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Kirby Co. - 4 Reviews - 128 W Main St, Lewisville, TX - Appliances Reviews - Phone (972) 434-1171

Kirby Co.

128 W Main St
Lewisville, TX 75057
(972) 434-1171
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Kirby Co. - Lewisville, TX
Kirby Co. - Lewisville, TX


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These guys are great . I bought a Kriby from a Door to door salesman. I paid 2400 and it was a great investment. The tech drive makes it easier on my back than my old vacuum. Y...


Where should I begin ""eh em"". First of all beware to all future ""employees/volunteers"". It has come to my attention that many people around the world have been scammed or in...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/23/2013

These people are jokes.they just walk in your house like they live there and tell you there going to clean your carpet for free.Good deal huh.NOT!!! this woman said ((windy she said her name was)) said it was for this guy to get points (whatever that meant) and the state pays them for doing it..What a LIER!!!!!! So i was polite and let them shampoo a room took them 4 hours to do one room not even a full room just a walk way thru and said it wouldnt get my padding wet and will dry in 30 minutes!!! BUUUUUUULLSH&T My carpet still soaked with water and we got fans blowing and a carpet dryer going 4 hours later still wet.SMDH Oh and get this they want you to give them your s.s # and i.d# WTF is that You came to me no tags nothing showing they work for kirby and you actually think im about to give you my digits B*^ch Please! Im not the smartest person but momma didnt raise no dame dummy!\r Kirbys are some good vacums but for 3,ooo$$ They can keep it! They have very good suckun on them until they put the bag in lol Thanks but ill stick to my 30 dolla dirt devil it do what i want it to to and my lil 20 dolla bassil shampoo machine i think it pick up more than what kirby do anyways and plus when im done my floor looks clean not dengy and wet!\r MY CARPET IS DAMAGED!!\r @@@@@ BEWARE@@@@@ BEWARE@@@@@\r These people are running game on people She even was going to lie and say we make 3,500$$ a month after i done said 1,500$$ and told me to put it in my daughters name which is 13. Im like lady is really crazy.Im not that hard up to put that in my childs name she will grow up one day and will need her credit for herself.WINDY I HOPE YOUR READING THIS TO! YOUR CRAZY Stay off my property and get some help for your drug addition and your drinking problem and your fowl mouth this woman cursed the whole time she was there and i asked her did she want a bottle water she said she would rather have a beer.SMDH Dont ever come around my house drunk again! \r more

Top Vac 12/20/2011

These guys are great . I bought a Kriby from a Door to door salesman. I paid 2400 and it was a great investment. The tech drive makes it easier on my back than my old vacuum. You truly get what you pay for. The fact that they are local makes a huge difference. more

Currently investigating nikico co. for potential fraud. 4/6/2011

Where should I begin ""eh em"". First of all beware to all future ""employees/volunteers"". It has come to my attention that many people around the world have been scammed or in straight up terms...Lied to about promises of anywhere from 2000-2500 dollars a month pay for simply working for various kirby distributors.The story is the same for everybody which is sad and ridiculous that this hasn't changed the way kirby distributors practice there business. This is how it begins. you either see an ad on craigslist or craigslist only because kirby has yet to spend a dime on advertisement. They wont even put a simple ad in the newspaper!!!BEWARE!! eh em! the ad says what I indicated in the top paragraph, followed by commision!! yay!! damn bastards. (excuse my language city search) sooo you call and immediately you are scheduled by an interview at this location it is either dan or kasey or kathy.. i dunno it changes everyday. so you go in and you get the job on the spot. bonuses are presented including: *after 90 days of employment med. dental. and vision will be supplied. *every 90 days of employment you get a paid vacation to wherever you want!! hahahahaha..BS *also there is 2000 tuiton payment for spring mester summer school and fall mester....hahha again!!...BS. soo with that said you start mondayy!! you get the job on the spot!...hmmm so now you start thinking where is the 1099?...why doesn't Dan need my drivers license or social security card....wait i wrote my social on the app!!! dang im screwed I mean lets continue. sooo you go in all professional and what not. your mind is now bubbling with questions but sombody asks those about where is the 1099? how are we garunteed this 2400 per month...after that person is kicked out for straying from the ""subject"" which consists of a bunch of talking out of his a$$( dan's A$$) . he then writes on the white board 2400 monthly income ""salary"" if you complete 60 demo's a month( showing the product to the preset appointment that is set by canvas people who pass out flyers which is also a lie!! No such people... ""cough"" you are all of the above. you are crammed into a crappy car where everybody is gettin blazed and drinking while driving... i know it sounds fun but you can do that on your own time i dont recommend it though because when you finish reading your gonna want to be clean for other job opps. :) so you get dropped off in a neighbor hood where you knock on doors!!! hahhah yes its true so when you go in the house the shuttle leaves!! yah! for up to 2 hours!! Kirby is a badass vacuum don't get me wrong its actually really effective. but the business is all messed up. you are presented with contracts that actually say you are self- employed, sooo you file your own taxes!!! That means you don't work for the company!!!( Nikico) it is straight up commission, which is also not a promise because you must trust that dan will give you some of the money he makes from the sale. The very same sale you made with the victim( the customer). In conclusion.. I worked with for dan ""eh em"" let me correct volunteered for him for 2 weeks.. I never received any money, no salary, no commission from selling 3 3000 dollar kirby's. Don't work for kirby and DO NOT BUY ONE NEW!! get it off ebay!! or a pawn shop!! even the 1954 year models work. i have one. i got it for 10 dollars!!! Thank you for reading. PLEASE comment about my listing. more


These people came into my home offering to clean my carpet in one room to demonstrate how well the Kirby vacuum worked. I was very impressed with the product, and the representative said he would give me the ""Best Price Possible""-it was his LAST one, and he wanted to make the sale. The ""Bargain"" was $ 1,728.00 plus I had to trade in two other vacuums and an almost new $350.00 shampoo machine. I spoke with a neighbor the next day and she said he offered the same machine to her for $1,000.00 without ANY trade in. So, I decided to check out other people's experiences on the internet. The prices ranged from $750.00 to over $3,000.00 with no trade in. What a LIAR ! I am stopping payment on my downpayment check and holding the vacuum for ransom until they return my machines I gave them for a trade in. BEWARE !! The Kirby is a great vacuum, but don't let these people overcharge you. Pros: Nice Product Cons: Sales people lie, and charge much more than the product is worth. more

Kirby Volunteer 4/11/2007

Wow..where to begin. I stupidly answered an ad claiming to pay 2500 a month guranteed. First mistake.The trainer was very unprofessional from day one. His jokes ranged from making fun of gay men, blind ,physically handicapped and jewish people. I mean come on..if you have to start a joke with ""I hope this doesn't offend anybody"" then you probably shouldn't do it in a professional setting. When he wasn't making insulting jokes he was saying every foul word under the moon.No talk of pay or anything about compensation.He was late even though he lived in the complex the ""training"" was being held at.Three days of that and I was out of there.I realized that I was simply a voulnteer of Kirby and lo and behold, I was never paid for the supposedly ""paid training"" they bragged about. more
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