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Kindred Hospital Clear Lake - 49 Reviews - 350 Blossom St, Webster, TX - Hospitals Reviews - Phone (281) 316-7800

Kindred Hospital Clear Lake

350 Blossom St
Webster, TX 77598
(281) 316-7800
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I highly recommend Kindred Clear Lake, especially for wound care. I had multiple problems with my wound, but Kindred managed my wound vac very well. They fixed the wound vac issue...


All reviews seem positive

My Recovery 5/23/2018

I highly recommend Kindred Clear Lake, especially for wound care. I had multiple problems with my wound, but Kindred managed my wound vac very well. They fixed the wound vac issues and kept the wound very clean with pulse lavage therapy. I progressed and healed rapidly. When I first arrived I was not strong enough to move around in bed or stand. After 3 weeks of medicine, good food, good care management and therapy I am able to stand up even walk! Every day I notice more progress which boosts my morale and keeps me motivated. I highly recommend Kindred Clear Lake more

My stay at kindred 5/11/2018

I have been treated very nice. The staff have ensured my privacy and comfort and everybody is friendly. The nurses and aides have been very polite. If I wanted anything they are right here to do it. They are supportive. This is my second time here. I chose to come back because I was treated so well the first time I was here. It's clean and they are helpful, what more can you ask for. more

My Kindred Experience 4/30/2018

The service was good. The staff were attentive and watched out for me. more

By Stella Oliver 4/17/2018

At Kindred Clear Lake they are nice, the hospital is beautiful, they take good care of the patients. Housekeeping is good and they keep the place nice and clean. The kitchen staff are always polite and put things where I want it. When I call for help, Belinda at the desk finds whoever I need to come help. There was a day that my blood pressure went up and I couldn't breath very good or move. I thank god that I was here when that happened. From 1-10 I rate the nurses emergency response at 100! They were on the ball to take care of me. I don't know what would have happened to me if I was anywhere else. My wound doctor would come see me all the time. He would tell me about the healing. I would recommend anybody to stay at kindred clear lake. more

Excellent Front Desk Receptionist 3/30/2018

I happened to notice a new face at the front desk. I was blown away when I saw Michelle working the reception area. She is such a compliment in this new role. As you enter the facility she is welcoming and provides a warm reception. Anytime that I call the desk from the room she has been very helpful. In the 7 years I've known her as a care giver here she has blossomed and become such an asset to this hosptital. She has gone out of her way to ensure the right people were notified and followed up with me. She has found her niche! By: Coleen Houston more

By Joseph Graham 3/20/2018

I recommend Kindred if you need a hospital because of the service that you get. The services and dedication were great. They have a good rehab department. The housekeeping staff do a good job. If you drop something, before it hits the floor they are there to get it. The staff on 3rd floor were exceptional. more

By Sherry Levick 3/6/2018

When I woke up on the second day at Kindred, I became aware of my surroundings. I didn't even know I was sick or remember what happened. I was terrified because I didnt have a voice and could speak. The respiratory team quickly responded and they took time to explain what was going on, and reassured me that my voice would come back. After working with the team, I was able to communicate again, which feels absolutely wonderful. I can talk to my husband again! The staff are very very courteous and understanding. They empathize and listen to patients and they follow through. I've been in hospitals all my life and I've had a lot of experience working with nurses. That helped calm me and made me feel at ease. My biggest fear in a hospital is going to sleep and something happening and waking up alone with no help. At Kindred Clear Lake even in the middle of the night, when I need assistance, they are usually there in about 10 minutes which was reasonable for my needs and helped me feel safe. I highly recommend these nurses. I can honesly say the nurses here are in the top running. Respiratory services were also wonderful. more

My Stay at Kindred Clear Lake 1/23/2018

I like Kindred Clear Lake. Its a good hospital. You get good treatment, with a lot of privacy, and the staff treat you with respect. Overall its a good hospital. The respiratory therapists visited me to provide my breathing treatments. If I was having a difficult time they would wait at my bedside to talk me through the breathing exercises. That always helped calm me down to avoid panic, because if I feel like I can't breath, it would cause a lot of anxiety. They would help me through those tough situations. I did physical therapy in my room. When I started to improve with standing and walking I was able to go downstairs to the gym. It was great! They have all kinds of equipment like the hand bicycle. The therapist, Larry, worked well with me and we had fun while working together. They let me set my own pace so I didn't feel rushed. Overall, this is just a good facility to be in if you are sick. more

Submitted By: George Dyer 1/11/2018

My experience at Kindred was a lot of detailed relationships between myself as the patient, the nurses, therapists and other departments in the hospital. They seem to take pleasure in making sure that I was happy and comfortable. When there was a need, I could hit the call button, and in a very short time someone was there to take care of me. They seem to be systematic in the way they conduct their business and it seems to be working well. There is a variety of doctors that addressed the multiple injuries and needs of my body. Generally, they would show up on a daily basis to check on me. Our family physician from La Porte, Dr. Moosa, followed me as my wound care doctor. It was comforting to know that our personal doctor was here to work on my case. I have a lot of respect for this doctor. The food was actually good here. I found it surprisingly good. I did miss having cabbage and black eyed peas on new years but they said they would be sure to serve it next year. A few days later, they ended up serving cabbage. Overall, this facility is a very convenient location and we were very satisfied. more

Review by Michele M. 12/11/2017

Kindred Hospital is a good place to go. They are thorough and professional. I found that if you dont understand something they will take the time to explain it to you. The nurses are professional and friendly and personable. They have very good bedside manner. The doctors know what they are talking about. It surprised me that they would actually sit down to talk to me and answer questions. At other hospitals I had doctors that wouldn't wait anytime for me to ask questions. So I was happy they actually took time out for me. I would recommend this hospital to a lot of people. Not just my family. more

Submitted by: Barbara Barnett 11/30/2017

This is a place where you get wonderful care. The nurses are very good. When you call them, they don't keep you holding for a long time. They come take care of whatever you need. They are really knowledgeable of what they do and they know what they are doing. The wound care team was good. They saw me every day. I never had to ask or bug anyone, they just showed up and did what they were supposed to do. The hospital is very clean. My tech Madeline was very thourough and was very professional. Even in situations that someone might feel uncomfortable she made sure I never felt embarrassed. That made me feel good about the care. The food was very good. I was surprised to find such good food in the hospital. I would recommend this hospital to my own family memebers. more

By Max Travis 10/30/2017

Kindred Clearlake is a good facility. The people are thorough and help you when you need it. The staff are knowledgeable and pay attention to my care. more

Why Wait, Go Now 9/28/2017

The wound care team and pulse lavage provided by rehab was excellent. It cleaned the wound out better than just wiping it out. The staff that provided the pulse lavage was fast and friendly. They tried to make it as painless as possible. I'll recommend anyone to Kindred Clearlake. Get on in here and get the real truth. They are awesome! Mr. Michael Hewitt more

After Years, They still have that nice feeling 8/11/2017

Kindred Clear Lake took care of my husband several years ago. I would come visit my husband and leave in the late evening hours, sometimes 1 or 2 in the morning. I was always impressed that the security guard would walk me out and see me out to my car. That made me feel very safe while visiting an area that was new to me. Now, as a patient here myself I still find them to be clean and bright facility. It doesnt have that institution look about it at all. The best thing about it is you get good care and good food. The people are nice and polite and they are not too busy to help you with what you need. They never made me feel like a bother to them. Each department, like Rehab, gave me a lot of praise and support when I made improvements. I just want people to know it may not be the fanciest place, but they have one thing that is more important, they have the nicest staff. more

By Kelly Guidry 6/16/2017

It's a nice place. They take care of you. They have nice staff and everybody is ready to help you. A lot of times they will go out of their way to help you. There were times they could have walked by, but they stopped to help me anyway. You can tell they work like a team. Seeing them work like a team made me feel confident that they are all looking out for me. more

Joy Lemon's Story 5/15/2017

We have enjoyed our stay at Kindred. They have taken very, very, very good care of my mother with the exception of a few occasions, but all were corrected immediately. If I had to come back, this would be the place I pick. This is not our first stay here. Over the years, we have been here probably 10 times. I wouldn't change a thing. Dr. Guidry and the wound care team are the best team. Mia would brighten up the floor when she made her wound care rounds. She was just so bubbly and had a great personality. Special thanks to the pulmonary team for keeping my mother here longer. Thanks to the ICU department who did a great job. But most of my blessings go to the second floor. Anything I asked them concerning my Mom or myself, they did it. People should request second floor over any ot them. I love my Case managers, Connie and Debbie. They went above and beyond. I could go in there, even if I was having a bad day, I knew I could call on one of them at any time. When they made nurses Luke and Vella, they broke the mold. They are the best nurses I have ever seen. They go above and beyond the call of duty. The young ladies that sit at the front desk Belinda and Alexis are the most courteous people you would ever want to meet. That is important becase they are the first people you see. Eva, Tameka, and so many other techs were so wonderful. The charge nurses, the leadership ambassadors, Tracey at the front desk and Reece that answeres the phone at night have all help so much along the way. Ana the charge nurse at night was my heart. She would call me at night to give me report, before I ever had a chance to call her. I could rest, I could sleep, because I knew my Mom was being taken care of. Erica that works the outpatient wound care desk was also very caring. Once I met Amanda from patient relations, I had no other worries because I knew things were going to be taken care of. To those who I forgot, because I know there were many more, they will always be in my heart. more

My Kindred Stay From Beverly Despain 3/29/2017

For three weeks I enjoyed a private and bright room. I needed IV antibiotics for several weeks for pneumonia and other things. Staying in a bright cheery room made my days a little easier. The nurses were kind and helpful. They were ready to serve me and help me get well. I had respiratory therapists that would come to my room and give me breathing treatments for the pneumonia. They monitored my progress and they would check my oxygen levels. The doctors were extremely helpful and came everyday unlike the nursing home. Dr. Servant would even come in the night. They were always watching over me. Dr. Lee, Dr. Sutton, Dr. Rehani were always very cordial. The therapists were friendly. We laughed a lot although we worked real hard. I found the beds to very comfortable. I didnt get at backache or anything. The food was like a restaurant. The salads were fresh and I got to eat it everyday. Salads are one of my favorite foods so I enjoyed that. The kitchen staff were friendly and would come to my room to take my orders. Even the ladies that delivered my tray would smile when dropping off my tray. more

I Would Like To Give Special Thanks to The Kindred Clearlake Team- Thanks For The The Help- Gary Scott 3/14/2017

The Kindred staff were very understanding and helpful in planning my recovery. They explained what would be needed from me to reach the next level of recovery that I would need before discharging home. The bedside nursing staff is excellent. A number of them were above average, one of those was Susan. There were many others, but she comes to mind first. She gave me print outs about the ailments I was being treated for to educate me about my condition. She cares a lot about educating her patients and provides them extra knowledge. It made me feel like she really cared about me as an inddividual. Even when she wasnt assigned as my nurse, she would still recognize me in the halls or check on me to see how I was doing. The nursing aides on the average, were very good and helpful when I asked for help. In my recovery plan I also had physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. They were seperate teams with different therapist. Some where better at explaining what you were reaching for and how well you were progressing than others. Stephanie in occupational therapy was excellent in explaining my goals each day, and what we would be reaching for the next day. That gave me a target to reach for. Overall I would recommend Kindred Clear Lake as a hospiital to go to for any type of recovery needs. more

You Can't Go Wrong by Paul Leach 2/21/2017

I'm glad they made the decision to send me to Kindred Clear Lake. When I first arrived I was out of it, but after a few days I came aound and came to. Everyone was so contentious about helping me. I had nothing but positive support from nurses, techs, and therapists. I learned a lot. They were all very encouraging. The speech therapist taught me techniques on how to swallow and eat food. The physical therapy team taught me how to exercise all my weak parts. We had a great relationship. It was like we all grew together. They have a good sense of humor and good conversations. When it was time to work, thats what we did. They were very encourraging and motivating. That was the most important part. Initially I was feeling sorry for myself and I had no confidence. Even feeding myself was a challenge in the beginning. I would sit with food in front of me, and I felt I couldnt do it alone. They taught me how to use my other hand and they gave me special attachments for my forks and spoons so I could get a better grip. I learned to feed myself. That made me feel good. Everyday got better and I got stronger. The nursing techs offer to help me, but I like to do it myself so I can improve. I haven't profected it, but I've come a long way. The wound care nurses made me feel comfortable and they were careful while they worked with me. I feel like that was just another chance to meet more people that made me happy. In general everybody would come and talk to me. They would let me know if there was something to be concerned about. Staff made rounds just to ask me how they could improve things. They included me and did their job with my preferences in mind. They all did a good job. more

My Personal Review By Juanita Brodie 1/24/2017

They have got real good care. They CARE for the patient. On the second day someone from every department came to see me and to explain what they were going to do and what I could expect. That made me feel more relaxed. They got everything started quickly. I was introduced to their therapy department and what I was going to do with them. The nursing is outstanding. I've never gotten this kind of care in a hospital. If I had a question, they answered. If I needed something they got it. If they couldnt get it, the went and found the right person to get it. The food is fantastic. You'll have a good experience. Its not a nursing home. The doctors were outstanding. Dr. Eisenberg is fantastic! He knows how to develop a releationship with his patients. If I had a question, he got it done. I would come back here just to have him as my doctor. My foot doctor here, Dr. Reyhani, was also fantastic. He explained what I needed, how they were going to do it, and he looks out for me. He told me to call him if the nursing home I'm going to didn't follow his instructions. That made me feel better. more
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  • Kindred Hospital Clear Lake specializes in treating chronically, critically ill patients with specialized care who require an extended stay in a hospital setting.

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