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Kobe Club

68 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019
New York, NY 10019
(212) 644-5623
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Kobe Club - New York, NY


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We went there with the intention of eating from the restaurant week menu. We had a nice drink at the bar first (they have a great cocktail menu - try the pisco-punch) and were se...


Having spent plenty of time deliberating whether to take my boyfriend (a huge steak eater) to Kobe Club on many an occasion, (due to the 'mixed' reviews on Citysearch etc) we cave...

Bad food (literally BAD), Management that does not care, No Vibe, but...Good Drinks 11/25/2008

My husband and I went to the Kobe club for dinner on a Saturday night and would never go back. We definately should have done our research first! BAD FOOD: We ordered oysters and a variety of kobe beefs. The kobe beef was excellent but we got served bad oysters. My husband got food posioning from them and spent the next 2 days sick. To make this worse, when I called to complain/tell the manager so they do not serve more, they did not even have the courtesy to call me back! NO VIBE: While the decor was very nice and unique (swords hanging from the ceiling, etc), there was no vibe. The restaurant was actually empty (except for a few tourists) which is surprising for a Saturday night - it was almost depressing. Also, they blast generic pop music - I think they had the Nelly Furtado CD on while we were there. EXPENSIVE (Note: I probably would not be complaining if it did not come with food posioning): The bill came to $500 for 2 people which would be acceptable for a kobe beef dinner, but not a dinner you get food poisining from! Also, we ended up having to leave the waiter a $100 tip when he was not any better than a diner waitress. He didn't even remember the specials! GOOD DRINKS: In an attempt to give a balanced review, they have a nice drink menu and the punchdrink was great. Pros: Good drinks Cons: Must not test their oysters - got food posioning more

SSOOOO not worth it 8/28/2008

We had a reservation at 8pm during restaurant week. At 9:15 we left. The hostesses were SO rude. Literally not nice. I don't know who they thought they were. We left & went across the street to Quality Meats where the service was excellent & we only had to wait 10 minutes. Pros: n/a Cons: rude hostesses more

HORRIBLY TREATED !!!! 8/28/2008

Don't bother showing up, save your money for a better place. We were a party of 7 and had 8pm reservations, the first person checked in at 7:45 and the whole party was there by 8:15. We were not seated until 9:05, that is over an hour after our reservation, we were literally shoed away by the hostess when trying to get an update on when we would be seated. What is the point of a reservation if you don't keep it, the bar was packed with other people jsut waiting to be seated. Pros: Thumbs down Cons: obnoxious hostesses, unattentive staff more

Biggest dining disappointment in NYC 8/11/2008

The most disappointing dining experience I've had in NYC in ten years. The place is empty (except for tourists who don't know better) for a reason. The food was VERY overpriced - unripe tomatoes, kobe tartar overpowered by way too much salt & garlic, kobe steak was good, but not better than any other restaurant. I wouldn't be happy with the food even if it was cheaper, a huge letdown. The service was awful, no one refilled our water & when they finally did poured still into our sparkling, they forgot to give us utensils, no one wiped off the table between courses, no one asked us mid meal how everything was, the bathrooms didn't have toilet paper, & the overall atmosphere feels cheap & "vampire"ish. Pros: They have a good PR person Cons: Food, service, atmosphere more

AMAZING beef, great restaurant 7/31/2008

We went there with the intention of eating from the restaurant week menu. We had a nice drink at the bar first (they have a great cocktail menu - try the pisco-punch) and were seated promptly at a great booth in the back which was private and excellent. Our waiter Jeremy was very nice and explained all about the different types of Wagyu beef - American, Australian, and Japanese Kobe. We were so enticed by what he told us we decided to try their tasting flight for 2 - you get 4 4oz portions of each type of Wagyu plus American prime. It was very expensive but we said why not, let's try it. All I can say is OH MY GOD it was the best thing I've ever eaten. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, and every bite was just amazing. We had some great appetizers too - the thick cut bacon with black truffles is to die for. The Kobe beef ravioli are also quite awesome. Do not skip the parmesan fries and the truffled creamed corn. Everything was so delicious it was amazing. There are some reasonably priced (under $70) good wines on the list. The service was attentive, professional, friendly and great. The decor is very unique and interesting, a little S&M/dungeon, a little clubby, not boring at all. A great variety of music was played all night at the perfect volume, you can converse with ease and still enjoy the music. The bathrooms are your typical unisex weirdo type - acquaint yourself with how they work before you have too many drinks! I am very discriminating when it comes to dining out and this place wowed me in a big way. I enjoyed the food much more than the many typical steakhouses (Luger's, Mortons, etc) I've visited, it was much more special and much more delicious. Kobe is worth the big bucks, that's for sure, and this place knows how to do it right! Pros: Food, especially the Kobe beef, service Cons: Be ready to shell out big bucks more

great menu, daring decor, attentive service 7/22/2008

A friend had recently mentioned a great time she had at Kobe Beach Club in East Hampton so I decided to visit the restaurant that had started it all. I have to say that it really was much more than what I had expected. Even given everything that I've already heard of this place, I was extremely impressed. I was slightly weary of the prices on the menu but found a great alternative with the tasting menu. SIX COURSES! AMAZING VALUE! You get a bit of each of their signature appetizers, Wagyu steak and dessert. I thought I was going to have to spend a leg but honestly, it wasn't more than what I normally would have spent at Morimoto or any other nice NYC restaurant. A pleasant surprise. Now I just want to make a trip out to the Hamptons....for those of you who venture out to the Hamptons on the weekend, my friend says she had an amazing dinner at Kobe Beach Club and then stopped by the club next door - Lily Pond - and had a kick a$$ time. They have a great DJ apparently. Can't wait!!! more

the decor and ambiance was more enjoyable than... 5/8/2008

DonnaK Provided by Partner
the decor and ambiance was more enjoyable than the kobe. more

amazing experience!!!!! 3/30/2008

i was at Kobe Club last Saturday with some friends and we had an amazing time, from the door to the service, great staffs, the food was a wonderful experience, we had the tasting menu, it was a great combination of Kobe dishes (5 courses with Kobe beef and a choice of dessert), a fantastic 6 courses dinner, the wine list is great and also cocktails, the room is beautifull and fun music. overall it was an amazing experience!!! more

JUST STAY AWAY!!!! 1/30/2008

I took my husband for his 35th birthday to the Kobe Club. Reservations were at 7:15PM. I made to note requesting a quiet table and that we were celebrating his birthday. When we got there, we were seated in between two tables. On one side, a woman had her bag on half of my seat. (Okay not the restaurant's fault but the hostess should have said something.) My husband and I ordered the $130+ tasting menu - not the $40 restaurant week menu the tables besides us were having. The food was so salty we had finished our $10 bottle of water after the first course. Everything was covered with so much salt I could not enjoy the waygu. After dinner was done, I snuck off to make sure the waitress knew that we were celebrating my husbands birthday to salvage out night out. Of course it was the first she had heard of it so she assured me she would take care of it. 20 minutes later, no dessert and no one came to check on is. The table on either side of us had new diners into their dessert course! Another 10 minutes later, my husband went to the restroom and the waitress asked if we were okay. I told her no one came to take our dessert orders. She told me not to worry, we were getting the chefs dessert selection. Another 10 minutes later she came back - apologies they lost of dessert order in the kitchen but does not bother taking our coffee order. So another 10 minutes passes - they bring out the nastiest dessert I ever had which was no different than the two offered on the tasting menu - definitely not the chef's selection. The bill came out to a total of $400+. Now I am willing to pay $400 for a meal with impeccable service and top notched food like you would get at places like Megu or Morimotos which also serve waygu. We got neither at the Kobe Club. As an event planner for my firm, I will never ever use to place for an event and personally I would tell all personal diners to JUST STAY AWAY! Pros: Decent decor. Cons: Everything else. more

No Good Service Guys 1/29/2008

Service at this highly aclaimed place was very poor. They could not locate the wine we asked until about the 3rd time. Our dishes were very avarage and with a lot of fat. Somelier was very rude when I asked a specific wine , he said " it's restaurant week every body ordered these wines and they run out of them". The red wine he served was cold and his answer was " we keep our wines in the cellar'' very rude. Our server never stoped by our table and check how our expereince was. I have nothing else to say bu it was not a great restaurant week start. more

food was ok...great decor tho 1/27/2008

tiffchin Provided by Partner
food was ok...great decor tho more

Steak, Wine, and Beatiful Atmosphere 1/22/2008

The Kobe and Wagyu steaks are amazingly tasty. It's worth the splurge every once in awhile. The eighty's and ninety's music was perfectly placed for the target clientele. I did like the decor with the leather straps and accents and the samarai swords hanging from the ceiling. The waitstaff was attentive and cordial if slightly aloof. Bring a date and both of you will be impressed. Pros: Kobe beef, Wagyu beef, decor Cons: a little dark...a lot pricey more

Outstanding Steaks 12/15/2007

This place is a rare gem in the steak world and worth every penny. Ok, I didn't pay but that doesn't detract from my statement :) The Japanese wagyu filet mignon was the best I have ever had on the planet and I'm basically a carnivore. The staff was courteous and prompt. I would highly recommend the roasted mushrooms, the kumamoto oysters, and the pinkpunch. Great date or business place. Pros: out of this world steak Cons: pricey more

Good steak, but overpriced 10/14/2007

We have visited Kobe for a dinner not so much after it has opened. The welcoming and the waiters were very friendly to us and gave good service. What I didn't like is the interior. I think nobody likes to eat while Japanese swords hanging above your head. Their interior designer surely wasn't a "feng-shui' guy. For romantic dinners it's good tho as you can be private, seating is not so tight. My wife loved the food, we both had stakes. I'm a big steak fan so for me it wasn't the best. Overall the food was good, 7 out of 10 points. Probably my wife would give 10 out of 10 for the food. The place is pricey tho, I guess most people are upset about this place, because for the amount of money you can leave there for a dinner, you would deserve an all-around great experience. We paid around 350-400 Usd included cocktails, wine. Did I mention that the steaks are pricey. :) If the interior wouldn't be so screwed up and the food would be not just good, but excellent, then I would come here more often if I need to go out for a fancy dinner. Pros: great service, okay steak Cons: interior, prices more

Only for a select few 9/24/2007

I thought this place was an incredibly silly concept. Bad vibes, so small, too expensive of a menu. Dipping sauce for steak? I was nonplussed and underwhelmed. Only recommend if someone else is paying Pros: $$$ Cons: intimate setting more

Thrilled to be there! 7/24/2007

I tossed and turned in my sleep the night before dining with friends at Kobe Club. After reading so many negative reviews on this site, I offered to pay the entire bill if they were not happy with my dinner choice. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted warmly and seated promptly. Our server too was warm and friendly and didn't give us attitude for not ordering drinks. The three of us opted for the $35pp Restaurant Week Prix Fixed menu instead of the a la carte one. Heavenly mini popovers topped with shredded cheese arrived gratis. The appetizers we chose Beef Cheek Ravioli and Tuna Tartare with wasabi cream and wonton crisps were sensational. We couldn't resist ordering a Double Stuffed Crab Cake a la carte for the three of us to share. It was also delicious but proved to be too much food . Wagyiu Hangar Steak served on a bed of sautee'd onions with a head of roasted garlic was melt in your mouth wonderful. We also enjoyed the Wag. Chopped Sirlion served with grilled onions, cheese and the best bacon you ever tasted. A $7 side of sour cream and chive mashed potatoes was a perfect accompanyment. Both dessert choices Creme Brulee' and Assorted Berries with Cream proved to be the end to a perfect evening. Even had enough food leftover for hubby to have lunch. Sometimes you have to take a chance despite what others say. So thrilled we did! more

Poor service 7/22/2007

Despite an upscale appearance, which really looks a bit tacky and uncomforting for a dinner night out with friends, the food and service did not meet my expectations, which were low to begin with. I agree with the other reviews that the place is all hype and not worth the price and time. We were out of there is about an hour for a three-course meal, and that quick meal was helped out by the waiter who barely gave us enough time to sit down and look at our menus before asking if we're ready to order. In fact, he thought he'd help us along by reading the menu out loud in case we didn't get the hint that they're busy and could use our table soon. Throughout dinner, various members of the wait staff would repeatedly ask if we were ready to move on to the next course or would give us looks to see if we were done. It was snobby, and worse of all the main course was not delicious. I'm usually not picky and could still finish a dish despite a not-so-great taste, but my focus was not even on the lack of taste of the Kobe sirloin; I kept focusing on the texture, which was too soft yet also dry (I'm not sure how they managed to accomplish that) and lacks any special or distinct flavor. You might as well have taken your money and time to a diner, where you don't have to feel uncomfortable and could enjoy a nice meal. Pros: n/a Cons: poor service, mediocre food more

Gorgeous interiors....sloppy everything else! 7/21/2007

Having spent plenty of time deliberating whether to take my boyfriend (a huge steak eater) to Kobe Club on many an occasion, (due to the 'mixed' reviews on Citysearch etc) we caved in and went last week. In a nutshell, its a beautiful space which would go down an absoloute storm in South Beach but I just can't see it working out in NYC. Aside from the obvious 2-waiter change over mid course, tables so close together, our neighbors practically had my rear in her steak on arrival when trying to be seated etc etc we were trying to be open minded about the experience. While we were there for Restaurant week, which was good value, and unlike another review on here, actually was edible and tasty (and huge!), i most definitely would NOT return during normal service and above all if I'd decided to splash out on one of their $400 kobe steaks, would feel hugely cheated no matter how lovely and delicious it might be. The bathrooms in the restaurant were FERRAL and again a classic sign of a restaurant that needs to get its act together as again if I were a guest spending that much money I'd expect more for my money. Service was sloppy too and when we left, no-one said thanks for coming or goodnight or any of the above! This is surely standard service. Go to Asiate instead as this is a classy joint with substance, whereas Kobe Club just doesn't make the grade...sorry. Pros: stunning interiors - visually a masterpiece Cons: TB inducing bathrooms, sloppy service, not polished, lacks panache in general more

My expectations - although low - were not met 7/16/2007

During restaurant week, I set my expectations extremely low - You get what you pay for, right? During my recent visit to Kobe Club, I can't say I got even my $35 worth. Throughout the evening, my table passed through the hands of no fewer than three different waiters - so, perhaps it should come as no surprise to me when our second waiter brought out the incorrect order to my table. This would have been excusable had he been interested in replacing the wrong items with those we had ordered, but bringing us our correct order was such an inconvenience that only a significant amount of pleading on my companion's part could convince him to do so. This incident, along with our perpetually empty water cups, 30-minute breaks between courses, and the out-of-stock dessert items led my dinner-mate and I to speculate that the waitstaff gets off on being withholding. The food also failed to impress - while the beef cheek ravioli was an exceptional appetizer, the Wagyu chopped sirloin entree failed to live-up to expectations. In fact, I tend to expect a better burger during tipsy visits to Jackson Hole. The American Hanger Steak was on par with what I would expect from Outback/Texas Roadhouse/Applebees. It wasn't all bad though - the wildly intoxicated vistiors from Staten Island at the table to the right and the trophy wife at the table to the left provided adequate entertainment during the long breaks between courses. Also, the blasting non-stop mix of Brittney, J-Lo, Rhiana, and other divas will appeal to a certain demographic. Perhaps Kobe club has a bright future ahead as a steak house by day and gay bar by night. The references to meat will be appropriate and appreciated by both crowds. Pros: Location Cons: Food/Service more

No substance, complete hype, do not recommend 6/18/2007

This is complete hype. Those who have had real food and service will be embarrassed to show their faces here. Fortunately for the restaurant, good food and service are not prerequisites for success in New York City. Amateur service gaudy decor only the Japanese steaks are good. The US is just as good as outback steakhouse for 5 times the price. Pros: None Cons: Tacky, Overpriced, Bad Service, Mediocre Food more
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  • In Short
    Though owner Jeff Chodorow made Kobe Club infamous with his printed retaliation against less-than-impressed critics, his steakhouse's zany decor would have done the job anyway. With its stingray-skin bar, rocks hanging in leather straps, and 2,000 samurai swords dangling above diners' heads, the space could double as a Klingon sex club. Prices are out of this world, too, for dishes like sake-cured salmon, foie gras "steak" and the main event: various cuts of Japanese, American and Australian wagyu beef.

  • 3/22/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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