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Lane Matthew J Md

339 Hicks St
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(718) 780-1473
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I gave birth to my daughter on June 9th and the staff were superb. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldnt change my hospital. All the nurses were very informative and helpf...


Where to begin? LICH is my neighborhood hospital. Over several decades I have gone there for emergency care and experienced the expected in the ER: long waits, indifferent servi...

Emergency Room = Waiting Room 1/31/2009

Went to the emergency room. I was there for four hours only to be told I have a cold but three weeks later I'm still sick! Pros: close to where I live Cons: bitter emergency room staff, emergency room should be called the waiting room more

Mixed bag, mostly bad 10/7/2008

Where to begin? LICH is my neighborhood hospital. Over several decades I have gone there for emergency care and experienced the expected in the ER: long waits, indifferent service at best and dubious diagnoses. more

Not a bad experience 8/14/2008

First off I must say, i have a wonderful gyn doctor that works with LICH who delivered my first child in 2006. there was a night nurse that was terrible left me in the middle of changing shifts. she was very rude and showed no compassion when i was 10cm dialated her shift was about to be up and she told me to close my legs and turn on my side until the next nurse got there. Thank God for the next nurse she was a young girl but she showed alot more patience and temperance. she explained to me what was happening and that she will get the doc immediately. My doctor came with a male assistant and they were all a wonderful team. when I say ""wonderful"" i mean wonderful! My recovery room was shared by another woman who had alot of visitors and they were very noisy. The other nurses were greatly helpful. I agree that you should not rate a hospital on one bad experience but that woman or her insurance paid good money for her care and comfort so i don't think it's fair that her one experience had to be a terrible one. if it was not for customers like her they would be out of business. My son's bill was $19,000 and mine was $24,000..oh btw... LICH is going out of business the buildings are being sold and to be converted into condos and there will no longer be a maternity ward. Pros: convenient parking, not so bad for a hospital parking and some staff members Cons: one bad nurse who left a bad taste in my mouth more

Great doctors! Terrible terrible ER nurses 7/24/2008

I understand that nurses, especially ER nurses are overloaded with patients and do not have a second to rest in a 12 hour shift. However, in all my years, I have never experienced such hostility of nurse to patient relationships. My boyfriend, who was displaying all signs of meningitis and had an excruciating headache for the past 7 hours, was being completely ignored! I could not get a single nurse to give him the time of day not even a nod to indicate that they noticed us. Elaine head of nurses rolled her eyes at me when I politely asked her when a nurse would be attending Jeff and if she could point me towards his Dr. I explained to her my worries of him having meningitis telling her what was wrong and all she did was rudely sneer ""that's not meningitis it's called a headache"" and turned back to her computer and kept pretending I was not there. 12 hours later my bf received a spinal tap and the tests came positive that he did indeed have meningitis. Thanks for all your help Elaine. I will NEVER go back to this ER room. Do not make the same mistake I did. NYU medical is much friendlier and efficient. Pros: Great doctors Cons: Terrible nurses, hard to contact Dr, nurse, nurses hate their jobs and life. more

Great Experience! 7/8/2008

I gave birth to my daughter on June 9th and the staff were superb. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldnt change my hospital. All the nurses were very informative and helpful; my room was comfortable and the food was very tasty! I would highly recommend this hospital because even though I read the other reviews I strongly disagree based on my experience. Pros: Staff (all the nurses that worked from June 9 thru 12 in the Labor and Maternity Wards, Customer Service and Food Cons: Parking more

They pretty much saved my daughters life... 7/2/2008

My teenage daughter was staying in New York this summer for a college program. Exactly 5 days after I dropped her off she called me in the evening complaining of stomache pains. The dorm counselers took her to the Long Island Teaching Hospital Friday evening, I had no available flights out of where I live until the next morning and she was there alone. She said the staff made her feel very comfortable and that they were very kind. They called me every time they ran a test or wanted too and made my daughter a top priority (at least it seemed to us). By 6am (right before my filght was leaving) they called to say they had to do an emergency appendectomy (SP?) before my daughters appendix ruptured. She went into surgery alone, but said that the staff was very caring and kind and she felt o.k. I got there that afternoon and was allowed to stay in the hospital for the next 2 days while my Daughter healed and was able to fly home to recover. Pros: Very kind and loving staff and doctors Cons: having insurance claim trouble now due to the hospital not filing their paperwork more

Apathetic staff... at best. 5/25/2008

Had Back Surgery there in late April. The surgery went well, but save for 1 or 2 people, the staff did nothing more than they had to do. Broken hospital bed for hours after my surgery -- and broken A/C for the first two days. Forget about getting any help around shift change. Avoid completely unless you need ER care that can't wait for travel to another hospital. Pros: An RN named Hernandez; all of the physical therapists Cons: Pretty much everyone else... more

Worst hospital experience 5/5/2008

I have never been treated so badly. If I could have, I would have walked out. Doctors were rude, made totally unprofessional comments and were ridiculously callous. This is like a cattle farm, not an ER. Cons: unprofessional staff with poor standards of cleanliness and care more


First I want to start by saying I worked in the hospital for 8 yrs. and learned that when you work in the medical enviroment you have to remember that these people go to the hospital because obviously they are not feeling well so the staff should have some compassion and be professional and have people skills because these patients do not come to the hospital to be treated rudely and disrespected and made fun of. My mother has told me the experiences she has had with my handicap sister which really upset me ,how dare they speak to people the way they do. It'slike they have no education each and everyone that works in that hospital, maybe there are a few good ones but I have not come across staff who is nice. Everyone is nasty and rude it's like thats part of the requirements in the job description in order to get hired at long island hospital. I have been trying to make an appt for my sister for the past week and I find it so hard to believe that no one in the clinics dont answer the phone ,I understand it gets busy in the clinic but my god not all day someone should answer it just rings and rings then rolls over to the operator and they're rude also they just transfer you right back and their response is someone will eventually answer that is not professional at all. If there is anyone in charge of this hospital making sure things run smooth and a place where people will want to return is obviously not doing their job because the staff the first thing they need to fix ,they need to fire everyone and hire new people that are educated and have manners and compassion because right now these act like they work in the zoo. All that matters is food & gossip. Cons: staff more

Long Wait, Poor Service... Hospital Not Restaurant 2/29/2008

I was forced to make an appointment months in advance to be seen by the Women's Health Dept. I was also told to arrive EARLY for my appointment. I followed the rules... arrived 30 minutes early for the appointment and sat in a waiting room of no less than 20 other women (some of whom were extremely agitated and annoyed already). The front desk woman was rude and didn't have a very good handle on her duties as I heard several doctors complain about her performance. Getting there early was a JOKE! I waited for 4 HOURS to be seen by a med STUDENT. I didn't have a tantrum or throw a fit like many of the other rude and VERY pregnant women. In fact, the nurses and doctors were surprised that I wasn't pregnant. Apparently the majority of their patients are knocked-up young women (one girl was 6 months pregnant and had no clue... I know this because the girl at the front desk had no concept of discretion). Had I known that they serve almost exclusively the irresponsible teens and mothers of 8 in Brooklyn I wouldn't have bothered at all. The ""doctor"" allowed a medical student to perform my exam and while I squirmed with pain and discomfort she talked him through a procedure he'd clearly never performed before. Much to my ""relief"" after the torture was over the ""doctor"" told me that they hardly ever let students do this, but she thought I was patient enough and he could use the experience. I waited 4 HOURS in a room full of rude women only to be seen by a non-doctor with no experience who turned me into a guinea pig because I'd been ""patient"". If having a screaming fit is the only way to see a professional then you should bring a megaphone and attitude... it's the only way you'll make it worth the wait. Now I have to go back to get my test results because the doctor said (and I quote) ""We're not very good about getting back to patients. You'll need to come back if you want to know anything."" Pros: Getting out of there in one piece Cons: Going in there in one piece more

Good experience at LICH 2/5/2008

I ended up in LICH after Methodist Hospital on 7th Ave mistreated my wound and kicked me out with a major infection. My doctor happened to know the head of the ER staff at LICH and sent me there. Although I think this gave me an advantage in getting in more quickly, I'd still say my overall experience at LICH was above average. I had a nurse-attendant checking on me and keeping me up on tests while I waited for a room, the room was nice and clean with a terrific view of the waterfront, and I had a great surgeon who fixed me up. Although there were some of the usual problems you get at a hospital, like some staff not knowing what was going on, having trouble getting information, etc., the woman overseeing my area was excellent and was able to fix any treatment problems and inform me of my status whenever I asked her. Also, the student nurses who visited me were terrific and went above and beyond in finding out the answers to my questions. I left feeling like I had been well cared for, unlike the reckless treatment I received at Methodist. Overall, if I ever had to be hospitalized again, I would easily choose LICH. As for Methodist in Park Slope - never again! more

LICH 1/4/2008

Iam commenting on the rating done by a previous patient at LICH. I am a mother of five. I have had all of my children at LICH. I dont think it is fair to judge a entire hospital , because of one bad experience. I feel like you get back what you put in. It sounds like the patient went into the hospital with an attitude. Sometime people tend to want over the top treatment like they are more special than any other patient in the hospital. i hate that. I feel like this, If you want the world to stop because YOU are having a baby, Ms please, women have been having babies since forever, and though Im sure your baby is precious to you , the worlds not gonna roll out a freshly new red carpet because you have entered. Every experince is different, take me for examplemy first three experiences were average , I yelled and screamed my children were born healthy, we wre happy. My last two were much harder, I even had a problem with the staff with my last son, I wasn't happy. That was one occasion, that was one person .I dont feel the entire hospital should be poorly rated by a mommy that should have had her baby at home with her family and her doula, so that when things didnt go her way she could have blamed them. Sounds like princess, thinks she's a real princess. more

Come here to get Fixed and Kcked Out... The Fast-Food Hospital 12/7/2007

Well, it took 12 hours in the EMERGENCY, before my spouse got a room. There was no offer of food or drink while in EMERGENCY. There was a bathroom with a shower in the semi-private room; but the water was cold! The food was tasty. The nurses and patient care attendants were attentive and considerate; but the attending physician was not seen daily, instead, the doctor who sees you regularly may be a student taking orders from your attending physician. more

I would not recommend delivering a baby here.... 10/25/2007

I just came home from the birth of my first child at this hospital. I will never use this hospital again. If it were not for the fact that my private doctor is affiliated with the hospital I would have gone to Methodist Hospital in a heartbeat. Its a shear joke that LICH is affiliated with Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan as the services at LICH leave something to be desired. The service at the hospital was beyond lack luster, the 3rd floor labor and delivery was not clean at all, the 4th floor maternity ward was also not very clean. The beds were not changed daily, neither was the garbage from the room removed on a daily basis. Simple things like soap and paper towels for the bathroom were also not checked and therefore often empty. I preregistered for a vegetarian meal, which I never got the entire 4 days I spent there. Some of the nurses are truly outstanding, and the night time shift in the maternity ward was extremely proficient. However there are some nurses as well as staff there who really need some additional training. The labor and delivery is understaffed, and I was left feeling that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing most of the time. There was often bickering heard in the hallways by the staff due to the rampant confusion, and general disorganization. When I arrived for a scheduled induction Sunday evening, I was forced to wait in the triage room for 2 hrs due to a lack of space. Then I had to wait an additional hour for the room to be prepared, and upon entering the room is was still not clean and smelled foul. Due to the fact that I had multiple monitors connected to me, I had to use a bedpan. Upon asking the nurse for a bed pan she proceeded to hand it to me and walk away. If it were not for my dula I do not know how I would have made it through the night because my nurse did not help me once. Cons: The only place to park is an over priced garage that does not take credit or debit cards, so be prepared with lots of cash. more

totally unacceptable patient treatment 5/17/2007

test results lost, cancelled, unable to be found. Tests were reported to have been done and never were ( but did they bill for them, probably!, who knows) . Did they deliver the right persons scans to the doctors, who knows. Our doctors are all as frustrated with this hospital as we are, its endangering itspatients by its lacadaisical attitude toward record keeping and basic hospital administration. Cons: you will wait forever for tests, scheduled ot not more

I used to love this hospital. 5/16/2007

The doctors are great but some of the administrative staff are horrible. If you have an appointment be prepared for an extremely long wait; it's totally uncalled for. Don't show up to your pediatrics appointment late either; the receptionist is very rude and they might reject you. The G.I. clinic is the absolute worst; I had a 12:45pm appointment and I had to wait over 5 hours just to be called in. They also have policies and procedures that they don't tell you up front just to make your life a little more frustrating. They need to get it together. I would not reccomend this hospital to anyone; well maybe someone I really didn't like. I'm pulling all my medical records out and finding a new hospital. Pros: The Doctors Cons: The waiting time and administrative staff more
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