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I'm a college athlete and i was having problems with my hamstring. I went to Kosterman Chiropractic with my problem, and it turns out that my hamstring wasnt the only factor that ...


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The best care ever 7/20/2011

I'm a college athlete and i was having problems with my hamstring. I went to Kosterman Chiropractic with my problem, and it turns out that my hamstring wasnt the only factor that was bothering me. My spine was misaligned, my pelvis was not straight, and of course i had a hamstring strain. They gave me treatment for 10 days straight and i was out back on the football field doing what i love to do best. Kosterman chiropractic helped me more than i could have ever helped myself. i will be forever indebted to them!!! more

Caring hands with a heart-felt touch! 6/14/2011

I began my journey of relief a couple of weeks ago. I went into the office with severe pain in my lower back and buttocks (what some would refer to as the tail bone). I was greeted with the most congenial and guileless attitudes I had ever experienced in a medical office atmosphere. Dr's Tim and Steven along with their team began my theropy and adjustments. While I was going through my treatments I began talking with the staff about other problems that were occuring in my body. I began discussing the issues of tightness in my neck and headaches. Kosterman's friendly staff decided to do a re-evaluation which showed imperfections in my ""electrical system."" My follow up visit for my evaluation showed a dramatic ""problem"" within me. Dr. Tim suggested more adjustments in more areas of my skelatal system. The out come was unbelievable. I was so impressed I then began discussing other problems I was having with my body. I had noticed that the fingers on my right had were at times going numb. And that I have been having a re-accurance of abdominal pains. I have been having issues with these pains for aproximately 5 years. I had been to several specialist including; an internalist, gastrointerologist, urologist and even a neurologist. None of these Dr's could give me answers nor relief without narcotics and medications. So I decided one more Dr was worth a shot! I was so impressed about the way that the Dr's and Staff at Kosterman Chiropractic had improved my life thus far and was willing to give everything they suggested a try. With another ""adjustment"" to my care, I was immediately impressed with the results! I could tell a major improvement to my digestive tract, increased energy, no more lower back pain, no ""tail bone"" pain, and very little neck pain!!!! No matter what issue I presented to the Staff and Dr's..... they were confident in the attempts to be made, and were very knowledgable of the equiptment and its functions. I am looking forward to my New procedures which are Acupuncture. This will assist in my adjustments to balance out the electrical functions in my body, and hopefully get me to feeling like a 27 yoa man should feel. I am looking forward to an advantageous pain free new me!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!! more

Oh, What a Relief It Is!! 6/6/2011

Wow! This has been an 'epic' journey. Giants (big,ugly pains) were slain and dragons (burning, stabbing pains) crushed leaving me finally peacefully reliefved. I was bowed over--neither able to walk upright, or bend completely over--and now I pretty much can do both. \r \r I had been to others for help, and got no relief. Doctors at Kosterman diagnosed my situation and told me that it would be a long process, but they could help me--and boy did they!! \r \r We are still hard at work, but the pain is gone and correction is well on its way to successful recovery.\r \r The staff at Kosternan are empathetic and pleasant, and really patient. That says volumes when you feel alone in your pain-- Thanks, Kosterman@! If you're out there, don't walk--run to your well-being. more

Pain relief 3/3/2011

In the fall 2010 I had leg pain radiating from left buttock down to the arches of my foot. Cosulted with medical doctor a few times found out it was arthristis. He referred me to orthopedist and he said his treatment would increase my blood sugars. Then he referred me to podiatrist. On second visit with podiatrist he thought I might have pinched nerve and he recommended chiropractor(already familiar with Kosterman Chiropractic -help with neck and shoulder pain previously. Contacted the staff at Kosterman for immediate appointment available and actions took place....Actions involved were................. consultation- x-rays( back&hip) neurological scan. I got results from Dr. Tim Kosterman and we set up action plan for treatment.As the treatments started with the fourth one completed (I could tell improvements in hip pain and by seventh treatment I could tell even more improvement and by the tenth treatment I was almost pain free. The pain went from 8.5 to 2 on pain scale 1-10. Now I can sit comfortably eating, driving for long periods without pain. My previous pain before chiropractic treatment was just relieved by pain medicine but now I am just about pain free. I haven't taken any pain medicine for this condition since starting treatment. Dr. Tim is a a good friend. My mother-in-law and myself feel better after working with Dr. Tim and his staff. They are a great office staff and very friendly and efficient. \r \r Sincerely, David B. Holland more

Sleeping like a baby!! 3/1/2011

Neck pain and headaches; that was what my life was all about for the last ten years. The problem was so bad that both of my arms would fall asleep and keep me awake at night. I was taking ibuprofen 2-3 times a day with no relief. A fellow officer told me about his results at Kosterman Chiropractic Center and encouraged me to go in for an evaluation. I had been to Dr. Kosterman years ago for my lower back and had gotten great results. I figured I had nothing to lose. The doctors and staff were very caring and understanding. The atmosphere in the office was warm and welcoming. They really did set my mind at ease because they know what they are doing. They have new, state of the art equipment- digital x-rays and a subluxation station (a computerized nerve test) that actually scanned my spine and nervous system. They told me at my report visit they could accept me as a patient and help. I had no doubt in my mind, because they had helped me with my lower back. Within 6 treatments I noticed a huge difference. I was sleeping better for the first time in years, and my wife told me I wasn’t ill all of the time. My arms weren’t waking me up at night and the headaches faded away. I now have more energy. I have told two of my close friends to get checked also, and they have gotten great results too. I tell everyone about Kosterman Chiropractic and how it has changed my life. Thank you Kosterman Chiropractic!\r \r Billy Phipps\r more

Miracle Headache Relief 2/20/2011

It was summer 2005. The day started out as any other day. Life was good, until out of nowhere severe pain in my neck like a pair of vice grip pliers had been clamped to the back of my neck. Within two minutes or less the pain had run up through my head and stopped behind my right eye. The pain was so severe I thought my eye was going to be pushed out of its socket by the pain. I drive a truck and was 500 miles from home when this happened. I made one stop to buy a six pack of Goody Powders and a coke. By the time I got home I had taken all six Goody's. The pain continued to move from my eye to my temple, through my cheek bone, into my inner ear and back down my neck where it started. It lasted all night like a bad dream repeating itself. The next day I went to my family doctor. He gave me a prescription, I was to take it the next time I felt it coming on. Well the medicine made it worse. Several more drugs later no change. The headaches persisted and my doctor finally gave up and said I would have to learn to live with the pain. So I did for five more years, taking eight plus Goody Powders per day some days. The best relief I could find was banging my head on a hard surface until the pain subsided. This meant if I was at work driving my truck, I would take two Goody Powders and hit myself on the right side of my head with my closed fist until it broke. My goal in banging my head was to try and knock myself out so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain. I didn't want to be around other people because I never knew when the headache would return. Some weeks you could set your clock by them. Other times there would be no warning. The weather might trigger it, a strong scent like an air freshener or some perfumes could set it off. I remember asking God to take my life if I had to live like this. Then a friend of mine suggested I go see Dr. Tim at Kosterman Chiropractic Center. I finally got frustrated enough that I called them when I got sent home from work because of my headache. They took me right in, run some test and agreed that they could help me by adjusting the subluxations in my neck. Within two months of therapy my headaches are all but gone, when I do have one it only last a few minutes and is very mild. I am having to learn to live life headache free. God has used Dr. Tim and his entire staff to restore my life. I have to give credit where credit is due. Thank you Jesus for your healing touch through the hands of Dr. Tim Kosterman. Thank you Dr. Tim for allowing the great physician, Jesus Christ, to work through you. Thanks to everyone at Kosterman Chiropractic Center for treating me with respect and a genuine concern for my personal well being. May the God of all creation continue to work miracles through Kosterman Chiropractic Center. \r \r Sincerely,\r \r D. Keith Britt\r Newton Grove, NC more

Help for the Whole Family 2/15/2011

A few months ago my sister from George was visiting NC for a few days. She woke in the middle of the night after her arrival in severe pain. She was almost at the point of going to the ER for the pain in her neck and back, but someone suggested she go see Dr. Tim at Kosterman Chiropractic in Clinton, NC. Of course she went and found great relief… Dr. Tim suggested that she would need a few more visits to fully reap the benefit of her treatment, so she extended her stay in NC for a week. She left NC completely pain free, feeling better than she had in years.\r \r We had known Dr. Tim and his family for some time, but the relief my sister found for the pain she suffered for so many years caused us to look at Dr. Tim as more than just a good friend. My husband decided that he too would call on Dr. Tim. He had suffered for a long time with leg pain and numbness, and at 76 years old was resigned to thinking it was just part of the aging process. Dr. Tim suggested that my husband Billy undergo Subluxation and Electrical Stimulation Treatment for 12 weeks. Billy recently completed the treatment and now says he feels 20 years younger and is looking forward to even playing golf again, something he hasn’t been able to do for many years.\r \r A few weeks after Billy started going to Dr. Tim and feeling so much better I too decided to try and see if he could help me. Many years ago I was diagnosed with Sciatica, but after going through treatments with no relief I just came to live with the pain as well as I could. The numbness and burning sensation had just become a part of life, and at 70 years old, it was a part of life I thought I would always have to live with. I am now about half-way through the suggested treatment plan Dr. Tim gave me, and I feel better than I have in many years. I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel, how much younger I’ll feel, and how much more life I’ll be able to live when I complete the treatment plan Dr. Tim has given me.\r \r My sister, my husband, and I have come to learn that just because we are growing a little older doesn’t mean we have to quit living. We feel as though Dr. Tim has given us more time to enjoy life, and all three of us now plan to use that time doing all the things we love.\r \r I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Tim and all the staff at his office. Not only did Dr. Tim help us so much, but his entire office was very friendly and very efficient.\r \r Billy and Daisy Chestnutt\r more

Playing basketball twice a week now 1/19/2011

I could not stand still in church because my back gave me so much pain. I was on medication for the pain, but it did not releave the pain.On September 21st, Dr Tim gave me a full examination. I was so far out of alignment, that he was able to fix my problem of standing still almost immediately. I am 56 years old and very active. I thought all my pains thoughout my body was just because I was getting older and all my youthful sports injuries were just coming back to haunt me. Dr Tim proved me wrong. He has adjusted my ankles to give me pain relief (no pain) and flexibility. I have flexibility in my back, shoulders and neck. It is now easy to turn around in the car and look through the rear window. But best of all, I am able to return to play basketball twice a week, feel no pain the next day and even shoot jump shots. The care I receive from Dr Tim is so comfortable I wish I could see him every day. more

Best Chiropractor 12/5/2010

My 8 year old son started to complain about headaches at night. He also complained about his neck hurting him when he was in bed. A dear friend of mine told me about Dr. Tim and his wonderful staff. She told me that she had the same problem and that Dr. Tim helped get rid of her headaches. She told me about this new machine that actually scans the nervous system. I decided we had nothing to lose and went to see him. I immediately felt at home and my son was treated very caringly. They were very thorough to make sure this was what he really needed. In just a short period of time he stopped complaining of the headaches. He also started sleeping better at night. I also noticed that his schoolwork and grades got better. We did another scan after his initial recommendations and were amazed at the difference. My son now sees Dr. Tim routinely to keep him healthy and to keep his spine in line. (He’s a very active little boy.) Thanks Dr Tim! more

Best in Town! 11/9/2010

I visited Kosterman Chiropractic Center after suffering with back and neck problems for years. You name it, I have tried it. Dr. Kosterman took his time with my examination and explained what was causing my pain. I was amazed at the state of the art equipment they use to determine if I had any nerve interference. He explained the importance of keeping my spine healthy so my body could heal and function properly. The staff are super friendly and they treated my like family. I recommend Kosterman Chiropractic to everyone! more
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