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I never usually write on these blogs, but I felt I had to because some of these comments are ridiculous. After having my second child, I wanted to repair my breasts. I also have a...


I do not recommend Dr. Pensler. I hated my results and I will need additional surgery to fix the work he performed. Also, Dr. Pensler has filed lawsuits against three former pati...

The truth - he is a fantastic doctor! 10/29/2010

I never usually write on these blogs, but I felt I had to because some of these comments are ridiculous. After having my second child, I wanted to repair my breasts. I also have always been an A-cup and after breast feeding, the shape of my breasts had also changed. I did my surgery with Dr. Pensler and am very glad I did. Aside from great results, he is very professional. Considering surgery can sometimes be scary, and I wanted a Dr who told me the facts, not someone who promised me the world. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Pensler with a guarantee that they will be glad they went to him. It is too bad people write such bizarre reviews in hopes of some personal gain. My mother-in-law had her facelift done with Dr. Pensler as well (b/c I loved my experience!) and I told her to write her review too. The truth needs to come out ? he is a fantastic doctor! more

I Feel So Much Better About Myself 10/19/2010

I had been thinking about having a breast augmentation since I was 16. But, my main concern is that they wouldn’t look good. My breasts were very small and I felt really out of place. Now, after the surgery I am a full C/D. I love the way I fill out my clothes – my shirts don’t look funny and dresses are a lot easier to wear. I am happier with the way I look. And I feel A LOT more confident. It makes me feel good to be noticed. My breasts are perfect. They don’t sag, and they are round. I can go without a bra and there’s no sagging. And, what I like the most is that there are no flaws and I look so much more proportional. I decided to have Dr. Pensler do my breast I augmentation because two of my friends had the same surgery and they really liked him and the way they look. I liked Dr. Pensler as soon as I met him and everyone in the office was really cool and really nice. What I couldn’t believe, is that I felt completely fine after two days. And It only took me 2-3 days to recover. I had my surgery on a Thursday and was I was driving and back at work on Monday but I was out shopping on Sunday. I would tell anyone who was considering a breast augmentation to go with the size that Dr. Pensler recommends. Eventhough I am young, I have good credit and was able to finance this on my own. At my consultation, Dr. Pensler's explained all the options to finance my augmentation to make it work. Caitlyn J. Elburn, IL more

I do not recommend Dr. Pensler 10/7/2010

I do not recommend Dr. Pensler. I hated my results and I will need additional surgery to fix the work he performed. Also, Dr. Pensler has filed lawsuits against three former patients who have written terrible reviews about him. You can check out the lawsuits on cookcountyclerk.... Case numbers 10 CH 35238, 10 CH 35876, 09 CH 18628. He has also been sued multiple times (at least 8 times), including for medical malpractice, look up those cases as well. more

Nice Experience 9/26/2010

Halo this is Lisa Wills a 24 year woman with some problem with my extra fat. I have consulted many doctor. Then one of my friend told me about Dr. Pensler and she also told that she got a good result after having treatment from Dr. Pensler. So I visited Dr. Pensler and I have found that he is a proper gentleman and his behaviour is very nice with the patient. He told me about how we are getting extra fat and how can we reduce it. After a small surgery I am stunned. I am unable to recognize myself. The extra pound had been gone. I had to buy new cloths for me. And I am feeling more agile than ever. Everybody loves my new look. MY parents, my friends, my collegues, my Boyfriend. And I am too much happy with my perfect figure. Thanks to Dr. Pensler. Dr. Pensler is the best person for plastic surgery I have ever known. So my suggetion is that if anybody needs to remove her extra fat then you should obviously go to Dr. Pensler. Thank you Dr. Pensler. more

The Best 7/30/2010

MY PROCEDURES: Gynecomastia correction with liposuction of the flanks. RESULTS: Couldn’t be happier. Considerably less swelling or pain in the short-term, and after 3 months, much less scaring than I had prepared myself for. My recovery time was also less than I anticipated. I was working out again within 3 days of the surgery (although cautiously). It went so well that I’m afraid I may want to get something else done in the future. For now, I’m set. DR. PENSLER: A truly genuine individual and a completely gifted surgeon. I instantly felt at ease with him, and trusted in his knowledge and skills. There is no doubt left in your mind after your first visit that the man knows what he is doing. I was concerned about the awkwardness factor but I was completely comfortable discussing something that most guys aren’t dying to talk about. When I’ve gone in for post-op appointments, we chat about everything from my job search, to his dog and family. I don’t know about you, but I want to know the person I’m trusting my body with is a real human being. Consider why I’d invest this much time cementing his reputation and advising others to consider him when researching cosmetic producers. The work has already been done, and I didn’t get a discount, folks. SUPPORT STAFF: Simply awesome. I’d consider hanging out with any of them in “real life.” I’ve received regular check-up calls from Dr. Pensler’s Assistant (L), exceptionally caring and professional service, and have enjoyed friendly banter with the whole staff on every visit. Visit for yourself and form your own opinion. Patients don’t bring in cupcakes (as happened today) for people they don’t respect and enjoy. The Patient Coordinator (J.V.) gave comprehensive information in a timely manner upon my first inquiry by email. Of the 3 offices I contacted, she was the only one who didn’t repeatedly call/email me with the sakes of scheduling an initial consultation (and/or surgery date). She was also the only coordinator that provided cost information up front (the others made it clear I would have to come in person to hear the most basic bits of info related to my decision-making factors). I’m smart enough to do my own research, don’t respond to pressure sales tactics (I wasn’t looking to purchase a used vehicle), and wanted the process to go as smoothly as possible. It did. THE COSTS: For the Chicago market, about average. I was willing to pay a little bit more for Dr. Pensler’s pedigree, location to my home, and the awesome follow-up care I’ve received (I’ve been in 4 times in the first 3 months for regular inspections). I understand that everyone has different budgetary boundaries. For myself, I would much rather enter a facility on the day of surgery with a certain level of confidence than save a few day’s pay. Top-notch surgeons can charge only what the market dictates. This is one time I’m glad I invested in a sure pair of hands. His services do not come cheap…for a reason. He’s darn good. There were no “hidden costs” or fees, and the Patient Coordinator disclosed total costs (in the form of an all-inclusive flat-fee) on three separate occasions: via email correspondence prior to the consultation, following the consultation with Dr. Pensler, and prior to scheduling the date of surgery. Pros: Extremely skilled, great staff, exceptional results Cons: None more

Best Plastic Surgeon in Chicago!!! 7/22/2010

I had a rhinoplasty by Dr. Pensler last year. I had never liked my nose, especially in my profile, but I hadn’t really thought about having plastic surgery. Then my friend had her nose done by Dr. Pensler and it looked so good. I decided to go in for a consult to see what could be done for me since my friend told me he would do computer simulations. I was really impressed by at how much time Dr. Pensler took explaining the procedure and it was awesome to see how much prettier I would look. I decided to have the surgery but I was little nervous about the recovery. One of the girls in the office told me she had a rhinoplasty by Dr. Pensler and that it was not painful and the recovery was really easy which made me feel more at ease. She was right I didn’t have any pain at all! I was bruised and swollen but I went back to work the day after surgery. Plus, the patient coordinator spent a lot of time with me to go over pre and post operative instructions and also explained to me about financing. I already had Care Credit and I was able to use it for my rhinoplasty. It was such an easy experience and I look so much better now. more

A Really Great Experience 5/8/2010

I am a 25 year old female and decided to get a breast augmentation and a nose job (rhinoplasty). I spoke to all of my friends who had had surgery with different doctors, looked online at different websites, read reviews, and had consultation appointments with six different doctors (i wanted to get the right guy!!). I basically wanted a top doctor and results that looked natural. I did not want scarring on my breasts, and I wanted a new nose, but one that still fit with my face. My consultation with Dr. Pensler was by far my favorite. As everyone else says, the staff is very nice and very professional. I guess where my review differs from the others is that my results were fantastic! They were really exactly what I wanted. My breasts are the perfect size and I had MINIMAL scarring, which was my top priority. My nose is definitely new, but it matches SO WELL with the rest of my face. My family loves it, my friends love it, my boyfriend loves it, and I am sooo happy! The one thing that I would say to perspective patients is that Dr. Pensler is very honest, and its important that you be honest with him. I came in telling him which celebrities had my favorite noses and breast sizes. He made it VERY clear to me that a nose is individual per each face and that he isn't a surgeon that will replicate another person's nose onto you if that isn't going to look natural. He told me (very nicely haha) that if I wanted that result, it was fine, but he wouldn't be the right doctor for me. I went home, talked with my family and thought about it. Ultimately, I decided that the best nose for my face was obviously what I wanted and I went back and went through with both surgeries. The staff care was great (as everyone says) and my post-appointments and results were really really great! I'm really glad I went through with the surgery, and Dr. Pensler was definitely the right surgeon for me! So overall: my experience was so great! My results couldn't be better and I am so happy! To anyone: make a consultation appointment, and be honest. Dr. Pensler will tell you if you will get the results you are looking for, and then YOU can decide to take it from there!! Pros: Good Staff, Good Result Cons: Hard to get an appointment more

Please go elsewhere.. This is the truth 11/10/2009

For years I have been waiting the day I could get my nose fixed. I have had a larger nose, and a rather large bump. I went on the internet and typed in Chicago land doctors. The first doctor I saw was Dr. Pensler. I looked through a few websites reading about him and everything seemed really impressive. I then quickly rushed to make an appt. Like others said, he seemed perfect. Spent time with me, said rhinoplasty was his favorite procedure and so on. Also in his office there were all these plaques on the wall saying he was a top surgeon,he had went to some very impressing schools..etc. Look I bought it all. It was the scariest thing for me, because for years I have been waiting for this procedure . Well day came of the surgery and everything seemed alright. Days passed I was pretty swollen, but couldn't see much because of the splint. I kept looking at the only part I could see and it looked exactly like my old nose. Before the procedure my mother and I stated exactly what I wanted and I should of know then. He turned to me and said he was going to make the tip how he thought would fit me. He was not going to give me a little itty bitty nose, because it would not look on me and he refused to do that. I don't know why and as stupid as it sounds I continued with the procedure. One week went by until the splint was to be removed. My mother went with me. He removed the splint and it was a shock because the bump was yes indeed gone but the tip of my nose was exactly the same... EXACTLY THE SAME... BIG!! My mom could not help to say something..and when she did..oh god, it was all over. He no joke started to scream at her!! Say she knew nothing to and leave immediately. My mother did not even raise her voice at him, she simply said Dr. we are not happy with the results and went crazy!! For the next year I came alone to all my visits. Believing the lies he told me every single time..we would meet for about 2 minutes at the most and he would say ""yes it's still swollen"" every single time. After a year passed and nothing went down on my nose..but according to him it was looked the same for the entire year. Im not a very outspoken person and I do not stick up for myself so for the year I prayed he was right that it was only ""swollen"" and it would chance. IT WAS ALL A LIE. I couldn't say anything to him.. because I was terrified he would explode on me as he did my mother. A year passed and I finally as quietly and calmly as possible, I said Dr.. the tip is just a little to big for my said if I didnt like my results you would fix it for free. He said you know what you are right I will fix the tip it is a little larger then my liking. I told him again how I wanted it and he AGAIN said he refused to give me a little nose it did not fit me!! I was desperate at this time and just wanted the nose I dreamed of. I again let him do the procedure again after waiting a year. I wore the splint.. i bruised..etc. The splint was removed.. and the result was ... THE SAME!! Listen when I say this... he DID NOT take any off the tip.. my nose looks EXACTLY THE SAME. My family.. my friends.. my bf could not tell not a single difference. Its been six months since my SECOND procedure and occurding to him ohhh itll go down alot its still swollen.. but im telling you.. there is NO DIFFERENCE!!! Listen this is the truth and i ADVISE YOU please please DO NOT SEE THIS DR..STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! I hope you al the best you has encountered this doctor and really taken what I said serious. Pros: Friendly receptionist Cons: Terrible results more

A True Professional 7/29/2009

I came to Dr. Pensler after consulting my dermatologist for a removal of a skin tag. He was recommended by my dermatologist for his expertise in preventing scarring. That he recommended a biopsy of the skin removed demonstrated to me that he really cares about his patients. He took his time, and there is no hint of where the skin tag used to be. I found him to be very professional and very caring. I would recommend him to anyone looking for those qualities in a cosmetic surgeon. Pros: takes his time on all procedures large or small more

Always research and interview plastic surgeons 6/17/2009

Six years ago I chose Dr. Pensler to do my breast reduction surgery without interviewing other doctors, that was a bad mistake on my part. I unwittingly assumed he was a great doctor since he operates at Northwestern Hospital and he?s all over the net. I learned a lot about myself as a patient and about doctors from my experience with Dr. Pensler. I?ve learned to not be so gullible, na?ve and trusting of doctors and I?ve learned that they don?t always know best and I will always question and demand answers when it comes to my health and care. Pros: made me quit smoking prior to surgery Cons: terrible bedside manner and knife work, remote office staff more

self boasting reviews 5/8/2009

I believe that the person that wrote"" great result"", ""highly recommended!!! "", and ''dr pensler was great to us! '' is the same person. these reviews are written and punchuated the same way. boasting about how he spent a full hour and how they referred there family and friends and how great!!!! or fantistic!!!! the results are. this guy preys on peoples biggest complexes and has a web sight for every one of them. im angry because i bought into his *ull**** hook line and sinker and will have to have the surgery redone. this guy is a smooth operator and so is his staff. its all good untill you question his work or does something you didnt expect and then you will see the true side of this ***hole. once hes got your money he could care less. Pros: not even average Cons: everything more

Great Result 5/8/2009

I went to Dr. Pensler for liposuction. I had gone to 2 other consultations elsewhere first becasue they were free. I only spent a few mins with the doctors at both places so I decided it was worth it to me to pay for the consulation with Dr. Pensler once I had done my research. My consult with him was completely different. He spent about an hour with my boyfriend and I. I scheduled surgery that day because we were both comfortable and confidnent after meeting with him. My results are fantastic!!! I can fit into jeans I haven't been able to for a very long time. I have refered Dr. Pensler to my friends and family and they are also very happy with their results. more

great save 4/21/2009

I had previous surgery on my breast in Indiana and Dr. Pensler redid the surgery and saved my breasts.They were terrible and now after larger implants that were put in the right place they look great.! Pros: saved my breasts more

too bad they don't have ratings below 1 3/25/2009

look around for a different surgeon... Everyone was nice until the surgery was done. Surgery came out uneven and botchy stitches; i tried talking to them about it and they did not want to take any responsibility (they said it was how my body is shaped, although it was perfectly even in the before pictures). I also made it very clear to him where i wanted the implants inserted and found out they were inserted elsewhere after the bandage was removed!!! Cons: too many more

Highly Recommended!!! 1/26/2009

This is the first time i am writing about Dr. Pensler. The most professional, honest doctor. The staff is great! I had a breast augmentation, best result possible. When you get to meet the doctor, he spends a full hour with you. Listens to your questions and concerns and gives his honest opinion! besides the breast augmentation I was also interested in radiesse injections which he told me i was too young for and dont need it!!!! that was great to hear. :) The office is so clean and sanitary. Dr. Pensler spend so much time and answered every email and telephone call when i had additional questions before scheduling surgery. After the procedure, i was able to make an apointment at a time that is convenient for me! Everyone worked great with me. It has been two years now and I believe i refered atleast 8 other girls to him. I trusted him right away. His credentials say it all!!! The nurse was very caring and the girls at the office were great. One of the girls has been a patient of Dr. Pensler and she has such an awesome result like a walking advertisement for his work! :) The other girl had different procedures done and did not mind showing me her before and after photos which made me go wowww :) if I ever had to consider liposuction. I Would NEVER go to any other doctor. I had my girlfriend travel from NY just to have a procedure with Dr. Pensler. I thank him everytime i see him :) because unfortunetly I have girlfriends who have went to different plastic surgeons in Chicago and are very unhappy. Now they are considering going to Dr. Pensler to fix other surgeons mistakes... they will end up paying double when they could have had A perfect result the 1st time! You have to meet Dr. Pensler!!!!!! Pros: The best!!!! Cons: zero more

gynecomastia 1/23/2009

His business and presentation are a well oiled machine. every thing about this guy is calculated and methodical. He and his staff all come off as saints and present themselves VERY well. his adds are self promoted, just do the google and they all say the same thing. every website saying hes the best are his own websites. they are not referrals to numerous top doctors they only have one person on them and you guessed it Dr pensler. He lacks attention to detail, my incisions were jagged and not consistent with each other. i was under corrected and when i called him out on it he blew up and and in a very calculated way shut down the discussion. you will leave his office thinking you are the problem and that you have issues and his staff and his wife lori ( wife is his nurse) will just label you one of those people that will never be satisfied. his staff defends him fiercely . after the first surgery he just kept assuring me everything is fine. So giving it more time like he had asked, and months of follow ups i allowed dr to do a revision which only took him 30 or 40 minutes to do and yet Im still at square one Iv had 2 procedures and now have two scars on each areola because he didn't excise the the first incision he just cut threw it again. spent $5000 and still don't have the results i deserve. i feel any good doctor shouldn't have to advertise as much as he does and this chicago top doc is everywhere on the net. In hindsight I wished Id been more careful and knew more about what i was getting myself into. BTW there used to be more complaints about him here but recently this sight was somehow edited, leaving only one not so good and lots of positive outcomes giving him a high rating. every time someone adds to this site giving him a bad rating someone comes out with a story to defend this mom and pop operation and i wonder who... more

Life Changer 8/18/2008

When I was 8 months old, Dr. Pensler performed a complex, new facial-cranial surgery on me. He was kind, patient, and compassionate to my worried parents. Dr. Pensler was the most recommended surgeron that my parents could find. They were willing to travel around the country to find the best, and fortunately they found Dr. Pensler in our hometown of Chicago. I am now in medical books at Children's Memorial Hospital for how sucessful my surgery was. No one would ever guess that I had such a deformed skull when I was little. I have even gotten offers to model. I owe my life as I know it to Dr. Pensler. Thank you Dr. Pensler for making me beautiful. I am who I am because of you! Pros: Good surgeon, patient, informative, compassionate more

plastic surgeon 4/8/2008

I had Dr. Pensler redo my nose. Everyone in the office was very professional and put up with my nervousness. I never waited more than ten minutes to see the doctor and most importantly he saved my nose after another doctor who claimed to be an expert on nose surgery took great pictures but the results had no resemblance to the photos he gave me.Very positive experience.The first time I met with Dr. Pensler he spent around an hour with me and reviewed my case and we discussed what I wanted and what he could do to help me. I am extremely happy with the results after the surgery. more

Dr. Pensler was great to us! 3/24/2008

My girlfriend was referred to Dr Pensler by her friend, a previous patient of his. We went into see the doc and he was nothing but nice, professional, and calm. I don't know what some of the other people are talking about but my girlfriend's surgery was perfect. She actually went to two consultations before the surgery just to make sure she got the right size for the augmentation. He didn't even charge for the second visit which took 30 minutes out of his day. When it came time for the surgery the staff was excellent. My girlfriend was out of there right on time as he said she would be, she was sore for 2 days but was up and walking around. Her surgery turned out GREAT!!! She has no complaints and would reccomend Dr Pensler to anyone looking to get a breast augmentation. It's been two months now and there are ZERO complications. He always took the time to sit and talk with us to make it personable which is impossible to find with a doctor these days. I was very impressed with every aspect of the surgery and results. Pros: Personable, friendly, nice, great surgeon Cons: Insurance doesn't cover the surgery, it's all out of pocket. more
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