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Knight Vision & Glaucoma - 34 Reviews - 7300 W Greenfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (414) 453-6667
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Knight Vision & Glaucoma

7300 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53214
(414) 453-6667
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First time here and this was by far the best eye doctor that I've ever been to. Dr. Knight was excellent, and the instruments were really high tech. The woman who makes the eyegla...


I've been a patient at Knight Vision for a number of years. I have glaucoma, and thought that Dr. Knight would be the best doctor for me since he specializes in glaucoma. I woul...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/7/2012

What a great place. I had Lasik about 9 years ago and it turned out to be a nightmare. I have seen halos around lights from dusk till dawn since I had the surgery and have gone to probably 10 different eye doctors and not 1 single doctor helped me. I was referred to Dr. Knight by almost everyone at work and after about 20 minutes with him, he said that he would like to write a prescription for a medication for me that could possibly get rid of my halos. I got the eye drops that afternoon and that night was the first time in 9 years that I didn't see halos. This guy is a genius. He then put tiny little plugs in my eyelids and my dry eyes improved by about 90%. Dr. Knight told me to wear sunglasses which I'm doing and in total, I couldn't be happier. On top of everything, when I first saw him, as depressed as I was with all my eye trouble, he made me laugh. I'd send anyone to him. more

First time here and this was by far the 11/30/2011

First time here and this was by far the best eye doctor that I've ever been to. Dr. Knight was excellent, and the instruments were really high tech. The woman who makes the eyeglasses adjusted my frame and couldn't have been more pleasant. I'll go back next year with my kids. more

Couldn't Be Better 4/27/2011

I have also been a patient of Dr. Knight's for over 15 years like the last review. I also have never had anything but the best care. Dr. Eric is one of the most compasionate, caring doctors that I have ever seen. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, he set up an appointment for me with a nutritionist. My diabetic doctor didn't even do that. I have since lost 40 pounds and am off medication. I owe this all to Dr. Eric. more

Supurb! 4/6/2011

I have been a patient of Knight Vision for 25 years. I have had nothing but the best of care, and service. His equipment is the best in the industry-latest technology-he refers out to some of the best professionals if need be. I have high pressure due to a thick cornea-so you get a false high reading. It is important to keep tabs on this the optic nerve needs to be checked. Expensive? What is YOUR sight worth? I've had glasses made in Texas and they were just as expensive and the prescription wasn't correct. I've had two other pairs made in the area we moved to in Central Wisconsin and they were not correct either. So, I continue to see Eric-drive 3.5 hours to do so. He is very easy to contact-returns your calls, explains in detail what the issue is and how to go forward. His business has been in West Allis for over 50 years, and has been a success-how many other business's on Greenfield Avenue have been business that long-NONE! Say what you want-I think the is great as is his staff. more

Very Good, Wonderful, Very Helpful 2/15/2011

My brothers and I have gone here for over 25 years, at least since I was a little kid. My parents have gone here for over 50 or 60 years. Dr. Eric and Dr. Jaime have gone above and beyond to take care of all of us over the years and today went way beyond. I needed a medication because I've been sleeping in my contacts, told Dr. Knight that I couldn't afford it till next pay day, and he got 2 bottles for me and gave them to more

A+++ Took me as a emergency SO GRATEFUL 2/10/2011

I was a genius and squirted the wrong solution into my right eye this morning at 730. What I didn't know is that it was hydrogen peroxide. It burned my eye like crazy. I called Dr. Knight's office and they got me in instantly and I haven't even been there before. I couldn't keep my eye open and couldn't see. Dr. Knight put a bunch of different drops in my eye, the pain went away in a few seconds and put a bandage in my eye! I never knew those existed. more

They went beyond being helpfull... Very, Very Good 2/8/2011

My daughter and I went in for an eye exam. We both got our glasses which were fine. They were very good looking and much less than I paid at my last eye doctor. My daughter got contacts which she told me were less than the 800 place and they took time to make sure she knew what she was doing with them. They also speak spanish which is wonderful. more

I AM VERY HAPPY 1/26/2011

I guess that I dont know what to write here. My wife and I and 2 children went in to see Dr. Knight a few days ago. All of us were dilated with drops in our eyes. Mine took about 10 minutes, but my wifes took over 30 minutes. Both kids took about 20 minutes. We had no problem with it. We were comfortable and relaxed. The exam was easy and the most thorough that I've ever had. My kids didn't need glasses but my wife and I did. They were very low priced for what we got. They made our glasses right there and we had them the next day. The Doc made my kids feel so comfortable and I will always go back to Dr, Knight more

Absolutely Great 1/19/2011

I was at Knight vision yesterday and overheard another person yelling at the woman behind the desk that if she wipe out her bill, that she would leave all kinds of bad reviews. What's up with that? I guess that this is some kind of new cyber-terrorism. Do what I demand or I'll slander you and there's nothing that you can do about it. But through the entire screamfest, the woman behind the desk was as nice as can be. more

Knight Vision is Excellent 1/19/2011

I had a wonderful experience going to Knight Vision in West Allis. Dr. Knight could not have been more professional and nice. He was about 5 minutes late, and came in and appologized. My eye exam and very, very thorough and he took a lot of time explaining everything in detail to me. I got glasses and contacts from the office and the cost came to about half of what I paid 2 years ago at another place. I will absolutely go back. more

Dr. knights office is only so so 12/28/2010

Dr. Knight knows his business which is eyes. He is very expensive. The minute you come in say you have a medical condition. It seems like they think Cha ching. They want you to have all these eye tests done. I can maybe see once doing them to make sure your medical condition doesn't affect your vision in bad ways. But it seemed like every time it was time for the regular eye exam. They'd say Oh time to repeat all them tests again. Which are expensive. Even though insurance covered a good part of them. It seemed like they milked the insurance for these services in one sense. By saying you had to have these tests done on their schedule. Like every 2yrs. To find out from our family doctor. Those tests are only done once. As long as you don't have problems at that time. They need not be repeated. Their glasses are real expensive. They always show off the pricey frames first. When I asked for something less. They seemed upset. Like I was less of a person for not wanting the pricier frames. Then you ask for your prescription. So maybe you can go elsewhere to get your glasses if you choose. They at first didn't want to give it out. more

I agree with negative reviews 11/7/2010

I've been a patient at Knight Vision for a number of years. I have glaucoma, and thought that Dr. Knight would be the best doctor for me since he specializes in glaucoma. I would believe that many of the negative reviews here were written by a disgruntled ex-employee or customer, except that many of the complaints I've read here I've experienced myself. Dr. Knight can be very friendly and nice, or he can be short and almost nasty. There was one occasion that I left the office almost in tears. Since that experience, I've always asked to see Dr. Bembenek instead, but when I get to the appointment, I end up with Dr. Knight again. While the receptionists have always been professional and friendly, the rest of the staff I've encountered are not. They do their jobs, but don't seem to have any interest in their patients and rarely smile or interact. I usually don'thave to wait in the waiting area for too long, but once I've been taken back, I've had to wait for a very long time on most occasions. I've had drops put in my eyes and told that I'll have to wait for a ""few minutes"" and 20 minutes later I'm still waiting for someone to return. I'm glad I found these reviews and see that I'm not the only patient who has bad experiences at this clinic. It's definitely time to find a different clinic, as I'm sure Dr. Knight is not the only glaucoma specialist in the Milwaukee area. more

Went for an Eye Exam 9/22/2010

I went with my wife for an eye exam and it was my first time there. As far as eye exams go, it was really interesting. The level of machinery and instruments were really amazing. I've never seen a computer that spits out my eyeglass prescription. The doctor seemed to be a good guy, was very professional, and my glasses work perfectly. I got them from his office in 2 days. more

Went to Dr. Knight- Really Good and So Nice 9/22/2010

I guess that I've never left a review for a doctor. Anyway, I saw Dr. Eric Knight a few weeks ago and he was fantastic. He is a very warm and caring doctor and really took his time with me. I would return to his office without hesitation. Also, I found his staff to be VERY friendly. I actually asked one of the girls what was put in to their Kool Aid becuase they were all happy and smiling. more

Perfect...THANKS !!! 9/7/2010

Although this isn't eBay, I'm going to leave a review because this place went way out of their way to help me. The story is too long and boring but they saved my rear when I got stuck without glasses and contacts. Thanks again and I'll be indebted to you guys forever. more

A Customer/Patient For Life 8/17/2010

I've been a patient of Dr. Knight's for over 25 years. Dr. Eric Knight took over from his father well over 20 years ago and built a fantastic new office a few doors west (I think) from there old office. The technology and instruments are amazing. When I've gotten glasses they are made right there and usually take 1-2 days to get. Although I don't wear contacts any more, I used to get them from Dr. Eric and I never had a problem. more

Just went there and it was excellent 8/17/2010

I agree with a previous posting here that most people who post on here only complain. I just went to Dr. Eric Knight for the first time and he was the best doctor that I've seen yet. I got contacts and yes, they told me about the fitting fee. They also explained very clearly that my insurance didn't cover the extra stuff that that's involved in getting my contacts so fine, no problem. There was also a fitting fee at the last 2 places that I went. Again, no problem like the last guy who probably wants everyone to work for free for him like most of my customers do with me. I got glasses which were 1/2 the cost of lenscrafters. So I had a very good experience for whatever it's worth. more

go to Lens Crafters instead 6/10/2010

I've been going to Knight Vision for nearly 10 years and I will not be back. At the start of the last exam, the tech informed me there would be a ""fitting fee"" at the end of the appointment. I asked if this also applies to contacts and she said yes. I was thinking this would be some nominal fee, but it was $70. And this was just to order the contacts. Dr. Yale Knight is an excellent doctor. Unfortunately, he is retiring and his son, Eric is taking over. He is snobby and dismissive which seems difficult to get away with in downtown West Allis. The staff always seems crabby. They have always been this way, but it is getting worse. They accepted my insurance, but not my Vision Plan. No attention to customer service. Will not be back. Pros: hi tech accurate equipment Cons: snobby doctors and staff more

Excellent and too many complainers 4/6/2010

OK, so I read many of these reviews after my family doctor refered me to Dr. Knight. I had an absolutely great experience. I got the best exam that I've ever had and contacts and glasses. When I went back for the contact check, I saw Dr. Knight again and asked him about the negetive reviews. He talked openly about it. He said that first, they have one of the largest practices in the state and that between the 3 doctors they see about 22,000 people each year. He said the 10 or 15 bad reviews go back about 5-7 years and that the percentage of bad reviews comes out to way less than 1/10 of 1% of everyone that they see. He said that they also get trouble patients sent to them from other eye doctors as second opinions and that these people tend to be difficult to please. Pros: Great care, excellent office Cons: Receptionist more

caveat emptor 1/13/2010

I read the various reviews on here prior to making an appointment at Knight Vision, so I have no one to blame for my experience but myself. It was just really hard to believe that they would be as bad as other people say. But they are. They messed up my contact prescription, and when I explained to the optometrist that I couldn't see farther than 10 feet away with the contacts they prescribed, I was told rather dismissively that I was wearing the contacts inside out. Keep in mind that I have been wearing soft contacts for 25 years (ever since they hit the market in 1984). Which means I started using this type of product on a daily basis about when the doctor was learning to tie her shoelaces. I have a pretty good understanding of how to wear them. Over the two decades that I've worn contacts, I've gone to 4 different optometrists, and this is the first time I've ever had a bad prescription. In all fairness, they fixed my prescription (at my insistence), switching me back to what the previous optometrist had prescribed, and exchanged my contacts without hesitation. But the doctor's attitude and questionable ability to do her job has made me decide to go elsewhere in the future. Add in the various negative comments by other patrons and it should be a no-brainer. Pros: clean facility Cons: questionable competence and professionalism more
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