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Kirkwood Bar & Grill

1963 Hosea L Williams Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30317
(404) 254-5575
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Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA
Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Atlanta, GA


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I'd say that most of the negative reviewers of this bar are bland, pretentious people who come from sheltered beginnings. ATL is chock full of these people and you shouldn't liste...


Been twice since I moved to the 'hood. It's nowhere near as bad as some of these folks suggest. I went in solo, in a suit dammit, and was surrounded by black tees and tatt's. But...

Headed Downhill 12/14/2010

This used to be my neighborhood favorite - great folks, great service, good deals.\r However, all of that is changing. The owner recently fired the best bartender because she couldn't handle the ""gangsters"" that allegedly kept coming in to play pool. So they fired her and hired a bunch of muscle dudes who take forever to get you a drink even when we are the only customers. They also took away the pool table. Now the owner is there all the time, and the new bartenders suck, and the place is empty.\r Not to mention, the owner's dog seems to be in the bar all the time, and on my most recent visit, he begged at my table while I was eating. It doesn't end there! The dog topped it all off by jumped up INTO my booth to try and steal my food off my plate. The owner saw this and grabbed the dog, but didn't apologize or offer any kind of compensation.\r I used to meet friends here all the time for beers and food, but we are looking for a new bar now. I thought things would improve, so I kept going to Ace's, but it just keeps declining. I figured I would let others know because I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone anymore. more

My favorite bar in Atlanta 10/11/2008

I'd say that most of the negative reviewers of this bar are bland, pretentious people who come from sheltered beginnings. ATL is chock full of these people and you shouldn't listen to their whining. One reviewer suggested the owner put in HD flat screens and try to keep up with trends...redesign. For shame! This is the best kept secret in Atlanta. This isn't Buckhead, people. Stop trying to ruin everything by expecting it to be PC and sterile and clean. \r \r Great clientele, excellent service. David the bartender gives some of the fastest and best quality service I have ever had in a bar. Is it smoky and a little dingy? You bet, and that's the idea folks. If you want fancy schmansy, please direct your attention to Vinocity across the street. This is Kirkwood and if it weren't a little grimy, we wouldn't want to live here. Aces isn't a dive bar by any means, but it has that worn-in feel, like a great old Guns n Roses t-shirt or a best friend you've had all your life. If you live in Kirkwood and go there even semi-regularly, you're going to see someone you know. Smoking allowed, dogs allowed, punk rockers, bums, comedians, rabble rousers, practical jokers, artists, businesspeople, accountants, carnies allowed. If Kirkwood ever decides to invade Reynoldstown or Candler Park or Decatur (and given the rivalry between certain softball teams, it's a possibility) Aces is where they'd assemble the troops. At which point they'd all down a bunch of tall boys and forget why they showed up in the first place. \r \r And lastly, there's lots to do. You can watch the game, play pinball, pool, listen to the kick butt jukebox by the door or talk up the kooky chicks that frequent the place. They have regular theme nights and drink specials as well.\r \r At Aces, the saying might as well be, ""It's all good in the 'Wood."" Pros: Great ""Cheers-like"" bar. Good people. Good food. Cons: Bar area is a little small on some nights when it gets busy but that's really not a big deal. more

Blah 7/25/2008

Aces has no atmosphere, overpriced mediocre food, and drinks. Its definitely not a place I would recommend. Pros: Close to home Cons: Just about everything else more

not THAT badd guys! 7/16/2008

Been twice since I moved to the 'hood. It's nowhere near as bad as some of these folks suggest. I went in solo, in a suit dammit, and was surrounded by black tees and tatt's. But every one of those folk got chatting with me. Very friendly indeed. Very neighborly. Food ordinary, but beer selection pretty dang good guys! It's good for a drop in, not necessarily a night out. Agreed on the need for some flat-screens and sports. But overall, jeez, I've seen much much worse! I enjoyed it! Pros: nice, neighborhood drop in Cons: yeah, a spruce up would be good more

5 stars for this place is a crock 11/30/2007

I don't know who would review this place with 5 stars, oh wait, yes I do, the owner. ACE's is a dark, dreary, smoke-filled bar with hardly any ambience and decor. The food is average at best, the service is mediocre and the drinks are weak. I live down the street from ACE's and I wish it could be turned into a great neighborhood bar. You can't watch sports in there, it's way too smoky to enjoy your time there unless you're a smoker, maybe a new ventilation system would help? Or better yet, ban smoking in there all together, and watch the clientele increase! It's obvious the owner has no desire to keep up with trends or increase his foot traffic. If he's going to compete with the resurgence of Kirkwood, he is going to have to change it up a bit, so here are a few suggestions: Brighten the place up a bit, get rid of the black walls. Install some flat screen HD TV's. GET RID OF SMOKING, there are a lot more non-smokers than smokers in the ""hood"". Change those three things, I bet your wallet would get a bit fatter, I know I'd give you more money.\r \r And to the person who reviewed that Kirkwood is a dangerous neighborhood, go back to Alpharetta if you don't like a bit of color in your surroundings. Most people are very nice and pleasant if you give them a chance. Pros: none except it's close to me, but I still won't go. Cons: Too smoky! Too Dark! Too Boring! Just plain blah more

Good neighborhood bar, eclectic crowd, no yuppies 9/20/2007

Ace's sits right in the heart of the (still) transitioning Kirkwood Village. It's a dark, sometimes smoky place with a too small bar with too few draft beers. That being said, it's a good local bar for the people in Kirkwood, a fun place for those who live in Decatur, Candler, East Atlanta, Inman Park and VaHi to venture to for a night. Parking is easy up and down the street, and with Vinocity now moved in across the street you have a couple of options. There are some sketchy characters about, but they are harmless unlike the crackies you see closer to downtown.\r \r Highly recommend the Big J sandwich and curly fries. Good eats. \r \r Needs more TVs for sports watching, needs a longer bar and fewer booths, needs stiffer drinks (I mean come on - pour 'em heavy and we'll come back more often!) Pros: Location, Parking, Big J Sandwich Cons: Length of bar, stiffness of drinks more

Bueller...Bueller...? 8/9/2007

We met some friends here for Johnny Cash night, with the promise that this place had cheap eats and great music. I ordered the club sandwich and my boyfriend ordered a salad. There were two other tables that arrived shortly before us, and I SWEAR TO GOD that it took an HOUR for our food to arrive. The only thing on our plates that required cooking was the toasted bread for my sandwich, and my french fries. I have absolutely NO IDEA what took so long. \r \r The worst part is that the server kept telling us our food would be right up; just be honest and tell us the cook is stoned and he's moving in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n. \r \r A free Crown and Coke wasn't worth the hour wait. Plus, the whole time I was in there I was worried that someone might steal the wheels off my car! Pros: What pros? Cons: Parking, service more

Good neighborhood bar but? 8/5/2007

Good neighborhood bar but it is in a rough neighborhood. I think this area will improve in a few years but things are little bit sketchy. \r \r If I lived in the area, this would be a nice hangout place for a quiet beer or two with the friends but rating on Citysearch is way over rated. I know that this bar is a sponsor of the site but I do not think rating reflect the user rating. The average of all user rating is around 3, not 4.5/5. My rating is not good reflection of what I thought but a vote in hope of balancing the current rating.\r \r Food is very good and reasonably priced. Beer selection is not bad either. However, it is not a happening place on the weekend. There are friendly regulars, bartender and the owner knowledgeable about beer but if you are looking for an action packed fun, this is not the place.\r Pros: Good service and food Cons: Not a good neighborhood, dead on the weekend night more

great food and beer selection 5/21/2007

Old reviews should be ignored. The food is always excellent. The staff that may have been lacking to some are no longer there. Servers are attentive, never let you thirst, so if you want to have a good time, meet some nice folks and eat good food, visit Ace's. The place Rocks and brings a nice diversity to the neighborhood. Go to Midtown or Buckhead if you want molly sunshine, overpriced crappy food and dull people around you. I love Ace's!!! If there is something you don't like tell your server, don't write crappy reviews haters! Pros: food, ambience, service Cons: parking more

Can we go already 3/3/2007

the food, the atmosphere and the service are all lousey. not a very memorable experience at all. definitely this place can be skipped. Pros: because of lack luster ambiance there's always a seat Cons: horrible food, lousey customer service, and a bit pricey for what is offered more

Stay home 12/14/2006

the owners should find a new line of business as Aces seems to metaphorically the ship without a rudder. So much could be done with this place that it's a shame it is just being wasted. There's just nothing here offered that's worth the time to find parking for you car. Same lame promotional nights (trivia), less than exciting menu selection and mediocre drinks, dull conversation, a decent jukebox but the bartenders are always playing one of their lame cds (journey? who goes to a bar to hear journey? nobody!) Needless to say the service is horrible and has a very ""your unwelcomed"" vibe about it. If it weren't for the bad service it might be tolerable to give it a chance until Aces finds its niche. Simply no passion here in all areas. Pros: free street parking Cons: lousy service, mediocre bartenders, food very unappealing more

Kick a** bar 12/5/2006

Screw you guys! This place rocks! Chances are any loser that has bad things to say doesn't belong here anyways. Go to buckhead if you want someone stuck up your a**. If you want good service try the golden rule.. remember? ""do unto others..."" The people, atmosphere and dedication that this place has exhibited is ferocious, as well as all the personal struggles to get this bar the first year down the road, so give it a shot with a good attitude and perhaps that drink may end up a bit heavier and that smile more sincere. Oh yeah, and quit sucking. Go to ACES! Pros: Jukebox, Cuties, Laughs Cons: Jerks like those other reviews more

Warning this place is devoid of atmosphere 12/2/2006

Yawn, the menu is absolutely lacking in any real imaginitive fare and what is offered seems thrown together. Service leaves a little something to be desired i.e I don't want to stare at a half-empty plate of a bad meal for 30 minutes. Poor mixed drinks. I absolutely don't get the theme of rural music in an urban setting one would think there would be plenty of hee-haw in the burbs. It's a complete yawn. Pros: empty more

not quite what it could be 11/29/2006

when my husband and i moved into the neighborhood in early 2004 from a pedestrian-friendly, west coast city, we fell in love with the neighborhood for it's potential to grow it's existing ""village center"" and live within walking distance. as construction began on what was to become Aces, we were so excited to support a neighborhood restaurant and bar. when the doors finally opened, we gave our first uninspired visit or two a pass, thinking ""they're new, they'll find their footing."" several more attempts over the next year or so, and we still couldn't help but be disappointed. i get the kitschy theme and like it, but the owner would find money well-spent on a professional designer to take the theme and really make it shine. i'm not talking upscale or too fancy, it still needs to be a neighorhood joint, but improvements to make the space feel more welcoming would help. \r \r the other major problem is the utter lack of food quality and everything priced about $2-$3 too much per entree. a little more care in the kitchen would go a long way....and a few bucks off the price of what feels like a mediocre-quality sandwich would help, too. \r \r lastly, i'd ask the bartenders to hold the bottle over the glass for one second longer when pouring. if i pay $45 for a buzz, i'd like to feel it. \r \r i hope to see aces succeed and thrive! i hope they address some of the kinks so we'll return and become regular patrons as we had hoped to be. Pros: neighborhood accessibility, parking Cons: food needs some love, drinks could use some stiffening more


I feel bad that some people have not caught the drift of Kirkwood Aces Bar & Grill. The atmosphere is a wonderful tribute to decades of sports and leisure. It beats going to yet another boring pub or techno nightmare of a club. Yes, it's rarely packed yet since the neighborhood is still growing, but the regulars and staff offer fun and amusing conversation. The drinks are generous and the food is tremendous. The homemade hummus appetizer is the best! The juke box is one of the most ecclectic in town! Were else can you listen to punk, rockabilly (not hee-haw), ska, motown, country and good old fashion rock and roll? I wish that more people would discover this hidden gem called Kirkwood Aces Bar & Grill.\r PS - The Tuesday pinball tournament is a blast!\r Pros: Awesome food and FREE PARKING! Cons: Nothing that comes to mind. more

Aces Bar and Grill 10/16/2006

So my boyfriend drags me back to this dump again this past Sunday and if thinks about taking me again he will be my ex-boyfriend. The service was still bad. It took everything I could muster not to remove that snotty sneer off some wanna be cute punk rock bartender. How old are you? Last time the food was actually decent so I ordered the same thing. Bad move. My stomach is still churning. How do you ruin a hamburger?WTF! And what's with going to a bar to watch TV not sports mind you but the Fox Sunday line up?! Carl we could've stayed home for the excitement. Yawn. Pros: nothing about this dump. Cons: bad service, limited bartending skills, no atmosphere, baaaad food more

Why go here when Atlanta has good bars? 10/14/2006

Descent Food, Descent Bartenders, Nothing To Rave About. Absolutely NO atmosphere. They have a lot of ""theme"" nights to get you in there spending money. From what I saw, mostly locals, and quite a few workers. Pros: Descent Location Cons: Food isn't that good, prices are high $7.50 for a shot, plus a tip. more

Good Burgers, No Atmosphere 8/25/2006

The cheeseburger is VERY good. Nice big kaiser bun - the burger was grilled to perfection. The rings.... well, I had some that were under-cooked & some that were over-cooked. It looked like my husband got the ones that were ""just right"". But when they're right, they're awesome! Price... 2 burgers w/ rings was almost $19. Maybe not ""cheap eats"", but the burger was worth it. The service wasn't all that friendly, and the atmosphere is sorely lacking. At 5pm on a Saturday, there was no music on and 2 tvs with the sound down - one with sports, one with some quiz show. Needs a little ""something"". Take out is the way to go. Pros: the burgers, not many people so no waiting... Cons: no atmosphere more

Great spot off the beat. 3/14/2006

This place feels like home. The food is top notch and the staff is a hoot. They have the best jukebox in town (which could be a little louder), and a good friendly atmosphere. My only complaint is they could be a little bit more liberal on the shots and drink specials. I would also like to see a bigger variety of liqour. They do have the best house beer in town, Ace of Hearts Pilsner of El Salvador Over all the best (but not cheapest) watering hole in the L5P/Kirkwood/Decatur area. Pros: Staff, Food Cons: Price more
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    This neighborhood nightspot is a player's paradise with vivid red walls and all things cards. The kitschy carved spade, heart, club and diamond bar and the variety of...

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