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L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition - 12 Reviews - 6331 Hollywood Blvd Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA - Museums & Galleries Reviews - Phone (323) 960-3511

L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition

6331 Hollywood Blvd Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 960-3511
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L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA
L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA
L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA


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Hollywood has become quite the place over the past five years of so--beautiful new condos, great restaurants and clubs--and the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition was one of the first...


A friend of L. Ron Hubbard quotes him as stating ""If you want to make a million dollars.... start a religion!"" And that is exactly what Hubbard did. He made more then a million ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

More stuff than I had time to look at. Hubbard was a fiction writer and most of his original works are on display there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

Make not mistake: there is no short way to describe L. Ron Hubbard. This man not only is the founder of Scientology but has lived many lives, as an aviator, as fiction writer, as a mariner, as a soldier and many more. A visit to the exhibition provides a glimpse into this man's achievements and identities. Fascinating. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

I live down the street and passed by this exhibition several times a week for the last year. Peeked into it today, here is my 2 cents: If you want to find out about the Scientology founder Hubbard, this is the place where they show you his best side. With that in mind: worth going through. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

A friendly place and staff are always willing to answer any question about L. Ron Hubbard. more

Friendly service, interesting exhibit 3/24/2013

Well, this is an exhibition about the life of L. Ron Hubbard, who is not only the founder of Scientology but also an author of multiple genres. All of which is nicely presented in this exhibit whose staff are friendly even when asked questions of the more critical kind. A tour takes about 30 minutes but plan for an hour. more

Trendsetting 4/19/2012

Hollywood has become quite the place over the past five years of so--beautiful new condos, great restaurants and clubs--and the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition was one of the first really top-class establishments on the Boulevard. They opened in 1991 and set the trend with the beautiful environment and AV displays that are a knockout. It's also a very interesting tour and the guides are the friendliest and most informative you will meet anywhere. Well worth a visit. more

Quite Stunning Artifacts 4/19/2012

A good part of L. Ron Hubbard's life is covered in many articles on the internet or his own website but none of that replaces the many artifacts this museum has on display. From ancient tape recorders to early writing machines, everything a writer of his generation needed. Quite stunning. more

Pretty amazing 4/19/2012

I found the tour amazing. When you see the breadth of what this man did in a lifetime it is really impressive. Inspiring. more

Informative, Free, Great Staff, Worth the Visit 4/4/2012

I'm writing this review as a student and scholar of all religions. This museum is an excellent introduction to the life and work of the founder of Dianetics and the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. You'll find the the staff here most helpful and hospitable to learning about the man and founder of the Scientology religion. Visiting this museum is an excellent way to learn about these topics FOR YOURSELF as opposed to relying on what other people have told you on the topics. There are books and lectures for sale in the exhibition to learn more in addition to the tour, but there are also materials available free of charge for interested guests. (And the tour is free of charge as well which you can't beat.) more

Excellent 7/14/2011

A super exhibition that gives a great display of LRH's work. Just down the street, there's the LRH exhibition which shows the other 12 or so careers that he mastered. So this is just one segment of what he achieved. Check it out for yourself! more

The inventor of the XENU story 11/5/2010

A friend of L. Ron Hubbard quotes him as stating ""If you want to make a million dollars.... start a religion!"" And that is exactly what Hubbard did. He made more then a million and his cult is still pilfering it members bank accounts, while the current leader, David Miscavige, lives a life of luxury and violently abuses his staff. If you want to learn the truth about Scientology and Hubbard, just look on the internet. You can read Hubbards college report card, how he dropped out in his second year with a D average. You can read his arrest record for check fraud. You can read his letter to the Navy begging for psychiatric treatment. You can hear his son, in his own words, tell about how his dad gave him drugs as a child and forced him to practice black magic rituals. You can hear Hubbard in his own words talking about his ""good friend"" Alister Crowley (known as the most evil man ever to live). You can read how Hubbard encouraged his followers to never use any kind of drugs, yet was found to be on psychiatric medication when he died. Hubbard was also being sought by the FBI for his role in the LARGEST case of domestic espionage in US history, but he died in hiding before he could be arrested. In short, L. Ron Hubbard should be remembered as on of histories most successful con men and a man that is responsible for the destruction of thousands of families and lives. Of course his brainwashed followers will deny all of the above documented facts. Scientology belongs in Hollywood, because it is based on pure fantasy and lies. more

Ridiculous. 11/5/2010

This ""Exhibition"" is ridiculous. Nothing more. It s just a big advertisement for Scientology and tries to make one of the greatest con-men look like a saint to lure more people into this highly abusive organization called that calls itself the ""Church"" of Scientology.\r \r Nothing about Hubbard's drug abuse, his racist slurs, his mental health problems, Operation Snow White, Operation Freakout, his use of ""Religious Cloaking"" to get a tax exempt status, etc. etc.\r \r It's a scam, people. more

Amazing man 6/13/2010

Lets all be honest here and not fool ourselves: No one is going to go to this exhibition unless they are a Scientologist or brought along as a Scientologist companion, or at the very least a social observer. The churches portrayal of the man is obviously as a saviour to mankind with a perfect background etc.. etc... How else would innocent people get convinced to give away their lives, money, children etc etc... to an organisation which keeps them in the dark about where their spiritual progress is going. There is no greater tech than a true and open heart. It costs nothing and can surely see this scam awaiting. I'd go just to see the last great 20th century cult in action before it falls if i was you. Pros: cheap Cons: expensive more

Behind the scenes at the Hubbard exhibit 6/12/2010

I have visited and toured the L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit three times.\r \r In fact my daughter worked there some years ago. She handled some of the exhibits technically and she sometimes conducted the exhibit tour for visiting public.\r \r As it turns out the staff there tend to be young, pretty scientology ""Sea Org"" members in a unit known as the ""Commodore's Messengers"". They usually work 7 days a week more than 80 hours a week and under highly abusive conditions. Their purpose is to be a front for organized scientology and get people into scientology.\r \r They are virtually slave labor who are often disconnected from their families, screamed at, threatened if the exhibit does not make more scientologists and the like.\r \r My daughter fled the exhibit staff life with another young woman and drove across the country to be with me under fear that she would be forced into a scientology labor camp that they call the ""Rehabilitation Project Force"" for having the nerve to leave without authorization or to even consider leaving.\r \r After they escaped and she was driving to meet me on the US's east coast, I was called and threatened by a senior member of the Exhibit's staff saying I had to disown my daughter and tell her she had no home to come back to if she did not first go back to them for punishment. I was told that as a scientologist I would lose all my friends and be thrown out of scientology if I supported my daughter.\r \r It was that moment where I left scientology forever. My daughter escaped, arrived safely home and is now doing very well in life as an airline pilot no thanks to organized scientology who coerced her into quitting school, tried to get her to abandon her family and put her through constantly abusive and inhuman working conditions.\r \r I think anyone who may wish to support this front for organized scientology should first know the true story of what is behind the L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit and how it abuses its young staff in order to get people into scientology.\r \r Larry Brennan Pros: I honestly cannot think of one other than it is clean Cons: very abusive to its young staff more

Awesome 12/21/2009

Great exhibit. I really found out who L. Ron Hubbard really was. This was great. I love being able to find out for myself what something is and this exhibit really gave me a way of doing that. more

Warning: Cult zone ahead 6/11/2008

If you want to see made-up info about the founder of a dangerous cult, then this is the place for you!\r You can buy some books, and maybe take a stress test. And be sure to give them your personal information or buy your book with a credit card so that the cult can send you propaganda in the mail until you move...\r Oh, and wave to all of the cameras taking your picture.\r For extra fun, ask the folks working there about Xenu, body thetans and asbestos on the Freewinds.\r Better yet, don't go in at all and save the $300,000 plus that Scientology wants to get from you. more

best service and explaination anywhere, real talk for our minds. 12/31/2007

a very well educated staff, with real talk and teaching for us in this day and age. extremely clean and well kept exhibition, evey wall and detail well preserved for the sight seer, or the hungry thoughts. i was treated very respected and the others in our tour were also. the amount of knowledge that is displayed is a real masterpiece for a man to achieve in a life time, i am a very energetic and hardworking man, but in comparrison to the accompishment on display, left me fealling like i need to do much more for our fellow man. thanks for the understanding Pros: very well kept and wonderful staff. Cons: should buy a book and study or miss out. more
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  • In Short
    Run by the Church of Scientology, the museum offers an in-depth history of its revered founder, science fiction-writer-turned-religious leader, L. Ron Hubbard. A remarkably...

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