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La Casa Day Spa - 53 Reviews - 41 E 20th St 2, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 673-2272

La Casa Day Spa

41 E 20th St 2 (at Between Broadway and Park Avenue South)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-2272
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La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY
La Casa Day Spa - New York, NY


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My doctors blamed my 3-week long periods on the fibroids in my uterus. The first time they operated, they removed 3 fibroids, one so dense that the sonogram didn't spy the 3 other...


When I first walked in the place smelled like am old mom & pops place, however my boyfriend and I brushed that off! We were there for colonics and floats, I went first to do my fl...

Colonic Angels 12/20/2011

My doctors blamed my 3-week long periods on the fibroids in my uterus. The first time they operated, they removed 3 fibroids, one so dense that the sonogram didn't spy the 3 other fibroids hiding behind it, which a 2nd operation removed. The fibroid left in in the lining can't be removed by such a simple procedure... for that one they will have to go in through my belly. And yet, after two operations and 6 fewer fibroids - I was still getting hugely heavy periods for 3 long weeks each month, a situation that lasted for over a year. Needless to say I was getting pretty anemic, and my sex and emotional lives were taking quite a hit. Then I started seeing Gaia. After my first session with her, my next period lasted 6 days ONLY, which was nothing short of a miracle for me. I did several more sessions with her - I was doing a 6-week long cleanse and saw her weekly - not least as she's as kind and charming, as disarming as humans come - and am ecstatic to report that thanks to Gaia my menstrual cycle is entirely back on track. I would suggest anyone who has fibroids or otherwise unpleasantly long menses seek her out. She changed my life significantly! Thanks again Gaia. X more

Best massage 12/7/2011

Behind a small door on 20th street between park and broadway lies a hidden gem of a spa that I was thrilled to discover and feel like I need to share this ""insider scoop"" because it is such an amazing spa I can't believe more people don't know it. I did purifying salt sauna that uses himalayan salt and black sea salt before getting my skin scrubbed down to absolute smoothness with the body polish that uses some kind of seaweed and left my skin simply glowing. I feel like all the grime and pollution that builds up in my pores from living in NYC were all magically scrubbed away. I didn't have enough time to try any of their other services but definitely want to come back to do a day package. more

Unforgettable gift experience! 12/7/2011

A huge tension reliever! La Casa is a spa of knowledge and body therapy. The staff makes a person feel like they have come home and savored a dose of relaxation. The much needed body pampering is an escape from emotional holiday stress. I plan on becoming a regular customer to improve my knowledge and give my body what I deserve. more

Best Massage I've ever had!!! 12/7/2011

I booked an Aromatherapy Massage without knowing what to expect, and it was AMAZING!! Blended citrus oils were released over my body along with hot towels infused with different oils. This was the perfect gift to myself over the holidays. I'm a runner, and I often feel sore and my muscles feel tight, but after this massage, my tired and achy muscles felt relaxed and relieved. I feel like a new woman- even my skin feels smoother and younger. I recommend this Spa to anyone who needs to get away to retreat for even just an hour or two. The spa is beautiful-I enjoyed hot tea while sitting in the calm, beach-like, country lounge..I felt like I was at my family's beach-house on their porch. The staff was so helpful and the service was incredible. Plus, I bought a gift certificate and got 50 % off the 2nd gift certificate- a nice promo they are doing for the holidays. I walked out with some FREE guess jewelry also just for coming in. Love this spa! more

so good, I want the treatment 9/5/2011

I had both heard about La Casa, and read about it on the internet. About 98% of the reviews were positive more

A must have experience 9/5/2011

I LOVE La Casa. I LOVE everything about it. I love the friendly staff. I love its staircase going up to the second floor more

AVOID 7/25/2011

This was a horrible experience. They tell you to arrive early so I got there 15 minutes early and just sat there waiting the entire time. I was scheduled for a colonic. They say it is an hour, but by the time all the blabbing is done the actual procedure is only about 40 minutes. My colonic therapist, gayatini kept playing with her phone and actually took a call. when she wasnt on the phone she was watching the clock. DONT GO HERE more

saved my life 7/25/2011

Dr Jane Goldberg is owner of this beautiful establishment and she helped me find a cure for my longterm illness that no doctor could figure out. Doctors had diagnosed me with lyme and was feeding me wrond medicine when all i needed was true detox with colonix, ozone and pulse therapy to get my health back on track. The ozone therapy was life changing and her pulse therapy sessions made me feel like a brand new person. This is more than just any spa its a true wellness center and they teach and sell only things that they beilive in! Im so glad I found this place and thank you Dr Jane for saving my life! more

My Life- Changing Experience at La Casa 5/10/2011

After an emotional roller coaster of dealing with all of life?s heavy tasks, stresses, and feats, I constantly suffer from migraines and headaches on a daily basis. On a good day, I even tend to have a slight headache. I am accustomed to popping at least two Tylenol a day to ?cure? my painful headaches, however, I?m well aware that my liver is working way too hard to metabolize the Tylenol, and eventually the Tylenol?s long term usage will cause damage to my liver. To be in pain short-term or long term? That is the question. I?ve always needed a short nap to recover from my migraine, but who honestly has time for a nap nowadays, especially in New York City where time is money. I was a Premed student at the University of Texas, however, the thought of pursuing medicine was daunting to me since I?m not a huge believer in pharmaceutical drugs. The idea of ?curing? a health problem with a pill always seemed too easy instead of diligently examining the lifestyle more closely and fully diagnosing the real problems at stake- such as diet, sleep patterns, etc. I decided that this career path wasn?t for me, so I moved to New York to pursue my artistic passions instead. Fortunately, I met an amazingly inspiring and all-knowing woman, Dr. Jane Goldberg, who introduced an alternative, healthier lifestyle for me. At first, I was a skeptic, like most people would probably be when first thrown into a different dimension of an innovative medical practice. I informed Jane of my terrible migraines that I was experiencing, and she insisted that I try the CEM tech, a Russian handheld, therapy instrument which communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. I figured that I had absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Furthermore, the woman has been accurate ever since I?ve met her; I would never accuse her of being wrong now since she?s always right on the money. This woman is a prime example of this modern type of healing technology?s success and results. I?ve never met a more energetic, lively, and intelligent woman at her age-65-yet she has the spirit and vigor of a 25 year old. After 20 minutes of using the CEM tech, my migraine was miraculously gone. The pain was completely nonexistent. I?ve been using the CEM tech on a regular basis, and my migraines have dissipated. I hope to keep using the CEM tech, but I have a positive feeling that I?ll be migraine free soon. I?m a firm believer now in the CEM tech. I?d recommend it to anyone who has doubts of any kind. more

Red Light Therapy NY 5/5/2011

This facility is top notch! I have gone here for my red light therapy anti aging treatments and I have seen vast improvement. \r You cannot find a better practitioner in the city. They are all so knowledgeable and very informative. \r I have friends that go here for various treatments and they are raving fans! more

Total Relaxation 10/5/2010

Today I had a phenomenal experience at La Casa Spa in New York with Dr. Goldberg. I scheduled an appointment for the Magnetic Pulse Therapy and I feel wonderful!. I believe the technologies that she is offering at La Casa Spa surpass conventional therapies, deliver rapid results on a cellular level and allow for profound changes to take place. more

Rush over to La Casa Day Spa! 6/9/2010

I had the good fortune to be given a gift certificate to La Casa. And I spent the most enjoyable day there I have had in months. From the moment I walked in, I knew the place was special. The d?cor made the front room (very spacious) seem like I was outside ? in the tropics I suppose (as I understand the mother spa is in the Puerto Rican rain forest). I had come for a float and a colonic. The float was an experience like nothing I have had before. I floated atop water in a room that was the size of a walk-in closet. I was peaceful and energized all at the same time. I came out feeling utterly revitalized ? mind clear as a bell. The owner of the spa, Dr. Jane Goldberg, says she tries to float every week ? and attributes how fantastic she feels (and believe me ? she LOOKs great ? at 64, she looks 50) ? in part to the anti-aging effect of the anti-gravity phenomenon of the float room. And by the way, she spent about a half hour with me after my therapies just chatting ? gave me a free demo of a pulsed magnetic machine ? which lightened my load so much that I felt I might waft away into the stratosphere. Then ? onward ho to the colonic. Well ? can you say a colonic is lovely? This one was quite lovely. Therapist seemed to know instinctively exactly what my body wanted in terms of in-flow and out-flow ? gently massaged my legs and abdomen ? made me feel like Queen for a Day. Want to feel like Queen for a Day? Go to La Casa Day Spa. more

Best Spa in New York 6/8/2010

La Casa Day Spa shouldn?t even be called a day spa. It is so much more. It is a true healing center with true healing therapies. I went in unable to even walk without limping ? I couldn?t bend my leg at my knee at all. I met the owner ? Jane Goldberg ? and she told me ? with absolute conviction ? no doubt at all in her voice ? that she could help me ? and that she could help me quickly. She put me on 2 machines that seemed very Star-Trekish - she said one was a Russian device (called the Cem Tech) ?and explained how far ahead of us the Russians are in doing energetic medicine. The other machine was bigger and apparently used magnetic energy (called the pulsed magnetic machine). After both treatments she made me walk around ? and voila ? no pain, I was walking bending my knee. Truly ? nothing short of miraculous. She sent me out with a little disc that she told me to wear ? and then told me to come back the next day to get it revitalized. I did all of the above ? and ? I have to say ? I have never had an experience like this before. A painful inflammation in my knee ? gone in a poff. The treatments took altogether 30 minutes. I am god as new. Really - I don?t understand it ? but La Casa Day Spa is my new home. Also ? the ambiance is quite wonderful. You do not know you are in NYC while you?re there. The sounds, scents, plants, furniture ? all designed to give you a feeling of being in a tropical garden ? and you do. Best healing experience I have had since I moved to NY from Israel. more

Won't Go Back 5/29/2010

This place is in my neighborhood so I went in for a Swedish Massage. My masseuse was good, she was nice and firm. But Too Bad I won't go back because when I got there the guy at the reception wasn't very nice. Later while I was in the waiting room I was in this part that was kind of behind some screens so I couldn't see him, but I could hear him talking on the phone and also to some of the people I think who work there. He had a nasty loud way and then didn't even look up or smile when I went to pay. My massage was good but I was glad to leave because the vibe was just bad and not even professional. I wouldn't go here myself again or tell a friend to go either. Pros: Nice Masseuse Cons: Bad Vibe more

Greatest Colonic with Cher 10/14/2009

I've had mulitple colonics with Cher and she's very gifted. She gives the best stomach massage during the treatment to help faciliate a great release. I feel comfortable and relaxed with her and her knowledge of the digestive track is impressive. She has yrs of experience, which is what I want with this kind of delicate treatment. AND the colonic room is CLEAN which is important. I've had colonics elsewhere and Cher is the best. Pros: colonics with Cher more

Sharon Stone, Rockstar for your Bumm 6/14/2009

I read about colonic's after wanting to loose a lot of weight and was referred to Sharon Stone from a friend. I was impressed with her determination to help me take steps to do it the right way. Her knowledge was so realistic and helpful that i was able to loose weight with out starving myself. The support that she provided was better than the Doctor I went to see. Now Im a much skinner healthier me. Pros: Best Colonic Around the World Cons: Shouting Receptionist guy more

Complete Relaxation!! 6/14/2009

Both my daughter and I have visited this spa for services several times over the past few years and we have never been disappointed. We have consistently walked into the spa and immediately felt like we were in the tropics. We have always been greeted warmly and made to feel comfortable and at home with some herbal tea. Greg the manager and staff have always been flexible and eager to accommodate and please. I have felt the stress immediately leave my body when I walk through the door. We have both experienced several different massage therapists and they have all been terrific!! Dr. Jane Goldberg the owner does extensive research and is always adding cutting edge treatments. I recently tried the pedi-detox and was amazed to see all the toxins that were released. Try this spa you will not be disappointed and you can feel comfortable knowing that all the treatments are well researched, have great benefits and totally reduce stress. Pros: Wonderful atmosphere, great massage, cutting edge treatments more

World Class Colon Therapist SHARON STONE! 6/11/2009

The Most professional, understanding, informative Colon Therapist in the World is Sharon Stone. After a quite embarrassing situation, I was greeted with a Fantastic Colonic and real holistic knowledge that has changed every aspect of my life. Special doesn't say enough about this woman's unselfish drive to help people to get back into proper health, with all the support and love of a family member. Thank you, for all the comfort I can now live my life to its full potential as I hope you will as well! Pros: Experienced Nutrition Expert, LIFE CHANGER Cons: Insane Manager more

best day since I moved to NYC 6/11/2009

We went together for the Day of Detox. I am trying to quit smoking - and decided that a good detox might help. From the first phone contact we made with the spa, we were expertly advised on what treatments would be best. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the spa. It is filled with plants - and has a nice relaxing out-doorsey feel to it - a welcome relief to the urban-ness of NYC. My friend and I passed each other perdiocally - as we moved around - from therapy to therapy. then we re-met in the reception room to do what they call the pedi-detox -- which is a detox through the pores of the feet. now that was kind of scarey. by the time I was finished with that treatment, the water my feet was immersed in was almost totally black. My friend's water was much lighter. they explained to me that the darkness of my water indicated a lot of toxicity (well -duh - I am a smoker). OK - if that isn't compelling evidence that I need to quit smoking, I don't know what will be. the whole day was really quite wonderful. I loved the therapists I had. loved the staff. mind you - this is not a spa for everyone - it is not glitzy and glittery and definitely not corporate. if you want fancy with stainless steel and monochromatic colors, go to another spa. but if you want great service, profound therapies, a real sense of doing something amazing for yourself - then go to La Casa Day Spa. Pros: went with friend - very friend-friendly place more

best miracle place for healing in NYC 6/11/2009

I went with my friend. it was a random choice. we signed up for the Day of Detox - and detox is exactly what we did. what amazing detox therapies we had. half the time, we weren't even sure what we were doing - at least in the beginning - until the various staff people explained - why what we were doing was going to work - and the real scienfitic principles and research behind all the therapies. Apparently the owner - Dr. Jane Goldberg - is a research freak - and has thoroughly researched all aspects of holistic healing. The spa reflects her knowledge and expertise. I have become a true believer. I felt lighter, almost weighless when I walked out the doors. Have decided to make this a regular part of my health maintenance routine. the spa itself looked like a graden -and had a lovely ambiance to it. Pros: expert knowledgeable staff Cons: up one flight more
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specializes in holistic therapies, weight loss & colonics

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  • La Casa Spa specializes in Colon Cleansing and Detoxification. La Casa offers Raindrop Colonics, Colonic Implants and Intensive Colonics that include Magnetic Pulse Therapy. Other Detoxification Therapies offered at La Casa Day Spa include: Detox Herbal Body Wraps and the Pedi-Detox. La Casa Day Spa also offers facials, body wraps, vibrational therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Floatation, and Massages. The services offered at La Casa center around the 5 elements of healing (Renewal, Cleansing, Purification, Clarity and Nurturance). Call to book your appointment with La Casa Day Spa today.


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    The sister of a Puerto Rican holistic spa, La Casa's tropical theme (complete with banana tree and babbling river sounds) will have you thinking about far-off fantasies even...

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