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Klos Real Estate Svc Inc

1742 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 860-7500
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The Klos Family has been wonderful to rent from and I currently am renewing my lease for another year. They welcomed me warmly when I moved in, express consistent concern for my c...


No matter the location or how cheap this place will seem, do not rent from this company. They are rude and uncomprimising, especially the owner. After three phone conversations wi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/21/2014

Tim Klos and the Klos family are wonderful to work with and rent from - It's too bad people would rather complain than compliment. I have rented the same lovely apartment for the past three years and they have always fixed things in a timely manner, they work with very nice and knowledgeable maintenance folks who fix things quickly or replace them if they cannot be fixed. I appreciate greatly that this is a family business and they've always been very good to me, so I recommend them highly and would refer my friends to them in the future as well! Take the time to meet the Klos's when you decide to rent from them and you'll be happy you did! more

The Klos Family has been wonderful to 5/4/2012

The Klos Family has been wonderful to rent from and I currently am renewing my lease for another year. They welcomed me warmly when I moved in, express consistent concern for my comfort as a tenant. It is very rare these days to find a Family-run business and the Klos Family is it. When I call, either Mitzi, Tim or their Daughter answer the phone adn they respond to my requests in a timely and considerate manner. They are not invasive whatsoever, but are there when I need them - to fix or repair or update something in my lovely apartment. I love renting from the Klos Family and consider myself a small part of their extended family. I would reccomend them to anyone looking for charming rentals managed by an even more charming Family. more

Do not rent! Will take you for all you're worth! 6/15/2011

No matter the location or how cheap this place will seem, do not rent from this company. They are rude and uncomprimising, especially the owner. After three phone conversations with the company discussing a month early release from our lease after being good renters for two yearswe took them at thier word and moved out. We were then served with eviction notices and ""past due rent owed"". We called them to confirm what we had preciously talked about, they agreed, and my roommate and I thought every thing was taken care of. Then we were served with another eviction notice via email. These were sited as the cause for why we did not get ANY of our deposit back, even though we left the house with improvments and in considerably better condition than when we left it. This company will take you for all you are worth. Avoid at any and all costs; a ""cheap price"" and good location is not near worth it. more

Do Not Rent from KLOS 11/17/2010

I lived at KLOS apartments for almost 3 years. Only because they were cheap. Everything in a KLOS apartment, from doors to refrigerators to stoves, are the cheapest junk they could buy in bulk. This means that none of it works. I never had a stove that would stay on, or a shower that had more water come out of the shower head than the bath spigot (this resulted in an ankle bath every time). I was never late on rent, even offered for a larger deposit if they could fix the place up a little. All they care about is incoming money. If you tell them you're moving out, they turn into a whole new kind of beast. The first time I moved out, I was getting deployed. Instead of bolting my lease like I am legally allowed to do under the soldier and sailors relief act, I decided to do the right thing and not break my contract. They IMMEDIATELY jacked up my rent! Next, it turns out there was a reason they have such a low deposit, and more than anywhere else you have to document EVERYTHING. They just bill for damages instead of using the damage deposit as a buffer. This allows them to sue you first and mess with your credit instead of you suing them for not returning the deposit. Because they are bringing in crap, like scratched up doors, you better take pictures because they will try to make you pay for ""damages."" Also, I had a horrible ant problem. Because, in the second place I lived, they didn't clean up at all from the person before me. By not cleanup, this meant there was an ant colony in and under the stove and fridge. I was still finding cat poop two weeks after moving in! They left me a bottle of ant spray with a note to take care of it myself. This meant I had to move the stove and fridge to get to the ants. Turns out this is because they knew moving those appliances would damage the floor as the fridge was missing feet pieces. We had rampant break ins near the end of my stay at their pear st location because they couldn't get the front and back doors to close correctly. They're wanna be slum lords that think their tenants don't have the capacity or wherewithal to obtain legal counsel or representation after moving out. Bottom line, don't rent from them. Find a legitimate company that does a proper before and after walk through and installs real, functional appliances. For example, across the street from 42 pearl st turned out to be the same price and space but none of the problems. more

Great Management 5/11/2010

I have lived with Klos for almost three years now and have always had great experiences with them. They have answered my questions and concerns quickly and without making me feel dumb. This was the first apartment i had ever rented on my own and they helped to make sure i was in the right place and understood all of what was going on. I have since moved to three different properties that they have and they were always helpful with making the transition easy and hassle free! Great place to rent from! Pros: understanding, helpful, prompt more

STAY AWAY! 11/10/2009

I lived in one of their units for a few years and ALWAYS paid my rent on time and was respectful of the building and other tenants. As I was moving out, they threatened to keep my diposit for any reason they could think of. Pros: NONE!!!!! Cons: and con-artists... more

COMPLETE RIP OFF only after MONEY! 8/19/2009

Very rude, arrogant and just plain a**. He will say one thing and then go back on it. He will keep your deposit and charge you for anything and everything that he can. I rented for 6 months and got out my year contract because I could not deal with them any more. they never returned calls, do not fix stuff and threatened me. DO NOT BUY OR RENT. At first they all seem nice but this guy is shaddy and will rip you off. He pays people to write good reviews! Cons: This will be the worse man you will ever meet in your life. more

Horrible - Stole money - RIP OFF 8/19/2009

I moved in with 2 other people. we went months with problems with the sink, the toliet and many other things. the Toliet got so bad that it started leaking make the carpet show horrible black and brown spots. We rent carpet cleaner after carpet clean to keep it clean enough to walk on. Then he claimed that we caused the damage from a pet. It was a 6 ft by 4 ft square of carpet NO idea how in the heck a pet could urinate that much especially when it lead right up to the base of toliet and smelled like sewer. He was rude, mean and very disrespectful. He cused and ranted and raved. Then he came in and inspected the apt. said that all was clear and that nothing was wrong so we moved out. Never recieved my deposit so I called took weeks to get a call back and he says well we replace the carpet with tile - which is illegal by the way. carpet must be replaced with carpet and any carpet over 7 years old is worth nothing and you can not be charged even if you did damage it. (which we didn't and it was well over 7 years old) he tried to charge us to re-carpet the whole house! finally I got a lawyer and then he changed his tune sayng that they finall got the stains out from numerous cleanings... what BS he knew he was going to have to give our deposits back if we went to court.. all this company does is try to intimidate you and make you pay for stuff you didnt' do. Other employees are nice and cheerful but you dont' get to deal with them after you sign a lease its only with Tim. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF TRY TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THREATEN YOU. DO NOT BUY OR RENT from these people. I know an ex-employee who says he pays ppl and friend to write good reviews! DO NOT TRUST! Pros: other staff is nice - at times Cons: Cost me thousands.. yes thousands of dollars more

Awful must really be your name GET A LIFE 5/15/2009

I laugh at other comments must have been losers that didn't pay your bills. I rented with Klos for 5 years maintenance was very prompt. All staff was very respectful to my needs even helped me to buy my own home SINGLE MOTHER!!!!!!! Apparently review above must have been a TOTAL LOSER for Tim to be rude....... I would recommend 100% very caring company Pros: Very Caring People more

Klos Management 4/22/2009

I've lived in a house managed by Klos for 3 years. I had sold my house 3 years ago and was leary about moving into a house that was managed by a property management company- since in the past I had always rented from private parties. As it turns out, Klos has been very easy to work with. I live in an older house that has needed occasional maintenance. They have always responded within 24 hours for any maintenance I have needed. I just had a problem with the swamp cooler and their repair man was on my roof within a few hours of my call. Pros: Attentive and prompt Cons: none come to mind more

nice clean living 4/20/2009

Klos Real estate was very good and attentive to all my needs. very helpful when I fell on tough times. Responded quickly to all my maintenance requests. would recommend to a friend!!!!!!!!!! Pros: very friendly fast response to maintenance Cons: n/a more

Awful 1/26/2009

They are an absolutely awful management company. Employees are rude over the phone, and never have I met people in a service industry with so little concern for the well being of others--the only thing they care about is money. Awful people. Awful service. Awful company. Do not rent with Klos. Cons: The worst management company I have ever experienced more

Worst Landlord EVER 8/7/2008

I rented a unit from Klos real estate. The place constantly needed maintenance work. Klos would send the worst contractors in the city to do the jobs, and within days or weeks, the jobs would need to be re-done. I have lived in eight or nine affordable (500-700) rentals over the years and this was by far the worst service from any of them. DO NOT RENT FROM KLOS. PS TIM KLOS IS A SELFISH, HEARTLESS, MAN more

Ask around and you will find mostly happy tenants 6/5/2007

I am an independent contractor who has done work for Klos over the last several years and I am also a Klos tenant. In that time I have gotten a good feeling for how they do business and how their tenants respond. It has to be a very high percentage of tenants who are more than satisfied with Klos management considering the size of their portfolio, and that amount of satisfied customers is impressive for any business. There are very few tenants who complain. Klos manages many different properties from new condos and homes to turn-of-the-century apartment buildings and converted mansions. The majority of their product is owned by other investors who use Klos for property management. You can imagine the maintenance required for a structure that has stood for over 100 years through conversions (sometimes several back and forth), weather, hundreds of tenants, and simply age in general. It is incredible that many of these buildings in Denver are still inhabitable and Klos not only pulls it off, but also keeps them especially safe and comfortable. These wonderfully historical structures are usually the most desired rentals by Denverites and that is also the attraction for Klos. They have pride in what they do for both for residents and for Denver neighborhoods in general. \r more

Disrespectful Management Comany 4/12/2007

Please do not waste your time with this disrespectful, horrible management company. Tim Klos is extremely rude and only cares about ""getting paid."" I once called him to tell him that our oven was making a strange noise (soon came to find out it was VERY dangerous and could have blown up our place) ANYWAYS, all he said to me on the phone was ""well, at least you aren't there when the place bl0ws to hell."" He would say one thing and then say something completely opposite and go back on his word. Tried to charge us $300 because one of my roomates was a ""b*tch"" according to him. Maintenance repairs took weeks to be completed. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY! Pros: NOTHING Cons: EVERYTHING more

The worst management I have ever experienced 4/12/2007

This is the worst management I have ever experienced in my life. Tim Klos was disrespectful and rude to me and all other roomates. It took WEEKS, sometimes months for things to get fixed. We went for a week with only one working toilet because we were continuously lied to that someone was coming to fix it. We ended up moving out because it was unbearable. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT COMPANY!!!! Pros: CHEAP RENT Cons: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT more

Shady Company. 7/10/2006

Spent six months at a horrible apartment owned by KLOS Real Estate. Lease was from December 1st to June 1st. Place was not kept up at all beyond making the carpet look clean and keeping a thin layer of fresh paint on the walls. There were spots of black mold eating away the paint on the ceiling that they had attempted to patch, it started coming through 2 months after being there. I am not quite sure how to report this, or if any housing commissions even exist in Colorado. The toilet was fixed on two occasions because of some kind of leak, I feel sorry for the people downstairs. The moldings around the windows started to peel after awhile, these were never fixed upon request. Any maintenance request took days to handle, and you could only request maintenance through a written letter that had to be mailed to their P.O. Box, no hand deliveries.\r \r To top it off: Final may rent was sent with keys, my 30 day notice and a note that I was moving out of state stating that I would forward the existing apartment mail so my deposit could just be sent to my apartment. Now I find out that my notice wasn't ""received in time"". They are also saying that the keys were never received so the apartment still isn't in their possession, hinting at owing for July also. This strikes me as highly odd since the last months rent is fully accounted for. I now have an eviction from this shady company, along with unjustified money owed. \r \r I obviously have a court date that I cannot make because I am all the way across the country, and they know this. It's rather hard to dispute an eviction notice that you're two thousand miles away from. I only found out about all this because I called up wondering where my deposit was.\r \r Know what you're getting into when you rent from this company that rents out substandard, poorly renovated buildings in downtown Denver.\r Cons: Bad Patch Jobs, Poorly Maintained more
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