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La Cubanita - 24 Reviews - 4444 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205-4212, Dallas, TX - Restaurant Management & Development Reviews - Phone (213) 520-0100

La Cubanita

4444 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205-4212
Dallas, TX 75205
(213) 520-0100
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I was pleasantly surprised! I asked a lot of questions since I didn't know what some of the items were. They have something like a French Fry but it was made with a root. I w...


I visited this so-called "Cuban" restaurant not too long ago and feel that it is my civic duty to warn people about this place. A friend and I had dinner there and while the food ...

Terrible place! Unprofessional behavior! 6/16/2009

CSMobileUser Provided by Partner
I visited this so-called "Cuban" restaurant not too long ago and feel that it is my civic duty to warn people about this place. A friend and I had dinner there and while the food was ok at best, the service and behavior of the staff was just plain despicable. We were appalled to discover that most of the staff was drinking alcohol on the job in front of guests! The manager, who was unprofessionally dressed in a wrinkled tshirt and some jeans, was seen pouring liquor into her styrofoam cup and drinking while attempting to "manage" this poor excuse of a restaurant. All in all, the food was mediocre (disgusting at times), the staff was inattentive and drunk, and the fake-breasted redhead manager should be fired for her negligent behavior and blatant alcohol abuse at the workplace. I urge you all to stay away from this place, and perhaps alert Lombardi to the terrible behavior displayed here. more

A New Experience 5/14/2009

DaddyD Provided by Partner
I was pleasantly surprised! I asked a lot of questions since I didn't know what some of the items were. They have something like a French Fry but it was made with a root. I was a little nervous about this at first, but it was excellent! Better than a fry! My lunch buddy and I each ordered a different sandwich and split them. Mine was a pulled pork and hers was a chicken breast with pesto. I have to admit, they were far different from any sandwich I had tasted. New flavors that were so enjoyable. There is a sauce that you can dip your sandwich in that has a hint of lime I think. It really adds. I know that $10.00 is a little pricey for a sandwich, but still the food was excellent and unique! Pros: Great Staff - Unique Flavors - Trendy Location Cons: Parking - Price more

Pretty Good, but a disappointment compared to the other Lombardi Restaurants 2/4/2009

lg83 Provided by Partner
I was surprised to see how empty this place was when I went there...The mango sangria was great, the appetizer we got had plaintain chips with three different dips and that was wonderful as well...I got a tuna special entree, I should have gone with one of the sandwiches my friends got, they were much better. more

CUBAN FOOD???? LOL 11/29/2008

mabelle Provided by Partner
My wife and I are cuban and we lived in Miami for the las 9 years. We have never try a more discusting and unflavored food. This place is not only a joke to Cuban food but everything serve in there is horrible. The rice and beans are a capital offense. The pork was unflavored, chewie and uncooked. The yuca and tostones were something that came from the frozen section of the supermarket. The black beans were a JOKE. The top of the night was the CUBAN FLAN. We couldn't believe the discusting, white, flacid unsavory thing they call "FLAN" in this place. And the most funny part is not even the "MEXICAN" food they have is good. We feel sorry that someone decide to take our wonderful, tasty, flavored, amazing cuban food and turn it into this horrendous experience and on top of that charge for it. Even the worst cuban chef would cook better than the chef in this place. Please if you are cuban or want to really know cuban or latin food don't go to this place, let other people know what a joke this place is, and how offensive is this for the cuban community. Pros: No pros Cons: all cons more

loved it! 10/5/2008

va0036 Provided by Partner
The service was excellent: the manager came to our table to check on us and the waiter was very attentive. For lunch we had the black bean soup, bistec sandwich, and yuca fries and everything was amazing. Very authentic flavors! more

LOVED IT!!!! 9/8/2008

taza Provided by Partner
We started the evening with Mojitos - Pomegranate and regular. Both fantastic, but I'll order the Pomegranate next time. Appetizer - delicious - Mariquitas con Guacamole. For entree I HIGHLY recommend the Churrasco skirt steak. It was to die for! In fact it was so good we went back the next day for Sunday brunch and ordered the steak again. The restaurant was very festive, so don't go there if you are looking for a quiet romantic dinner. The service was excellent and fun. We commented to the manager that we loved the music, and he made a CD for us! Can't wait to go back to La Cubanita! Pros: Food, Drinks, Festive atmosphere Cons: Parking more

Stay clear...unless you are there just for drinks 6/14/2008

KevinPatricio Provided by Partner
After reading the reviews I was excited to try La Cubanita. Before the meal I had to ask for three sets of silverware...all were dirty. The bread/appetizer plates at two of the four seats were dirty and agian when they brought back new plates they were dirty. This made us all nervous about the cleanliness of the kitchen, I dare not to use my imagination. The Cuban Cigars were not fully cooked and tasted like half warmed Taco Cabana toquitos. The entries were not much better...nobody ate more than half of their meal. Oh ya, one of our dinner guest was Cuban and thought it was a far from authentic...dont get her started about the plantains they served. Three positives: The drinks were cold, good location, nice balcony. Pros: Nice balcony, good location Cons: aweful food more

Fun dining experience 6/8/2008

Hriider Provided by Partner
I had read a few of the reviews on La Cubanita before experiencing it for myself this evening, and I was pleasantly surprised! Some of previous reviews were less than complementary. But we had a great time! We started with the chips and salsa, as well as cocktails. Everything was good! The sangria is different than expected, but nice, and the regular as well as the pomegranate mojitos were excellent. There were five of us, seated close to the kitchen, and we were amused by the atmosphere. There's a moderate size flat screen TV showing old episodes of I Love Lucy, which fits in with an Cuban-American experience. The entrees were all satisfyingly prepared and served promptly. Adam was our server, and he was knowledgable and friendly. All the staff seemed anxious to assist, and checked on us repeatedly! The Tres Leches cake and cuban expresso capped off a festive dining experience. My only complaint is the requisite valet parking. They need to make it complementary if they're going to give you no option of parking for yourself. Overall though, I'd recommend the place. Pros: Good atmosphere; casual; what I'd expect for a neighborhood Cuban experience Cons: Valet parking $5.00; no parking option more

Not worth it! 5/17/2008

cdeliz Provided by Partner
In the name of Fidel Castro!!! Can someone explain me how out of 13 reviews 8 are negative and this place has 4.5 stars and recommended here? Does the owner of this awful place owns citysearch reviews? Guys if you want the BEST cuban food in the DFW area go to carribean cafe (Carrollton and Frisco), by far much better restaurant than the cubanita. Everything is better (service, food, price,cafe,etc). I understand that if you are not from Cuba, Puerto Rico or any other Latin American country with similar food, you might like this place but if you are from any of these countries or has been exposured to this kind of food for a long time and you like this place, that I will never understand. I went with my wife and her cousin somewhere in February. The place was full and the music was extremely loud, it was difficult to hear our waitress . She was not pleasent until she brought us the bill when she made sure to smile and be nice. The place inside looks good, I liked it. The best word I can use for the food (appetizers, main courses and desserts) is mediocre. Don't get me wrong I pay anything for the great restaurant experience but this was far from it. Way too much money for what they offer. They either do it right or not do it at all. more

Ay caramba, no where close to authentic 5/12/2008

CubanFoodLover1 Provided by Partner
Cuban...not. The waiter raved about how good everything was but the reality is that the food is just so-so. Nothing authentic about this cuban food here. After living in S. Florida for 18 years I can tell you what good cuban food is and this place ain't got it. To be fair the roasted pork was decent but the arroz con pollo was a disaster, I don't know how they screwed up such a simple dish. The flan was tasteless and lacked the caramalized sauce that gives it its character (hello chef, open up a cuban cookbook and get with the program). Way overpriced, cuban food has traditionally been tasty, generously served and very economical, gourmet it is not and should not be priced as such. The servers were friendly and the food came out in a reasonable amount of time, keep in mind though that it was not peak time. The funniest thing was the ridiculous valet service there. This place has minimal parking available why insult customers with it ($5.00 to park your car in a tiny lot). If anything they should apologize for the lack of it. Lastly my alcoholic drink tasted as if it was virgin. I'm not a regular drinker so I can easily pick up on the alcohol when it is present. I didn't even bother asking the waiter to confirm its alcohol contents at this point it didn't matter. I gave this place a one star rating out of generosity. Pros: 1 decent dish Cons: no where close to authentic more

What a disaster - Not up to Lombardy standards! 4/29/2008

JDCurrie Provided by Partner
I'm a big fan of other Lombardy establishments. Toulouse and Taverna are outstanding. I had my second visit last evening and sat on the patio. Its was a beautiful. However, the service was just awful! Drinks took forever. The waiter did a great job of trying to sell us up, but then didn't deliver on the service. Forgot to place our dinner order and brought us the bill without the meal! When the meal finally arrived it was not as ordered. We also did not have flatware to eat with so we waited to see how long it would take the waiter to notice. He never did. Finally the bus person noticed and brought us flatware. $56.00 for two people. Not worth it. Mr. Lombardy needs to go spend some time there! more

A LOOOOOONG way from Cuba 4/20/2008

Crossmentop3 Provided by Partner
I have been to La Cubanita twice. Once for takeout (Guava back ribs) and recently with my wife for lunch. The takout ribs were tasty. The in-restaurant dining experience left much to be desired. I ordered the arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) and my wife had the cuban sandwich. While the chicken and rice dish was large, it definitely was cooked previously and re-heated. The chicken was precooked / frozen / re-cooked. You know, like that leftover turkey-after-thanksgiving taste. Ugh. The cuban sandwich was tasty but appeared microwaved as the crust soon become very hard. And to top it off - we waited at least 15 minutes after being seated to be seen by a waiter (and only after we sought out the manager). We come from south Florida were you can get Cuban food on any corner. La Cubanita is a long way from tasty, fresh, and authentic Cuban food. Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares may be visiting soon - unless this place goes through an overhaul. more

Disappointment 4/9/2008

babygaby2001 Provided by Partner
I was not impressed at all, the staff was nice but very unorganized. The food seemed to be from the frozen aisle at the grocery store. I have never seen such small appetizers. I've had much better mojitos at Cuba Libre. Pros: nice locations Cons: food & service more

I've been wanting to try this place since it... 4/7/2008

I've been wanting to try this place since it is part of the Lombardi group. It was quite busy on a Friday... more

I've been wanting to try this place since it... 4/7/2008

AliceC Provided by Partner
I've been wanting to try this place since it is part of the Lombardi group. It was quite busy on a Friday night. The place is quite small, but th... more


BatManny Provided by Partner
If you are looking for Cuban food, this is not it. The food was edible, that's all I can say. This is not authentic Cuban food, and I think they even used converted pre-cooked rice, or something like that. If you have never had real Cuban food and would want to go for the atmosphere (which is wonderful) then give it a try, the food is edible. As far as I am concerned, unless there was a major change in management and/or cooking, I will not visit them again. The service was also below average. more

This "little Cuba" is quite a treat. Amazing Drinks and food! 3/16/2008

Christi99 Provided by Partner
We were introduced to La Cubanita through some friends at a sort of dinner club. We try a new restaurant every month or so. What a treasure. Very cute and quaint with wonderful food and absolutely amazing drinks. The hours are fantastic and the menu is very authentic. My boyfriend is from Venezuela and he said the Espresso there was better than when he was in Venezuela! I was floored at that statement! We both agree this is our favorite restaurant in Dallas and we hope you try it out for yourself. It is very small and seating can be an issue if you have a group of more than 4. They only take reservations for groups of 6 or more and a warning, the hostess is a bit rude. However, once you are seated ... the experience is wonderful. This "Little Cuba" is quite a treat. Pros: Amazing authentic drinks, food and great early breakfast and late hours!! Cons: Small, Hostess a bit rude more


ravenna Provided by Partner
I went to La Cubanita yesterday and the very attentive manager seated me and my friend in the patio it was muy pleasant. I did order Sangria was perfectly sweetened with sugarcane my friend had a Mujitos and boy he gulpit dawn in a second it was so good, we order two more. The waiter presented us with the menus and told us the special, needless to say we both order the broiled Snapper "DELICIOUS".My experiance at La Cubanita was unforgetable.I will go back with my family and friends for Sunday Brunch soon. Ravenna Pros: very attentive servece and friendly Cons: food to die for more

Very Disappointing! 3/9/2008

walkersharon Provided by Partner
We were seated on a very cold and windy patio, then waited a very long time for our Mojitos. They were more ice than drink, which was not helpful as we were already freezing! Once seated, we were very uncomfortable with people bumping in to our chairs and the wait staff asking us to scoot in, in order to get by. There is no walking area between tables. The bar standing are is really the only walk way, but the bar was full! Our waiter seemed very distracted. When I inquired as to how the snapper was cooked...broiled...grilled...baked, he proceeded to tell me how long they cooked it? He then corrected to say it was grilled. Well it was broiled and overly so. It required a knife to cut. The crochettes were bland and small, and the presentation was pathetic...sliding around on a bare saucer! We enjoyed the plaintains...but again absolutely no presentation and tiny portions. We tried another mojito and I opted for the coconut variety. There was absolutely no difference in the two drinks. When we questioned the waiter, he took the drink and returned promptly with exactly the same drink ,with no explanation or apology. We actually requested less ice this time and still there was so much ice that you could not stir the drink without ice coming out of the glass! We opted for dessert elsewhere and enjoyed a better mojito there also! Pros: Decor authentic and pleasant! Cons: poor service, tight seating, small portions more

So Not what I expected 3/9/2008

camspeed22 Provided by Partner
I saw this as well on the Yahoo City Guide and was very excited to try it out. The owner of this place own Sangria and Cafe Toulouse (which I have been to) and others which are established Dallas restaurants. I ordered the Mango Sangria for $ wasn't too sweet but the mango didn't taste free. My friend just ordered a bar drink. I was hungry and in the mood for an appetizer so we thought we would try the sampler to get a feel for everything. We ordered: Combinacion de la Cubanita which is 2 Cuban cigars, 2 croquetas, 1 papa rellena, 2 Chicken wings & coctel tropical. Served with Cuban guacamole, salsa Cubana & mojo. If you check out their menu you can see what each are. They brought it to our table and it just looked like a bunch of fried stuffCuban Cigar was okay...and the guacamole was spicy. Nothing really that great. I was disappointed it was all fried looking. Well whatever....we both looked at the menu for a bit and I didn't see anything I had to we decided to split. I loved saffron so we ordered this: Camarones de Coco Shrimp, served on a bed of saffron Creole rice with black beans & coconut curry sauce. I was not impressed. I love love saffron rice and to me, it tasted like something you can make at home from those just boil up. The vegis tasted frozen and the shrimp was so so....I was not happy. I didn't eat the rice and just ate my shrimp. At this point...I was hungry and not impressed. I switched to wine...and we split a Tres Leches cake. It was know it was cake. The waitress was pretty annoying trying to sell us up with everything. Oh get 2 cakes....they are so can eat two between you. Really irritating. I am not trying to buy a car...just eat. So that is all I have to say about this place. I was very disappointed. I didn't like it. Pros: um...not really any in my book Cons: not tasty at all more
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