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Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hosp - 26 Reviews - 2301 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (512) 474-8888

Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hosp

2301 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 474-8888
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Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hosp - Austin, TX


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I've been a client at LABAH for almost ten years and love this place! The vets are 100% invested in the welfare of the animals and always do right by them. The majority of the s...


I have noticed a few other posts on here about hidden costs. Took my dog in for a well visit and asked for a quote. ~$125 is what I was told on the phone. When I went to pay th...

Love this clinic!!! 1/16/2012

I've been a client at LABAH for almost ten years and love this place! The vets are 100% invested in the welfare of the animals and always do right by them. The majority of the staff has been there for years and always make me feel welcome. It is one of the more expensive clinics in town but it is well worth the money. I have had to come in on an emergency basis more than once and they have been amazing! The hours also allow for those of us that work full time to still get in for appointments. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who loves their animals as much as I do :-) more

Hug all animals and protect them, too! 9/9/2009

If you want a team of professional vetenarians for your pets, visit LABAH!.This is my 2nd review, my first was glowing as well. I do not understand the negative reviews, but I am in the service industry as well, and there are some clients a business can never please-no matter what you do. I read some of those atrocious reviews, and these people are probably never happy with anyplace they visit. Pros: Exceptional Service and Staff more

Wow. Very expensive. 6/30/2009

I have noticed a few other posts on here about hidden costs. Took my dog in for a well visit and asked for a quote. ~$125 is what I was told on the phone. When I went to pay the total was $338 for a healthy dog visit. I can't imagine how much it would cost if my dog was actually sick. For rich people this is probably the right place. For a normal person in a bad economy there is no way I can afford to go back. Pros: Friendly Cons: Expensive more


I have just arrived home with my pup, Walter, who has been shaved and shaped in a stupid, prissy little cut I specifically asked that he NOT get. The groomers mixed Walter up with another dog, realized it and didn't charge me. As if that settled the score. The last time I went to Lake Austin Animal Hosp I asked for Beverly as a groomer. She was great. This time I got somebody else, Rachel, I think. I didn't even recognize Walter when they brought him out. When I called back to complain more, the girl at the desk said, I don't know what else we can do for you ma'am, and hung up. DON""T GO HERE!!!!!!!! ( PS I only gave them a star because it is required. My preference would be minus 5) Cons: Mixed up my dog with another more

Newer vets aren't nice, too expensive 11/19/2008

Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hospital has very good staff but some of the newer vets there are less then friendly with their customers. I have several animals under treatment and its frustrating to talk to a vet that can't take 5 minutes to discuss the animal. The don't always visit with you and your pet in a room. They take your animal to the back and then the vet either calls you later or in many cases, they have the lab techs present a brief summary of the diagnosis, often without the opportunity to ask any questions. Although I believe they are progressive and knowledgeable, I had a very bad experiences with two of their newer vets. Recently, Dr. Silbers called me to discuss the treatment options for a stray kitten I brought in. Dr. Silbers wanted to run a series of tests including testing for presence/type of ear mites. I've been around the block and seen and treated ear mites so I questioned the need. She could not explain how testing would change the treatment, but she stated that it was not her policy to treat without testing. I tried to ask her if there were options given my limited budget. I had not choice but to decline the test. I will have to treat her at home as I have done in the past. When I went to pick up the kitten they had also failed to administer the dewormer. Lastly, with their dramatic increase in cost, I just can't afford to go there anymore for such lousy service. I do like their flexible hours and their staff is generally very nice but overworked. I just wish their vets had more empathy for their customers. I have decided to take my kitten to another vet. Pros: Progressive vet service Cons: Expensive and rude vets more

GREAT In All Aspects... 10/30/2008

I never write reviews...and I only signed up for the specific reason to say that whomever wrote that negative review...definitely has a personal issue going on with someone at this vet. I live clear across town and have chosen LABAH as my one and only vet of choice. The staff genuinely care about/for your animal. Everyone working there is positive and attentive. Pros: Staff, vets, and building are all great. Cons: I have none to point out. more

ask for pricing before you go! 9/19/2008

staff is very unorganized(especially on weekends) and at times rude including dr. spitz, and fees are outrageous. seriously how many people have pet insurance? i also feel LABAH needs to invest a bit of their profits in the hospital; the wood floors are pitiful and potentially dangerous, in general the place is very dirty and not hygienic, driveway is in terrible condition. $1400. dollars later i will definitely shop around next time! more

I ADORE this place! 8/27/2008

I'm quite puzzled about the terrible reviews below. Perhaps they had a few bad employees and had some turn-over as a result? Maybe they don't appreciate the 'colorful' personalities that work there? I'm not sure but I have been taking my dogs to LABAH for years and really apprecite the amount of care and compassion that goes into my pets. I've had outstanding experiences with Dr. Spitz, Dr. Jefferson and Dr. Wilson. I believe their medicine to be highly progressive and thorough. The rest of the staff has always been so kind and friendly to us! My dogs always get lots of kisses and attention when we're there. Even when I had to unfortunately put my sweet dog to sleep a few years ago they equipped us with a bed and bowl of ice cream for our pooch before we had do do the deed. They also didin't even charge for the euthanasia and made us a clay paw sweet! I really adore the quirky staff, the old house that the clinic is in and have NEVER had a bad experience there! Pros: ambience Cons: parking! more

Worst Staff (Other than 1 excellent vet) Worst Service, Incompentent staff 8/13/2008

I have been there three times in the last month with different pets. more

MOST HORRIBLE Customer Service I've Ever Had!!!!! 6/19/2008

I have now been to Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hospital 5 times. I read all of the wonderful reviews and wanted to give them a try since it was more convenient to my home than my other vet I've been to. Everytime I have been the people at the front desk act as if you are invisible. I have stood at the front desk everytime for at least 5 minutes (while people are sitting at the desk) without being acknowledged. They have also messed up twice with different appointments I have scheduled for and don't even try to correct the problems. Everytime I have taken my dog for a checkup, I have had to wait for AT LEAST 30-45 mintues after my appointment time before being seen. I recommend you stay away. I will NEVER take my dog back there. We will be going back to the old vet across town that acknowledges our existence. Pros: Nice location Cons: Horrible service and very pricey!! more

A Vet Mill 4/27/2008

Terribly disappointing. While the doctors themselves were pleasant, the staff and overall experience leaves much to be desired. Customer service includes a healthy amount of pressure to purchase products that don't seem all that necessary (and in fact were not, as my next vet confirmed). I was also misled over the telephone as to what tests had truly been performed on my puppy during his last physical exam, and then promised a follow up phone call from the doctor, only to never hear back from them. Overall, I felt like a faceless customer with a credit card. Not recommended. Cons: Terrible customer service. more

long-time client, first-time reviewer 12/28/2007

i have been going to LABAH for 11 years. ever since i got my first puppy. dr. spitz is THE BEST. if anyone has had a bad experience here, i would suggest that bad experiences happen from time to time anywhere. personally, i've never had a bad experience. all care my dogs have received has been motivated by utmost concern for the animal. dr spitz explains everything (he even gives info to questions you didn't even know you had) and it's obvious he loves animals! we just got another puppy and there was no question in my mind that LABAH would be our choice, even though we've moved a little farther, it's worth it knowing that she will also receive the best care possible. just like her sister has :-) as far as his staff, they are always ready for us. there was one time when the doc was a little late, and that was because he had an emergency issue with another animal. i don't know about you, but if i was the owner of the animal who needed emergency treatment, i would be so very thankful that dr. spitz knows how to prioritize! so we waited an extra 20 was no problem. since they are located so close to the hike-and-bike, we just went for a little walk. no. big. whoop :-) when my 1st dog had a cracked tooth and i was a poor college student, dr. spitz gave me a nice discount. i wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise, and that tooth HAD to come out! bottom line, they're true professionals, they love animals, and they treat each animal as they'd treat their own. Pros: great care, sighs of relief, and the knowledge that they aren't motivated by $$$ more

Loves Loves Animals! 7/28/2007

I started seeing LABAH in 1999 and would never go anyplace else for my doggies' medical attention. The entire staff is professional, caring, and very diligent. I feel very comfortable leaving my pets in their care. Each person treats my pets like family. Costs are never a concern for me with my pets' care, but the prices have always been v. reasonable. Dr. Spitz doesn't recommend services that my pets don't need at the time. The clinic always reminds me of when annual checkups are due. I recommend LABAH to everybody with a pet. Thank you LABAH for being the best!!! Especially Dr. Spitz. Pros: Very professional and caring; up to date on latest procedures and conditions. more

most compassionate, friendly, dedicated vet i have ever been to. 7/16/2007

my dog died recently. Roger. we had to put him down. he was old and it was his time and i knew i didnt want him to suffer but he was my best friend for 12 years so it most certainly was not a happy time for me. he had been a patient down there for a few years and was always happy to go there because everyone was so good to him, he felt comfortable & not anxious like at other vets we have been to in the past. the entire staff was amazing when he died. Dr spitz in particular i would like to thank. best vet ever. He was always very concerned with Rogers health but made both him and i feel comfortable and confident about the best course of action to take. he also only recommends things that your pet really needs for his age or location or condition. not all this 'well, lets try this or this just in case' like i have had at some other vets. the prices are reasonable and i trust with them that i wasnt paying for products or services we didnt need. his illness happened very fast and they said this is what is best for your dog, we should put him down now. and then they left me alone with him so i could say goodbye and let my friends who also loved him come down and see him to say goodbye. and they were all so respectful of my grief and professional and caring at the same time. and my dog was calm right till the end.and after they put him to sleep i sat on their floor with my dog and howled like a baby and they were completely cool with it and made me feel like that was all just ok. and then they called later to see if i was ok and sent a card as well (which i just found and so am moved to write this review so you all know). they are all very sweet and professional and i recommend them to everyone i know who has a pet. and they all eventually thank me for recommending lake austin because they love going there so much. so, this is the place if you want a vet that actually 'cares' about your pet as well as heals them. Gold stars all round. thank you. Pros: friendly, compassionate, professional, good location, good hours. Cons: my dog died so i dont get to go anymore. more

Have you hugged your pet today? 6/28/2007

I will state that other than Dr. Robert Spitz, himself, the other veterinarians at this practice are above-average in almost all ways. Great bedside manner, communicative, creative and well-educated. I especially praise Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Dr. Leslie Wilson. You can see Dr. Jefferson through Emancipet for vaccines, spays & neuters at a subsidized cost. These doctors make the clinic. However, the mismanagement and shady business practices have led me to never recommend them again to anyone. More often than not, you will have many added extra costs in the total bill at this vet clinic. Besides the price another complaint I have is with the cleanliness of this clinic. It is in an old house along Lake Austin Boulevard which is cozy and quaint but does not allow for the most shall we say sanitary conditions; dust, caked on floor gunk, and erroding wood floors compromise the sterility of this hospital. Lastly, I have to say that another vital reason for my ""un-recommendation"" of this clinic is the fact that the owner's (Dr. Spitz) dog almost bit my mother when she was trying to use the restroom on one occasion; I also had actually seen him bite other clientle and/or employees on other occasions. This is not appropriate for a vet clinic, period, let alone one that caters to families with children. So if you plan on taking your business there beware of the owner's dog. All in all I believe you can find another vet clinic comparable in quality that is more affordable and managed effectively. Thank you for your time! Pros: Attentive, caring veterinarians; good medicine; central location Cons: Expensive; Sometimes long waits for a simple annuals appt.; Unfair treatment of staff more

Best everything... 6/14/2007

These guys go above and beyond! We had a sick little pup and they took him late in the evening even though they close at 9. They were so great to us and more importantly to him. He was with them everyday for a week and they all got so attached to him and loved on him all day. They were willing to do whatever it took to keep him comfortable and alive, but they did not presure us into anything that we weren't sure about. The ultimate topper for us was that they sent us a card about a month after he was put down letting us know how much he ment to them and how sorry they were for our loss. They went above and beyond and we will never go anywhere else. They are god sent vets and people... Thank you LABAH. Pros: they are amamzing more

Great doctor, great hospital. 5/14/2007

This doctor and this hospital are the BEST in town. Dr. Hamby is very smart and nice. Everybody at the hospital is very nice, to the animals and to the owners. Dr. Hamby took great care of my yorkie when he most needed it. My yorkie was attacked by a german sheperd and he needed inmediate treatment. He was very well taken care of and recuperated soon after, just like Dr. Hamby said. I was very pleased with the medical care my puppy got. I keep taking my puppy there for regular check ups. They are that good. Pros: Good hours Cons: no cons. more


I've been to 3 vets in Austin, and by far, this group was the most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. My friend, who has worked as a vet tech all over town, recommended Dr. Spitz. Although I had to wait 2 weeks to see him, I was just fortunate that he was still taking new patients. My animals are my life, and I had yet to find a good vet in town until I saw Dr. Spitz. more

I've never had a problem 1/13/2007

I've been to Town Lake for years. (and have used various vets that work there) I've been to quite a few clinics and each experience was different. Some people may encounter a bad day at a vet's office due to issues going on. But with Lake AUstin, it's never been a problem. I've brought in my own dog for various issues and they will call me a week later to make sure her med's are working and that she's doing well. They are usually busy, being the location and the only good vet around... PLUS, I have an Animal Care business and will, without hesitation, take my clients pets there, and have even had clients switch because their own vet wasn't thorough enough. I give them a 'thumb's and paw up' from me and my pets. Pros: great at what they do Cons: parking more

You call this an appointment???? 12/12/2006

I arrived for my appt. (new patient) which was for unexplained limping/pain in my dogs hind legs. Check in and paperwork fill-out occurred without a hello or introduction. No eye contact or use of names. After 25 minutes I asked if I had the correct appt. time. Yes, they told me the Dr. was running a bit late with an emergency but if I saw another Dr. it would be a few minutes. Ok, so I agreed to see the other Dr. After 20 minutes I was still not seen. Their explanation - they thought he was going to be ready but he wasn't. more
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