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La Palma Veterinary Hospital - 20 Reviews - 1715 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (714) 535-1141

La Palma Veterinary Hospital

1715 W La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 535-1141
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La Palma Veterinary Hospital - Anaheim, CA


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I first took my puppy into see the doctor to get his shots and the usual things that a baby puppy needs. I was so surprised at the dedication of this vet, he is so personable and...


I arrived with a sick 6 month old English Bulldog with ""Red Mange"" symptoms. The doctor seemed sure it was the mites so we did a skin scrape test. But then he said it might be a...

Wonderful Doctor 3/12/2011

I first took my puppy into see the doctor to get his shots and the usual things that a baby puppy needs. I was so surprised at the dedication of this vet, he is so personable and it is obvious that he is in the right field. I could not have chosen a better doctor. I've had a lot of animals in my life and have seen hundreds of vets but this guy and his staff too are just so wonderful and caring towards the animals he treats. I just got a cat and he is sick so you know where I am taking him. Thank you so much La Palma Veterinary! more

Best Vet 3/3/2011

I have been coming here since Dr Castillo volunteer to fix ferals thru SPCA. The receptionist is very accomodating even though I do not have appointment she will try to take my ferals to be fix if they have slot for the day and 90% I always get my ferals done. She understand how hard it is to catch ferals, the vaccination prices are very good during saturday 2-4 (low cost vaccine) the only thing is during this hour it is cash only the rest of the days you can use any of your credit card. If you do not have vouchers from SPCA they have low cost spay/neuter for cats $50 - $55 this is only the surgery if you need cone (e-collar) or vaccine or in-heat or pushed in face (brachyliphalic breed) sorry if i spelled it wrong then you need to pay extra charges. I do not understand this people who gives reviews that are off the normal of the policy of the hospital. I have not bring any dog here with vouchers and I bet you they will have limitation also because this is free srevices to us using the voucher and a big dog will consume more medicines than a cat or small to medium dog. la Palma Vet is very nice to volunteer for SPCA and AALOC and if they are not legitimate veterinary hospital meaning bad reputation I do not think the non-profit organization will do business with them. Sorry Dr Castillo for some bad reviews you can not please everybody but keep up the good work we have more people that appreciate your good work and your hospital. We need more veterinarians that cares and you are one \r of them. more

Told me my dog was overweight ... over the phone! 2/25/2011

I had been calling around to get my 7 month old ROTTWEILER/LAB MIX neutered and a friend recommended La Palma. I called and the woman at the desk asked me how old and how much he weighed ... after I told her she told me Im a bad pet owner and that I dont take care of my dog! She hadnt even seen my dog. My regular vet thinks he is actually a little under weight for his age and breed. I would not EVER take my dog or recommend that anyone take their pets here. That lady was so rude! If thats the quality of service I get over the phone, then I can only imagine how my dog and I would be treated at the hospital. If I want horrible service, then YES I would take my dog there!!!! more

Finally A Vet That Cares About The Animal 1/26/2011

My dog wasn't feeling right a few years ago so I went around looking for a vet that I could trust who wouldn't rip me off. I found Dr. Castillo after trying a few other vets who price gouged me on certain things and seemed like money was viewed higher than the lives of the animals. I brought my dog in and the receptionist (his wife) was extremely nice. We chit chatted for a bit before Dr. Castillo took a look at my dog. It turned out that she was very sick and needed surgery. Surgeries are expensive so I couldn't pay what he quoted me and I was hit with the sudden thought of putting my dog down. Dr. Castillo saw the tears in my eyes and gave me a discount. He knocked almost half off of his initial quote. I jumped on it. I think he knew how much I cared for my dog. He wanted what was best for her. It seemed like he genuinely cared for all of the animals under his care. My dog has since passed. She's probably enjoying some R and R in doggy heaven. Thanks to Dr. Castillo and his team, she was able to live a few more happy years before old age caught up to her. I continue to bring all of my pets to Dr. Castillo and I will never forget what he did for me. He's an extremely nice man who puts the animal first. Dr. Castillo's place isn't huge nor is it the Hilton but it's clean and most importantly, it's a place where your pet can go to get better. Thank you Dr. Castillo for all that you do! more

La Palma Veterinary Hospital is Dishonest! 11/11/2010

This place is a scam! My wife called and made an appointment to have out male kitten neutered and they quoted us $50 cash. She drove 15 miles to get there and they told us it would be $130 cash because our cats face is too flat. He is a sweet-faced Himalayan and his nose isn't even flat. Plus I called 3 other vets and they had never heard of a vet charging more for a ""flat-faced"" cat. If I could give 0 stars I would. What a waste of time. Dishonest Vet- do not go here! more

Excellent Service, Price and Nice people 11/5/2009

I called two hospital and do not want to accept me when I told them that it look slike my dog had an anal problem. I called La Palma Vet and the receptionist told me to come down and she will wait for me to be admitted, so the doctor can see and evaluate my dog. My dog is 13 years old and yes I am not the owner that always have a yearly shot. Yesterday I brought my dog wth worms (I do not know where it is coming from) at 5:55PM to Dr Castillo and he takes care of my dog, found out that the anal gland ruptured and it is very infected. Dr Castillo stayed late to shaved and cleaned my dog and when I picked it up this morning. Wow what a different dog, smells good, very very very clean and my dog is running towards me when she heard me calling her name. As if nothing happened, Dr Castillo even cleaned the ears for a very minimal price. Thank you Dr Castillo for a job well done and I know you care for all animals, the way you accepted my dog last night. I can not say more, but to thank you all @ La Palma Vet Hospital. Pros: nice people, good price and excellent service more

A Vet Who Actually Cares 10/25/2009

I brought my sick dog to Andy a few years ago and he gave me a quote that was very good compared to the other vets that quoted me. My dog was really sick but he nursed her back to health. He even lowered the bill for me! He really cared for my dog. It was a great sight to see. So many vets are so pricey and they seem like they don't give a crap about the animals but Andy does. If you want quality care at great prices then he's the man for the job. Pros: Attitude, Prices Cons: Nothing more

Dr Castillo bulls eye on my dog's diagnosis 1/14/2009

I took my dog to La Palma to get a second opinion without telling Dr Castillo, I had him examined and tell me what is wrong with my dog, he told me that my dog has knee problem and looks like cyst on the knee joint by just feeling (NO X-RAY DONE). He suggested an xray will show exactly, if it is broken or ligament issue. He does not know that OC Emergency did the xray already and the same diagnosis was made by emergency hospital. His estimates was very far lower than emergency and he was descent in explaining the estimates with me. Explaining from the knee sculpture in his examination room what will be the best next thing to do. He operated on my dog and is now walking, putting pressure on his knee. This place is busy, I donot know why the other review said nobody in the clinic. Walk-ins are welcome but I will advice you to have an appointment, from the time I came (walk-in) at the time my dog was seen by Dr Castillo, I saw five clients that goes in and out the examination room. I will recomend him to my relatives, friends and neighbors. Pros: Excellent service and reasonable prices, very nice people Cons: need more parking space, not enough for clients more

we had a horrible exp. i normally don't do reviews but it was such a bad exp. 12/31/2008


Saved my dogs life 8/22/2008

My dog started limping and yapping when touched, my vet moved to Cypress area and I brought in Kane to Dr Castillo per recommendation of my neighbor. Dr Castillo took an xray and found out that one leg has fractured bone (do not know how he got it). Dr Castillo gave a couple of options and I choose the most inexpensive solution. He bandage the leg and he told me that if there is no improvement that he will evaluate after three weeks if it is healing or not, then the second option which is surgery will be the next choice. I noticed that Dr castillo made this home made support for my dogs leg (very interesting) and he explained to me why he did it and why he is putting it on my dogs leg. The next day, Kane started walking with this supported leg and when I went back for recheck (which is free of charge), he jumped on Dr Castillo's leg. I was surprised to see my dog do that. Dr Castillo did not waste my money in taking another xray, he instructed me to watch the leg and do not put a lot of straneous activity for a couple of months on Kane's leg. But I tell you, he saved my dog and his price is very reasonable compare to other vet. I will recommend him also to my friend and relatives. Cons: thumbs up more

Best Service In Town 8/22/2008

I have been trapping cats for two years now and have been using La Palma Vet for 6 months. With my three previous vet in orange county I found that La Palma has the best prices, good descent people and service is excellent. Trapping cats is luck, sometimes you can trap and sometimes don't. La Palma is always there to accomodate my stray cats when it is needed. With one of the vet I used to go to, I had several cats died during surgery, I have not had any with Dr Castillo and my cats are always in good health condition when picked-up. Dr Castillo also without any problem will check my cats without charging me extra for examination. Each everyone of us will have our choices, Try going to Emergency hospital then you can compare the prices and services between small vet hospital like La Palma Vet. \r Hoooooray Dr Castillo for your good services and do not listen to those people who does not appreciate the free services that you do to the community. Pros: nothing - I am very satisfied Cons: excellent services more

Last minute vet opened and needed.Not quite impressed though. :[ 8/19/2008

I arrived with a sick 6 month old English Bulldog with ""Red Mange"" symptoms. The doctor seemed sure it was the mites so we did a skin scrape test. But then he said it might be a fungi which I must say was a 20 dollar unnecessary test because in the end his diagnosis was ""unknown."" He wasn't sure what was wrong with my pup. So he gave me a list of medications that MIGHT help out but hopefully it would in the end. \r Ok, I understand medication is needed but really my pocket isn't deep enough for the majority of them if he didn't know what the prognosis was to be exact. So as far as I know, I might be spending a lot more than what I am bargaining for since my dog's condition was ""unknown"" for this doctor. \r I wasn't impressed on how this location seemed and smelled. It looked a bit dirty so i wouldn't trust them to do surgery on my dog. BUT the staff was VERY kind and respectful. It really was a below average location. The price is ""decent"" BUT I mainly was not impressed that the doctor said he needed to do research in order to see IF what he thought it was really was was wrong with my dog and how ""half-assed"" everything he said was and did. I wouldn't recommend it unless it was a last minute emergency which mine was. Pros: GREAT nice and respectful staff members Cons: Doctor said and did things half-ass'd and showed no sympathy that all ""necessary"" things could be bought at the time more

Dedicated and most exceptional animal hospital, by far! 6/10/2008

From the moment I walked in and brought an injured 6-week-old stray kitten (attacked by a vicious raccoon), Cynthia, the wonderful and kind receptionist put me at ease and made me know that I came to the right place. Dr. Castillo stayed up until the latest of late hours performing some complicated, life-saving surgery for Frankie, the fighting spirit. This is just the best Vet Hospital I have ever known, and I trust them completely with the health and well-being of all of my furry family members. I cannot say enough good things about them. :' ) We've now adopted Frankie, and I am ever so grateful to them for helping save my baby's life and turning our trauma into a happy ending! more

Caring Vet and Office Manager ! 5/8/2008

I take my dogs to Dr. Castillo. He just did surgery on my Samoyed's leg and BEAR is recuperating well. Luckily I was able to take advantage of the Pet Credit that was offered.\r Dr. Castillo is always willing to answer my questions and concerns about my animals.\r I know he has helped in the effort to spay and neuter cats and dogs in the county.\r Cynthia is exceptional at the front desk when you bring your animal in or call on the phone.\r I highly recommend La Palma Vet Hospital for your animals. Pros: compassionate and skilled staff. Easy to find and park and readily available. Clean. more

Best Vet In My Book! 3/3/2008

We had rescued our sweet Barney in mid Jan08 & he slowly started declining from the day we got him. I didn't like the 1st vet that treated him - not very thorough. I found La Palma Vetinerary Hospital from a referral on Craig's list. So glad people post their reviews because that's what steered me to Dr. Castillo (La Palma Vet Hosp). He listened to all my concerns, worries and symptoms for Barney. I asked him to test him for ticks - not likely - but because his symptoms fit and his background was unknown it was worth a try. BINGO! Barney tested postive for Canine Ehrlichiosis - a brown dog tick disease. Mostly found in the south (Florida etc) but also found in kennels. Barney had lived in a kennel for about 1mo b4 we adopted him! May not be how he got it, but whatever, Dr. Castillo took such good care of Barney that he's now a dog with personality! We thought he was just a very mellow dog, but it turns out he was dying! Cynthia, the receptionist is always helpful and encouraging. I am sooooo glad my dogs have Dr. Castillo to take care of them when needed....I highly recommend this office! Pros: Hours are great - someone always seems to be there! Cons: a bit far from my home, but that's not their fault... more

The best doctor any pet can have! 7/25/2007

I will highly recommend Dr. Castillo and his staff to anyone who is looking for a doctor who really cares. Dr. Castillo has been the doctor for my 2 1/2 lb maltese Monchichi and him along with his staff have giving my dog lots of love and really really care for it. Cynthia who takes care of the front desk is the nicest and more caring person I have ever met, I can tell she really loves all animals and if she could she would rescue and give any animal a home with lots of love. They always always follow up and when I go in the office even without having an appointment, they take care of my dog promptly. On top of all the care they provide to my dog which is priceless their prices are very affordable. Monchichi had knee surgery on July 23,07 and after the sugery the Dr. Castillo called me and said that Monchichi was ready to go home and he said that if it was too late for me to pick him up that he would take him to his house and care for him, I have never ran into a doctor that has made that kind of offer. I've had dogs all my life and have been to other hospitals and i've seen doctors who are not honest and make you wait for a long time before your pet gets treatment. Wether you are 5minutes away from La Palma Veterinary Hospital or a couple of hours, I would recommend you start taking your pet to Dr. Castillo because it's well worth it. more

If you're a bargain hunter like me- this is the place to be! 2/7/2007

I knew Dr Castillo back in Long Beach, and I was excited to hear he was moving to Anaheim! Not only was it easier to get to, but the location is great and easy to find. When my kids need vaccinations I wait until a Saturday when Dr Castillo offers low cost shots. The hospital is clean and his staff are friendly and knowledgable. Having 2 senior yorkies can be expensive so I'm glad that Dr Castillo offers ""care credit""- a monthly payment plan interest free, to accomodate my financial situations. If you're a bargain hunter like me- this is the place the be! more

great service 11/21/2006

I lost Max a week ago due to Parvo and then Bella got sick, My neighbor told me about Dr Castillo.Dr Castillo took care of my Bella and very reasonable price. If it is not for him I will not have my only dog, thank you Dr Castillo. I will recommend him to my friends, neighbors and relatives. He is awesome in personality and services, he really cares for my dog. I can see his extra mile of services that he gave Bella. More power to you Dr Castillo. Pros: Excellent service and reasonable prices, very nice people more

New Doctor - best service 11/2/2006

New doctor with new technology and very very friendly. Receptionist is very awesome very nice and accomodating. She will give extra mile to help. Pros: Staff are very nice, accomodating and very very friendly Cons: very excellent in animal knowledge more

Best Service 11/2/2006

My dog had an emergency and Dr Castillo stayed up to 8:30PM to treat my dog. He was very knowledgable and very nice person. The receptionist was friendly also and very helpful. Facility was very clean and they have them all in the hospital from flea products, shampoo and meds. Pros: Good Service, Clean Area, ample parking (office hours 8am to 6PM M-F and Sat 8-4) very convenient Cons: nothing to say negative more
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