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Landmark Honda - 17 Reviews - 5125 Duke St, Alexandria, VA - Car Dealers Reviews - Phone (703) 823-8000
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Landmark Honda

5125 Duke St
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 823-8000
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I found a honda civic on line with very low miles. And I was very excited but cautious. So I took my printout with me to the dealer and inquired about the car they had advertize...


When I bought my Honda two years ago, I thought it's be easy - I knew exactly what I wanted, and they had it at a price I could be happy with. The service guys have been fabulous...

A License to Steal 7/23/2010

A License to Steal: The dealership service department seems to think that if you are female, you are "ripe for the picking." In May, 2010 I brought the vehicle in for a routine oil change and inspection. They tried to tell me my brakes were bad, I needed a complete overhaul of hoses, and the CV boots were bad, among other things for a total of nearly $2,000 in upsell against a $40 oil change. I returned in July because the door locks on the drivers side were not working properly. During the first part of the visit, we established that the above mentioned items from the May visit were not valid. We also agreed that a 90 K service would be in order, although they did not have all of the parts needed to complete the list of items to be worked. (This was to have necessitated a future visit once the ordered parts came in.) Upon completion of the door lock repair and service, I noted several things: The air conditioner filter was not installed - even though it was listed as a to do item; the tires were not rotated per my request and listed on the work order; and the bumper clips were not installed. The final straw was their idea of "disabling" my alarm system to run diagnostics for an elelctrical problem. Their idea of "disabling" was to yank the alarm system out completely (with no hope of putting it back), and then telling me I had to live with it. After a lengthy conversation with the service writer and the manager, they admitted that they should have been more clear that the plan was to take the alarm system out of the vehicle. When I asked for something in writing to document their offer to give me a future credit against work done there or to have a new alarm system put in, the best the service manager would do was to credit my bill for about a third of the cost.. more

landmark honda 9/1/2009

Have been bringing my Honda to landmark honda since 2001, and have had very good luck with them. They always have my car ready when promised, and they give it a wash. they are able to get my car back on time running properly, in a clean environment is worth a small premium to me. For an oil change while you wait 30 minutes they have wireless internet available. overall the whole thing is really worth every penny for me. more

honda at Landmark 8/16/2009

Landmark honda had very very freindly and helpful salespeople in test-driving and working out the paperwork for my new vehicle. They made sure I was aware of the responsibility I was getting into and made sure I was happy with my new car. the Salesman called me a few days later to check on me and make sure I was still a happy, new car customer. I didn't have any problems with the finance department, and the service department was very good as well. more

sale 2/3/2009

I got a good deal on a Civic from landmark honda's website. found the car and talked to a web manager on line, he negotiated the whole deal on the phone. I went in saw and test drove the car signed the papars, the whole thing was the easiest purchase i had made on car befor. more

Landmark Honda 1/7/2009

I found a honda civic on line with very low miles. And I was very excited but cautious. So I took my printout with me to the dealer and inquired about the car they had advertized. Sure enough it was there and I was the lucky owner. They have great deals and a vast selection of cars here to chose from. more

great deal 12/16/2008

the salespeople go out of their way to insure a good deal( at least mine did). I went in to just look at an accord and from the start i told the salesperson that i was "just looking". he let me roam around the dealer and take my time looking and sitting in cars. He didnt shadow me and nag me the whole, but he was available when i had questions and then let me test drive the car i wanted. Two days late i went back in and negotiated my deal and left with the car i liked at a great pricefrom landmark honda more

Quality Service 6/29/2008

Landmark Honda service department has some of the top honda mechanics around the DC area. I have been taking my Honda CRV to them for the past 5 years and each time a problem came up, it was taken care immediately. My CRV now has 129,000 miles on it and it still runs great! I believe I can easily get over 200,000 miles on this baby. more

Honest Service Repair Center 5/28/2008

This honda dealership in alexandria fixed my civic si quick and fast. They also gave me information on how to upkeep my civic si. The advice I got from them made me decide not to get the aftermarket exhuast that I originally wanted to get. I was going to let them install it as well but the service guy gave me his honest opinion so I appreciate the info that he gave me. They could have just took my money but I'm glad they looked out for me more

A Plus Dealer 5/13/2008

I was extremely satisfied with Landmark Honda. I purchased a 2007 Accord. My salesman answered all my questions and the pricing was one of the best deals I could find. He took his time with us and explained all the features on the car. During his presentation, I did not feel like I was being sold. He knew the product very well and I was impressed by his knowledge of the Honda product. Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the dealership. I will definitely recommend this dealer to friends and family. more

Bad Dealer 2/14/2008

The "deals" are not worth all the struggle with the sales people and other staff. I do not recommend this dealer to anyone. Beware of the new cars parked at the mall parking, they may have not been tested after delivered from the manufacturer causing you to return to the dealer in multiple occasions to repair the manufacturer's defect. more

Superb salesmanship and service 7/6/2006

I have dealt with car dealerships many times. In fact, I work in many dealerships as a consultant. Recently I purchased a car at Landmark Honda. I was extremely impressed by the attention and service I got from all employees at Landmark. The salesman was extremely knowledgable about the car in which I was interested. He did not try to pressure me into buying the options in which I was not interested. Even the general manager came out to make sure I was satisfied. It was the first pleasant experience I can honestly say that I have ever had in a car dealership. I would recommend them without hesitation. more

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Believe it or not -- a car dealership that's great all around 1/16/2006

I never thought I'd be writing a good review about a car dealership, especially as a single woman who's dealt with the salespeople trying to overprice vehicles, but I actually had a pleasant experiencing buying my vehicle at this place in late 2004. I did my homework before visiting them and though I did have to haggle, I got the car I wanted for a price that I liked. A male friend bristled when I told him what I good deal I'd gotten (ha ha ha). They will check on you frequently to make sure you've gotten what you've wanted, and they have lots of financing options. The place is clean and pleasant, and though most people avoid going back to the dealership for service, I've found theirs is efficient, competent and affordable. They're also quick. They'll finish you up before you have to go into work, and if the service is going to take longer, they'll give you a loaner vehicle. Once you do business with them, you also will receive frequent coupons in the mail. more

Great service staff, watch sales staff for errors! 9/4/2005

When I bought my Honda two years ago, I thought it's be easy - I knew exactly what I wanted, and they had it at a price I could be happy with. The service guys have been fabulous - things are done on-time and they call you with updates! If I could rate them separately, I'd give the service guys 4-5 stars and the sales staff one! But the sales staff - oy! What should have been a quick visit took half a day because my inept sales clerk kept entering the wrong figures in his computer. Several destroyed print-outs and consultations with his manager later, I had a contract to sign, only to notice that in my address they'd inserted an extra digit (a 6-digit zip code?!) Unfortunately the printer "broke" so he couldn't fix it, but since all the finance figures were correct and I'd signed, he said he'd take care of it. Of course, it wasn't that easy, and I was called back the next day to re-sign everything. I complained to management about how many mistakes there were in the process, only to be told it wasn't a big deal. (Sorry, but two days wasted signing and re-signing paperwork is a big deal.) Reviewing the "corrected" form before I signed, a 6-digit zip code was still on the form. He reprinted it correctly and I signed, and thought all was well until a month later, when I got a call from Honda saying my first payment was overdue. I had paid a down payment and first month to Landmark as documented in my paperwork, but thanks again to "computer error", they'd recorded it as a down payment and payment for "service," not a monthly payment. Honda Finance cleared it up, then last fall tried to collect property taxes from me from a town in another state - apparently my trusty sales clerk had eliminated the wrong extra zip digit in the computer, though my paper copy was ok. This year my state re-registration had issues because of the zip issues. The hassles caused by this one "no big deal" error have made me sure I'll never buy through Landmark again. more

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Good Honda Dealer 8/21/2005

Landmark Honda is a good place to buy or get your Honda serviced. When buying a car they are the standard car dealer, so you will spend lot of time jumping through hoops if you try to buy a car, but if you have the time and stand firm you will get your deal. For service they are very good. It is a good idea to bring in your Honda at least once and wile for oil changes just so you get the recalled items fixed for free. They offer a shuttle to the Van Dorn Metro station. more

Avoid this dealer 8/12/2005

I can't say enough BAD about this dealer. The following was my experience: The keep most of their cars at the parking deck at Landmark mall (nearby, but cannot easily be walked to, especially at night). For this reason, you need to drive the dealer to the mall, where you dropoff your car and pick up a test drive vehicle. We went on the test drive, but instead of returning to the parking deck, we were instructed to return to the dealership. We were clear that this was our first test drive and we weren't ready to buy (and, given that we had an infant with us, we were not prepared to be out too late). He insisted that we just return to the dealership where our car would be brought to us. While we waited, they started to make offers. "No, we're not buying today and we really need to get home to put our child in bed." They continued to push, even as our child started crying. "Where is our car?" we asked. The dealer, acting confused said, "it's right out front, as soon as we agree to a price and you sign the papers." "No, we're not buying a car today." He continued to say that we could drive off in our new car and get home if only we'd discuss price and sign papers. "We just want to take our own car home. Where is it?" We were then told that no one had bothered to go get it. The dealer asked an assistant to go get the car. We sat for another 45 minutes and still nothing. More high pressure sales during the wait. After 45 minutes, I asked again "where is our car?" The dealer checked and told us that no one went. I demanded to get my car back. So, we got into the new car and drove back to the mall. When I indicated that I was unhappy with how we were treated, the dealer used the "N" word to refer to African-American assist who never got our car. The next day, we got a call from the dealer saying that they were going to offer us a great price (which he quoted). He said it was the same vehicle and configuration we'd looked at. I raced down, even though I wasn't happy with the fact we'd be detained the night before (and the racist attitude), because the price was about $500 cheaper than another dealer had offered. After getting all the paperwork going, I noticed that the configuration was not what I'd indicated. The dealer told me that he couldn't possibly sell me the same configuration at that price. I asked to see a manager. The manager said that he didn't care what the dealer told me over the phone (or via a confirmation e-mail that I was able to print from the manager's computer). "I sell cars for what I want and I don't care about any e-mail or what one of our employees said." We debated, calmly, for a few minutes. The manager kept saying that he didn't care about the e-mail or the phone call. He said that he didn't care about the honesty of his employees. "If they tell you something that's false, I'm not required to follow through on it" he said. Eventually, I got fed up and asked that everything be torn up. I was loud in my request, but far from threatening. As I walked out, the dealer yelled that someone should call the police to have me arrested! I walked to my car and the assistant GM (a football player sized man) followed me and told me that he would never sell me a car. He confirmed what the floor manager said: they don't care what claims the salespeople make, even in writing. If they don't make a profit, then they'll renig on any claim. In the end, I bought elsewhere where they keep promises. Landmark Honda keeps sending me SPAM (even when I asked everything of mine to be torn up, they seemed to have kept my e-mail address). If you like to be basically kidnapped, get the hard sell (even in the fact of a crying child), lied to, subjected to racist comments, and being threatened for arrest, buy here. Otherwise, go elsewhere. more
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