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355 CONGRESS ST (at A Street)
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 357-5825
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LUCKY'S - Boston, MA
LUCKY'S - Boston, MA


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I love this place! Some coworkers and I went there for the first time last Friday night after work. The food, drinks, atmosphere- it is the perfect after work spot, but you end u...


The decor inside the bar is very 1970's, but NOT in a cool new retro way. It was very crowded which was uncomfortable. I don't enjoy being shoved and knocked around all night. Th...

Lucky's Brunch 9/26/2011

We've enjoyed Lucky's each time we've gone at night. So we tried the Sunday brunch they're promoting. BAD CHOICE. The overwhelming smell of bleach was overshadowed only by the apathetic staff who seemed miffed to be working the brunch shift. Made us feel like were interrupting their preparations for the night. The bleach smell hit us as we entered its subterranean door (probably a sign of a busy Saturday night). We sat at the bar in the back room and couldn't find a bartender to take our drink order. She was running around to the front bar, seemingly prepping for that night's action and didn't pay much attention to the back bar. There are two large TV's (one on each side of the bar). On this day, at 2:15PM, there were 10 people in that back room...nine were sitting one side of the room and watching that TV. We sat on the other side of the bar. It was a Sunday and the New England Patriots were playing Buffalo. At the same time the Boston Red Sox were playing the Yankees. I understood the need for one TV to be on the Pats but there were five games left in the MLB season and the Sox' playoff lead was down to 1.5 games. I asked the bartender if she could turn the TV on our end of the bar to the Sox game. You may've thought I asked her to turn over all of her tips from the night before. She hesitated, sighed and huffed before finally saying, ""There's one person watching the Pats on this TV."" I looked around a sparsely populated room and shook my head. I couldn't believe it. Halftime of the Pats game came and I asked if we could turn it to the Sox game then? She said, ""Ok, but only for halftime. We're turning it back after halftime."" What?! My wife's Bloody Mary was very watered down, somehow. I ordered my wife's turkey club and asked for no mayonnaise. I got the Sinatra omelette with ""well-done"" hash. My wife's club came loaded with mayo and my hash was anything but ""well-done."" About 20 minutes later the same bartender came around and asked how everything was. I gave the congenial ""It's good...except I asked for no mayo on her sandwich."" Bartender kept walking and nonchalantly said, ""Oh, sorry."" Hard to believe it all because there were, maybe, 12 people in the whole place but you would've thought this bartender was slammed. We'll stick to visiting this South Boston joint after the sun goes down. more

Disappointing Sunday Brunch 1/24/2011

Lucky's was recommended by friends who have had a great experience at the bar. We had a larger group of about 10 who came to Lucky's for their great brunch menu and bloody mary's (and about half the group was visiting from out of state). more

Nice Bar 3/26/2010

Nice bar area. The food was pretty good too. Fun place if your heading out with friends for a few... Pros: Great atmosphere more

Goooood 10/14/2009

Great Food Great Atmosphere more

Just Ok 10/11/2009

The drinks and apps were fine. Pros: Good drinks Cons: Not the best atmosphere more

Great Southie Hang Out 3/19/2009

Such a cool bar with a great atmosphere. Very roomy. They're bar food is excellent, especially their sliders. Highly recommend. Pros: Great Food Great Atmosphere Cons: Parking more

Had fun but didnt live up to the hype 7/24/2008

Me and 4 of my girlfriends went to Luckys last weekend. I have mixed feelings. The bartenders were nice and not as snobby as most lounges around here. And the drinks were good and we didnt have to wait for them either which is always a plus. The music was great. But the bathrooms were disgusting and the place felt dirty. The mini burgers were awesome but the fried chicken was horrible. The appetizers were all good but we were disapointed with our entrees. The crowd was ok too I liked that it wasnt all 21 year olds. There were lots of 20 something and 30 something girls but the guys were older and seemed a bit creepy. Overall we had fun I will definetely give it another try but I wasnt blown away. Pros: Music, Drinks, Appetizers Cons: Bathrooms, Entrees more

Bangin' Steak Tips, Great Service 7/16/2008

Went to Lucky's Lounge for the first time Monday night with one of my girlfriends. I live in Southie and they're definitely getting a new regular in me. I had the steak tips and they were absolutely delicious, by far the best I've had in a while. The waitress was charming and took quite good care of us and that was even before she knew the it was our first time. When she did find out she explained about how they have live music on some nights. I'm already making plans to come in for Sinatra Sunday soon! It's a great place to come in a just relax. My only cons are no live music on Mondays and I couldn't find it at first (no sign) but later in the evening I realized that no sign is part of Lucky's charm. Pros: No Sign Cons: No Sign, No live music on Mondays more

All-around great night out 7/1/2008

I love this place! Some coworkers and I went there for the first time last Friday night after work. The food, drinks, atmosphere- it is the perfect after work spot, but you end up staying all night! more

Very Disapointed! 6/30/2008

Well Luckys used to be my favorite but its definetely been going down hill.....drinks are still good and strong but everything else isnt so great lately. Out of convenience I still go there pretty often but if you make a reservation don't expect them to remember. My food has been cold the last 2 times I have gone there and the brunch menu is weak its more like an expensive breakfast menu. But the real reason I am writing this review is because I had a very disapointing experience there this weekend that convinced me to never go back...Thank god some other good places have opened in the neighborhood. I sat next to 2 men at Lucky's this weekend. I was not eavesdropping but could overhear alot of what they were saying...the two men were the chef and another man I think was the owner or manager. They were rude to the servers and bartenders never said please or thank you. All they talked about was how great they are and how everyone else is horrible. They talked about woman in a degrading and disrespectful way. I wouldnt be so disgusted except they were so obnoxious it was hard to ignore. Basicly I would never want to give such rude people my business again.Good bye Lucky's! Pros: music, drinks Cons: management, cold overpriced food more

Over priced and under satisfied... 3/3/2008

Friday night some co-workers and I headed around the corner to Lucky's for dinner and a couple drinks. As Lucky's is so close to the office, it is often frequented by our co-workers, and despite the hefty price tags came highly recommended. Three of us arrived first, with two more to follow an hour later. We were quickly seated at a table for 5-6 people by the smiling hostess, the only employee who seemed to value our existance as patrons. 45 minutes later our waitress stopped by the table, and shortly thereafter served us the weakest mixed drinks we have ever had in Boston. The soda was flat, and what little alcohol was in the drinks was heavily watered down. STRIKE ONE. We ordered appetizers and entrees, and waited for our friends. When our friends showed up, they were forced to wait outside, despite the fact that we had a table already and they were expected by the hostess. When we spoke to the manager about our friends standing outside, he was incredibly rude, and forced them to wait in the freezing cold for 20 minutes. STRIKE TWO. Meanwhile, our entrees arived... BEFORE our appetizers. My $14 cheezeburger was an overcooked hockey puck, of the pre-made frozen beef patty variety. I would have had a better burger for $3 or less at any one of a hundred dive-bars in Boston. STRIKE THREE. By this point, we were about ready to leave, and our appetizer finally arrived, along with our check, where we were grossly overcharged. After forcing our friends to wait in the cold for 20 minutes before they gave up and left, Lucky's had the audacity to charge us for two meals we didn't order, claiming it was because of the minmum for the table that we never were allowed to fill! Naturally, we only paid for the one thing that made the dinner worth while... the water that the hostess faithfully filled as we waited for the rest of the staff to notice our very existance. Fortunately, there are several other bars in the area for meeting after work, as we will never return to Lucky's. Pros: Leaving. Cons: The entire experience. more

Favorite Place in Boston 1/18/2008

I love Lucky's! Surprisingly there food is excellent in fact I think it's the best food in Southie. The staff's friendlier than any other place in boston. I can't wait to watch the Pat's game there on Sunday and then stay for Sinatra night. Holiday Weekends are alway's fun there. Last week I went Saturday night for drinks with my girlfriends and then went back for brunch the next day. Pros: Food, Service, Bands and DJ Cons: There more

A good place to check out 10/3/2007

Went to lucky's on a Friday night recently and was reminded of why my friends and i use to go on a regular basis. I hadn't been in a while and noticed some good new food and drink items. The fish tacos were great. And the mini burgers are always a good time. I loved the new rasberry mojito. The band was great, i think it was Alex MacDougal. Its a good mixed crowd and usually busy on friday nights. If you haven't checked it out i'd go by, also Sunday Sinatra nights are different and a fun way to spend your Sunday. Pros: food, drink and good people Cons: sometimes a line and not a ton of parking more

Run Down, Dirty, Poor Service & Staff 8/25/2007

Was there on a recent Saturday evening with a group of friends. It was our first and last time! The establishment itself was very dirty and dark. Bottles and Cups everywhere. Unfriendly Bartenders that took a long time to acknowledge you even standing there waiting for a drink. Music was mediocre. Overall, not a good time. Pros: YEAH, CLOSING TIME Cons: EVERYTHING more

Go for Sinatra Sunday nights 7/17/2007

Food is straight-up three star diner (nachos, salad, steak are nothing to write home about), but if you're going to Sinatra Sundays, you're not going for the food, anyway. The Al Vega Trio with guest Sinatra singer (I believe it was Adam Herbet recently), is just amazing (though they take breaks very frequently, sometimes Herbert would take breaks mid-song!). The atmosphere is retro, dark, and you should definitely get there early as it gets packed quickly. Drinks are huge and cheap for Boston (under $10). The blond waitress we had recently was an absolute nightmare through- horrible attitude problem and was slow with everything. more

great bar, music, drinks, overall atmosphere 5/10/2007

I've been going to lucky's for quite a few years and have always enjoyed myself and had a good experience there. my friends love it too. the atmosphere is awesome. the music is great. the food is good. the drinks are great. the staff and management are really nice and helpful. sounds like a recent reviewer had a bad experience there, but that is the first time I have ever heard anything bad about this place. without reservation, i would recommend lucky's any night of the week. Their Sunday brunch is awesome too! more

One of our favorite spots! 5/10/2007

Strange.....after looking thru all the reviews, the two negative ones are extremely suspicious. How could that be? We've gone to Lucky's numerous times and have always had a great experience. In addition to the great eats, drinks and atmosphere, the biggest reason we keep going back is the awesome staff. The two reviews sting of some kind of personal issue. Get some class and learn how to behave in public. I know we'll be back to Lucky's soon, maybe it's a good idea you stay away......... Pros: Friendly Staff, Great Food, Drink & Entertainment Cons: no sign....but who cares? more

Fantastic Post-Work Spot 5/6/2007

My co-workers and I absolutely love this place! It is very chill, the music is great, the drinks, food, and staff are even better. In fact, this place is so fantastic, we've become regulars! Try the weekly mini-burgers and the Rhode Island style calamari - very tasty! There is a great mix of people and the atmosphere is really comfortable. The security is not rude or imposing like in many places. I highly reccommend Lucky's to one and all!! Pros: Drinks, food, staff, music Cons: can be a bit pricey if you're a ""top-shelfer"", gets very crowded sometimes more

Hmmm.... 4/25/2007

Kind of funny how the last couple of comments were left on the same date and referred to the same comment I last made about this place. Fishy!!! Well, you can like this place all you want, but just watch out for your credit card being ""accidentally"" given to the bartender's roommate, which was a classic excuse by the way!! And you don't have to worry, whomever you may be, my friends and I will never return to this scummy, preschool run place. I have better things to do then get threatened by bartenders and security!! Pros: Pros?? At this place?? I don't think so!! Cons: Yeah, con men!!! That's for sure!! more

Unprofessional Staff, Unsafe Environment!!!!! 4/23/2007

I was at Luckys Lounge on a recen Saturday evening and witnessed an altercation as I was leaving the bar between a female bartender and a female customer of the bar. I am not sure as to what had happened but from what I gathered the customer was closing out her tab for the eveing and apparently the bartender had given the customers credit card to her roommate supposedly by mistake and that roomate had left the bar leaving the customer without her credit card. This obviously had the customer concerned that her credit card was in a strangers hand and questioned the bartender as to how this could have happened and if she could have a printout of what was on her tab. The female bartender began yelling at the customer, shouting obsenities and threating to harm the female customer. I was extremely apalled to see such unprofessional behavior take place and on top of that the other bartenders just stood there watching their co-worker threaten a customer and not come to the defense of the customer or even have this bartender stop her ranting and raving. Another very unprofessional person whom I believe also worked at the bar proceeded to kick out the customer who was being threatened and the friends she came with. The female bartender was not reprimanded in any way. There was no management around to contain this unprofessional staff. These poor guests were threatned and victimized. I will never return to this establishment for the way the staff treated their customers and no authority or security around to stop it. Having workers threaten guests is uncalled for. If I were this poor woman I would take legal action against this establishment and the female bartender and unknown man that kicked them out. Do not go to this bar as you to could be a victim of one of their unfprofessional staff members. Your safety may be at risk!!!! more
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  • Lucky's Lounge is a favorite hot spot among Boston locals. Enjoy an excellent upscale pub fare, extensive beer/cocktail list before partying the night away with featured bands performing live. Lucky's has an extensive, lunch, dinner and Sinatra Sunday brunch menu with a pub fare menu item for everyone. Voted best "morning after brunch" by Citysearch in 2008. No matter what time of day it is - lunch, after-work drinks, dinner, or an epic night on the town - Lucky's draws in a crowd that is fun, friendly, laid back, urban & hot! Great venue for private parties/events (large or small). Come see what everyone is talking about at Lucky's located in Boston's Seaport District. NO Cover Charge!


  • Descending the stairs into Lucky's is like stepping through a portal into a swinging hipster lounge straight out of the '50s. Dim red lighting washes a rowdy vinyl-upholstered dining room, which is separate from the long narrow bar. Sardine-like conditions are the norm during peak hours, when an energetic crowd (Fort Point Channel artsy types and Financial District worker bees) rolls in. Lucky's signature laid-back vibe is kicked up to another level when rollicking Motown, funk and blues bands take the stage. A mix of comfort food and pub fare (homemade meat loaf, mini burgers) is served late, but the festivities tend to center around the bar.

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