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Labor Ready Inc - 2 Reviews - 2110 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA - Employment Agencies Reviews - Phone (949) 646-9675

Labor Ready Inc

2110 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 646-9675
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Well so much for being an Equal Opportunity employer.Will is the manager. He knows I complain about him.So rather then have obeast Cathy give me any work .He shows preferantial wo...


Well so much for being an Equal Opportunity employer.Will is the manager. He knows I complain about him.So rather then have obeast Cathy give me any work .He shows preferantial work preferance to ex drug addicts ex fellons. Not that I am better or perfect .But I am an honorably discharged veteran. Today one of the cronies or lap dogs he has been hooking up with lots of work ,sat over my personal belongings and positioned his fists in a fighting position.Should be on camera.Why because the only people that don't complain are the ones Will and obeast Cathy hooks up with work. Primarly ex convicts striving to get some money for the day. He appears to love catering to those of African American . Then the rest.His actions appear to be biased but TRUE BLUE does not care.I will contact the American Legion. Me Me is the same way.Today is Aug. 9,2011,Tuesday.I was the first in line.Some pretended like the job was a repeat but it was admitted by one he just received the work ticket. Headquarters is allowing this. Today the black ex convict forgot I gave him a ride to a job.Also got him some work. Yet it appears he would instigate a fight.Then the fall guy would be me. Will appears to love showing selective enforcement.He allowed Me Me to give a ticket late.She has lips so big the could be used as spare tires for a Mack truck. Or used to unplug a toilet. Yet she thinks she is glamorous. She was probably hypnotized into thinking she is very prety.Not in my book. It does not bother me if she wants to believe a lie. Today some came in late. About 8:00 A.M. Then the lame duck had obeast Cathy give the late commers a job. To unload a truck in Fountain Valley.The other ones manager :Will Tell hooks up with work are :His company informants.They will do anything to get close.The headquaters don't care. Who else can I report his actions to??????? more

Empty Suits ,allowed to show Discrimination in jobs 7/27/2011

Well this organization advertises that it is an equal opportunity employer.The purpose of Will it appears is to allow Cathy and Me Me to show favoritism in the various jobs.All primarily general labor. Cathy has not offered me any work.Ever since I informed I don't like giving rides. On one occasion a guy she told to give a ride.Threw a cigaratte out side the car as I was driving.The one prior did'nt offer any gas.Yet yelled out the window. The next one yelled very loud to Jesus Christ so we would not get an accident. This is harassment.Best match should have their own rides. Her choice pick took the wrong bus. Does she not what she is doing? Allowed to close the office early. She is suppose to be open in accordance to the posted sign. Will the excuse of a manager sits in the back office twidling his thumbs. According to one former employee ,Will speaks with a fork tounge. The corporate office condones of his actions.Also I would not put it past Will to give some one a bad refference.Of which is ilegal. Labor Code:1050-1053.Today is July 27,2011.Today Cathy sent all kinds of employees to do some work at South Coast plaza. It was moving merchandise from a truck .The possibly setting it up.All the best match dispatch are determind by Cathy to be best match dispatch.Yet primarily all needed to take a bus or get a ride. General labor means any one can do the job. Yet so far :True Blue ,or Silent Whisper does not care. At least Shawna condones of hazing. She is from ; True Blue. One time I had black pants and t-shirt.Yet this empty suit Will did not have any of his two office lap dogs ,allow me to go to work at the Hilton. At least with Luz I had work. The reason she is gone is unknown. She did a great job. I always had work. Not since Cathy ,Me Me or Will showed up. $$ It appears Sir William Tell has been using selective enforcement or bipartisanship or pulling the good old race card as some suspect.It appears a certain employee had a stack of write ups.Not only were his acts against the employee hand book ,but against Labor Ready's policy.Appearantly lots of other very qualified employees could see the favortisim .Call after call was made to True Blue and many other agencies about Sir.William Tell. Such agencies were : Tabloids,Consumer Affairs,EEOC Washinton D.C. It appears the crew at Labor Ready Costa Mesa Calif stuck together like a union and together helped put the garabage in a more suitable location for home grown garbage.With a fetish for his style of mistreatment.Arizona. The problem is he left some bacteria behind. Cathy and Me Me. The reason they are still here is because some are getting the opportunity to work.They should be aware people change.Also with facts in accordance to the California Code of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence they also can be relocated.Which some company's can do.In some cases its really constructive discharge Calif Labor Code:2922. Note:The golden rule is to treat people like you want to be treated.Why dig a pit. Eventually you will fall in it. Proverbs. Where there is no wood there is no fire.So don't start one.Calif Labor Code:6310 ,is retaliation for making a complaint.The way Labor Ready employees like to retaliate is to not give certain employees work.Also to turn a blind eye on their favorites that get loud and instigate provocation on other employees just sitting around waiting on a job.Its their subtle way of retaliating. Its also constructive discharge.Calif Labor Code:2922. So far they p more
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