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Lakes Of Bellevue Alarm Line

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Lakes Of Bellevue Alarm Line - Nashville, TN
Lakes Of Bellevue Alarm Line - Nashville, TN


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Wonderful community & friendly staff! Great location - convenient to downtown, parks, and shopping! You'll love living here :) Pros: great location, tanning bed, fitness cente...


The Lakes wasn't a horrible place to live. When I lived there, I never had any problem dealing with maintenance, as other apartment complexes tend to take their time to fix proble...

Management doesn't know what they are doing 11/18/2011

The Lakes wasn't a horrible place to live. When I lived there, I never had any problem dealing with maintenance, as other apartment complexes tend to take their time to fix problems in your apartment. I paid rent and everything on time, if not early, every month, and don't consider myself a problem tenant. Any time I had a question for the management, they were never timely in responding. I fell once during the winter because they didn't ice the sidewalk, and even though I left numerous messages, I never once got a returned call. When I moved in, they said the carpet was new, but really it was just dusted with white powder to make it seem clean. Once I vacuumed, I realized the carpet had brown stains all over it. They also told me that they put new carpet in between tenants if they old tenant had pets. When I moved out, about 4 months later, I received a notice that they were turning me over to a collection agency because I didn't pay to get the carpet redone. When I called and asked why, and why this was the first I heard about it, the office manager said that she would have to check with maintenance and get back to me. I heard back two months later when the office manager called and asked when I was planning on paying them. I told her that I was at work and didn't have time to talk, and she said she was going to send me an email, which I never received. So now I'm waiting on them to call me again to tell me I owe them more money -- for what? I'm not sure. This also happened to two of my neighbors that I had while I was living there, so they apparently are just out to make money once everyone moves out. Beware! more

Horrible Management - Don't Live Here 5/23/2011

Don't be attracted by the descent pricing at this place. The management are absolutely horrible. The rudest people I've encountered and they seem to be scam artists. Any money that you save by living here, they will get it out of you by charging you ridiculous charges and fees. That is the name of the game with them. Get them in with lower prices and stick it to them with additional BS fees! Trust me....there are much better places to live. Keep looking. Please read the other reviews on other websites as well. They're all the same. HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT!!! more

Don't Believe Everything You Read 4/13/2011

The vast majority of people who take the time to write a review on a site such as this do so because of a negative experience. The average bump-free renter won't be bothered. My wife and I have been here for 6 months, and though it's not exactly Shangrila, it is a great facility and the staff are very kind, speedy, and helpful. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that we have to leave the country soon, we'd be glad to stay in our apartment until our year is up in November. Which leads me to my next point: If you want to get a good deal on a lease-term for an apartment here which is HALF of what they are offering (6 months instead of 12), go to Nashville's Craigslist and lookup "Lakes of Bellevue" $849. My wife and I's apartment should be listed there. You can read all the details about the amenities this complex/apartment has to offer, and then get in touch with me via site. You won't regret it! more

HELL ON EARTH 6/28/2010

This place is fraught with problems, almost too many to name. It is not convenient to any part of town, unless you work in Bellevue. Traffic is terrible going in every direction. The spider problem is repulsive. I have nightmares about cobwebs to this day. At first the geese were charming, but I quickly learned they are gross and annoying. They sit in the middle of the road and won't move when you're trying to drive through. Honking doesn't help. You literally have to get out of your car, flap your arms at them and scream bloody murder so you can get to work on time in the morning. They poop everywhere and the groundskeepers don't clean it up. They hiss and lunge at you threateningly when you walk by and one attacked my 5 lb yorkie. He refused to go on walks after the trauma. These things one can learn to live with, but the place is so GHETTO. I thought when I moved in that I was moving to a nice part of town. It is, but the complex and surrounding area is full of gang bangers. There was a major theft problem. People's cars kept getting broken into and their navigational systems, personal laptops, etc. were stolen; it was even featured on the news. Once the rent checks were stolen from the convenience drop and management sent us a collection notice! It was a real headache trying to get that one sorted out. The fitness center is a JOKE. Everything in there is broken or gets stolen and the air conditioning doesn't work. Don't even bother. Likewise, the pools are disgusting and unsanitary. I never so much as dipped my toe in one for fear of disease. The people that hang out there all day during the summer shout drunkenly, blare gangsta rap music and litter the area with beer cans and toss their cigarette butts in the pool. No one cares or says anything. If there is anything that needs repair or maintenance, forget it! I had to call 3 x to get someone over to my apartment when my kitchen started flooding. Literally, FLOODING. You would think this would be considered an emergency, but it finally took my suggesting to the maintenance guy that perhaps the leak was occurring in the empty apartment next door - which, of course, it was - to get to the root of the problem. He kept telling me it was my washing machine and to contact the manufacturer. This went on for days. Unbelievable! Other, routine maintenance requests went unheeded throughout the entire term of my lease. Speaking of flooding, by happenstance, I moved out right before THE flood. My apt was paid for through the end of the month, and I called the lease office to find out if anyone had gotten flooded out. Upon learning that some in fact had, I offered my apt for displaced tenants that might need a place to stay while repairs were being made. They did not want to house anyone there because of "federal housing laws," which is RIDICULOUS. Are you serious? You're going to make homeless people go pay for a hotel instead of give them an empty, rent-free apartment for a few weeks?! These are the kind of people you're dealing with. Finally, prior to move in, upon learning the apartment I signed a lease on was FLEA-INFESTED, I was offered the enviable choices of: 1.) Moving in with flea infestation in the midst of them bombing the place; 2.) Waiting a month to move in, which wasn't an option since my old lease was up; or 3.) Paying for an "upgrade," i.e. signing a new lease on a more expensive apt. I went with option #3, which I still resent to this day. I should not have had to pay that difference, but somehow I got talked into it. I should have known right then to run in the other direction. I spent my entire twenties renting. This was by far the worst rental property I've ever inhabited. STAY AWAY. You will have better luck in the projects. At least in the projects the rent's on par with where you're living. Pros: Somewhat visually appealing once you get past the goose poo Cons: Too many to list here more

Horrible Management 6/28/2010

The grounds are nice, the lakes are nice, but the management company is HORRIBLE! My wife and I lived there for 2 years and were never late on a payment. We bought a house in June and fulfilled our lease with The Lakes Of Bellevue. Three weeks later I get a call from a collection agency saying that unless we pay $980 for a cleaning fee it will go on my credit report. I was never contacted by the management company saying that I owed them money, never sent an invoice of the charges, never even notified that they were sending my "outstanding payment" to a collection agency. The "Cleaning fee" charge is asinine to begin with. We paid a professional cleaning service to come clean the apt. after we moved out, we paid carpet cleaners to shampoo the carpets and we inspected the apt. after the cleaners. Everything was SPOTLESS. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS. IF THERE IS A HELL, YOU WILL FIND HARBOR GROUP MANAGEMENT ROTTING IN IT!!? Pros: Nice grounds, trash picked up for you. Cons: Spiders EVERYWHERE. Management are crooks. more

Will never return to Lakes of Bellevue 4/22/2010

I spent a year here at the lakes. The location is way out of the way, especially if you are going downtown often and traffic is really bad. The staff here tries its best to get every cent out of you possible. Any extra rent they can get out of you they will. If it turns out you need to stay a week past the end of your lease the rent will jump up $300. They are worse than car salesmen and the reason I will probably never return to Nashville Right next door to subsidized housing, my car was broken into the 3rd day I arrived. Now about the Geese, there must be 100 at all times in the complex. There's nothing like get waking up to the sound of a bunch of geese squaking at 5 am. I am a deep sleeper and live on the 3rd floor and get woken up every other morning. On top of this you've got geese poop all over the place and have sit forever while 20+ decide to stand in the middle of the road. This is not maintenance's problem, but managements inability to control their property. Pros: Pool Cons: Too many to list more

crumb-snatchers is a nice way to put it 3/10/2009

Gun shot fights, mind enhancing salesmen, no security, pool party thugs, cars vandalized (yes my own also) it's more than you can imagine. This apartment complex will not provide you with any amount of humanity. It's easy to move into because they list on out of state sites, and when you have to move out for work, they attack you before anything else. The company is really out of touch with reality. It's a living nightmare. Save yourself the agony and find a reputable complex to live that deserves your hard earned money. Oh yea, My MOM rolled down some stairs that were covered up and out of sight. They didn't even PRETEND to care. They're horrible little kids put in a management position. Pros: nice trees Cons: new neighbors on all sides every 4 - 6 months more

You'll love it here! 2/4/2009

Wonderful community & friendly staff! Great location - convenient to downtown, parks, and shopping! You'll love living here :) Pros: great location, tanning bed, fitness center, 3 pools! more


I definitely recommend the lakes of Bellevue! I have found my experience here to be really fantastic. The apartment is fantastic. I painted two accent walls in two different rooms to give it some personalization. I needed maintenance twice, once when I first moved in and to have a security bar installed on my sliding door (again, no extra charge to you and added security if you would like one) They were there very promptly which is impressive with the number of apartments in the complex and were very friendly! They even remembered my dog when we were out walking and passed and said hello to us -very nice guys! They have a trash valet where you can just put your trash outside of your door Sunday-Thursday nights by 8pm and it's picked up! A pool/spa that is open year round and a free tanning bed in the fitness center. Also - IF YOU HAVE PETS - this is by far the best deal I have found looking around the area. Most places are $200-$300+ deposit plus an additional pet rent (usually $25-$35/month on top of your rent). Depending on how long you're gonna be in an apartment this REALLY ads up. With the lakes of bellevue, $200 non refundable and $200 refundable -as long as you have a well-trained animal, you should get your $200 back at the end so you only had to pay $200 total for your animal - well worth it for your furry best friend! Lastly - you can get a bonus for recommending someone - so if you visit and fall in love with this place like I did, e-mail me chloe.24@hotmail and I can give you my info so you can say I referred you! I'm not just referring this place because of that, I love it and plan on being here for a couple years! If you come visit the complex and love it and don't refer me, that's okay too - welcome to the complex - but if you want a little extra $$ too and love the complex then e-mail me and I will share the extra $$!! Every little bit helps!! Good luck on the apartment search :) Pros: BEAUTIFUL, clean, safe, pet-friendly, good prices, friendly staff, VALET trash, etc, etc, etc. Cons: older appliances ( but who needs granite in an apartment?), kind of small fitness center more

Poor Management 11/21/2008

Management & employees very poorly trained and treats their tenants horribly. Staff needs to be more tenant friendly not only before they sign a lease but after as well. Pros: Ambience Very Appealing Cons: Management Poorly Trained more

live your life in resort 6/3/2008

Its almost three months i am here,and every thing is great here...its almost like living in a resort...lots of waterbody,greenery everywhere...aboveall the office staff and the maintainence staff they all are very cooperative,friendly and helpful,me and my family we all enjoying our stay in lakes of bellvue.Everyting is so well maintained....the pool,ground,the restroom beside the pool...thanks to my hubby for renting appartment here.....even all the necessary thing of your everyday grocerystore, hotels, pizzas, bank , pharmacies,preschool... is almost within your i dont need to wait for weekend and if you have not a car yet...dont worry bus service is there...see i am very new to this place...and in the begaining i dont have any car....but still on those day i can manage by bus.....any way staying in lakes of bellvue is something like you are staying in a resort , spending holidays in each and every moment of your life.... more

new management- poorly trained and condescending at best, deceptive and greedy at worst 4/16/2008

I've lived in this complex since 2003 and was satisfied and happy until the new management co.(Harbor Gp International) came in 2006. When it came time to renew my lease in 2007, the office management staff made many mistakes on the new lease agreements : the wrong name was on the lease, the rent kept changing from page to page. Each time they "corrected" the lease, my rent went up ! This happened four times over the span of four months : bottom line, 1 bedroom, 5 mo. lease will cost you $840 a month- something they should have told me the first time instead of giving me several different prices and contradictory answers. Also, my boyfriend was apt sitting for me one time and accidentally locked himself out in the balcony (due to a broken lock) during the winter time in the off hours. The management staff refused to come out because it was the weekend, and unlock the door. A policeman living next door was kind enough to help him out, however, the lock had to be replaced for $120. The management staff refused to apologize for not unlocking the door for him citing security reasons or make any compensation . Hmmm, the fact that my boyfriend got into the apartment anyway disproves their argument. Bottom line: 1) unhelpful, patronizing and condescending management staff 2) any deal they give the first you rent is for the first year only, after that rent goes up $15-20/yr, and $150 for a 5 mo. lease, no negotiations. If you rent here: keep a paper trail- management staff will make up answers instead of finding out the truth 3) if you have a pest problem (which I've had here a couple of times) - good luck and tough luck . Pros: location, pet friendly, lots of parking Cons: pest problems, management will treat you poorly more

Great Experience 4/11/2008

I have had a great experience moving into this apartment. I don't know what some of these complainers are talking about. My new husband and I love our new place and had friends over last weekend to show it off! WE ARE HAPPY! Pros: Not enough time to list... Cons: What cons?? more

Avoid this apartment complex at all costs!!! 1/8/2008

I have had several leases at The Lakes Of Bellevue apartments. To me, this at one time was one of the better apartments in that area. Not so long ago however, they changed Management Companies and I can honestly give them the worst rating of any apartment Complex I have ever lived at in the 13 years that I've been in Nashville. They have lost paperwork of mine that was lease renewals and tried to force me to go month to month at a higher rate , despite my having re-signed the appropiate lease.... They have upped some of the residences rents (in one bedrooms) by $100 per month...They have lost the information that showed that I had paid my pet deposits (and tried until I wouldn't back down) to get me to pay it again. And on and on and on. Save yourself the trouble, and do not rent from the Lakes OF Bellevue apartments! Pros: none that stand out Cons: many that stand out more

FLEAS...... 9/4/2007

I moved in about a month ago and my apartment there are fleas EVERYWHERE. I don't have pets, and now my furniture is a flea house too. I called the office and the "pest control" company came and "sprayed" twice and the office gave me a bomb to set off, but I still have fleas. When I called to let them know my apartment had a flea problem , the general response from the property manager was, "that too bad". Well, one month later, I still have fleas in my apartment. I called the property manager again and she told me that fleas are hard to get rid of and that I have to vaccum everyday. On top of the rent that I have given them, I have spent well over $200 on various fleas sprays, bombs and vaccum bags. This place is not good. The staff is awful, not rude, they just don't know anything. I would look down the road if you want to live in Bellevue. There are too many options to pick the Lakes. Pros: Good location Cons: Poor crastmanship; Awful Maintenance more

Loved it!!! 7/12/2007

I lived at The Lakes of Bellevue and loved it. But of course I'm one of those people that paid my rent on time. As a general rule, most complaints about service and management at well- run place are generated from people who are late on their rent or are being evicted. As for the person that lived here once and then came back to the same incompetent idiots that worked there----well maybe that person is the idiot for going back. As for the trash at the lakes, it is true that trash gathers at the edges--here's a news flash---how do you think trash ends up there???? Hello people--pick up your own trash!!!!!!!!! Pros: Beautiful property that sits between the hills Cons: Section 8 housing next door more

Worst maintenance staff I have ever seen. 6/18/2007

The maintenance staff here are a bunch of THIEVES THIEVES THIEVES!!!!!!!!,Don't leave any of your things laying out when you go away .I am going to try and catch one of them in the act on tape,and have some fun with them,HA HA Pros: Low traffic in the area. Cons: Maintenance crew steals from residents. more

Can't pick up trash 3/21/2007

This place is nice ,however I also agree they are unable for whatever reason to keep the trash picked up.I'm not sure how low class they are but they can't pick up trash very well at all.My neighbor has also said things to me about the trash, mostly in the water.That's all I got ! Pros: close to everything yet quiet Cons: unable to pick up trash from water etc etc more


I have lived here twice and I thought there might have been some changes since I left last. Had I known the office staff is still as INCOMPETENT as ever I would'nt have come back.There is a lot of trash floating near the edge of one of the lakes here, it happens to be right next to my place and I have asked once a week since I have moved back for it to be removed.One idiot told me that "she saw it and had written a work order", that was two weeks ago. Another idiot who is the manager said "we are sorry for not doing our job and we will pick it up."Etc etc etc, these people are world class at blowing smoke up our butts.I don't want to make a big deal about this but it's not just a couple of pieces of trash,there is alot of trash on the ground near the lake and in it.I did not move into a SEC 8 APT home I moved into one of the nicest places on the west side of nashville.To me it would be harder to lie to people all the time than it would be to send a few guys down to pick up the trash,but the office staff has been so full of sh*t for so long it's all they know how to do. Pros: It could be a nice place. Cons: It won't be, because of low class office staff. more

We love living here 9/17/2005

We have lived at The Lakes for 18 months now and love it as much as ever. The staff are always friendly and timely at fulfilling any request we have. There are lots of planned community activities. Today was Doggie Day. We left with a great bag of goodies. Great location. Bellevue is really a fast-growing community. We will continue to live here for a long time. Pros: Great for dog owners, Beautiful grounds, Very good prices Cons: traffic to downtown more
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