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La Monique Nail Salon - 21 Reviews - 650 Castro St Ste 175, Mountain View, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (650) 265-1911
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La Monique Nail Salon

650 Castro St Ste 175
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 265-1911
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La Monique Nail Salon - Mountain View, CA


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The Manicure and Pedicure are outstanding, and the girls are wonderful. Compared to other nail salons, this one stands out light years ahead... Its amazing the rock massage..I had...


tried to get a pedicure for girls in the family for xmas,called and had a tough time. i kept asking the cost and just kept hearing what time and then a hang up.

remove 8/14/2009

TamiN Provided by Partner
remove Pros: none Cons: none more

Unprofessional Service! 11/16/2008

SelmaV Provided by Partner
I am very upset about there service and their professionalism. The store manager is also rude to customers. It is the worst place I have been to. Please work on your customer service! more

The worst salon ever! 9/27/2008

VP650 Provided by Partner
Bad service, and manager didn't do anything about it. I don't recommend it to anyone. Also dirty and not sanitized! You should check their record on health inspection violation for more info. more

Not worth spending your money there - poor service 9/15/2008

alibaba59 Provided by Partner
Very poor English. The majority of stuff is unfriendly and uncourteous. They want you to pay upfront so if the service is lousy, there is no recourse. I lost my wedding ring there, yet they claim they would call me if they had it. Funny enough, they never had my tel. numbers. Besides the nail polish peels off the same day without any work that may cause peel offs. The salon not worth visiting and spending money on. Pros: none Cons: lack of English and honesty. Attitude - they are "forced" to do your nails more

Love this place! 8/25/2008

pinkiluv Provided by Partner
The Manicure and Pedicure are outstanding, and the girls are wonderful. Compared to other nail salons, this one stands out light years ahead... Its amazing the rock massage..I had been going to Pinkie's in Los altos, and this is 100% better. Try it you will love it!!! Pros: Rock massage, friendly atmosphere, great service Cons: Needs Air condition! more

Best Mani/Pedi! 8/13/2008

12review Provided by Partner
I had the best hour away from the busyness of life when I stepped into La Monique. Only having a 1 hour break during the day I was hoping to cram a mani/pedi in without going over my lunch break by too much. I called in advance and made an appt and was taken as soon as I showed up. To make sure I was able to meet my schedule two wonderful ladies were on hand to make sure my hands and feet looked impeccable. Yen did the french manicure on my nails and I have to say it is one of the best I have ever had. She took her time to make sure the ends looked perfect and matched each other as if she were working on a masterpiece. As I type this review I just can't help checking out my nails because they look great. Yen did a fabulous job and I think I'll definitely be asking for her next time I make an appointment. Ngan took care of my toes and had the same attention to detail. The color was applied so well and she made sure each coat was dry before applying the next one. Both ladies gave me the hot stone massage which is such a treat - not something I have seen at any other nail salon. Plus the price of the combination was great! Overall, I would highly recommend La Monique. Try it - you'll love it! Pros: clean, friendly, meticulous Cons: nada! more

Awesome experience! 7/8/2008

clira13 Provided by Partner
After searching for a new nail salon closer to home, I came accross La Moniques. It was very convenient to make an appointment for the same day, however when we arrived, we had to wait 30+ minutes due to a client with an earlier appointment, who arrived 30 minutes late. I was not on a time constraint so chose to wait. The service was excellent, and worth the wait in the end. One of the employees who started on us was not friendly at all, the others were very nice. One recommendation-The area where the polish selection is, is very hard to get to, as it is on a wall directly behind the employees, with about 1 foot of space to stand and choose, while moving around to get out of their way while they work. Also, some of the polish seemed to be old, very thick. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. The Parafin wax and hot stone massage was amazing! All that for $ can't go wrong. I will definitely be back! Pros: convenient location, excellent service, great price! Cons: parking is limited, one employee not friendly at all more

Don't be shy. 6/26/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Recently I have been stressed over work, a friend of mine suggests that I should visit La Monique's nail salon. At first, I thought that was a silly idea because guy do not usually visit a nail salon, so I did not go. One day while I happen to be in that area I decided to try it anyway, when I first walked in I was so amazed at how different I felt. The atmosphere was so relaxing that I completely forgot about what I was doing right before I entered. There was so much I liked about this place that seem hard to be able to decribe in words. After my first experience, I will definitely come again with many of my guy friends. more

Such A Relaxing Day After Work. by Freshia A. at InsiderPages 5/20/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
This was my first time visiting La Monique's nail salon. It was wonderful to findout that there is still a place to relax after a hard day of work. La Monique's nail provided clean tools that make me feel extremely safe, I don't have to always watch if the tools are dirty or not. The tools are sanitized correctly and very carefully, so it made me greatly comfortable. La Monique's nail salon is decorated exceedingly beautiful with flowing of gentle melodies that I can't help but fall asleep to. I am also very happy with the warmhearted welcome I got from the employees entering La Monique's salon. I think that La Monique's nail is not only performing business but also performing ART. I am now confident to walk in this nail salon feeling like I am a special person. more

Good Pedicure - Terrible Staff 4/22/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
The pedicures here are very good, but I will never come back. I do not like that they want cash only, constantly call you Honey speak to each other very loudly in another language almost like they are angry at you the customer that is very disturbing, plus when they give you your change they wait until you hand them back the tip immediately you cannot even count your money back they just stand there with their with their hand open saying. Thank you - THANK YOU more

pedicure 12/11/2007

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
tried to get a pedicure for girls in the family for xmas,called and had a tough time. i kept asking the cost and just kept hearing what time and then a hang up. more

Heavenlike! 4/9/2007

mackiemlns Provided by Partner
I was a formal customer at La Monique' nail salon. 2 years ago, my job took me to San Francisco and far away from where I was able to visit La Monique's nail. Coming back to the place has give me a big pleasure, I found many things much amazing and enjoyable. The hot rock massage, the free parafin waxing, the relaxing music, the frenchy decor, the quite atmosphere, the neatest aquarium, plus the friendliest manicurist. There are too many great things to be mention, not ever enough room. It is what we all need after a long hard day of work. They are so very profesional, and they definitely know what they are doing. I also saw people buying gift certificate for their husband. What a wonderful place to spend your time, much like heaven, the prize is also very resonable, every single cent you spend will be worth it. Definitely WORTH IT! more

A unforgetable place!!! 4/4/2007

kimkort Provided by Partner
10 years ago, I live in Mountain View. I regularly visit La Monique's Nail Salon for a Medicure and Pedicure. The nail salon was clean, with great services, care for the customers. La monique's nail are very profesional, that is why I believe that this is a perfect, and right place to come to in Mountain View. I thought this was a very nice place so I took my family and friends to come with. After awhile I moved to Texas, leaving memories about this experience, because no where I have gone, even to Texas isn't able to compare to La Monique's Nail. Today I had a chance to return to my favorite nail salon, much better than before. I was happy, now even happier, everything has improved from the services to the decorations, especially how I am amazed with the clean service. It has only been 10 years, and there was many changes, I am sure that not long from now La Monique's nail salon will become one of the top nail salon in California. more

The GREATEST experience 4/4/2007

susian510 Provided by Partner
My first experience in La Monique's Nail Salon was amazing, I have never been anywhere that have the greatest service. The employee was nice, friendly and fun to talk to, and they made me feel like home, very comfortable. They give me a good feeling about coming to enjoy myself, the gentle music is able to relax me after a hard days of work. The place is incredibly clean, beautiful scenery. When it was done I was so happy with the results. I can not forget about the experience, I will definitely come back with friends. more

Good perks with purchase but very uncourteous staff and uncomfortable settings 4/2/2007

jestsweerness Provided by Partner
Getting paraffin wax and hot stones along with your pedicure is fabulous but the staff always seem to ruin my experience at La Monique's. After my first appointment I scheduled a manicure and pedicure for 2 weeks from that day. When I came in I told the person that greeted me that I had a scheduled appointment she said okay and put me in a chair to get a pedicure. Another lady sat me down and started my pedicure then the women started arguing in their language. I wasn't sure what was going on at first then the lady helping me says that I had an appointment with a lady named Kathy. I had no idea who Kathy was or that I had an appointment with her. Then they pointed her out and I realized that it was the same lady that did my pedicure the first time I had come in and booked my second appointment. I had no idea she made my appointment with her specifically and it was clear they were all angry over who got the business and made me feel very uncomfortable. Since then I have gone back a few times but I never felt the same and the uncomfortable awkwardness after they argued over my business and made me feel like it was my fault was awful. It's too bad because the perks that come with the pedicure and manicure are great. Pros: Great perks and cleanly salon. Cons: Horrible staff with terrible customer service. more

They rip you off and have poor service! 1/2/2007

jbutelo Provided by Partner
Heres my story: so i went to La Monique's nail salon in Mountain View, CA off of Castro street with my friend, Blair. The people there HARDLY spoke English! I asked them for acryllic nails with french tips so they sat me down and had me pay ahead of time. So i paid them and reminded the lady what I wanted. I asked her if they did acryllic nails and they said yes. Anyways, I noticed that they were not doing acryllic nails, but only a french manicure so I stopped them and asked them why they werent doing acryllics. They said that I did not ask for them and that they do not have time now! I was like "forget it then! I want my money back!" and they were like no because we already started your manicure! I complained and they gave me halfof my money back... I grabbed Blair and was leaving when one lady stopped me and told me she would at least finish the manicure. I finished the manicure AND THEN THEY WANTED HALF OF THE MONEY! BACK! I argued with them and just gave them the money back and was storming away until the manager stopped me and said that they will give me a free set next time I came in! I scheduled an appointment for 9:00 a.m the next morning and saw her write down "no charge." The next morning I came to find all the doors locked! I called them and they didn't pick up the phone. I waited til 9:30 then finally left and came back at 10:00. When I walked in, I told the lady that I had an appointment at 9:00 and she actedlike she had no idea what I was talking about. I demanded my free set of nails and she wouldn't give it to me so I spoke with the manager who refused as well! She said that she will only give me 10 dollars off and said I had to pay 40 dollars for it! I said "FORGET IT!" and left. Pros: none Cons: Poor service, staff has trouble with communicating, they do not follow through and lie, poor manicures that do not last, very limited parking more

The Salon is OK 8/24/2006

adige Provided by Partner
The salon is ok. Many go there. I have had four services there. They are good about taking walk-ins. So very accomodating. However, I did have some incidents where money was an issue. Also, I think it is very rude to talk in another language about someone and not tell them what is going on. Pros: Walkins, hot stone massage, parrafin Cons: Feels like a chop shop at times more

Bet Pedicure in Town!!! 5/6/2006

aliciae00 Provided by Partner
I have been getting pedicure's for years,but I have never been to a place that includes a hot stone massage& hot wax with every manicure & pedicure!!! They massage you so long on both the pedi & mani that I actually thought I'd died and gone to heaven!I know a woman from LA that says a pedi/mani like the one @La Monique's for $36,would cost over $100 in LA,so she goes there every time she's in town! I have brought all my friends & family here and no one has gone anywhere else since,I think that says it all... Pros: long massage, spa atmosphere, massage chairs Cons: busy on weekends more

Best in the area! 4/11/2006

bijouandelle Provided by Partner
$12 gets you a manicure with paraffin wax ... wow! Clean, lovely staff. Pros: Price, Clean Cons: Chatty staff more

Wonderful Nail Salon by RB B. at InsiderPages 3/10/2006

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Initially, I had a bad experience at this salon and shared experience on this site. Monique, the owner, read the review and actually contacted me to find out exactly what happened. She took my feedback well and told me that she will address the problems. She also invited me to visit them again which I eventually did about 6 months later. I can't say enough good things about my second visit. Monique had replaced many of the manicurists. The new manicurists were experienced, careful and friendly. They did a beautiful job with both my manicure and pedicure. You also get more for your money than most other nail places - a hot stone massage and parafin treament are included. I can't wait to go to La Monique's for my next mani/pedi. more
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