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Lake Forest Beauty College - 28 Reviews - 23565 Moulton Pkwy Ste A, Laguna Hills, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (949) 951-8883
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Lake Forest Beauty College

23565 Moulton Pkwy Ste A
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 951-8883
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Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA
Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA
Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA
Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA
Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA
Lake Forest Beauty College - Laguna Hills, CA


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Absolutely fabulous, period!! I have been a client of this beauty college for about 10 years now. Prior to the new management, the school was okay, now it's phenomenal!! The sc...


Avoid this school at all costs. I've become such and angry and upset person since attending this school. The staff is absolutely horrible. Please look elsewhere.

It hurts to even have to give this school 1 star.. 12/11/2011

Avoid this school at all costs. I've become such and angry and upset person since attending this school. The staff is absolutely horrible. Please look elsewhere. more

Great school! 11/9/2011

I currently attend Athena Beauty College (previous name Lake Forest) and I really enjoy this school. The school did have its problems in the past but ever since I started in August, it's been great. The instructors are very helpful and give great feedback. I am learning more and more everyday. The school allows students to work on clients once they become a senior in the program. This is great because it helps us to build client's and to practice. I can have my family and friends come in and do their hair also. Most other beauty school's don't offer all the things that this school does. The school is clean and offers Paul Mitchell products for us to use on clients. The school also has a cleaning crew that comes in every week to clean the floors. more

What a Crock!!!! 10/25/2011

Wow!!! How much more obvious can the school be to post a million 5-star reviews all on the same friggen' day!?!? Hmmmm...could we be trying to make our rating go up??? I attended this school recently and have never seen such utter chaos in ownership, management, teaching, and overall leadership! All of the sudden a teacher comes back from where ever he was (Europe?, jail?, work?) and the female part owner of the school just allows him to take over with his ADD teaching style. Rules changed EVERYDAY!!! No exaggeration....EVERYDAY!!!! Schedules and classes were promised and were never delivered. Don't get me wrong, a few teachers gave it their best- but it was impossible for them to do what they wanted to teach us with the management and this particular teacher on a power trip that seemed to be fueled by total incompetency. I really have never seen anything like it. Looking back on it, all I can do is laugh at how some operation like this can even continue operating??? I knew it's days were numbered and right before I graduated, the silent partner became the active partner, and the active female partner who started the orientation by bragging that she ""owned 51%"", became the silent partner due apparently to disagreements between her partner. He probably saw she was running it in to the ground, especially with allowing this liar of a person with no business education, to take charge. I could honestly go on and on with horror stories but the best evidence of what kind of place this school is, is to hear it from someone that truly was there!! Not some bogus entry made by staff that gushes about how great the place is. I mean... get real!!! ""Love a Nurse"" wrote: ""...clean, modern, economical.."" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The school is practically crumbling to the ground!! Clean is the very last word I would use to describe it! It's so dirty, it's depressing!! Modern? The dryer chairs are from the 1960's!! Literally- that old, no joke! The shampoo bowls leak and there is always one at least that is out of service. The tops of the mirrors and the ceilings are covered with black construction paper, The black and white checkered floor may look ok in photoshoped pictures, but it is stained and old looking in person, trust me!! And the ghetto graffiti on the walls is horrendous and it still boggles my mind why any owner would allow a teacher to tag walls in their own school!? A review like that didn't come from a client...PUH-LEASE!!! I hope the new active owner can clean this place up and get it moving in the right direction because it needs all the help it can get! He seems like a nice, intelligent, educated guy that has the school's best interest at heart. As opposed to the former, who was only interested in her new (used) little ugly black convertible, gaudy and cheap looking stilettos, and getting her hair done by her favorite teacher in charge! If this new active owner keeps his position, I would go to this school because it is getting better. However, only time will tell!!! more

5 star of beauty colleges...... 5/13/2011

Absolutely fabulous, period!! I have been a client of this beauty college for about 10 years now. Prior to the new management, the school was okay, now it's phenomenal!! The school is clean, modern and economical; the instructors are beyond a cut above and really know their stuff. These instructors actually care about the clients and the services being provided to them by students. The students are very serious and professional about training to become top notch beauty experts. Reason I say this, is because I too am a hairdresser; however, I practice as a Nurse now. So, it's true about being a hairdresser, we are the worst critics!! Plus, the products used are Paul Mitchell......couldn't ask for better!! I will remain loyal and continue hair services with this beauty school, since after all, it's the best in OC. A special thanks goes out to all of the instructors and students for always making me feel welcomed and to my favorite hairdressers, Mani and Heather............these girls are the BOMB and both excellent with hair color, especially their blonding techniques!! It's true, blondes do have more fun and only our hairdressers really know, ""Maybe she's born with it; maybe she's not!!"" Thank you, Ashley C. more

A Great Place to Learn if you put in the effort. 3/19/2011

Let me start by saying I have attended the school since January 2011 and have enjoyed my time there immensely. I have heard horror stories about how pathetic the school used to be under the old owner but currently I have found the staff to be extremely helpful and accomodating in any way they can be. First off this school gets many people from other schools where they do not teach state board properly. I can guarantee you if you do your homework here and make an effort you will pass your board the teachers really care and give you all the necessary tools it's up to you to use them. The one star review stating they can never find a teacher is total BS as it is a state board requirement that a teacher be present when students are performing services on clients as we are doing so under their license and they are the ones that catch the fines for our screwups. There is always a teacher on the floor and in every class usually 2 or more on the floor and 1 in every class plus an expiereinced stylest at the front desk and a cosmetologist that works in the admin office. As far as the comments made about the owner not being around, she is the co-owner not an instructor. She doesnt even have a cosmetology license so even if she was around she couldnt help you do anything related to schoolwork. That said she is usually there every day and there is an admin office for any other questions that has someone in it every day. Anyone whinning about her is either stupid as a bag of rocks or angry because they fail at life. I have seen students that have passed the test to get on the floor that just sit around all day and do nothing because they have completed the minimal number of operations needed to graduate and they just want to get the hours in. If you have no desire to do the work how is it the instructors fault that you dont know how to cut or color? I have literally walked past the door while an instructor was giving a lecture and they will stop mid sentence and attend to your needs. What other college have you ever been in where a professor giving a lecture would stop and attend to a student? That college doesnt exist. The staff at Athena are not pretentious like the majority of the industry they treat you like a friend instead of an infidel. I cant imagine ever failing at this school unless your have the IQ of a pet rock. You can miss 30% of class and still's not hard academically. The only thing difficult is the personal study into the chemistry and order of operations necessary in the industry, and that is a universal issue no matter what school you attend. I would say the only fault the school has is that it doesnt have enough equipment for doing facials on the cosmetology side of the school as students are constantly fighting over the beds so they can get operations done. Also Flat irons are not included in our $1000.00 kits which makes no sense whatsoever, and for the steep price the gear seems laughably lowrent as most instructors give you a list of things to replace the day it arrives. The school is currently being renovated and there have been minor improvements here and there. it's prety ghetto for Laguna Hills, old cracked barber chairs and folding chair desks for the main classroom. That said the instuctors/staff are very professional. I have never had anyone I didnt care for and they give you every opportunity to bring in clients and start working on each other as soon as humanly possible so all in all I'd say it's a little rough around the edges but it has all the essentials that count. more

A former student in2011, BEWARE 2/10/2011

doesn't even deserve 1 star \r \r The woman below who says\r "" read the following reviews before I decided to go to this school & all I can say is they couldn't be more wrong. (&I KNOW the students would agree. the owner or a teacher must have put them up to writing such an amazing review for this piece of crap school.)""\r \r Thats exactly what they did, \r a teacher took us to an internet cafe and would tell us to post something ""nice"" about the school to help advertise....\r mostly when the new owner got the school in her name in jan 2010, and even advertise during the summer in june and july...\r \r I actually recently attended the school last month and it is the WORST SCHOOL I have ever attended.\r The owner is never around, she gives you false information, she never answers any questions or concerns you may have, and she is absolutely horrific.\r There are some staff and teachers that are exceptions,\r but one in particular is only to push products and advertise to you,\r if you dont buy products from this person, they won't even give you the time of day.\r \r *************\r The other teacher who will be returning soon, BEWARE,\r he does nothing but sexually harrass students and has gotten into A LOT of trouble in the past. ( the owner and staff informed us that he would be gone for a week or two in europe.) he was ACTUALLY IN PRISON FOR A MONTH.\r \r This school was formally known as ""lake forest beauty college.""\r If you research LFBC, and see all of the negative reviews,\r well nothings really changed.\r A lot of the positive reviews on here are from jan-feb 2010 right when the new owner took over the school and changed the name. \r dont let them fool you,\r its a gimmick!\r \r They also push you to private pay, rather than attend through saddleback,\r because they make more money off of you, than they do through saddleback!\r \r The EDUCATION IS CRAP,\r they never once helped me through state board,\r through testing,\r with clients, for color, cuts, ect.\r They are dirty, never clean the pedicure buckets,\r nor ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER.\r \r you honestly get what you pay for,\r but it made it seem sooooo promising....\r well its not,\r rumor is also going around that they are going to take over hair california, another school for cosmo and barber?\r \r \r this school is relentless in so many diffrent negative levels.\r so BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!\r go to golden west before you choose lfbc=athena. more

Lake Forest Beauty College 7/28/2010

I started Lake Forest Beauty College in late May. I have love everyday from the time i walk in to the time i leave. I have learned more than I ever would have thought. The school is turning out to be so beautiful and a more edgy look, ever sense our new ownership took over. Every teacher/ instructor are so inspirational and have the most unique and creative way of teaching, it makes me want to learn more and more every day. I am still currently a freshman and cant wait to move ahead and get out on the floor. Making this decision of coming to LFBC out of all the other Cosmology schools is the best decision i have made. more

LFBC is the BOMB dot COM 7/28/2010

This college is a wonderful place to grow and learn all about the cosmetology industry. I am still a ""freshman"" my experiences thus far have been great. All of the staff is very knowledgeable and are truly there to help you advance and succeed in every way. There are also many opportunity to advance yourself form outside classes in everything from hair and eyelash extensions to facials and waxing. Since under-going new ownership there has been nothing but positive changes. The school has already expanded and added a room for facials and waxing. The school is also getting a make over which includes improving almost every aspect of the place. I enjoy going to school daily because of the great environment and am very excited and happy to get to see it go through all the improvements. This is a WONDERFUL school for not very expensive with every bit as good an education as other schools. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone and everyone who wants to be the very best they can be in the cosmetology field. Pros: Great learning environment, inexpensive and professional more

In Response to All the Negative Reviews 7/28/2010

This college not only provides information that needs to be learned in order to pass state board, but also includes lessons for real life situations. I started school towards the end of May and not even a month into it I was able to successfully trim and layer the interior of my friend's hair. After a couple more weeks I had done two successful color corrections, and two beautiful bleach and high-lift tint weaves. In response to all the negative reviews, such might be attributed to the previous militaristic owner and the cheap fashion in which the school was designed. However, it has recently undergone new ownership, along with additions to the staff, and a soon to be finished complete reconstruction. I enjoy every day I spend at school, although I am missing my summer I know I am graduating from the right school. As my first semester and time spent as a Freshman is coming to an end, I can see a huge transformation and am looking forward to how amazing it is turning out. Although I have just started school and have many months to go, I feel confident with the logistics of a salon, the chemical processes that hair goes through, basic cutting techniques and most of the world of hair color. Not only does Lake Forest Beauty College (soon to be renamed Athena) fully educate a prospective Cosmetologist for state board and the outside world, they regularly have guest speakers that offer classes for specific interests, such as eyelash extensions, hair extensions, events such as hair shows, etc. There is even an opportunity to participate in what is essentially an honors program in which one has the chance to regularly practice state board procedures in a mock state board environment and learn additional information that may be too advanced for some. Do not take previous writers' words on this school, it is transforming into something new and has already taken a great leap in becoming a more professional, enjoyable atmosphere. Pros: New Ownership and Re-modelling Into a Brand New School more

Great place to learn Cosmo 7/28/2010

Lake Forest Beauty College has been one of the best experiences I have had at any cosmetology institute. I am really happy I decided to go to school there. The programs offered are unlike anywhere else. From day one you will find that there is tons of hands on learning. This school has undergone new ownership and the changes are for the better. The whole facility is changing, a more modern look throughout. I am very excited about my education at lake forest and cannot wait to put all my learning to use in the beauty industry. I am inspired by the people around on a daily basis. This school really know how to keep you interested. Thanks LAKE FOREST! Pros: go there! more

Lake Forest Beauty College 7/28/2010

I saw alot of reviews stating that this school was horrible and the owner is questionable on how he runs the school. thankfully its under new ownership. the school has been flipped upside down. remodeling, Paul Mitchell products and hair color. I am glad I decided to go to this beauty school because the faculty is very kind and caring. they love what they do. Not alot of drama as you would find in other schools. I have only been there 2 months now and i already know enough to cut my friends hair with confidence. they start you with a good foundation you can build from for your career as a hair dresser. time flys when your having fun. Pros: under new ownership, Paul Mitchell products, remodeling, more

Lake Forest Beauty College 7/28/2010

I am a new student to Lake Forest Beauty College. Cosmetology is something that I have always been interested in but never pursued until now... I am so happy that I chose this school. I searched for the best school for the money and I can tell you right now that I made the right choice. The school is very inexpensive and some things at the school could use some improvement but the education is priceless. I feel I made the right choice and I encourage others to join this school. Pros: great education more

Dank school 7/28/2010

This school is awesome, low prices, great services, and a rad learning environment. I've been attending this school for a while now and I cannot say one thing against it! The instructors are great, and it's a great school to learn how to perfect your cosmetology knowledge. Recently under new management, and all the changes really are for the better, it's beginning to look much more legit, and will continue to do so! more

Lake Forest Beauty College 7/28/2010

I started going to this school in May and i'm really glad that i joined. I had a lot of people telling me not to go but my friends sisters convinced me to go so i decided to give it a shot, and i am glad i did. It is a a lot better now than when the old owner owned it. They are currently going under a re-model so yes it might not look 5 star right now, but it will very soon! I'm excited to continue with my education and see how things continue to grow. more

Watch out neighboring schools 7/20/2010

I started going to school here in Nov 09 and I'll be graduating next week. This is what I have to say... If you want a career in cosmetology this is the place to be. It is affordable so you won't end up owing money once you've completed the program. Also, what other career is practical and also gives you a creative outlet? They have full-time expert instructors at the school who prepare you for the written and practical exam as well as artistic instructors who are currently working for major brands in the industry. Documentary on Youtube showing their progress (hosted by our instructor Jason Lee): I can't post it here but please look up LFBC Episode number 01 by smartoneson Pros: Affordable, opportunities more

Amazing changes! Amazing Education! 6/17/2010

I started at Lake Forest in March of this year and have been very pleased with the opportunities that have come from it. I have heard stories of what the school was previously like and I must say it's nothing like it used to be. \r \r The school is under new ownership since last year and the new owner, Miss Heidi, has her heart in it for the students. She really cares and is taking very extreme steps to give us an amazing education. She has hired a few teachers that have been/are platform artists and educators for Paul Mitchell. They have given us opportunity that a normal beauty college would not. We've been working fashion shows and have been able to get out and network with salons and many of us are landing asissting jobs based on this networking. We also still have a couple of other teachers that concentrate on state board and theory. They are also very amazing & care about the future of the students. LFBC has a very high passing rate with state board. \r \r If you are considering beauty & fashion for your future & are on a budget, I highly recommend enrolling at Lake Forest. The owner cares... the teachers care. They're giving opportunity and education that you can't find on a budget... Soooo take it!!! more


I have been attending Lake Forest Beauty College since March 2010...and I can honestly say this is the best decision I could have made regarding my education. If you are thinking about this industry and looking for schools to attend, I would highly suggest giving LFBC a chance. This school has undergone quite a few changes over the last year, it is now under new ownership by Miss Heidi, and has a new location that is being renovated and turned into an awesome facility. The teachers here truly care about the students and preparing us to pass the State Board test...but also giving us knowledge and understanding of what is out there in this industry for us after we graduate. We have teachers who are platform artists, have been Paul Mitchel educators, and who have many other great things to offer us students. We basically get the ""Paul Mitchel"" type education without paying for the ""name"". And we have an extremely high passing rate with State Board. Save your money and try out won't regret it!! If you're looking for a place to get services done on your hair, nails, or for a facial, stop by and get it done by some of our incredibly talented students. You won't leave disappointed. And you will LOVE the price $$$$. Pros: awesome teachers, top of the line education, new facility more

Changes for the better 6/17/2010

I started going to Lake Forest Beauty College in September '09 when it was under old ownership. It felt like a boot camp and the owner was an ex-military man so you now how that went. I am only a couple weeks away from graduating and I have seen dramatic improvements. The new owner has done so many great things that I never would have imagined we would have had when I first started here. She has expanded the building so the cosmeticians and cosmetologists are separated now and have their own space including a large break-room. They have welcomed 2 new teachers onto the staff who were previous platform artists with a Paul Mitchell background. They bring more of the salon aspect. The other 2 teachers focus mainly on state board, our school has an extremely high passing rate. We are also a Redken Premier school so we carry, sell, and use Redken products. We do a lot of in school fashion shows but we also do outside education that includes doing hair and make-up for runway shows and photo-shoots. I'm going to be sad when I graduate and have to leave here. I will never forget my beauty college experience, I can truly thank the new owner for changing things for the better. Pros: New owndership, new staff, new building add ons Cons: not all the changes are completed yet more


I decided to check out my local beauty college because I had a few friends that went and loved the experience. I was apprehensive at first because I knew they were students who were still learning. I was shocked after I left because my hair looked like I paid 150$ when in reality I only paid 7$ for a haircut. The students were so professional and really had a lot of knowledge about their profession. Honestly, I recommend everyone to try Lake Forest Beauty College. Pros: CHEAP SALON Cons: NONE! more

New Owndership, New Teachers, Great Education 2/1/2010

i originally signed up in Jan '08 and only completed one semester since it was so hectic!! There was a ton of chaos so i left for awhile while everything settled down and recently came back Sept '09 THERE HAS BEEN A TON OF CHANGES! We have a new ownership with Miss Heidi and shes very well aware of all the students needs, and very concerned with us being prepared for the Salon World once we have graduated. We have a few new teachers... Platform artists Louski and Jason come from a Paul Mitchel background and have been doing an amazing job not only teaching us the latest techniques for cut and color but also reallly make sure that each student understand each step of the way! Lake Forest Beauty College used to be nothing but State Board procedures but now we have concentration for both state board AND the latest cut/color techniques! Were pretty much getting a Paul Mitchel education for a fraction of the price AND we have a high State Board passing rate! more
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