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Krav Maga Eastside Training Center - 10 Reviews - 13433 NE 20th St G, Bellevue, WA - Martial Arts & Self Defense Schools Reviews - Phone (425) 736-6019

Krav Maga Eastside Training Center

13433 NE 20th St G (at 132nd Avenue Northeast)
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 736-6019
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Excellent training school. The instructors are highly skilled, friendly, and most importantly, capable teachers. The members are committed and helpful to train with. The facility ...


I joined this studio with high hopes, and really enjoyed the 3-4 classes that I attended. Unfortunately health and new job issues made it such that I was no longer able to attend ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/30/2013

Krav Maga East Side training center offers a variety of unique opportunities and experiences. However, keep in mind that achieving your ideal results or the results that they advertise within their self-defense agenda is a combination of hard work and politics.\r \r The simple truth is, if the instructors like you then you will receive priority in training and attention, as well as an opportunity to work hard for the guided purpose of achieving your goals. If they don't like you however, then the school will impact you in a negative way and will ideally lead to a waste of time, money and a lack of progress. Because, all you'll learn is the jab, cross combination over and over. Now, don't get me wrong, the jab and the cross are level one techniques that are typically affiliated with the term ""bread and butter"" in regards to the system, and ideally are some of the basic skills you'll use if you ever need to deploy them in a hostile environment. Nonetheless, if you're paying over a hundred dollars a month to train here and you're only learning one technique, then it becomes frustrating to see new students that they like and/ or favor learn more techniques in a week then you will in a year. Although, everybody usually learns by attending classes, you'll definitely notice the students that have received more training and attention, as well as the unfavored long term students.\r \r Moreover, if you're an attractive woman, then you'll definitely have no problem learning the skills necessary to progress within their agenda. Obviously, taken out of context this statement is controversial, but—its true—so, if you happen to be an attractive lady this will only benefits you (as exemplified by the east side training center's track record). \r \r If you remember only one thing, remember that if you do choose to train here you are ""ideally"" investing in a foundation that should exemplify a system of progress pertaining to safety and awareness. So with this in mind, both men and women should take the previous points into consideration before making a decision on wether or not they want to train here. \r \r In addition, the instructors really do know their stuff. In fact, they're some serious badasses. Which may be a factor as to why they can afford to practice questionable business ethics. Or perhaps, it's just a lack of business knowledge... You can be the judge. \r \r The decision however, is entirely up to you. Krav Maga east side usually offers a free trial class, and I would highly recommend that you utilize this aspect of their business before making a decision. Additionally, I'd like to Reiterate that they are a business so, remember that the way they conduct themselves during your trial lesson may not be how they conduct themselves once you're a member. In real-time this can either work against you or in your favor. It just depends on if they like you or not. more

Beware: Billing Rip-off! 11/8/2011

I joined this studio with high hopes, and really enjoyed the 3-4 classes that I attended. Unfortunately health and new job issues made it such that I was no longer able to attend classes, and so I wrote the studio to notify of my cancellation, with reasons provided. Unfortunately, they continued to take money out of checking account, every month, despite my cancellation. I have not stepped foot in the studio in over six months, and yet have already been billed over $700 for a service that I cannot use, and they refuse to stop. What kind of legit business does that? There are many other Krav Maga and martial arts studios in the area, I would really avoid this one for unethical business practices. more

Great school 11/1/2011

Excellent training school. The instructors are highly skilled, friendly, and most importantly, capable teachers. The members are committed and helpful to train with. The facility is clean and functional. more

Great Way to Learn to Fight 4/29/2011

I have been very impressed with everything about this gym. It's a bit of a drive for me, but I do it because there is no better way to learn to fight. The instructors are clearly very good at what they do. It's got a sort of military feel to it; they yell at you sort of like a drill instructor would, which is all part of the experience. When class isn't in session, though, they are really cool guys, and the atmosphere is very friendly. The ambiance of the facility is part of the magic. It's very Spartan and bare bones. Just a giant mat in the middle of the room with some punching bags hanging up and a few pads stacked on the sides. Clean, but very basic. The stuff they teach there is incredibly intuitive and people pick it up very quickly. In your first class, you will be beating the snot out of stuff, and by the end, you will be drenched in sweat. Right from the start, you're fighting; there is none of that Eastern martial arts bull about inner peace and respect. It's as real as real could be. Within a couple of months, I discovered that I had gained a lot more physical self confidence, because I knew I could do some real damage. I found that it helped my confidence in other aspects of life too. more

Not impressed 7/7/2009

I trained at Krav Maga Eastside Training Center and was not impressed with the instruction or the poorly maintained facility (worn down looking and holes in the walls). I'm surprised that it is still in business and that it is still part of the Krav Maga Association. If I decided to train in KM again, I would save my money and seek out another facility. Pros: Good location Cons: Not impressed with instruction or facility more

Pracitcal, bare bones training 1/28/2009

I have been going here for over 3 years. The instructors teach you real life defenses and better yet train your mind to get used to the feeling of stress and aggression needed for actual street fights. The haters i.e (Joe) are usually lazy people who expect the instructors to hand hold them thru every drill. If you have the willingness to learn and are there to actually sweat and gain some bumps/bruises along the way...this is a great place. Bottom get out of it what you put in to it. Pros: Real life defenses/instructions, good work out, family like culture Cons: Worn equipment more

Krav Maga Eastside is a great value 11/10/2008

This is excellent for anybody who wants to learn ""real life"" self defense. It would be great if every law abiding person would take this fine instruction. The world would be a safer place. Getting a vigorous workout is also a worthwhile side benefit. Anybody can gain by this program. more

Bad martial art place 9/18/2008

This place has to be one of the worst, unresponsible, unprofessional place in the area.For the price they charge, you would think they would be more reliable and responsible to their members, but they are not. I went here for only 2 months, and within those 2 months, they charged me four times, two times extra by accident, and I had to have over an hour conversation with them explaining their error and getting it fixed.I went here to get some extra conditioning into my workout, and found out that they dont do anything well, and dont work with you on anything, except tell you what you have to do, and not show you the proper way to do it, including in the self defense. The self defense here you can learn by watching Walker. I'm sorry, but this place puts Krav Maga to shame. This place is a waste of money for two guys that just drink your money away. Pros: None that i noticed Cons: price, instructors, lessons, facility. more

There is no better use of your time or money 10/15/2007

Do you want to learn to defend yourself? Not just look good or tell people that you know how, but to really, actually, defend yourself? If so then KravMagaETC is the place for you. I've been going for just a few months and I've just started to scratch the surface, but even so, I'm more ready now than ever before. None of us want to have to fight, but if the time comes when you are attacked, mugged, threatened, etc, you better be prepared...and these guys will prepare you. \r \r It is a good atmosphere, everybody helps everybody else without getting all touchy-feely on each other. Each person is pushed just beyond their limits and tons of personal attention is given. I really like the lack of spirtiualism in the classes. There isn't any ""centering your chi"" or ""being one with yourself"" is just, kick, strike, fight, survive. \r \r If you want to wear a belt or a uniform go somewhere else, if you want to walk down a street or into a store and know you don't have to be afraid-come see them. more

Practical self defense plus 10/13/2007

After researching other martial arts, I found Krav Maga most suited what I was looking for in self defense training, especially the practicality of the techniques and how they applied to what you might encounter in todays world. Upon joining Krav Maga Eastide Training Center, I found the training to be much more than just self defense; the classes are challenging and motivating (the training makes you want to perfect a particular move or technique), unlike anything I had experienced in a regular workout at a gym. Not only am I learning how to defend myself, but my fitness level has increased, and more importantly, my confidence level has increased. Give Krav Maga a try, it will definitely stretch your boundaries and you might find yourself, as I did, doing far more than you ever thought you could. more

Try it 10/9/2007

An awesome workout for anyone, no matter what your current level of fitness is. There's always something new to learn, and that keeps it exciting. I've had a tendency to get bored with other workouts, and that's not an issue here because of how the training works. I think that the best aspect of krav is the level of realism; like he says in the video, its not about meditation, its about really learning to fight. Other martial arts I've tried don't compare at all to what you learn in krav, because you learn so much in the first class, and especially the first month you go. But really the main difference I see between krav and other martial arts is that it truly prepares you for a real fight scenario, where you're adrenaline is pumping, you're completely exhausted, and you've got someone coming at you that you need to defend yourself against. Tae kwon do doesn't do that. If that sort of thing is at all appealing to you, you should definitely give krav a try (the instructors will let you come in and try or just watch a class for free). At the very least you'll get a great workout and learn something new. more
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This highly effective martial art is used by the Israelis Defense Force and various police departments in the US.


  • This highly effective martial art is used by the Israelis Defense Force and various police departments in the US.

  • 4/12/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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