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Lakewood Church

3700 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 635-4154
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Lakewood Church - Houston, TX
Lakewood Church - Houston, TX
Lakewood Church - Houston, TX


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I heard that people from all over the world come to Lakewood because they watch the service on TV. They want to see it live. Why would anyone want to do that if they live in Hous...


I was having an exceptionally rough couple of weeks. I had been in the hospital 5 days, after just moving to Houston. I had no family or friends around and came to Lakewood fo...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/25/2012

Every time I am in town, I make it a point to attend Lakewood Church. The message is well expressed. Thank you Joel & Victoria Osteen for uplifting me. more

Osteen too busy taking pics & signing autographs to care 9/24/2011

I was having an exceptionally rough couple of weeks. I had been in the hospital 5 days, after just moving to Houston. I had no family or friends around and came to Lakewood for the 2nd time. (once before I had gone into the hospital - and this evening) Victoria was very uplifting and encouraging and so was Joel. He had said something about volunteering in his message, which appealed to me so I was going to sign up, on a limited basis while I am getting adjusted to my new anti-seizure medicine but thought I would do what I could. He mentioned in his service message that he also wanted to meet the new members (seemed genuine about it at the time)... and that he would also be signing books at the front. I of course like the inspirational type books and thought I would get one for myself and a friend of mine. however, when I got up there all the the security and helpers around said I could not speak to him and put everyone in a row, had our books out and said he had his own pen, he didn't have time to talk he could only sign the book, when I tried to ask a question like, ""why did he say that he would greet new people in the service if that wasn't the case"" .... they quickly pulled the book out of my hand and had him sign it. They did offer to let me have a picture with him at some point, uuhhhmmmm ""NO"" He is supposed to be my pastor not George Clooney. Everyone was getting their picture taken. with him. When I was puzzled by this, JOel , was just putting his pen on one book to the next (I had two books) and said I am sorry I hope you come back. I wanted to thank him for his message, but couldn't.... didn't give me 10 seconds. PERHAPS IF HE HAD LOOKED UP FOR LONGER THAN A HALF OF A SECOND AND CONCENTRATED ON NOT BEING A CELEBRITY AND MORE ON BEING A WELCOMING PASTOR OF THE CHURCH HE WOULD HAVE NOTICED SOMEONE IN NEED OF A KIND WORD, NOT A GLAM SHOT AND AN AUTOGRAPH. Then was so upset about his security team and the way I was treated with the whole thing I wanted to just return the books, instead they just told me I had to leave. I never seen a preacher in need of that kind of security, I am sure there is a reason for it, BUT WOW.... If you can't make time for your members, you don't have anything. Makes me questions their true motives. more

Get out of your couch and see the service live 4/2/2011

I heard that people from all over the world come to Lakewood because they watch the service on TV. They want to see it live. Why would anyone want to do that if they live in Houston? Joel is a wonderful preacher. I liked his dad but I prefer Joel. I usually go to the 10am Bible study, 11:00 am service and after that our bible study group goes out to lunch. We usually try different places but we really enjoy walking next door to Polo's or drive for a couple minutes to Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse in Sharpstown. I enjoy the fellowship and laid back attitude of Joel Osteen. Come on by, stop watching the service on TV. Watching the real service will blow your mind, you will never want to see it at home again. more

use to be really nice 3/26/2011

i havent been to this church since i was in sunday school with joel and his dad was pastor . i went with my family tonite 3/26/2011 to get my new husband and 7 yr old boy baptised. so i brought the appropriate appareal swimsuit etc . we got dressed and this old guy was telling me i should wear this ugly garment and ii told him no thank you , and his face got really angry and being really mean to me . i was happy with the message joel gave tonite which was laughing all the time and i am 39 and dont look it because i have been laughing all life ,thats how i live :) . so i was whispering and tickling my 7 yr old and smiling at him and that old man came up to me and attacked me again and his face turning all red ,i walked out with my son after that guy told me he would throw us out . i went to find joel to tell him what had happened and i saw him get on the elevator and i started crying, so i talked to one of the people that work there and they told me to talk to a lady ,which i would have to call in the morning .they were very nice but this is the reason i dont go to a church because they alwaysare rude to me even when i was a single mom for 12 yrs. the point is they have strict guidlines to get baptist ,it felt like a morge in there instead of joy and laughter ..i really wanted to get baptised with my new husband and my child , i will never go back in that church ever again its a shame that church is like that now ...his dad would be ashamed because he never had security around him ..he had faith .all joel had around him was security.. more

Best kept secret 2/26/2011

I know that this church gets a ton of critisism. But this is a church with a big heart. more

Lakewood Church 2/6/2011

I remember the first time Joel preached after John' s passing. I remember the trembling sincerity I sensed,that has never changed despite the fame. People equate Joel to the Antichrist and Satan's spokesperson of misguided doctrines. I see a man of God anointed to preach the good news to the poor and treated much as was Jesus by the religious experts of His day. Jesus said to do what Joel and his Church are doing.The ""everybody who doesn't believe what we believe or preach what we preach are going to hell"" groups are forgetting the good news was about Gods mercy and grace and love. The one who loved the Samaritan got the well done, not the one that snubbed him and walked to the other side of the road. For God so loved the World means just what it says.If we can we will move to Lakewood just to attend in person. We love you Joel and Lakewood church family. more

A self-centered Church 12/17/2010

The church is a typical mega church who really out to shine themself and not Jesus. I had attended for 5 years and give my offering. When a situation happened and I need help, they turn their back. Recently my red blood cell was a 2.7 and I was in the ICU for a week. I didn't know I was sick but can't breath so when I drove an hour to church, I was turn away for two months til I attended Second Baptist because they wouldn't let me park close without a permit. The Stephen Ministry there stink! They told me to go elsewhere. It's just really a show and they lack compassion. more

A Truly Wonderful Church, Can't Imagine The World Without It 8/11/2010

I have been attending this church on and off for five years - the messages and the experiences I've had here have changed my life for the better. To me, the perspective a person has about Lakewood says a lot about where they are in their own walk with Christ. Of course not everyone is going to like every church, no place is 100% perfect and that is okay; but I believe people should not criticize so harshly. Critical comments heard from around the world are clearly from those who want and choose to ""judge a book by its cover"" without really digging deeper into what this church does/offers beyond the telecast and one visit to one weekend service. People should not expect a pastor or person to be their primary liaison between them and God, the pastor is a secondary source meant to guide and lead you, however you are the primary source that must take responsibility by reading the Bible and then acquiring the ability to filter and hear sermons according to the Word of God. Do you read the Bible? If no, then you really are not in a position to judge or criticize any church. Joel is human and is doing what he's called to do - I have a hard time grasping why people are so critical of someone who has helped so many on so many different levels. I wish when people state that Joel Osteen is ""just a motivational speaker"" that they would follow that up with what they would prefer in a pastor, but yet, I never hear a follow up...interesting. If you don't want to be encouraged, motivated, inspired and uplifted by the Word of God in a place is that is overwhelmed with love and joy, you are still welcome at any time when you are ready! more

I loved it! 8/3/2010

I visited Lakewood last Sunday for the first time, I do have to say that when it first started I was kind of uncomfortable and I just wanted to leave. I first I thought it was just a big concert and I didnt like it. But when Joel and Victoria walked out and started talking I felt as if they were speaking directly to me. I was almost in tears before it was even over. I absolutley loved it! I will be going ever Sunday! :) Just give it a chance! more

Great Place 7/13/2010

I have been going there for awhile now and love Lakewood. Their people are friendly and it?s a place to have your spirit lifted up. A lot of times people will visit expecting a miracle to happen that day or be awed some how. Unfortunately it doesn?t work like that. Besides the MAIN services there are other bible classes that focus and have a more in dept teaching on the bible. But the awesome thing is, Lakewood doesn?t have negative, selfish, criticizing members that go here?and if there is?they will eventually leave, ?like some people on here? AMEN. One thing they always ask is give one year of your life and Lakewood will make an amazing difference in your life, and remember there are also other bible classes that Lakewood has after each service. more

What god intented 5/10/2010

I have no desire to vist this place of so called church! This isn't a church it's a place where you have fun. There isn't any real teaching of the christian walk there! Where are the pastor on hand to have that one on one at! If Mr osteen is the pastor! Why isn't he never on hand to help his member's! Because I have known people to go there! And they don't have a clue what being a christian is all about! How do the this some called men of the god sleep at night when there they are leading this people to to satan hand's! more

testing all saints 2/25/2010

James 3:13 who is a wise man and endowed with wisdom and knowledge among you? Let him show it out of a good manner of life his works with meekness of wisdom. Pros: Awesome pastor Cons: God knows more

The best church I have ever been a member of. 2/9/2010

Lakewood Church is the best church I have ever become a part of. It is The House of God and his presence is felt there. Wether it be the powerful anointed music that bring tears to so many with the Holy Presence, the great prayer, or the awesome Bible Studies before and after service, Lakewood is truly a great church. The biggest misconception of this church is that it is very impersonal. Many people want just the counsel of their pastor when they don't realize that each member is a minister. At Lakewood, you will ALWAYS find at least someone to help you with your need. Any area of your life can be dealt with by the Holy Spirit and Lakewood Church and its members truly know how to allow the Holy Spirit to minister through the church members. Lakewood also has small groups everywhere in the Houston area that make the church small again by providing a place where members can meet weekly together in small groups and chat, eat, pray, and Study the Word of God. Lakewood Church is not what all the news media says it is. But dont even take my word for it, or anyone elses for that matter. Go out to a service yourself. But dont just stop there, meet the pastoral staff, attend Bible Study, and join a small group so you can TRULY see what Lakewood Church has to offer to you. God Bless Pros: The Presence of God, the people, powerful -holy worship Cons: Traffic after church, but clears quickly more

A Joke 1/25/2010

I went with a friend to Lakewood Church over the weekend just to see what it was like. To me the service was not about God but about Joel Osteen and the big show that Lakewood Church puts on. Why does a church, if you can even call it a church, need a huge water fall, a globe that spins and a whole stage that can be raised or lowered. The church is supposed to about bring people to Christ; not building a state of the art concert hall that rivals those of Holly Wood or a Broadway Theater. Pros: Great music and Speaker Cons: Nothing really about being a Christian more

MVPs for Jesus gather here 1/24/2010

I have been a member here for over a year with my friend which has went here all her life. Joel's message is positive which will change your attitude. People on tv do not get to see the music which consists of a couple of Grammy/Dove winners. When you look around at the praise and people, you see the leaders and most Godly people in America. It's almost like anyone who wanted to go to the top for Jesus has ended up here. Seas of hands of praise, building shaking with prayer, it's all here. Pros: music, Joel Cons: Hollywood effect, alter call more

GOD IS LOVE 2/24/2009

I have been a member of Lakewood for almost two years now. I started by watching Joel on TV but was a little afraid of entering into a large crowd. After my first visit I was in love. The amount of love felt in Gods house is enormous. I love going and so does my two year old son. I know it's hard to beleive but I park in the same spot and sit in the same seat EVERY Sunday. Being a member of Lakewood I feel like a better person and my relationship with GOD is great! more

Rock concert with a side of motivation 8/6/2008

With such a big building, cameras flying around, a rock concert, how could God not love us? This church is a mile wide and an inch deep. Joel Osteen is nothing but a motivational speaker - a Dr. Phil masked by Christian talk. His message usually contains topics about depending on God in order to make you rich. Anybody attending this church should seriously count the cost of being a Christian. It's not about money. Matt. 7:14; 21-23 more

You WILL leave being a different more... 7/19/2007

....positive, optimistic, and happier person. If you have not visited, what are you waiting for? Among the most wonderful places I've been to. You will love Joel! more

an uplifting event 11/18/2002

Joel has a gift to uplift a person regardless of culture or religion. His message can touch everyone and anyone. It is not about religion but rather about how we can live a clearer and happier life and how we can build our relationship with God. If ever you want to try a new church, I highly recommend Lakewood Church. After service, you will walk out with a fresh and new perspective on life. Pros: Refreshing, Positive, Comforting Cons: full parking lot more

libertycounty 10/1/2002

Joel is the best coach of team life. He gives you an offense and defense and helps you run your plays. He picks you up when your down and shows you how to achieve victory. His message is simple yet deep. He breaks through lifes illusions, through fulfillment with Jesus. The goals become clear. It is a no lose situation. Pros: message, improvement, victory more
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