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Keystone Ford - 12 Reviews - 301 Walker Rd, Chambersburg, PA - Ford Dealers Reviews - Phone (717) 264-5104

Keystone Ford

301 Walker Rd
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 264-5104
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Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA
Keystone Ford - Chambersburg, PA


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Wonderful Experience!!! I took my mother there to lease a 2012 Ford Focus. Our Sales Consultant was Kenneth Orke. He treated us very well. We have both experienced very pushy sale...


My wife and I drove 75 miles to Keystone Ford (301 Walker Road Chambersburg Pa) today to look at a couple of vehicles they had listed on Best Car Finder and Auto Trader. A little ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/3/2013

The process of buying a used car was pretty smooth. They wouldn't budge on the price due to duration the car was on their lot. We also traded-in the old vehicle. It's true what we'd heard about Keystone for trade-ins, they're stingy! \r \r Staff was friendly, not overly pushy, just doing their job. Paperwork moved along quickly and the financial guy was very knowledgeable and nice to work with. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/10/2013

Keystone Ford is the BEST dealership in Franklin County! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/7/2013

Recently purchased a 2011 Ford Fusion, exactly the car we wanted and the deal we wanted. All staff was very friendly and courteous. We will continue to deal there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/10/2013

Agree entirely with Sara J. I had a terrific experience buying my F150. The sales staff worked exceptionally hard to get me what I wanted. They were completely up-front and honest in all dealings with them. HOWEVER, I would rather take my truck to a chop-shop than to take it to Keystone service. I wouldn't trust them with a little red wagon. They could not identify a bolt for a tailgate without me driving 35 miles each way for them to LOOK at it...even though there are dozens of trucks in their lot! I got the part from the parts store and put it on myself...all by my female self! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/9/2013

Initially, my husband and I were very happy with our Ford experience! They did what they could to get us in a car we love and they treated us well when we got it. However, since then we have had issues when servicing our vehicle and they try to treat me like an idiot because I'm a female! So here's my first tip Ford...don't assume someone doesn't know anything about cars because they are a WOMAN! My next issue came in when we were planning on trading in our vehicle for a newer one with better gas mileage. They told us when we purchased our first vehicle that after 1.5 years of on-time payments, you should be able to come back,trade in this vehicle for anything you want, get better payments and get financed no problem. However, when we did that, then they couldn't get us the best financing that they promised and our payments would have been even higher so we passed. So I guess my next tip is to be honest with your customers and stop trying to screw them over to make a sale because I guarantee we won't be back when we purchase our next vehicle. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/12/2013

I loved this dealership I got my new 2013 ford escape from them and was treated with respect.. They all helped me out and got me in my new car and I absolutely love it thanks keystone ford! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/12/2013

I bought a 2013 Mustang BOSS 302 from Keystone. The car does not come with a spare tire. I was not happy about that. It was going to cost me $500 for a spare. Keystone lowered the car price to cover that cost. I signed the papers. I love the car and recommend Keystone for a new car purchase. I also recommend them for service. My Ranger has been serviced there for several years. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2013

great service. got exactly what i wanted for the price i wanted in a used vehicle. frank treated me fair and professionally. will be looking to dealing with them in the future. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2013

I was in Keystone a week or so ago for my 10K check-up. I stopped in to make an appointment, I was sure I'd need one. Much to my surprise, I was told we'll do it now for you. A little wait, then I was on my way. I was treated very well. This is the 2nd new truck that I have purchased with them. I'm well pleased. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

Great Experience...We leased a 2010 Ford Fusion 18 months ago, and decided it was time for an upgrade. We took the drive from Mcsherrystown and was greated by Kim Fox. She was great! My husband bought a 2009 Jeep Libery Sport and a week later, I purchased a 2013 Ford Focus. His sale went off without a hitch. Mine was a little more taxing on MY part because I couldn't decide which one I wanted! She got all the rebates together, and was able to get me into what I liked for a payment I was comfortable with. The whole process was smooth and uneventful. No problems. We will always recommend anyone that is looking to purchase a new or used car to Keystone Ford. A little out of our way, but well worth the trip! Our son will be needing a car soon, so we asked they keep an eye out for us...and I am sure they will! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

Service Department:\r \r Not bad. Good people . Professional, efficient, but rather busy you'll probably need to stay on top of them to make sure your parts are in, and they are scheduling you. 7 out of 10\r \r New and Used car sales:\r \r Horrible....all day long back and forth over a trade in. Went into evening hours, had to pick up wife and kids had me sit there for over an hour. Gave me the WORST possible trade in offer. Then told me my payments on a new focus would be over 300 dollars a month, then after 2 HARD INQUIRES on my credit, denied me. 2 months later called back and asked for the estimate they did on my vehchile , they refused to give it to me. SCREAMS CROOKS TO ME. I will never do business with keystone in the future, they were disrespectful, aggressive with sales they wouldn't give you a second to tell them what ya wanted, tried to sell me what I didn't want or need,They wanna put you in a car for a test drive so they can get your license and run a credit check without your permission(handing over your license is technically permission) asked to make copy of Military ID which is illegal. When I told them I was more interested in a used car, rolled thier eyes and truged me out to used car lot, wouldn't give me prices on used cars, lied to me....I guess they think their customers are stupid. Unless you got cash money, or some outstanding credit , dont mess with these jokers. Even then Id be careful, because at that point they salivate like rabid dogs and they will try to hustle the best deal FOR THEM from you. They have this shady process where a ""sales associate "" will talk to you, then sales associate goes into this office where the supervisors are, and they talk with a ""finance "" person, and they all sit in thier in secret and discuss the sale they are trying to make to you, pretty much the sales person becomes the messenger boy, and the supervisor wants to act like hes the godfather and acts untouchable. Thier is an air of intimidation , they wanna send out additional ""representatives "" to talk to you, and then will turn you back over to the sales person. What a shady way to do business. TRUST ME THEY ARENT THERE TO GIVE YOU A GOOD DEAL....Also told them to stop contacting me, got emails from the sales rep, had to spam them, then got a Christmas card from the salesperson....threw it in the trash. Now i get this "" rate our business"" Maybe now they will stop trying to contact me and will realize i ant nothing to do with them, I will travel to Carlise Ford when im ready to do business....Keystone Ford Claims to be an active community leader , but the ""community"" they claim to support and do business with, they wouldn't sell a used car to.....So in conclusion Keystone Ford can Kiss My ASSss more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/21/2012

Wonderful Experience!!! I took my mother there to lease a 2012 Ford Focus. Our Sales Consultant was Kenneth Orke. He treated us very well. We have both experienced very pushy salesman while buying cars in the past, but not with Ken. He was one of the best sales consultants we have ever had. Ken made our experience at Keystone very painless :-) My Mom just loves her new car!!!!!! more

Women Buyers Beware of Keystone! 5/25/2012

I purchased my 2009 Fusion from Keystone Ford a while back. Within two weeks of having the vehicle, I checked the Transmission Fluid and discovered that it was burned up and black. I cannot believe that Keystone apparently didn’t bother to check the transmission fluid before putting it out on the lot to be sold and then put a 90 day/ 3K mile warranty on it. I immediately called my salesman who informed me that they typically do not flush transmissions but he would check for me. He came back on the line and asked me “who checked it? You or your boyfriend?” He told me that I could bring the car back to have a service tech look at it but I was already turned off by his sexiest remark. I took the car in the following week and they kept it for two days. It was discovered that Valves 1 & 2 were “hanging up” and they cleaned them, re-sealed them and flushed the transmission. I continued to check the fluid every week for eight weeks. The fluid continually darkened until it was no longer red. I took the car back to Keystone one evening and was told late the next afternoon that the transmission fluid was a “nice healthy red” and was asked if I mistakenly checked the oil. I went to pick up my car, left the premises and checked the fluid again. It is not red, its more the color of clean oil. I refuse to deal with Keystone again because I’m continually treated like an ignorant woman. My father has been a mechanic for over 30yrs and my grandfathers before him, so I do know my way around a car – enough to know how to check transmission fluid and know that it should not be any color other than red. PS - I had to leave an ""EH"" rating, but I'd rather leave them a ""I'm pissed off"" rating! more

follow up....... 12/14/2011

As promised here is my follow up review of Keystone Ford in Chambersburg Pa; \r \r My wife took the Escape back to Keystone Ford yesterday morning. The warning lights in the dash were still active and the vehicle was skipping during her trip back down to Chambersburg but she made it.\r \r Sam Cook greeted her as she arrived and assured her they would get the vehicle into the shop immediately and find out what the problem was. He had a rental car onsite and ready for her use at no charge.\r \r Later in the day their shop supervisor Dave Sanocki contacted me and informed me the vehicle was fixed and ready to be picked up any time. \r \r Dave informed me they replaced a coil, 2 spark plugs, and wires. Apparently during the final car wash an overzealous new employee overdid it with the pressure washer and some water made it into the engine compartment causing the vehicles problems. He apologized for the ""mistake"" and assured me the Escape was running as it should now and there would be no cost to us for the repair.\r \r My wife picked up the vehicle this morning and according to her the vehicle is running smoothly with no warning lights on the dash and no loss of power. She is now happy with her purchase and that is good enough for me.\r \r So to summarize this review; Keystone Ford has shown they are willing to step up and make things right when something goes wrong. In the end I think that is all any of us can ask for.\r \r This is one of the reasons I prefer dealing with larger dealerships. They have a vested interest in making sure the cars they sell meet the customers expectations and do go out of their way to make sure things are fixed when they break down. \r \r To Sam, Becky, and especially Dave; Thankyou! more

Stay tuned... 12/12/2011

My wife and I drove 75 miles to Keystone Ford (301 Walker Road Chambersburg Pa) today to look at a couple of vehicles they had listed on Best Car Finder and Auto Trader. A little after 0830 this morning we were met by Sales rep Becky Taylor who spent the next couple of hours with us while we inspected and test drove 2 vehicles. The first was a 2008 Mercury Mariner Premier with 118,000 miles and the second was a 2005 Ford Escape Limited with approx 95,000 miles. Both vehicles were listed for $9900.00 and just barely within our budget. \r \r Becky showed us the Auto Check reports for both vehicles on her computer and even allowed us to inspect the vehicles while on the lift in their shop. Based on our visual inspections, test drives and Auto Check reports we selected the 2005 Ford Escape Limited. The auto check report for the Ford Escape was clean and showed no accidents or mechanical problems while the Mercury showed 2 accidents, had higher mileage and rust along the bottom of the inner door panels. \r \r The Escape had a few issues we detected such as an oil leak (oil pan gasket), broken heat shield weld, some scrapes on the front bumper, tires that were worn down (but still legal), and a slight glitch in the transmission at 35 to 40 mph. I pointed these issues out to Becky and suggested we would be wiiling to purchase the vehicle at the asking price provided the repairs were made. After some further discussion we agreed to buy the vehicle the way it was (with a warranty included) at a reduced price. \r \r During the drive home the vehicle began to choke out and hiccup on the highway. The check engine light came on, the emissions icon came on and the vehicle lost power on the highway. Imagine our surprise and frustration after just shelling out close to 10 grand for a vehicle that ""had no mechanical defects"" per the auto check report.\r \r I find it hard to believe that the dealership would have this vehicle on their lot for 2 to 3 months without having discovered these issues in house and have fixed them PRIOR to offering the vehicle for sale to the public.\r \r We nursed the vehicle home and contacted the dealership immediately. Becky forwarded our complaints and concerns to her sales manager Sam Cook who called me back within 30 minutes. \r \r After discussing the problems with our recently purchased vehicle, Sam asked us to bring the vehicle back to Chambersburg tomorrow 12/13/11 and he would have their shop ""fix"" the problems at no additonal cost to us. \r \r The question is; ""Will Keystone Ford really step up and do the right thing?"" I will be sure to relate all the details of this ongoing process as I get them so you the consumer may determine for yourselves whether Keystone Ford is worth your time or money. Stay tuned for the answer..... more


I have had the worst possible experience with this dealership; I am about to post youtube video of the car they advertise as accident free (I am not sure if it is even legal). Went through at least 7 emails back and forth with internet specialist before we agreed on the price. Asked about any prior accidents, damages to the car - the answer was no. Drove 270 miles to find out that the car was in accident and repainted (whole right side). Spoke to Sales guy and as soon as they figured out I used Paint Thickness Tester to find the damage, they apologized.... Can you believe it?!?!?! I have spent whole day, $100 on gas, $60 on food and they are sorry???? I recorded this car on my iPhone, will contact Trans Department of PA, Better Business Bureau, Ford Headquarters and will post it on youtube for people to learn how to avoid these sharks. Stay way from KeyStone FORD; they do not disclose the most important thing!!! more

Service Department from Hell 3/27/2011

I bought a Ford escape demo model from Keystone Ford in Chambersburg with a little over 50,000 miles on the odometer. The buying experience with Randy Hess and the finance Department was good, and these guys went above and beyond to get me the deal I needed. Now for the bad! I had my truck in for the 60,000 mile check up free of course to lure you in and was told by the service Department that I had bought a really good truck and that everything was wearing even. Then about a month later I got an offer in the mail for a discount oil change at there service Department and since it would need a State Inspection soon I asked for this to be done. This is where the trouble started. I waited in the waiting room after working all night for over two hours, having an appointment and keeping in mind this was for an oil change! All the sudden the service manager came to me and said that I had a worn brake pad on the front that would have to be replaced. I explained the previous visit and what I was told and he got very cross with me and by the time I left the dealership my wallet was 180.00 lighter.and because of the sub standard treatment of the service manager a bad feeling of rip off central. I do recommend buying from Randy Hess and the dealership but I do not recommend ever for any reason using their sub standard and rip off service Department. more

Just awful 3/1/2011

They lie through their teeth and blame Ford Corporate. more

Customer Service 2/15/2011

I had the best experience at Keystone Ford, the convience of talking to someone directly with a friendly voice makes it so much easier to explain what is going with my vehichle. Service department is very educated and dedicated to customer service. \r \r I had purchased my Ford Mustang 2010, my sales person Bill Sherman was very curtious and very educated. Sam Cook the sales manager was very friendly and personable. I got a great deal and I tell everyone about my exerience! Won't go anywher else. more

Fantastic Service Center 2/15/2011

I was please to see that Keystone Ford has Saturday service hours. IT was nice to schedule an appointment with a live personable voice. They got me right in for my appointment.\r \r The service writers were helpful and professional and it was an all around great experience. \r \r Now that I know how quick it was to get an oil change- and they have Saturday hours. I will go there all the time. more
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