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La Vista Animal Hospital - 20 Reviews - 2804 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (404) 325-9924

La Vista Animal Hospital

2804 Lavista Rd
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 325-9924
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After reading negative reviews of this clinic I need to talk a bit about Dr. David Dulaney. I believe he's relatively new to the staff and he is wonderful! Last year our dog h...


This vet seems to cater more to dogs. I have 4 cats and went to this vet because it was virtually across the street from my house. However, the owner (who is a vet himself) was ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/14/2014

PLEASE do not take your pet here for surgery. Our dog died after ""exploratory"" surgery which involved draining/ and removing scar-tissue and/ or nodules within a Hematoma, (to send for biopsy.) (The same vet diagnosed this same lump 9 months earlier as a benign Hematoma.) We were told to leave our dog overnight because he would be on pain meds and during this time, our 10yr. old Brittany Spaniel died. He was all alone when he died. We asked the doctor why he was left alone after a surgery which ended up being quite invasive, and his reply was that they closed the office at 6:30 while our dog seemed to be resting peacefully. When he returned to the office at 10:30pm - out dog has already passed away. This was unbelievably negligent. How could you leave a dog on pain meds, all alone and scared - with an IV in his arm all night??!! We believe our dog probably moved around too much, and bled to death (internally). When we picked him up, he had bitten his tongue, and had dark purple bruises (bleeding) all around the site of incision. We trusted this vet to care for our dog for the duration of the time he was there. We will be reporting Dr. Walton to the Ga. Vet Board for review. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2012

zero stars. A young adult cat taken in who was obviously very sick very suddenly. Vet diagnosed a ""hairball"" stuck some gel on its tongue and said he'd be fine. Cat passed away a few hours later. Please find another vet!! It was obvious by the cat's behavior just visually that it was not a hairball. more

I would never go here again 10/19/2010

This vet seems to cater more to dogs. I have 4 cats and went to this vet because it was virtually across the street from my house. However, the owner (who is a vet himself) was very cold and callous to my sick was as if he didn't like cats and wanted to make it known. His vet tech was even worse and had the nerve to man handle my cat right in front of me. When I questioned the vet owner why he was being so rough, he replied "we have to protect ourselves". Their focus is on themselves, not the animals. (And for the record, my cat has never bit or scratched any vet or tech before...he was just scared but was treated like a feral cat.)\r \r On top of all of this, they completely missed a diagnosis of early diabetes. We had a blood test which was reviewed by another vet almost 1 year later and were told that the higher glucose levels should have been a flag for early development of diabetes. Because of this horrible vet, my cat's diabetes worsened. Thankfully we have found more

We love Dr. Dulaney 3/6/2010

After reading negative reviews of this clinic I need to talk a bit about Dr. David Dulaney. I believe he's relatively new to the staff and he is wonderful! Last year our dog had chronic diarrhea. She was seen by numerous other vets and treated, but the problem would always return and she was losing weight. When she started having seizures we went Dr. Dulaney who was recommended by a neighbor. Dr. Dulaney was able to diagnose the cause for all her symptoms and treat her with a diet change and an inexpensive medication. Thanks to Dr. Dulaney, we our sweet dog is alive today. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best for their pet. Pros: Knowledgeable, caring veteinarian Cons: outdated decor more

Best Care & Value 2/17/2010

The Best Care for my pets! Love the front desk staff and Dr's! Great Prices, Clean & Caring! Long-term client and I drive a long way to go there because I wouldn't want to change vets. They go out of their way to make me feel welcome and remember my pets names. They take their time to explain things during the appointment and that's probably why some people complain about waiting too long. I would rather wait a little longer knowing that they will spend the same time and attention on my pet during my appointment. If you price check the area you will see that they are not over-priced compared to other area vets. more

Very Caring! 2/17/2010

This is an excellent place to take your pets. Prices beat most in the area, very helpful and kind front staff. The Dr.'s take their time with you and address your concerns and it's clean. I've trusted my pets in their care for over 10 years. The staff makes follow up calls after surgical or dental procedures and the Dr. has even made a home visit when I had to euthanize my beloved cat of 17 years. Sometimes the wait times are a little longer than I would like, much like my own Dr. but they are always willing to work you in for a sick animal and it's well worth the top notch treatment my pets and I get! The front staff remembers my pets names and are very nice girls! more

Really like this vet 1/7/2010

I'm shocked by these negative comments! I've been using this vet since 2003 and have never had any problems with the vets or staff. The vets spend ALOT of time with you and your pets. They go into a lot of detail and never get mad with all of my questions! more


I researched all the local vets to find the best price to remove my dog's baby teeth (which hadn't fallen out and were affecting her mood, bite, etc.). I got prices ranging from $200 up to $400!! LaVista quoted me around $150, including my pet's exam, and the total ended up being only $110 when all was said and done. I was very impressed with the Dr.'s and all of the staff. They were very friendly and up-front about everything, and I appreciated how well they cared for my pet. I've already referred them to co-workers and friends. I'll be taking my baby back there for sure!! more

Please Beware! I Would Not Recommend. 1/2/2009

I am writing this in hopes that others will not go through the pain that I did. I had a wonderful cat for thirteen years. She was my only pet. She was diagnosed by L.A.H. doctors as having a urinary tract infection and had to take antibiotics. I was leaving for a business trip to be gone three days and the vet suggested I board her while I was gone so they could administer her medicine. I called each day to check on her. When I called the last day, they informed me that she had died. When I asked what happened, I was informed that the doctor on call that particular morning had done an autopsy on her without my permission, making it impossible in my mind to see her to tell her ""goodbye."" They did not have my permission to cut her open. She did not have a urinary tract infection. She had stomach cancer and despite xrays taken by L.A.H., she was mis-diagnosed. I have filed a complaint with the state of Georgia and I am waiting the outcome. The autopsy served no purpose at that point and could have waited until I saw her and until I was given the option for an autopsy. I would highly recommend using another vet in the area if you can. Pros: Near my Home Cons: I don't trust them. more

Love them! 10/20/2008

I am also very surprised at the negative reviews. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I chose not to take them in at the same time, but I have done it before without a problem. My oldest dog has severe hip problems and my youngest puppy has a bad knee. They have spent time trying to show me my options and things to try before the expense of surgery. In one instant they told me to hold off on a hernia procedure that another vet that we adopted from highly recommended. Sure enough it healed on its own. I have also been in with an emergency injury that scared me to death and was treated wonderfully. They stayed late with me so I could take the puppy home (save that expense) but made sure she was okay after sedation. I have always thought the prices were extremely fair, and have been given estimates when asked. As you can see I have been in quite a bit recently and I have never noticed an upset client or any one being treated disrespectfully. The staff is always nice and helpful. I know more

Not a good experience 10/3/2008

I have had pets all my life, and was excited to find a facility that offered so many in-house services and procedures that was close to home. Unfortunately, I found the customer serivce and pet care (most important!) to be very disappointing. I rescued a kitten that had been abandoned in a parking lot and went to LaVista for her first exam, vaccinations, standard tests, and to be spayed. The services were extremely expensive - even for the area - over $330 for a routine spay. The procedure didn't go well, and I had to bring in the kitten twice after surgery to correct loose staples. It seems as if my questions were not welcome, although I think asking why staples were used on a 4.5lb kitten is a very valid question. I worked for a vet clinic for 2 years in college and was surprised and disappointed with each visit. However, there is one female veterinarian I saw on one visit and she was excellent. Unfortunately, my experience with the rest of the staff was enough to make me go elsewhere. The convenient location was absolutely not worth the apathy and rudeness of the staff or the inflated costs. With all the complications, I was never even called by anyone at the facility to follow-up. There are many other vet clinics and hospitals in the area; I would not reccoment this facility. Pros: Pick-up and Drop-off available Cons: Very rude and unfriendly staff; Extremely expensive; sub-par care and follow-up more

horrible 8/15/2008

I am old and the doctor still talked to me as if I were a child. I do not need a doctor trying to scream down my throat and convince me to perform services without an estimate. He never gives and estimate and when you pick your dog up the total is over 500 dollars. lazy doctor. Staff was very polite they seemed as if they had a ball and chain on their ankles more

horrible doctor never go here 8/15/2008

He only cares about himself and I have seen him repeatly talk rudely to his staff members who are always so polite in the rooms for appointments. It has made me feel uncomfortable being in a room where a doctor screams at his staff members in that manner. The worst of this is that I know for a fact that his fake friendliness is a big act and that he will spank animals. He never has cared about the animals all he cares about is the money his business makes and that he appears to look good to his customers. He hates to look bad. I would never go to him for anything with my pets the way he treats them in secret has shown me this Pros: the staff Cons: animal cruilty more

Good place for dogs 7/2/2008

Dr. Walton has cared for our 2 dogs for at least five years. The office is quiet and clean, such a surprise for a vet office. Dr. Walton is so nice and caring and I would n't go anywhere else. more

Okay...doesn't seem so great with cats 5/6/2008

I have brought 2 of my 4 cats here and they are very luke warm. It's almost as if they don't prefer to treat cats. The vet tech in particular was VERY rough with my scared, non-agressive cat. It made me angry. The vet was kind of nice...somewhat patient and explained things in detail however did refer to cats in general as ""solitary animals"" which tells me he either doesn't like cats or doesn't understand cats. While my cats seemed to receive decent care, the vet tech's attitude toward my cat is enough to make me go elsewhere. Pros: Location, Scheduling Flexibility Cons: Rough Vet Tech, Expensive more

They are wonderful 2/11/2008

I'm very surprised by Mary's experience and agree with Nancy. Both of my cats are geriatric patients now and have been seeing the vets at Lavista since we adopted them. I could not be more pleased with the care, nor with the compassion the entire staff demonstrates, The hospital is clean and welcoming. Furthermore, I am always allowed to accompany my cats into the exam room and stay with them for shots. My questions are always answered completely. more

Excellent veterinary care 11/19/2007

I've been going to Lavista Animal for a while now, having been referred by a multitude of friends and coworkers. I couldn't be happier with the level of care, concern and service I receive every time. Dr. Walton is the best in the business and always takes the time to converse, often calling after hours. I have a dog with a chronic condition that has been very stressful for my family, but everyone at Lavista has helped us cope and makes sure our dog has the best quality of life he possibly can. Even when my other dog had something as simple as a dental, the staff called to makes sure she was doing well that evening. I should receive such care from my own doctors! I think the world of everyone there and recommend Lavista Animal to everyone I know. more

Great veterinary care 11/19/2007

I have been taking my pets to Lavista Animal Hospital for years, and have never had a bad experience. We used to go to the clinic right across the street (now closed), and after we switched to Lavista, we realized what a well-run hospital feels like. The staff is caring and compassionate and the doctors are all friendly, approachable, and professional. I have sveral friends who also bring their pets there and everyone honestly raves about this office because they are so good to people and pets. I have run the gamut of experiences with Lavista, from having to put a beloved friend down, to coming in off-hours for a frightening emergency, to spays and neuters and many routine exams. In every instance, the staff has been warm and supportive (which was especially nice when we had to put our cat to sleep - all the people in the waiting room were really kind, too) and the vets have given good advice and excellent care. I really can't imagine having a bad experience with them. We have moved across town but we still drive back to Decatur for vet appointments because I don't want to go anywhere else. Pros: Excellent care and service, easy to make an appointment more

Wonderful Animal Hospital, Excellent friendly, smiling faces 11/13/2007

I must respond to the negative comment made regarding LaVista Animal Hospital. Have been going to LaVista Animal Hospital for years, have NEVER had any problems with the Doctors or staff there. The doctors on staff are wonderful, caring vets that talk to pet owners as a pediatrician talks to a parent. His office staff always treats me and my boy with respect, caring attitude, have NEVER been left standing; they certainly do not look like they are foolish office staff, complete opposite, always busy. The front desk ALWAYS is able to answer my questions or they ask the doctors then relay the response to me.\r \r Can't imagine how one can say in clear conscience that the vet was nasty and acted out, wouldn't make eye contact. Completely WRONG AGAIN.\r \r Not sure if one was having a bad day but certainly an apology is owed to LaVista Animal Hospital for your rude remarks and negative comments, SHOULD HAVE BEEN ONLY POSITIVE.\r \r When you need a great VET for your PET (son or daughter) always remember LaVista Animal Hospital will be there for you with excellent service and smiling faces.\r \r I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM........... Pros: EXCELLENT CARE, SMILING FACES, WONDERFUL STAFF, GREAT PARKING, NO HASSLES,WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR more

Wonderful service 10/13/2007

I can't disagree with you more. Of the three vets there, I particularly favor one...but she's part time, so on occasion I've had to see the other ones as well. All are awesome and have treated me and my dog with consideration and care. We switched from another local practice that had tremendous change over of vets and I could never see the same one twice. \r \r The front office staff of LaVista is wonderful as well. My dog is older and has had some bizarre occurances recently (copperhead bit among them) and the office staff has been considerate and very very caring. more
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  • Lavista Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Decatur, GA. The professional and courteous staff at Lavista Animal Hospital seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental health care for their highly-valued patients. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Lavista Animal Hospital strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Decatur, GA and surrounding areas. Our Mission Our hospital exists to provide our clients with the highest quality veterinary medicine in a caring and professional environment. We emphasize service through a responsive, professional and communicative staff committed to providing quality care in an effective, courteous, expedient manner. Our entire staff will be sensitive to the needs of the client and will respond with the appropriate sense of urgency to fulfill each client’s needs. Our entire staff will create a working atmosphere that promotes a positive support system by giving ourselves to each other. Our doctors continually stay abreast of current trends in veterinary medicine and are continually improving the quality of the practice by offering new medical services. Each employee understands and is proud of his/her role at the hospital and show through their daily interactions with clients that we care.


  • Get the proper veterinary care including shots and medical treatments for your pet at Lavista Animal Hospital in Decatur.

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