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Kutting Weight

14227 Magnolia Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(310) 728-9030
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When I started Kutting Weight, my biggest challenge was motivation. I couldn't force myself to get up and go to the gym, go for a run, etc. After a month of having Dustin and my...


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Kick Start Your Personal Drive 8/26/2009

When I started Kutting Weight, my biggest challenge was motivation. I couldn't force myself to get up and go to the gym, go for a run, etc. After a month of having Dustin and my fellow boot campers expecting and encouraging me to show up, I found the spark again. Since camp, I have been running regularly, and finished in the fastest 5% of the LA Marathon 5k. I go to the gym regularly and run 5+ miles several mornings a week. The hard work has paid off - I am gearing up for a three month European tour with the Chippendales. Thanks to Kutting Weight, I've regained the drive I needed to take care of myself and push myself towards realizing my potential. Pros: Will push you beyond your self imposed limits. Cons: Sometimes being tough isn't all fun - but it's worth it! more

Dustin and Kutting Weight Boot Camp are the BEST 8/26/2009

I never knew that working out could be this much fun. I am doing things I couldn't even do 20 years ago. Kutting Weight Boot Camp is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well being - both physical and mental. I can't believe I actually look forward to getting up so early 3 days a week - but I DO! I highly reccomend Kutting Weight Boot Camp to EVERYONE! Pros: Best Boot Camp in Los Angeles Cons: can't think of a single one... more

Aamzing outdoor bootcamp! 8/19/2009

This is an amazing boot camp. I started in Jan. 09 with intention of doing just one 5 week session and kick start my workout routine and I haven't left yet and have no plans to stop! This boot camp is the reason I was able to shoot a bikini scene in a film this month and am getting bikini callbacks on commercials!!! The Knutting Weight suit is great for helping you drop the weight. I love being outside in a park with the support of the trainers and other boot campers. Dustin changes up the workout, so you don't get bored and there are no clocks on the wall to look at so the hour flies by. With the option to attend one of the 3 classes a day, there has been no excuse to get a great workout in 3 days week. Pros: The best out door boot camp in the valley! Cons: You have to get of the couch! more

The Best Boot Camp Around! 8/17/2009

I am on my 6th month with Dustin and Kutting Weight with no end in sight. My favorite part about the whole adventure is the application it has to real life. I can definitely do more push ups and run longer than I did before I started, but this exercise program has made me much stronger. You know when you go to the airport and lug your carry on, computer bag, coat and everything else so you don't have to check it...and you are tired before you even get on the plane? Well, Kutting Weight makes this ordeal a breeze. No exaggeration. Dustin is an excellent trainer. He varies the sessions so we are learning new techniques every week. Boot Camp takes perseverance, but he is very encouraging, and understands if you have limitations. I highly recommend this program. Just do it! Pros: See results! Cons: Hard work, but the pay off is worth every bit of it! more

Kutting Weight is different than the others! 8/8/2009

Kutting Weight is very challenging!!! I have done plenty of fitness classes and bootcamps in the past, so was a little nervous it would not get me the results I wanted. I also feared it would be redundant and too similar to all the others out there, but it absolutely was not!!! Dustin came up with new work outs and drills I had not done before and his Kutting Weight suit is AMAZING!!!! I literally probably lost 5 lbs of water weight alone after each class just from my sweat!!!! This class is well worth you time and money and most importantly it gets good results!!! more

Boot Camp, People! 7/30/2009

Ok- so i'm not a fitness buff. My general rule is that I don't run unless someone is chasing me. And, I HATE the general attitude that comes with work out and fitness people. I don't need some faux authority figure yelling at me to ""feel the burn"" or something like that. BUT, i wanted to get toned and generally feel better. Which is why this bootcamp is GREAT. Dustin is incredibly helpful, encouraging and not judgmental at all-- but he's not soft either! It's a complete, sweat drenching workout that has already made some great improvements in how i look-- and I'm not even done with my first 5 week session! He really varies the workouts and keeps you challenged-- upper and lower body. To be fair, i've been eating right and doing the extra 3 hours a week of work out time, but so far i've lost 10 pounds. I'm not a very big person, so that's a major difference. So if your a cool person who could use some structure and instruction in their workouts I recommend this bootcamp. It may seem hard, but Dustin and the support/positive other members make it fun and easy. Pros: health, beauty, strength and awesomeness! Cons: none. Seriously- good price. good quality. good life:) more

Killer Bootcamp 7/27/2009

Dustin and Kutting Weight bootcamp is awesome. I am not one that needs to lose weight, but I do need to get in better shape. Dustin and KW bootcamp is pushing me to work harder and take my body more seriously. Fitness and being fit is not just going to a gym and lifting some weights, it is about how your body works. All the little muscles that you don't work when lift. I am not a cardio kinda guy. I am thin. But now I am 40 and it is getting harder to keep the spare tire away. Dustin made me RUN. I don't RUN. And in a few short weeks I have gotten faster and it has gotten easier. Dustin and this bootcamp makes me push myself to do one more rep, hold on for a few more seconds and sprint a bit harder. Everyone should check out Kutting Weight. Thanks Dustin. Pros: Great trainer, great people and a nice setting Cons: Me getting up that early more

Kutting Weight ...Best Bootcamp in L.A. 7/26/2009

I used to play 4 sports and was very athletic. After some extreme health concerns and a car accident, I simply am not able to do the same things. I really needed this to get myself back out there. Being a guy, it can be quite frustrating not being able to ""compete"" with the other guys, but I am improving and feeling better than I have in 10 years.. It is rigorous and if you haven't worked out in feels like death! Stay with it. Dustin will push you and class is never the same. It is so much easier having a others in your class that truly pushes you to take it to your limit. In closing, no matter how long it has been since you have worked out; no matter if you have past injuries; no matter what your excuse may be...Kutting Weight will get you in shape! Pros: Trainer (Dustin) & Fellow Bootcampers more

AWESOME! 7/25/2009

I have fun while working? out and what's more, I now look and feel better for it. I am really amazed at how much more toned and energetic I am after working with Dustin. I am really excited to be doing this next session. The program is dynamic and you are able to challenge yourself by tracking your progress over the 5 weeks. I love the fact that he incorporates circuit training. The hour goes by so quickly! Pros: Flexible schedule Cons: Sometimes a bit early (but worth it) more

Want to change your life? This will be the catalyst! 7/24/2009

I used to be very athletic yet over the last 10 years I exercised less and less. I moved to LA and decided I wanted to change my life. I found this camp by accident and now I've gone through four 5 week sessions and I've lost 20 lbs., 3 inches off my waist, transformed my body and improved my mind, body, and spirit health. I can't thank Dustin enough for motivating and supporting me every step of the way. I've also made good friends in the classes and don't know what more a person could ask for. I've seen commercials for magic pills promising to make you skinny, but I think doing it this way gives you so much more than just making you skinny! Pros: Dustin the Trainer is motivational and supportive. Cons: None-you have to want to improve your health more

Kutting Weight Boot Camp 7/24/2009

Kutting Weight was so much fun! Dustin is great and he pushes you to work as hard as you can. My entire body is toned and I dropped over 3% body fat, fast. more


I started Kutting Weight Boot Camp about 3 weeks ago, and I already see a big difference. I work out regularly, but this is a completely different kind of workout. Every Boot Camp Session is totally different, and I leave exhausted every single time. I strongly suggest Dustin's bootcamp - whether you are just starting to get in shape, or if you're just looking to tone up and lose a few pounds. You will love it!!! Pros: all outdoors - and not like the ""other boot-camps"" more

great way to drop weight and meet people 7/24/2009

Dustin made me feel welcomed and was very personable and professional. He encouraged me to push myself beyond my usual stopping points when I work out on my own. I dropped inches around my waist, have tighter abs and can run further and faster than before. There were great people in the group and we all supported each other which made each session more enjoyable as opposed to only a strenuous workout (which it definitely was). I would recommend Dustin's Kutting weight class because its an effective fitness tool, its cheaper than a one on one personal trainer and more fun. more

Learned great exercises I can do on my own. 7/24/2009

It's like having a personal trainer, but much cheaper. The people in class were fun too. I have a new BFF now! Pros: The exercised I learned that I can do on my own now. Cons: I live in Hollywood and class is in Sherman Oaks more

Great workout, great fun! 7/24/2009

As a lifelong athlete / fitness enthusiast, I have to say that I had the time of my life at Kutting Weight! I have worked with so many trainers in the past who tried (and failed) at building me a fitness routine / diet plan for MY body, but I found that the Kutting Weight has enough variety for EVERY body. I was actually really excited about attending each class (going to the gym or a typical workout class can sometimes be a drag), and I really wanted to work out hard for my trainer, and for myself. While attending the class, I felt better, looked better, and even walked differently. It feels good to have finished something for myself (and reap the benefits of all my hard work as well). Dustin is the kind of trainer who motivates you and pushes you, but never in a harsh, militant way. He also does a great job of blending cardio, resistance and weight training into one workout. I definitely plan to attend more classes in the future when my touring/recording sessions slow down (I'm a musician). I wish it was possible to take Dustin on the road with me so that I could be in tip top shape every time I walk on a stage :) In all seriousness though, you owe it to yourself and your body to check out Kutting Weight. The workouts are fun, the results are great, and the classes are more than affordable! Dustin and Kutting Weight rock! Pros: challenging workout, great trainer, great people Cons: class times (only because I have an erratic schedule) more

Fun AND Great Workout!!!! 7/24/2009

The evening session it great, because it's a workout to look forward to, instead of dreading. Dustin is very motivating and pushes each of us to go beyond our own expectations. Working out with others, is also fun as we all motivate each other, which makes it intense but enjoyable! The outdoor setting is also ideal, 'cause working out for me has always entailed, a stuffy smelly gym, but working out outdoors provides a unique workout experience. The suit always made me sweat which I never really have done, no matter how hard I pushed myself. Keeping track of ones records, and working to beat your own record is the most motivating part of bootcamp. Doing so actually allows you to really seeyour progress. I recommend the bootcamp to anyone who wants to challenge themselves, and have fun while doing so! Pros: Dustin is very motivating, and workouts are varied!!! Cons: None! :) more

The best workout I've had in years 7/23/2009

I've lost weight fast, and toned the body, and I especially loved their Kutting Weight Suit, which I always use when I exercise. I look great after wearing the special suit. Pros: Group Exercise, Great Trainers more


I was already working out with a trainer and seeing results, but I was looking to add a little ""umph"" to my routine...I discovered Dustin and his bootcamp and I really had a great time. He is really supportive and pushes you to push yourself in a positive manner. There's no getting in your face or yelling...Dustin is awsome!! He truely cares about fitness and helping you achieve your fitness goals. I love that the bootcamp is outdoors. Everyone was really supportive of each other which made the bootcamp fun and a comfortable environment. I can say that I do like to run a little bit more now after the Kutting Weight bootcamp, and I never thought I would say that again. The Kutting Weight suit is amazing and makes you sweat so much (which is a great thing)! I wear it at the gym!\r \r Oh, along with the bootcamp, Dustin comes up with fun activities for past and present bootcampers to come together and do like hiking or going rock climbing.\r \r I would reccommend Dusting and the Kutting Weight bootcamp to anyone looking for a fun, challenging, results producing and supportive way to work out! Pros: outdoors, meet new people, trainer is great Cons: rain or shine (can be muddy), more

Awesome Workout! 7/23/2009

The first word that comes to mind for this boot camp is, AWESOME! I'm in the best shape I've been in since I played college football. I feel better mentally and physically because of these workouts and recommend them to everyone. Dustin is a great coach and leader during his boot camp sessions, he really takes the time to show you how to get the most out of each exercise. Sorry, I have to go, I'm heading out to a KUTTING WEIGHT BOOT CAMP session and don't want to be late. See you there!! MC\r \r more

Great, great, great! 7/23/2009

Dustin is great! I was asking the Universe for some help....some opportunity to get in shape and have support around it. Along came Dustin and Kutting Weight! It is NOT hard for me to wake up in the morning to be in class by 6:30am. Maybe because there's a new workout every single time. Dustin is always changing what we're doing so we're never bored and getting super fit! I'm going on my fourth week now, three days per week and feel great! Can't wait to sign up for next session. :) Feels great to feel great ...AND be fit for summer! Pros: Getting fit and personal training at a great deal Cons: 0 more
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