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Landmark Tavern - 22 Reviews - 626 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036-2002, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 247-2562

Landmark Tavern

626 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036-2002
New York, NY 10036
(212) 247-2562
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I've found myself entertaining business clients here an awful lot lately. It's just out of the way enough to have a quiet, thoughtful meal and meaningful conversation without bei...


Came here for lunch on the way to the piers. Staff was friendly, food was forgettable. (1) Grilled Ham &...

Just right! 2/15/2011

I was recently on a business trip to NYC for a convention and staying at Ink48 (across the street). TheFeastdotcom had some excellent reviews for the Landmark Tavern which I would have to concur with; the Shepards Pie was excellent, the music was great, and the upkeep of this historic tavern was truly impressive. You won't be disappointed! more

YUMMY! 12/4/2010

Our group of 8, ages 12 to 68, went on the circleline cruise & walked to the tavern after. We had lunch and everyone's order was yummy. More than enough food portions, fish & chips had 2 BIG slabs of fish. Mash & bangers was tastey, red fish was very good, steak wrap had LOTS of steak. Although its a ""tavern"" the food was more than bar food. Manager was very friendly & helpful. more

Bouncer and Mgmt are HOT MESSES 7/31/2010

This was my first time here and my last. From the moment the bouncer ID'd my BF. He was annoying. My friend wrote a review below and all is extremely accurate. The only thing is I don't regret telling the bouncer he was being extremely over bearing and that we were not in a club so he should BACK OFF!. I didn't call him a name. But, i was very stern with him and asked him to stop harassing paying customers. I also mentioned I complained about his behavior to mgmt. Which I did and to be honest i truly believe that the bouncer's behavior was because of the Mgr request. So 2 were playing at this game. The bouncer most definitely over reacted by my words of truth and would not let me in again. I had my CC at the bar. All i wanted to do was get it and close my tab. Which turned into him grabbing me forcefully and pushing me out. I called 911 got my CC back with nothing charged on it (the least they can do). As big as this bouncer was i felt sad for him. I wasn't afraid of him in anyway. The fact that he took what i said and made it into a big deal was sad. Especially since all NYC bouncers adore me. It was as if i was talking to challenged person. He deserved to hear it and just MAYBE this 5'2"" lady speaking up and standing up to these guys can help other patrons wanting to spend a nice ngt out drinking without being harassed a chance to enjoy themselves. peace n love always Pros: wish i had something here Cons: well drinks, tap beer, bouncer & mgr more

Not going back until the bouncer is on medication 7/31/2010

Before last night, I went to Landmark Tavern on a Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it. The bar was not crowded, the bartender was friendly, and it was a great place to grab a drink away from the midtown crowds. Last night my opinion of the place completely changed. We arrived with a group of 13 people and, even though the bar was relatively empty, the bouncer made us wait in a line outside as though we were at a club. Once inside, one of my friends noticed that everyone who came in after us also complained about the bouncer; she decided to report him to the manager when she saw him threaten to make 1 man leave because he thought the man was there by himself. At some point in the evening, I became aware of a commotion by the door. I looked over and saw this same friend who reported the bouncer being screamed at by him (he is 6'4'' and at least 290lbs; she is 5'2'') and blocked from coming back into the bar. The next thing I saw was him grabbing her and shoving her into the street. At this point the manager came running over and screamed at anyone in our group who was standing nearby. He yelled at me ""You need to get the f*** out of my bar!"" I calmly told him my husband was settling his tab and then we would leave. I also explained to him that a lot of people had complained about the bouncer, at which point both he and the bouncer started screaming at me. All of this was witnessed by the 13 people in our group (the population of the bar dropped significantly once we left) as well as the 10 people remaining in the bar, including our friend who is a lawyer who tried to explain to the bouncer as he was grabbing and shoving that this was assault, to which he answered, ""You're not allowed back in either!"" To be completely fair, apparently my friend called the bouncer a rude name and told him that she reported him to the manager, which is what caused the commotion. I wish she hadn't done that, but the bouncer completely overreacted and did so in a way that is both inappropriate and illegal. The manager also treated a crowd that made up the majority of his customers that night very poorly. I was not using profanity when I told him that a lot of people complained about the bouncer, but he reacted to me as though I were a 20 year old frat kid. My husband tipped the bartender because he was courteous and professional all evening, but he also told the manager on the way out that it is not a very smart financial decision to lose 13 customers in 1 evening. I am not sure if they plan to keep this bouncer or not. He gave an awful big club vibe to what is actually a nice neighborhood pub. I would not recommend this bar at night because that's when they have the bouncer. He is the only reason I am giving this place 1 star. Pros: Not crowded, casual, friendly bartender Cons: crazy bouncer more

Great out-of-the way bar 8/21/2009

What a find! If you want to get away from the B&T crowd, and leave the big-chested-some-thing-to-prove-business-casual crowd back on Third Avenue where they belong, this is the place. It's an out-of-the way Irish bar where people come because they like it. No foot traffic. No tourists. Just a bunch of friendly folks who look like they've grown up with each other. They have their own beer (probably contract made) and Smithwick's on tap. They've got the usual bar food, with the Buffalo wings less greasy than in most places. It's a great unpretentious pub... the kind of place you don't want to write about because you're afraid other people might find it and spoil it! --Drink Club is a roving group of NYC drinkers Pros: Friendly, private, no tourists or jocks Cons: a bit out of the way more

The Landmark Tavern is a hidden gem! 2/22/2009

I've found myself entertaining business clients here an awful lot lately. It's just out of the way enough to have a quiet, thoughtful meal and meaningful conversation without being overrun by the 'pre-theater' crowd. The bar is fantastic! It has to be seen to be appreciated. It's the best place to sip a single-malt scotch in the entire city!!\r \r Dinner service has been 'attentive', 'friendly' and 'professional' and the kitchen has been overly accommodating, even with the riff-raff I've been bringing in. I've tasted most of the menu at this point and have always been satisfied. The portions are huge, everything tastes like a fantastic home-cooked meal!\r My favorites are the succulent steak with a killer bordelaise sauce, the tender pork and the overwhelming chicken breast. The appetizers are also excellent from the salads to the scotch eggs to the scallops.\r \r They also have a Tavern menu with fantastic fish n chips, shepherd's pie, and burgers. If you're looking for a huge bar to hang with your work crowd and nosh on finger foods, look no further! Pros: Ambience, Parking, Service, Food Cons: A little out of the way more

Landmark Tavern 5/27/2008

Came here for lunch on the way to the piers. Staff was friendly, food was forgettable. (1) Grilled Ham &... more

Landmark Tavern 5/27/2008

pennyroyl Provided by Partner
Came here for lunch on the way to the piers. Staff was friendly, food was forgettable. more

Horrible Food and Service 8/6/2007

Landmark is very much that because the food is horrible. The steak was fatty and pork chops were bland. The bread was stale and the service was not too far off from the food. The food took 45 minutes. When the server was asked as to what happened to the food, her comment was ""Oh Yeah"" I forgot, she then laughed. What a ditz. Wouldn't go back. more

Beautiful old pub with good food and very friendly, attentive service 6/14/2007

This is a beautiful bar with incredibly friendly service. The food is thoughtfully conceived and well-prepared. It's quiet, romantic, and intimate. I actually prefer this to nearby Druid's, as it's more comfortable and less crowded. Definitely worth checking out despite its far-out location. This part of town is exploding, so it will, no doubt, be in the thick of things soon. Pros: Excellent service, good food. Very romantic. Cons: Location is a little far out. more

Great Tavern! 5/2/2007

I have been there for lunch and dinner. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is great. The old wooden bar is incredible. It has a high class tavern feel. The Landmark burger is great, don't let the eggplant jam scare you. It's delicious. My girlfriend and I enjoyed a romantic dinner there. After dinner we walked over to Broadway for a show. Perfect night at the perfect place. more

Amazingly Yummy & Wonderful Experience 4/27/2007

Landmark Tavern's westside Restaurnt/Pub is delightfully delicious. My boyfriend & I explored it because it was built over a hundred years ago. The decor was wonderful, the antique bar amazing, the food scrumptous, the service respectful and the woodwork throughout was handsomely lush. \r \r We ordered the Fettuccine Irene and Sirloin Steak, over the backdrop of Harp beers. All were mouthwatering wonderful. \r \r And, we discovered that Monday nights host live Irish Bands. We live several miles away. But we will definitely return in the near future for another fab night of entertainment in such a warm and cozy place.\r \r Thank you, Landmark Tavern! Ky & Rob Pros: Thumbs up on keeping Antique decor!!! Food was delightful! Service was grand! Cons: Could no longer pull boat up to dock in front. more

Great for a party! 4/13/2007

Landmark Tavern is great for a party. We organized a big event and they were wonderful and accommodating throughout the entire night. The food was great, the atmosphere made for an excellent evening, and everybody had a fantastic time. Highly recommended! more

Great Burgers 4/9/2007

Been coming to this place for awhile because i work around the corner, they have the best burger i swear! Service is always decent but the bathrooms need a little touching up. They leave alot to be desired, Im kind of wierd about bathrooms in a place. Overall a fun place to go Pros: Great Burger Cons: Bathroom needs a fixin more

Much improved 2/22/2007

I used to be a bartender at the last incarnation of the Landmark Tavern before the new regime moved in. Being a grizzled old veteran of taverns for years, I can say without hesitation that this was the worst bar job I ever had. The owner and manager were drunk all the time, unreasonable, and two of the most miserable people I have ever been associated with in 23 years in this business. This coming from a man with a very thick skin. And did all they could to keep the customers away in droves. The only asset of the place was that is is teeming with history but it was falling apart completely and disgustingly dirty. The food was horrible and in an immediate post 9/11 world in 2001, there was virtually no business. Finding a new job that Fall was very tough and I was forced to torture myself and stay there til something else came along. In March 2002, I was mercifully out of there. Worst 6 months of my working life. Bar none. \r \r I recently checked out the ""new"" Landmark Tavern and was very pleasantly surprised. The historical signifigance the of the place was preserved but cleaned up incredibly. The dour, depressing black cloud that hung over the place was gone and surprisingly enough, there were customers. The menu remained traditional but had more diversity and was presented in a way that looked like they gave a damn. The food was good. Not GREAT, but very good and comfortable. The morale of the staff in the ""old"" Landmark was clearly evident in service. The ""new"" Landmark, the staff was cheery, helpful and glad to be of service. \r \r This place is a gem of a classic old tavern. It always was but a lot of it was hidden under a black cloud when the old owners had the reins. I wish the new owners much prosperity and if you're that far west in Manhattan, make sure to check it out. Great old saloon, but no longer a ptomaine hazard or a depression source. Pros: Historical bar, great selections in scotch, classic old feel Cons: Far west side location, questionable block late at night more

over all, a great place for nyc. 2/9/2007

My great-grandfather worked at New York's Landmark Tavern in the 1890's, who\r appears in my book: ""Organized Labor: Collected Poems,"" at New York's Landmark Tavern. Autographed copies are available at the bar of the Landmark including a phoyo of his great-grandfather who appears in Organzied Labor was manager of the Landmark Tavern in the 1890's. He has talked about Bernard O'Neill who appears in a group photo at the Landmark in the 1890's and the history of his family and wotk in the Irish Hells Kitchen at the turn of the century.\r \r \r \r \r Mr. Quinn was formerly also with the Irish Arts Center where he served as Associate Producer, and Guest Director. His notable works included the World Premiere production of Janet Noble's Away Alone; the NY Premiere of Graham Reid's Remembrance, the NY Premiere of Tom Murphy's The Gigli Concert with Kate Burton in a well received staged reading and the Obie Award for Tim McDonnell as is great-grandfather who appears in Organzied Labor was manager of the Landmark Tavern in the 1890's. He will talk about Bernard O'Neill who appears in a group photo at the Landmark in the 1890's and the history of his family and wotk in the Irish Hells Kitchen at the turn of the century.\r \r \r more


Hearing that the tavern reopened, i visited with two friends last week. I was amazed at what a great a job of restoring this classic old bar the new owners have done. Big Beautiful mirrors and classic carved wooden bar and fixtures. The restaurant itself is just beautiful, the white linen and glowing candles give this place a genuine ' back in time"" feel.\r \r The staff where friendly and most obliging when we asked if we could look at the upstairs private rooms and function areas, apperantly once the living quarters of the original owners (1800's), just beautiful.\r \r The food ""oh my god"" was it good..........i had a fettucine dish with shrimp and salmon, it was just divine, my partner went for the classic old shepherds pie and was very pleased with the dish, our friend enjoyed a ""huge"" Pork chop, with an apple souce with a hint of horseradish, after such great entrees we desided to stay and enjoy the company of the delightful bar man whom we joined at the bar for our desserts, "" you have to try the raspberry tart................. .mmmmmmmm........\r \r i proud to say the barman tought us how to put a shamrock in the foam of a guiness and we had a wonderful time.\r \r i just love the way the landmark offers a huge variety from bar food, restaurant food and a kids menu, we are going back next week, hope to book our christ,as party here and are going to make this gem our local. \r \r \r may be we will see you there.? Pros: FOOD, STAFF, SHAMROCKS ON THE GUINESS Cons: NO CONS, BUT MAYBE A FEW JOKES FROM THE WARM OWNERS AND BARMAN more

What Happened? 9/3/2006

This used to be such a reliable, great pub. Hearing that it reopened, I went tnight with a friend. The place was empty (run away...) But we gave it a shot. I had, without a doubt, the WORST pork chop I have ever eaten. It was lumpy, whitish-gray, and full of uncooked fat. In an apparent attempt to prettyify the disaster, the cook slathered the top of the poor chop with apple sauce. I ate two bites. This was after asking the waitress if the chops were worth ordering. ""Oh, sure. They're great."" The place looks abandoned, the staff lonely. If this is the caliber of the food on offer, small wonder. Goodbye, old friend. Never again. Pros: Wonderful old pub; tin ceilings, beautiful bar Cons: food, food, food more

The Landmark is back and better 4/16/2006

A perfect pint, with a shamrock in the foam, proprietor Donnchadh O'Sullivan knows how to pour the Guiness and keep the customers happy. We had lovely food and talk at the bar as we soaked up the atmosphere at this wonderful old NY tavern. Families, fresh off the Intrepid were enjoying the burgers and shepherd pie. Something for everyone. We'll be back. Pros: moderate price, old NY ambience, great party space more

Change Is Good 3/3/2006

I only recently heard that this great place was under new management. I gave it another try, and it was great! The food was fantastic, the service great. I was happy to see the Landmark restored! The bad service and drunk managers are gone! We can all go back! more
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    The team from nearby Druid's transformed this historic spot from shabby old-man's bar to polished pub without sacrificing its 1868 integrity. The original bar, carved from a...

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