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Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - 36 Reviews - 6800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Sushi Reviews - Phone (323) 871-0200

Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu

6800 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 871-0200
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Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu - Los Angeles, CA


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It seems the past is behind Koji's as they continue to make improvements to a restaurant that seemed to be on the decline. I visited this weekend and I have to say when they sat ...


This used to be my favorite Japanese/ Shabu Shabu restaurant. The food is Great but the service is horrible and the staff is sketchy. My boyfriend and I ate lunch there today aft...

Wrong Validated Parking Ticket 1/18/2011

My waiter gave me back the wrong validated parking ticket causing me to pay three times what i had expected to the parking attendant. Very careless of the waiter. Lesson - check to make sure you have the correct parking ticket returned to you. Management said I couldn't prove which ticket was mine. more

Waitstaff tried to Steal Our Shopping Bags...Unbelievable 8/25/2009

This used to be my favorite Japanese/ Shabu Shabu restaurant. The food is Great but the service is horrible and the staff is sketchy. My boyfriend and I ate lunch there today after doing some shopping and that will be the last time. We walked in with our bags ate lunch, tipped over 20 percent, walked out the restaurant down to the Oakley store and realized that we forgot our bags. We ran up to the restaurant, which took us about 5 min, and asked the staff about our shopping bags. They looked and asked around about them but said they couldn?t find it. We couldn?t of been gone longer than 5 min and there was nobody in the restaurant. Therefore, it had to have been the server or buser who took our bags. The Albino manager insured us that he had the most honest employees working for him. He decided to give us a $60 dinner to compensate for our $100 loss of items. We left him our number incase the bags showed up. We didn?t even make it out of the Highland Center before we received a call from him. Apparently, someone on there staff threw away our shopping bags and all the items in the bags in the dumpster. In which, they checked while we were there the first time. Hmmmmmm?? Who would throw $100 in Victoria Secret and Sephora products away? We thanked them for returning it and as we left the Albino manager (Nick) told us we needed to give back the $60 coupon he gave us. HA!!! Are you kidding me?! I?m not sure if I?d go back even if I had a free meal. Pros: Great Food Cons: Bad service and Sketchy staff more

The worst restaurant in Hollywood 10/21/2008

I had the absolute worst experience at this restaurant, starting with the Hostess, she was extremely rude did not want to help us, while there were empty tables and the servers were walking around like zombies. Then the server treated us like he was doing us a favor. When my water was boiling to an extreme point he still would not bring us our beef and chicken and then when I asked him he said it was coming and rolled his eyes. I accidently dropped something, and when he came back he said that we were behaving ridiculous. My question is when you have an empty restaurant is there any reason that customers have to wait for 15 minutes and while there are 3 waiters walking around doing nothing cant even take the time to clean the table. more

Second Try.. Worst then before 10/19/2008

Same consistent poor service but at a different location. Again, I had a reservation and was about 10 minutes late. Hostess said he will sit me in 10 minutes. Hostess and other workers looked lost and confused. Even physically challenged kids show more energy then these bunch. Waited for 20 minutes with no result. Again they seem to not have enough workers on a Saturday evening at around dinner time. The Hollywood location is worst then the Block of Orange. Again we left and went to the next door restaurant, The Grill. My wife and I was promptly seated without a reservation and the service was spectacular... Koji needs to hire the manager from this venue... more

Ko-Jacked at Koji's! 7/17/2008

Not.....Not......Not Impressed! Pros: great sushi Cons: disgraceful,embarrassing, zombie service more

I hope you have at least 3 hours of free time (and an overstuffed wallet) ... 6/23/2008

Normally I avoid ""mall restaurants"", especially in the Hollywood and Highland complex -- a place with a higher turnover than a CalTrans grafitti removal team. I let my pal talk me into eating lunch here on a Saturday afternoon -- the concept of shabu shabu seemed interesting. The almost- young- enough- to-need- a- work- permit hostess responded with the typical SoCal ""what happened?"" after not hearing my seating request. Our table was covered with greasy palm and fingerprints from the people before us, and one of our cloth-covered chairs was worn threadbare. What is this, a Reno Best Western? It seemed like our waitress was the only server for half the restaurant, and she spent an inordinate amount of time at a larger table before finally swinging by ours. We had to loot extra chopsticks off an adjacent table. After bringing our first set of shabu shabu (thinly-sliced meat and veggies), we didn't see our waitress for practically a half hour. We had to sic a busboy on her, despite overhearing a gaggle of wait staff gossiping behind a wall partition. Another busboy thoroughly cleaned the table immediately behind us while we were still eating -- I say thoroughly because he used about three gallons of misted ammonia or bleach out of his spray bottle, most of which drifted into our faces while we tried to eat. We were also treated to a cacophony of clanging potlids as he hurriedly cleared the table, despite there being nobody waiting for one. Our bill wasn't cheap either. A note to Hollywood tourists: eat at Kabuki on Sunset and Vine instead! Pros: Plenty of space and lighting, decent air conditioning Cons: Mediocre food at not-so-cheap prices, slow service, clueless busboys more

WORST EVER Customer Service 6/2/2008

I should have read the reviews before going here. This is by far the worst restaurant management and service I have ever had to endure. If the food was great or even good then maybe it would be worth it. But it's not. Pros: Hollywood and Highland complex Cons: bad service, stupid management, slow staff, lack of accountability more

never going there again! 5/11/2008

my boyfriend took me there for a pre mothers day lunch. OMG! i was so mad by the time we left. we had 2 unhappy, crappy, waitresses. first off we walked in and the hostess looked like her dog had died. once seated and i mean as soon as we sat down waitress 1 walks over and asked what we wanted before we even opened the menu. my boyfriend ordered but i had to ask for a few minutes because i didnt know yet, which must have upset her because she walked off without saying anything. after ordering, the food was brought to us which resulted in and this was so NASTY!!!!!!!!! there was left over onions in one of the sauces and sticky residue in the other on the side of the bowl, basically saying THIS WAS LEFT OVER FROM THE LAST PERSONS MEAL AND SCREW YOU WE DONT WASTE FOOD! i was so disgusted, after that.i told herand she took it back and i had to pre check it before we ate it on top of not being informed on what to do with the condiments. once she left to go on ""break"" where she stuffed her face our other waitress who was all of 17 years old came and just looked like she didnt want to be there...... after sitting for a while i noticed 1 of the veggies had been bitten off of! YES IT WAS A BITTEN VEGGIE! waitress #2 never came by to check on us so i had to flag someone down because everytime i said ""excuse me"" they ignored me. we asked for the manager and i explained eveything to him and he said "" ok im sorry"" ""yes that does look bitten but it is actually just the rind"" B.S! IT WAS BITTEN! my boyfriend had to calm me down by this point because now everyone knew we complained because the manager told them and was laughing about the situation. after that waitress # 2 walks up and goes""is there a problem?"" you made a complaint what did i do?and walking by giving dirty looks and giggling.we received our check and the manager took of the shabu shabu and made it a point to tell us like that fixed the situation. i wanted nothing fo free i wanted an apology. Pros: its on hollywood and highland Cons: all of the above more

Can you say BAD SERVICE!! I would've enjoyed Mcdonalds much better!!! 3/31/2008

Typical I don't want to be here so I am going to treat you like you know what. The hostess was snotty, the place if you think this is good great -- stunk of cleaning fluid because they were cleaning the tables with industrial strength cleaning stuff while I was eating . My waiter may have forgotten the additional plates, I asked another waitress and that was way to much for her to do, she just told our waiter to get it --- I really don't want to rehash the evening -- just know I WON""T BE GOING BACK ON SERVICE ALONE!!! Pros: PARKING Cons: SERVICE more

Food is good, Management is AWFUL 1/3/2008

I took a group of 29 people to this restaurant for the last night of a five-day trip to Hollywood. I... more

Food is good, Management is AWFUL 1/3/2008

SUZHORNING Provided by Partner
I took a group of 29 people to this restaurant for the last night of a five-day trip to Hollywood. I thought it would be a fun experience for them.... more

Worst Customer Service EVER!!! 11/1/2007

This was my first time dining at Koji's and I was going with 4 people who eat there pretty often. Pros: food was ok Cons: bad service, cold and loud. Poor management more

Want Bad Service? Go to Koji's!!! 10/22/2007

I went to Koji's in Hollywood for my 23rd bday. It looked pretty chic so I decided to make reservations. Anyways, my party was 15 minutes late and before I even stepped in the restaurant, the manager scolded for arriving late. The hosts glared at my party as we got seated and the server spoke to us as if we just arrived from a foreign country. I ordered the beef and pork shabu shabu and I stepped outside for a moment. When I got back, my vegetables were overcooked and falling apart. He server should not have put the vegetables in my soup. I asked him to lower the heat but he completely shut it off. Then when my meat arrived, which was 15 minutes later, I asked that he turn the heat up. He got frustrated at me and said rudely, ""WhAT DO YOU WANT? ONE MOMENT YOU WANT IT LOWERED AND NOW YOU WANT IT UP! Pick One."" At that point I was so frustrated but I was speechless. The rice arrived momentarily and mine rice was filled up 1/3 of the way. I was so upset but I couldn't complain to the manager because the manager was angry with our party also. The food was decent but the service was so horrendous that I lost my appetite. The server ""accidently"" charged the group extra for ""this and that"" and said that we ordered it when in reality, no one did. As we departed from our terrible night, the manager, hosts, and server stared at us in great disappointment as if we committed some sort of crime. Cons: service more

Things are looking up!!! 9/17/2007

It seems the past is behind Koji's as they continue to make improvements to a restaurant that seemed to be on the decline. I visited this weekend and I have to say when they sat me at one of the newly refinished tables I was surprised. The food was great and the staff rocked... I actually spoke to one of the managers on the way out, to compliment on the nice new black finish on the tables and he informed me Koji's was on its way to getting a complete makeover, new finish on the tables, new upholstery, new paint... I really can't wait to see whats next at one of my favorite places. I will be back next weekend. Pros: Food, Service, watching as the new look starts to take shape. Cons: Can be a long wait on the weekends more

you get your own little shabu shabu bowl, which is cool. ... 8/1/2007

you get your own little shabu shabu bowl, which is cool. However, i went for lunch and it was dinner prices! more

you get your own little shabu shabu bowl, which is cool. ... 8/1/2007

JanetChoi Provided by Partner
you get your own little shabu shabu bowl, which is cool. However, i went for lunch and it was dinner prices! more

Such a shame for such a great place in the past! 7/13/2007

I had hoped that this place had improved. My girlfriend and I use to visit Kojis often over a year ago but took some time away due to the subpar bar staff. In all actually the bar staff was really amazing at the time with the exception of the guy we were told was the bar manager at the time, late on weekend nights this guy was usually the drunkest person in the bar....which is completely fine IF you can still function in that capacity. My girlfriend at the time had a simple issue with her drink (she wanted soda instead of tonic), when we brought it to the attention of the ""bar manager"" he was slurring so bad we could not make out what he was trying to say to us. After repeated attempts to communicate with this guy he became frustrated and basically told us to leave. What a joke. We had not returned until recently, hoping Kojis had gotten its act together.......unfortunately things have gotten even worse. The drunken manager is still up to his old tricks and the barstaff that we really enjoyed seems to no longer be around. The place looks like they have completely given up, broken burners, broken lights-------and with higher prices to boot........the place is just plain broken. It really is a shame, this place use to be a great spot for good food and a great bar scene but it seems as if the good old days of Kojis are long gone. Pros: still good food Cons: poor management, poorly maintained restaurant more

Warm sushi is their specialty 7/5/2007

I eat here a lot. But looking for a new spot. Last I checked sushi should be served cold and taste clean. Now theirs is served warm, mushy and tastes inedible. Plus the place looks like it has gone down hill. Needs a paint job and some new management. I asked to speak to the manager and he couldn't assist me because he was busy doing shots at the bar. As I watched several shots go down he then offered me drunken help. Nothing like complaining to a manager when he is half in the bag. Where do they find these people? Pros: Bar is great place for dinks and shabu shabu is fun Cons: Sushi and service, overall lack of attention to detail more

Does anybody care? 7/5/2007

This restaurant needs to get it together!!! I've been going to Koji's since it opened 5 years ago and all i have to say is ""what happened?"" This used to be one of my favorite places to take my friends and out-of-town guests. Now I am just embarrassed by the broken tables, broken soda machine, broken A.C., chipped paint, slow service, and ignorant employees. Last time I ate there my waiter told me that the head manager has never run a restaurant before and he does not know how to maintain the level of quality Koji's once had. The food is still okay and the happy hour prices are still nice And cheap, but who wants to sit in a broken chair? Go for the cheap H.H. drinks and if you drink a lot you won't even notice that you had to wait 45 minutes for a table( when the restaurant isn't even busy). Get somebody in there that cares about this place and maybe I'll go back!!! Pros: happy hour Cons: everything else more

We had a great time... unforgettable!!! 5/17/2007

Myself and a few friends decided we wanted to try something new, so as we passed Koji's we decided Shabu Shabu was it. It was a Saturday Night so there was a wait, so we enjoyed Koji's bar while we waited. I would suggest reservations if you plan on going, it was very busy. We had a wonderful time, our server... sorry can't remember his name... was helpful and very informative, when it came to the sushi and shabu shabu. He suggested a couple different rolls for us to start with... the Andy Roll and the caribean shrimp roll. He was also very helpful with the Shabu Shabu, teaching us about the different sauces and how to garnish them and how to cook the different meats. We were pretty undecided when it came to the proteins we wanted so our server suggested we try the around the world since it comes with beef, chicken, shrimp, and salmon. Everything was great... it was alot of fun cooking our meal and enjoying each others company while doing so. I Kobized my meal so I got Kobe beef for $10 more... and boy was it worth it... the Kobe beef was excellent... my friends didn't, but still enjoyed the Choice beef that came with their Combo's. All and All Koji's was an A++ experience, the staff was friendly, helpful and very informative. Pros: Very fun, great service, Cons: Very busy more
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  • Counter diners huddle close to cook their own food in sunken pots. Hi-tech interior is bright and jazzy. Sushi, too.

  • 7/4/2008 Provided by Citysearch

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