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Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic: Steven B Klayman, DC - 26 Reviews - 13110 W Highway 290 200, Austin, TX - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (512) 301-7746

Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic: Steven B Klayman, DC

13110 W Highway 290 200
Austin, TX 78737
(512) 301-7746
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Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic: Steven B Klayman, DC - Austin, TX


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Dr Steve Klayman cured both my asthma and acid reflux after seven years of medicine and stress of both. Went from cynic to true believer and continue to grow in my understanding o...


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Life changer - total health and savings 1/24/2012

Dr Steve Klayman cured both my asthma and acid reflux after seven years of medicine and stress of both. Went from cynic to true believer and continue to grow in my understanding of what's possible give our amazing blessed bodies mind and spirit; taking care of yourself and working with someone like Dr. Steve. He is adding years to my life, helping me enjoy it better, helping my wife, and saving us healthcare costs in the long term. Thank you! more

Dr. Klayman is an Amazing Austin Chiropractor 12/23/2011

Dr. Klayman is a healer! I have been seeing him since October 2011 and have had fantastic results. He uses a Total Body Management assessment to determine whether your bodies functions are working properly and then adjusts accordingly. Through this process he has made amazing adjustments helping me with fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, thyroid dysfunction, and a multitude of airborne and food allergies. He is also making structural adjustments to my spine to help with a reverse curve in my neck and scoliosis in my lower back. These adjustments have greatly improved and/or eliminated plantars fasciitis, foot neuromas, SI joint pain, low back pain, and neck/shoulder pain which included numbness/tingling in my fingers. I haven't felt this good in years!!!! He is truly a gifted professional who builds a rapport with his patients and gets results. Well worth the drive and the investment! more

The BEST!!! 12/19/2011

Dr. Klayman is our family doctor! We met him in Oct. of 2011. My 8 yr old son has suffered with food and outdoor allergies since birth! After years of trials and tests, I just accepted that he would live differently than the rest of us. Dr Klayman adjusted him with TBM methods and I am happy to report that he is allergy symptom free and eats whatever he wants! ""THANK YOU DR. KLAYMAN!!"" son exclaimed as he ate a big scoop of icecream! I also had digestion problems for years and after having one TBM adjustment, it was GONE! Our family LOVES our Dr. Klayman and we highly recommend him! more

Dr. Kayman is the best in Chiropractics! 12/14/2011

Dr. Klayman is fantastic! We call him the Witch Doctor in our house. He has a great sense of humour and always has interesting things to say. I had pain from my hips up through my neck. I started out seeing him 3 times a week and now see him only once a month for maintenence. He cured my daughter's migraine headaches and has also helped my mother. My mother was to the point of not being able to do almost anything. Standing, walking, sitting and laying all hurt her horribly. She is like a new person now thanks to DR. Klayman! I don't know how he does it, but it certainly works. more

Tell us about the best, the worst, or what just needed to be 7/22/2011

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Real health care, real results! 4/27/2011

I discovered Dr Steven Klayman in September 2010 when I needed treatment for neck, shoulder and back pain. I chose him based on his Citysearch reviews. Results have been excellent.\r \r Dr Klayman takes time to discuss treatment and answer questions. He used an x-ray to show me what was wrong with my neck and spine and explain what could be done about it. With treatment, I started feeling better quickly. But that's not all. Dr Klayman cured my lower back pain during my first visit. One treatment and the pain vanished! My back pain comes from poor posture, so it's no surprise that I wrenched my back again a couple months later. This time, it HURT. Dr Klayman found the problem and fixed it in a few minutes. \r \r There's more... five years ago I was being treated by an allergy specialist MD. After two years of treatment, I still felt miserable. The whole effort was a waste of time and money. On my first visit to Dr Klayman, he noted that I suffered from airborne allergies and offered a treatment that he developed. After years of useless medication and allergy shots, I had nothing to lose. The treatment was fast and non-invasive, but I didn't feel any different afterward. Later that day I realized I hadn't taken allergy medication in hours. When I awoke the next day my sinus was open and my breathing was trouble-free. I relapsed a few days later, but Dr Klayman re-treated me and again I recovered within a day. This happened two more times. My last allergy treatment with Dr Klayman was in October 2010, and I went through mold, oak, and cedar seasons without problems. I no longer waste money on allergy ""medicine"" and I can do hours of yard work without a dust mask and without side-effects. Isn't this what 21st century medicine should be? \r \r My health is different today, thanks to Dr Klayman. But I didn't write this review for him. I wrote it for people who suffer from allergies, or neck, back and shoulder pain like I once did. Dr Klayman delivers results without painkillers or surgery. He does not engage in practices that drive health care costs through the roof. His fees are very affordable, and his goal is to get you back on your feet and out of his office. \r \r PROS: Great results, personal approach, very affordable, enlightening, empowering. Dr Klayman provides personal care. He found and CURED my problems--quickly!\r \r CONS: Location. I live in North Austin, but the trip is worth it. My neck and shoulders are greatly improved, my stubborn airborne allergies are resolved, and my lower back pain is gone.\r \r Bottom Line: If you can't breathe because of allergies, if you have chronic neck, shoulder, back or hip pain and your doctor isn't delivering results, don't delay. See Dr Klayman for results that could change your life. 5 stars! more

Helped us recover from serious injuries 3/22/2011

Dr. Klayman has treated us over many years. He was a great assistance in my wife's recovery from automobile accident injuries. He has proven equally impressive in assisting me in recovering from a split skull caused by falling onto a concrete floor. We definitely give him high marks. more

The place to go to get well 3/8/2011

We love Dr. Klayman, The Wizard! All of us (my mom, husband, myself and our 3 children) get treated by him. This was our first ""cedar-fever free"" season since we moved here 9 years ago! He has also taken care of our other allergies and my older son's ear infections. One of my sons had problems with his knees - Dr. K. adjusted my sons' hips and the knee pain was gone. My mom got treatments for terrible headaches and lots of tension in her shoulders and neck and had immediate relief. Dr. K. has also done energy treatments on me which I just love! Truly a holistic clinic! more

Missouri ""Show Me State"" Girl Convinced 3/2/2011

Being from Missouri, you have to ""show me"" to win my trust. Dr. Klayman has done just that. My 16 year old daughter and I go to him for relief of neck and back pain. He runs a busy office single handedly and yet manages to listen and give you the time and care you need. He is knowledgeable, helpful, effective and yet humorous in the process:) We both have benefited greatly from his care. He provides relief and at the same time educates you on how to care for yourself and maintain the progress you have made under his care. more

My new Best Friend! 3/1/2011

Yes, you read that right! Anyone that can relieve my chronic symptoms that quickly (3 visits and I'm able to sleep through the night. First time in YEARS) is my new best friend! After months of non stop back pain, migraines that lasted days, numb fingers and shoulders that burned, I had an answer, and relief. My fix won't be a quick one, but I'm thrilled with the results so far. I've also never had a Dr with better bed side manners, I look forward to my visits! Thank you Best Friend! more

I hate the Yankees 2/28/2011

What a wonderful experience before, during, and after my VISITS! Doctor K is nothing short of a miracle worker. Not only did he focus on my spinal alignment but helped me through the allergy season. I did not have problems with allergies until I moved to Texas over 3 years ago. Never new what it was like to have itchy runny eyes with sneezing. He diagnosed me with Cedar and Mold allergies - used his magic wand and voila - discomfort gone. Don't waist time and money going to the drug store. Keep those drugs out - use the Doc - he is the best. more

Dr. Klayman was able to get rid of my 2/27/2011

Dr. Klayman was able to get rid of my migraine headaches. AMAZING!!! i am truly grateful to him. Before the only way to relieve the pain was with shots and medication. Dr. Klayman is very knowledgeable, has a great personality, listens and cares about your health. I would recommend Dr. Klayman to anyone. more

Amazing Chriopractor-WIZARD!!!!! 2/26/2011

Dr. Klayman, has changed our life forever! We brought our little daughter Chantelle, (3) year old, with a neurological disorder, that causes problems in her coordination and balance. He had adjusted her and did the matrix energetics. He programmed her to start crawling again, which allowed her to get what she was missing to be a healthy walker. Its a miracle to see our little girl start walking so beautifully and coordinated. I am big believer when the doctor combines his knowledge and his heart, and creates a masterpiece. Chantelle prior to visit Dr. Klayman was falling a lot and was bumping into things. Thank you for your help, our hearts are full of gratitude. Dr Klayman cured our son's allergies and my husbands back issues, he had chronic pain for many years, We highly recommend this Dr and Wizard. more

Amazing Chiropractor 2/25/2011

Love Dr. Klayman's practice. He's helped me so much already with allergies, reflux, hiccups & neck pain. Now working on increasing my energy & getting off my ulcerative colitis meds. He knows his stuff and has a great personality. He has helped my husband and so many of my friends I have lost count. It's so nice to be able to refer friends to him because I know he can help them with anything. Steve is a great man, a great doctor and now a great friend. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shied he's a provider & it's covered by your insurance. more

Amazing Health Practitioner 2/24/2011

Both my family and I have done and continue to do a fair amount of work with Dr. Steve Klayman. He has cured my wife's and my son's allergies... and helps them maintain their allergy free conditions with a simple maintenance visit annually. I have also done an extensive physical exam with Dr. Klayman which was thorough and very insightful. I would recommend Dr. Klayman to anyone who needs any type of chiropractic or holistic health work. And I often do recommend, Steve.... :) more

Wonderful Results 3/15/2010

What a treat. One visit, a thorough exam, an informed diagnosis, a frank discussion and a quick treatment resulted in relief from pain I had been enduring for months. In addition to quick results, the doctor is informative and answers all questions thoroughly and honestly. Can't ask for more than that! Pros: Pain relieved more

Numbness gone! 3/11/2010

When I saw Dr. Klayman, I couldn't sit, walk or lay without hurting. I had gone to my regular dr. and tried steroid and muscle relaxers but nothing worked. He has been amazing and I'm feeling and walking so much better. I don't hurt and I'm looking forward getting back into a workout schedule. I would definately recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic help. Pros: Very knowledgeable, great hours, very personable more

My Headache is gone! 12/20/2009

Dr Klayman was able to get rid of my migraine that I had for a month straight!!! I feel fantastic now! Before the only way to relieve the pain was to get a very painful spinal tap. I am very blessed to have found Dr Klayman! He listens to you, and really cares about your health. I admit I had reservations, but he made a true believer out of me. I highly recommend him. It is a different approach that works! Pros: affordable more

Professional and effective healthcare 10/10/2009

After approximately four weeks under the care of Dr. Klayman, he has eliminated my chronic back pain that I have experienced over the past year. The constant pain was affecting all aspects of my life. I can now carry out my normal activities without pain. The side affects: a feeling of mental and emotional improved health as well. Thank you, Dr. Klayman!! more

A Healing Legend 10/6/2009

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!\r Your warm and heart felt presence is truly a gift in healing in itself... add to that your skills and intuition, you are AMAZING! Thank You for your kindness in helping me heal from tremendous back-pain whilst in India.. you didn't even know me (at the time), yet you treated me immediately (with instant relief)... and lead me along an extraordinary healing path.. \r With Gratitude, Katie G. aka. 'The Global Butterfly' Pros: Amazing healing experience with you. Cons: None. more
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More than 30 years experience in chiropractic and holistic healing. 1/2 Price Allergy Screening Analysis. Call today for your appointment!

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  • Dr. Steven Klayman offers more than 30 years of chiropractic and holistic healing success at his Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic on Highway 290 West. The basic elements to a successful outcome are based on his skill level, experience, confidence and a great relationship between doctor and patient. Along with the chiropractic diagnostic tests and procedures, Dr. Klayman is skilled in and may integrate kinesiology, orthopedic, blood and simple saliva tests to arrive at a diagnosis.

    Dr. Klayman's unique method of holistic chiropractic care will restore your natural ability to feel good again. Please contact Dr. Klayman for chiropractic care, asthma treatment, alternative medicine and pain management.

    Call Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic today to book your free consultation!

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