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La Fondue - 25 Reviews - 1040 15th St, Denver, CO 80202, Denver, CO - French Restaurants Reviews - Phone (303) 534-0404

La Fondue

1040 15th St, Denver, CO 80202
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 534-0404
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La Fondue - Denver, CO



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It was a great experience. They start you out with cheese fondue. The bring out bread, veggies, and fruit to dip into the cheese. Then they bring out the meat and you cook it y...


The dimmest lit restaurant I've ever been in. They bring you a platter with steak, fish, and chicken and tell you the cooking times, then you boil the meat in a pot. Not the bes...

Don't waste your time or money 3/4/2011

worst evening ever. Poor service, hot salad, staff poorly trained.......go to the Melting Pot. Go anywhere but not La FonDon't. Can't believe they will remain in business much longer. more

Very Rude Manager 2/22/2011

We have been there many times and it is declining rapidly. A once beloved restaurant is now managed by a very rude woman and waitstaff, we incurred issues calling in and in the restaurant. A place I once celebrated my 30th with fond memories I will no longer take my business to. Melting Pot has a much warmer atmosphere, better food and portions and friendly waitstaff. more

Boiled Steak? 2/8/2011

The dimmest lit restaurant I've ever been in. They bring you a platter with steak, fish, and chicken and tell you the cooking times, then you boil the meat in a pot. Not the best cooking method. The cheese fondue was good, as was the chocolate, but for over eighty dollars, I think we could have got more for our money. Overall they are trying to be fine dining, but wind up being pretentious and cheap. more

Great Place 5/14/2010

It was a great experience. They start you out with cheese fondue. The bring out bread, veggies, and fruit to dip into the cheese. Then they bring out the meat and you cook it yourself. We used oil and tempura batter. Very good! Finally, the best part. We got the white chocolate fondue with pound cake, cheese cake, fruits, etc. To die for. This is a nice place to take a date. Pros: The 3 cheese fondue is amazing Cons: We got full on the cheese more

definitely gone downhill 3/15/2010

We've gone to La Fondue quite a few times over many years and it has been getting progressively worse. This last time was the final straw. We arrived on time for our reservation, and the restaurant was not at all crowded (that in itself might be an indicator of the quality) but it still took about 15minutes to get our drink orders. Then about 10 minutes later they came and asked what kind of whiskey we wanted in our martinis, whiskey in a martini? Anyway, we finally got drinks and placed our order. Everything came out in good time after that, but we were amazed at how small the portions were. There were 4 of us and the first course cheese fondue ran out before everyone had a chance to get more than a couple dips of bread and apple. When we asked for more we were told that was all that was included. When the vegetables came out, there wasn't even enough brocoli for everyone to have 1 piece. All the other vegetables were also in short supply. The meat course had enough for everyone to have a couple pieces of each meat, but not a lot beyond that. The flavor of the broth was nothing special and the sauces were just so-so. The only good part of the meal was the chocolate fondue dessert. If we ever go back to La Fondue, it will only be for dessert and I'm not sure that will be happening anytime soon. Pros: decent atmosphere, chocolate fondue for dessert was good Cons: slow service, tiny portions, not very good food more

Not so sure 2/28/2010

I'm not sure aboutt his place. I love fondue and make it at home a lot but when we went, I was unimpressed. The veggies were old, bruised and starting to turn. The meat was not very fresh. The cheese fondue and bread were good but that is about it. I don't plan to go back. Pros: Fondue is such a fun, social meal Cons: veggies were old, meat was average more

Nice Valentine's Day Dinner! 2/15/2010

My boyfriend and I ate dinner here for Valentine's Day the night before. He had never had fondue before and I have only had it once many years ago. We showed up a few minutes before our reservations and were seated immidiately. Our waitor immediately greated us and took our drink order. When he brought our drinks we were pretty much ready to order. He was extremely helpfull with our questions and helped with recomendations. We started with the Mexican style cheese dip and it was delicious! Our burner had problems heating up so he took our pot to the back and made the cheese for us. By the time he came back our burner was doing okay. Right after we were done with the cheese he brought our veggies and broth and the broth was already boiling so we didn't have to wait (extra bonus points there!). He didn't bring the meat out until the veggies were gone but I think they have to since it's raw and they probably don't want you cooking veggies in with raw meat was my guess. I thought the meat was excellent. The sirloin was extremely tender and tasty and the shrimp was delicious. We had chicken too but chicken is just chicken to His cooking instructions were spot on and made for perfectly cooked meat! My water was kept 100% full my entire meal and filled by about 4 different people (more bonus points in my book!) To finish the meal our chocolate was brought out in perfect time and the chocolate was already nice and warm. We were absolutely STUFFED when we left. Our waitor was excellent and constantly checked on us. I really wish I could remember his name so I could give him credit. My ONLY complaint was the seating arrangements. We had no privacy. We sat at a bar with three burners so we were right next to another couple. Kinda takes the private romantic feel out of the whole fondue thing but other than that it was EXCELLENT and we've been telling everyone about it all week. It was very expensive but I was expecting it. Dinner for 2 plus a house wine for me and 2 beers for my boyfriend came out to $103 before tip. Pros: Great Service, super nice staff Cons: odd seating arrangements more

POO on FONDUE 1/30/2010

Reservations for 8, took order at 9, didn't eat until about 10. Worst three hours i ever spent in a restaurant. (We didn't get out of there until about 11:15) As it is a fondue restaurant and most people may not be familiar with the process, I had expected the waitstaff to be somewhat knowledgeable and accommodating, or at the very least helpful. What we experienced, however, were some of the most disinterested and disappointing servers ever encountered. They were rude, never attempted to make concessions for being slow and inconsistent. They actually blamed our party for not knowing what to expect at a fondue restaurant! The only good ""staff"" member was our water boy, who conversed and agreed with how horrible the waitstaff was. Not to mention the cheese was flavorless, the meat was cooked in tinted water called broth, and you had to wait so long to eat you never even came close to full. 99% of the effort was put into the dessert, so instead of leaving full you leave sick on sugar. Worst place ever. I would recommend the Melting Pot if you're desperate for fondue. The entire staff should be fired at La fondue and they should just get rid of the back room, where they apparently put the clientele they don't want. Oh and we had to pay gratuity on taxes. Pros: water waiter Cons: f-ing everything more

Nothing spectacular 9/13/2008

We went during the 5280 restaurant week. It was really noisy and the atmosphere seemed more like Denver Diner or Pete's Kitchen, not entirely unpleasant, just not intimate. The food was mixed-cheese fondue was spectacular and the salad was good as well. The main course was bland and really quite disappointing. We had the dark chocolate fondue for dessert and it was amazingly good. A really good way to end a meal. Although I did enjoy the fod for the most part, I probably won't go back simply because of the atmosphere. Our service was good and the servers were all friendly but for what you spend on a meal it just isn't private or romantic enough. It may be a good place to go with a group of people, but for two I wouldn't reccomend. Pros: Cheese fondue Cons: dining area is not intimate more

La Fondue is Amazing! 5/14/2008

La Fondue is an exquisite restaurant located on 15th street in downtown Denver. This restaurant is nothing... more

La Fondue is Amazing! 5/14/2008

csugirl Provided by Partner
La Fondue is an exquisite restaurant located on 15th street in downtown Denver. This restaurant is nothing short of amazing. From it’s delectable ... more

La Fondue is Amazing! 5/14/2008

csugirl Provided by Partner
La Fondue is an exquisite restaurant located on 15th street in downtown Denver. This restaurant is nothing short of amazing. From it’s delectable ... more

La FonDON'T 3/28/2008

I was so excited to go off my diet at La Fondue, but now want back my calories and my money. We were seated for our 7:30 reservation at 8. Our waiter came to take our order around 8:01, but we needed more time (surprising, I know). We later noticed that other tables were given information about the menu and experience- not us! We then didn't see our waiter until the host directed him to us at 8:20. The cheese course was good, though the bread was not crusty and the apple/veggie supply was quite limited (we were told bread was unlimited, but no one offered us more and in fact brought our our next course very early and it sat there while we finished). Salad was okay, but we couldn't figure out how it really added to the meal. Following the salad, they (we have no idea who our actual waiter was, but it took a few of them to ruin our evening) brought out the oil for the meat, which heated up on our table for about 30 minutes before they brought out the actual meat, at which time they realized our burner was broken. We had to get up and stand in the middle of heavy traffic while they replaced the burner. I understand that this is not their fault, but an apology would have gone a long way. When they set us back up, the burner was on low and the heat indicator was on incorrectly. The result? Our food took an extremely long time to cook, was not cooked properly, and we had to try to figure out the heat indicator situation in order to correct it, as no one stopped by to check on us at all. After the meat course was dessert, which was good, but the chocolate was cold. We again had to fiddle with the heat and wait for the chocolate to warm up. Since the time at which our burner was replaced, no one checked on us- my drink sat empty for a good 45 minutes. And then we paid the entire bill- nothing was taken off for the inconvenience or poor service. As we left, we stopped at the hostess station to pick up a mint. She said NOTHING- no ""good night,"" ""thanks,"" NOTHING. STAY AWAY. Pros: dessert/cheese Cons: SERVICE more

IT WAS GREAT!!! 11/6/2007

My husband and I went to La Fondue for the first time on Saturday with our friends Sophia and her husband Patrick. I LOVED it, I was sad that I had missed out on this place for so long. The food was so delicious. It was a great experience and we will definately go back there. Pros: Great Food Cons: Our waitress would forget to bring us things, like my husbands salad. more

i love la fondue! 8/14/2007

i've been to the meltingpot, they're so snooty and pretencious! so i went to la fondue with a few friends and realized the meal was a great deal for the quality of food, especially compared to the meltingpot! i read the other reviews and i completely disagree! we sat in the back room (we didn't have a reservation) but the hostess apologized and i actually liked it much more! our waiters daryl and valentin were real nice down to earth guys, who explained everything perfectly. valentin's accent was a bit strong, but that made him even more interesting! the managers both stopped by the table to see how everything was going, they were both young and professional, the hostess was extremely polite and energetic. fondue is a slow process and i could see how confusing it could be if you aren't familiar with the process, but its a good time if you just sit back and enjoy the experience! i would avoid little kids though, its too long for them.! more

Paying $200 to be treated like crapola 5/6/2007

I joined this website for the sole purpose of describing the terrible experience I had at La Fondue. I'd been there before and knew it was expensive, but worth it for a fun time with friends. Of course, that was when I'd been seated in the main dining room. Pros: IF you are in the main dining room, it's a lot of fun Cons: The back room should NOT be used to seat diners under any circumstance more

Awful Experience! Please read before going to this restaurant! 2/11/2007

My husband and I decided to try La Fondue for our annual Valentine Dinner last night. What an awful experience this was!! First of all, I can't figure out why they would say this is a romantic, good date restaurant because the tables are so large that my husband and I couldn't even hear each other to have a conversation. The booth we sat in was so uncomfortable, it was like sitting on a little hard bench, absolutely no back support. We made reservations for 6:00, but didn't get seated until 6:30. This restaurant has also been said to be a nice, long, lazy experience and that we could count on being there for a few hours. The reality is that once we sat down they hurried us in and out so quick then practically kicked us out! Romantic? I don't think so. Next, the service was AWFUL!! We had never been to a Fondue restaurant prior to this, and we were expecting exceptional service, where the servers were friendly and would explain to you how to cook the food, what to do next, etc. Nothing!!! They just threw the food on our table without a word as to what we were supposed to do with it. I finally had to flag our server down and ask what we were supposed to do, then she acted like we were putting her out. Instead of bringing out each course like we were told would happen, they did their best to bring as much out as possible at one time, and would take it off our table without asking if we were done. It was such an awful experience. My salad was barely edible, the bread tasted old, the server never asked my husband if he wanted a refill on his drink, no one came around to ask us how we were or how our food was. The only redeeming qualities were the gentlemen that refilled your water whenever you were low (sometimes a little too often,) and the tasty meats and desserts. We are so upset that we spent close to $100 on our romantic Valentine dinner that we had been looking forward to for weeks on this restaurant. Take my advice, don't waste your money. Go somewhere else! Pros: The Dessert Cons: The Service more

What a treat! 12/6/2006

We love this restaurant! This past weekend was my 4th time to dine there and the food/dessert was just as I remembered. My husband and I get the dinner platter for two so that way we can try a little of everything. The cheese appetizer, the steak, the chicken, the salmon - yum! And of course this would not be a review without discribing the dessert. This past time we ordered the Smore Chocolate. We roasted our marshmellows and then dove into the milk chocolate with pieces of strawberry, cheesecake, and snickers. I would have to say that this is my idea of heaven! Pros: Dessert, Ambience more

Poor Service Spoils Uncooked Foods 5/13/2006

Our evening at La Fondue was highlighted by generally poor service. Our meal of uncooked vegetables and meats took over one hour to arrive at our table. All aspects of our evening at La Fondue were excessively delayed. When we summoned the manager, he was equally unaccommodating and offered a weak remedy. Dining that otherwise might have been enjoyable was tainted by the unwelcoming reception we received which affected the whole of the evening. Pros: Quality food, Dessert Cons: Service, Assistant Manager, Poor valet parking more

enough service? 2/27/2006

150 words is short! Original review 300+ words. Cheese - pretty good but not great, plus, not enough for three Meat - good, but over priced to cook my own meal Salad - the ceaser salad wasnt that tasty, my cousin enjoyed his mushroom salad. We had to remind the staff that we had salad when they asked if we were doing dessert, so we had salad after our meal. We had to ask for more silverware and were asked if we wanted pepper twice! Drink service. For the initial water fill-up, the water person filled up my cousin's glass then my fiance's then mine... then topped off my cousin's because he took a sip of water. I'm a heavy water drinker but they filled the glasses so often the ice never melted. Please, let me drink my water without you filling it up every 30 seconds. Pros: ample parking nearby, very clean Cons: service, price more
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Owner Message

  • Le Chateau & La Fondue two great restaurant in one building features an upscale and intimate atmosphere offering a fine dining experience

    Our award-winning menu at Le Chateau features such as Beef Tenderloin, Maine Lobster Ravioli & Black Truffle Bordelaise. Main courses include: Crispy Organic Chicken Breast, and Salt & Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna, just to name a few.

    La Fondue we have combined the different styles of fondue from all over the world. Such as Classic Swiss, Aged Cheddar & Brie Entree for two include: Shrimp, Maine Lobster, Breast Of Chicken, Marinated Sirloin & Filet Mignon. Our Chocolate is the finest, Milk, White, Dark with all the goodies to dip into!

    Le Chateau & La Fondue is located one block from The Denver Center for the Performing Arts. We features a 3 course prix fixe theatre menu and will valet your car and keep it for the duration of the show.


  • Visitors dip and dine at a leisurely pace at this downtown restaurant offering a contemporary twist on the 70s fondue fad.

  • 2/22/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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