first week on Larry's program I felt significant increases in my energy level and overall health. I spent 30 days with larry and his team of exceptional assistants and lost 17 pounds. I also lost inches off my waist and a lot of the chubbiness surrounding my face. Larry has a lot of experience and knowledge and it shows. This is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone. Pros: Nice Studio, excellent trainers, Great Price. more

Very impressed! 2/7/2006

I just finished my 2nd month on Larry's program and I am happy to announce that not only have I lost 24 pounds in that time, but I look and feel better than I ever have. I shopped around for months before deciding on this place and I can honestly say you will not find a better place to train for your money. The trainers are great, the facility is the best equipped I've seen, and the price is unbeatable for what you get. I've trained a lot of places over the last 10 years and never saw results like I have seen here. They take the stress out of getting in shape by spelling everything out for you and addressing any concerns right away. I highly recommend them. Pros: Affordable, Convenient, Results! Cons: Only 1 location more

For real results, this is the place! 12/22/2004

My wife & I have been clients at Larry Reynolds for 14 weeks. Our results so far have been great. My wife looks and feels better than ever, and I've lost 44 lbs and gained muscle strength. The trainers are knowledgable and well trained. They do a great job of explaining the exercises and proper form; as well as motivating you to get the best workout possible. The diet program is a must for best results. Pros: Great trainers/staff, flexible workout time, great value more

Best deal in Arizona 12/20/2004

This is the most affordable Personal Training studio in the valley. I know because I have checked around. They also get very good results with many of their clients. I like the idea of combining nutrition with weight training. Their private gym is the best that I have seen. The trainers all seem genuinely interested in the clients success. They are very motavating as well. Pros: Great results, low cost, Friendly trainers Cons: , Doesn't open until 6a more
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