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Keylime Cove - 21 Reviews - 1700 Nations Dr, Gurnee, IL - Hotels & Lodging Reviews - Phone (224) 656-8685

Keylime Cove

1700 Nations Dr
Gurnee, IL 60031
(224) 656-8685
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Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL
Keylime Cove - Gurnee, IL


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Contrary to most reviews...we had an absolute GREAT time! You walk in and feel like you have escaped from IL!


my kids loved the hurricane vortex!

Had a BLAST! 8/16/2011

Contrary to most reviews...we had an absolute GREAT time! You walk in and feel like you have escaped from IL! more

Half of it is good 3/29/2011

my kids loved the hurricane vortex! more

Sorry Got Bit Bed Bugs....Still since February 2010 7/11/2010

My wife was bitten six times and I was bit once. Enough said. Don't go here! Pros: fun slides Cons: Bed Bug Bites are unacceptable more

BED BUGS!!! 2/28/2010

I say a bed bug in the bed and we innediately left the hotel. I am now just reading reviews I have seen a couple that mentioned bed bugs. The problem is that people usually do not know immediately that they have been bitten or exposed to them. We threw the clothes that we took on this trip in the trash and hope to God that we did not bring anything into our home. I would not risk it, STAY AWAY! The management was nice, but this is a serious problem that I am sure they have had over time. BEWARE more


Went outside to smoke at 1:30 a.m. There were 14 to 16 guys fighting in the parking lot, then proceeded to run across the hoods of cars....jumping from hood to hood. They continued to run to the end of the parking lot, where they got into 4 different cars, and left. I went toward the front door, and a security guard was coming out of the hotel. I started to explain what happened, but someone else had already reported the incident. I asked about security cameras....and was informed there were NO OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERAS. It's bad enough that people had their cars jumped on, but I started thinking about all the children there. If ONE child wandered out of the hotel, or was snatched up by a stranger.....NO CAMERA!! NO way to have a lead on what happened to the child. On a place geared for kids, with a VERY EXPENSIVE tab by the time you leave.. They cannot afford outdoor cameras??? The guys fighting in the parking lot could have started shooting each other, and no one would know until perhaps an innocent person would have taken a bullet from one of these gang-bangers. Rooms are just a few feet from where these guys were, and no one knew they were even out there. 14 to 16 Loud, obnoxious, guys and security had NO IDEA they were on the property. Dangerous situation to put any kids in. Pros: Fun water park for kids Cons: no outdoor security cameras more

Gold Garbage 8/21/2009

I've to cheaper Motels with better service.they don't even have laundry rooms.It's also apparent they're hard up for cash who's ever Idea it was had poor planning or low marketing skills you gotta spend $$$ to make $$$ more

Won't come back 3/2/2009

Every year for my twins birthday we go to a different indoor water park and since this one is always advertised on tv we decided to come here. Check in was good. I checked in at 4pm. Devin was nice even though they didn't have the tokens that I pre-ordered with my reservation, but he said they would bring them to the room. The parking lot was packed so we parked far away from an entrance. The room was nice and clean. I never did receive my tokens so I had to call and get them brought to the room. We went to the waterpark. The layout is bad. We walked around and around to get to where they wanted to play. The park was very crowded and it took a long time to get a tube. I can say at least the water was warm, but with lots of chlorine. -bring goggles- Also they ran out of towels!! I was told to come back in 15 minutes. Pros: warm water, lots of other activities Cons: service, parking, everything closes at 10pm more

Do NOT Waste your money or time at this place!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/23/2009

I would agree with other ratings as to the unprofessional uncaring staff at this resort. The water is cold, Pros: Looks nice from the outside,, however Cons: not nice on the inside more

Key lime is the worst waterpark we have ever been too!!! 1/6/2009

The layout of this place was the only good thing to say about Key Lime Cove! We stayed there in Dec 2008, and this was far beyond what we expected! We travel to numerous waterparks all year for our children, and I highly do not recommend this place to anyone. The service is awful, the staff is very much unprofessional and ignorrant! The older lady at the hot dog stand nearly made four children and 1 adult cry due to her unprofessional Cashier experience. What a joke. The water was nearly 50 degrees in a indoor waterpark, every child was either shivering, or there lips were blue. Ask a lifeguard why the water is cold and here is the respons "I know everyone is complaining, but we cant do anything because we cant go downstairs, our boss will yell at us, we dont even want to be in the water either" Nice! Go to the arcade, and be sure that when you lose money in the machines you will wait a good 30 minutes to get it back. Or how about going out to a nice dinner, that you wait 50 minutes for and then your food finally arrives tasting like it was done 30 minutes prior. We ended up at Joes crab shack the next day. Or how about walking back from purchasing a drink and watching a young lady who was heavyset fall on the bridge because it was so slippery, and asking if she was alright, while the lifeguards secretly laughed and pointed without even asking her if she was ok. Or maybe they were still laughing at the fact the other lifeguards were laughing at the child who went to the bathroom in the basketball pool area, while they were attempting to clean it they were laughing so hard, they were dropping it back into the pool because they were immature about the situation they werent paying attention. Thank god for the head lifeguard, because when he came, they all were on there best behavior. The housekeeping then came to our room at 6pm to ask if they could finally clean our room. Thanks. Last but not least we talked to management"NOTHING' and wrote them "Nothing" Never AGain! Pros: The setup is nice, and the room is cute.... Cons: The service, the water, the management, the food, and the lifeguards are nothing to brag about thats for sure!!! more

This Place NEEDS HELP! Long Lines, dirty rooms YUCK!! 1/1/2009

Ok, so I planned a nice overnight stay for me and the kids and we were all so excited about it. We waited in line for an HOUR to check in and our room was not ready. Their line was checkin BEGINS at 4, but that does not mean your room is going to be ready. Our room was not ready until almost 6 pm!! So, here I am with two toddlers and me trying to figure out what to do to keep them happy. The kid water pools were very cute and nice, but again, very crowded. We finally went to our room after having some fun in the water park, I pulled out the pull out couch only to find that the bed still had the same linen on it from the people who stayed int he room teh night before. It was all wadded up in a ball, DIRTY SHEETS!! I was so upset. I called houskeeping and he came and proceeded to put the SAME matress cover on the bed that was already there!! I said, I want a new one on the bed, he said he may not be able to get one for me tonight!! I called the manager and then this guy came back with all clean sheets and an attitude. The acting manager ANTHONY listen to me complain about our 2 hour late check in and our dirty room, and he kept saying, "I'm sorry the bed was not made to your expectations" I was so made, listedn, teh bed was DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I should tuck my kids into that dirty bed. He said he could not compensate me anything for the room and our trouble only he would offer a later check out time of 12:23....... (11 is checkout). This place SUCKED and I will not be back! It was a free for all, not enough help anywhere--- and for sure lacking in customer satisfaction! more

wonderful family vacation 11/11/2008

Our family had a blast at Keylime Cove. It was wonderful cbeause it was big enough to enjoy and yet sized right not to lose anyone. The rooms were beautiful and very clean, the staff was very courtious(could have been a little bit friendlier) but over all lots of fun. The activities were fun for the kids and the food was good and reasonably priced. I was surprised there were no breakfast resturantes in the motel. Since the kids were up very early and eager to swim and play, I thought breakfast would be a good distration but to my amazement there were no breakfast places. Everything was great, I blame myself for leaving my cell phone there, but I did not think that security took the matter to seriously when I called and asked them to have it shipped to me. Other than that the whole trip was fun we would recommend it to anyone and plan on going back ourselves. Pros: great locations for other sights to see too Cons: could have had a breakfast resturante more

No. Just simply, no. 9/11/2008

I am not much into water parks, but my kids are. So like a few other people, I thought I would save the 3+ hour trip to the Dells and try this place. We went the first weekend they were open. Mistake. The place was not ready to open. You name it, there were problems. But I won't dwell on those. I guess I can forgive some rough spots in any start up. So we went back in August. Huge Mistake. Pros: convenient location Cons: worst staff possibly in recorded history more

Nice Resort, Terrible Attitude 8/29/2008

We got a great deal on a two-day stay at the resort for our family of four, and we loved it when we first walked in. However, once we got into the water park, we were annoyed almost immediately. The lifeguards would use their whistles (towards ADULTS) - while we were WITHIN SPEAKING DISTANCE. We were trying to find our way around the park, and there were no signs on certain gates indicating that they were for lifeguards only. When we inquired as to how we were supposed to know which gates are off limits, the two guards were sarcastic and laughed at us. Another guard blew their whistle again when I attempted to go down a ride that required an inner tube. Once again, I was standing right there, and the use of the whistle was completely unnecessary. Other inconveniences were that they didn't have movies or room service. Thankfully there are a lot of restaurants outside of the resort. We will probably give them another chance, but we were definitely disappointed. more

Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrggggggggg. Please help them! 7/24/2008

This place really needs some help. It is an amazing idea and the design is great. Pros: Great design and decor Cons: Staff, prices, food, state of rooms more

Great getaway for a family 7/10/2008

My family and I just returned from a two- night stay over the July 4th weekend. We had a great time and already planned another trip in August. Next time we are staying 3 nights. The rooms are reasonable for the high quality and the admission to the waterpark. Our rate is 159.00/night with a 20.00 food certificate for each day and 5.00 in tokens each day. We would be spending that anyway (we have 2 kids who loved the arcade) so it takes the rate down to 135/night. When we walked in we felt like we were faraway from home on an island somewhere. We checked in early at 1:00 and were able to enjoy the waterpark right away. We had a lot of fun enjoying all the aspects of the waterpark, such as the lazy river with the family, the slides with my 7 year old, and the kiddie area with my 5 year old. There are free activities tall day long that we are going to do more of when we return. My daughter and niece did get to do the make your cupcakes which they enjoyed making and eating! They have evening scavenger hunts and frequent arts and crafts for the kids. One night while we were in the arcade they had a bubble dance party for the little ones. Keep in mind that the dance party, arts and craft, cupcakes, and scavenger hunt are all FREE activities. Captain Jack Sparrow was walking around the first day we were there which was neat for the kids too. The breakfast buffet was reasonably priced and filled us up. If you go during the summer you can spend a day at Great America and the shuttle service is VERY convenient. Our family usually makes a yearly trip to Disney but were unable to this summer and this made up for it!!!! I forgot I was in Gurnee. We will be going twice this summer and will be spending less than half of what we spend for our usual 7- 10 days at Disney. A family can truly have a wonderful experience at this resort. Highly recommended..... Pros: nice rooms, feels like a vacation resort, fun waterpark, friendly service, cashless system more

They Fixed the Problems!!!!! 7/10/2008

Our experience was FANTASTIC!! The service reminded me of Disney. We paid $199 per night and stayed 3 nights over July 4th, 2008. The rooms were large and clean. The property was very clean. The waterpark has a seperate area for small infants away from traffic. The lazy river dumps into a neat wave pool. They have a center area for toddlers to children around 12.. Then another area to play water basketball. Lastly they have 2 body slides and 2 tube shoots and the vortex (rice bowl) tube ride. I was surprised to see the complaints but then looked at the dates. This facility just opened so I'm sure not everything was up to par. Personally I prefer going here because they DON'T let the public in. It's frustrating to pay for a room and then stand in line for the tube rides while the general public takes over! We did not feel the prices were outrageous. The menus are posted on line and the food was good. I also liked that they had activities planned from 9 am until 10 pm for children of all ages. Cons: pack a sweatshirt as it is cold throughout property. I would have appreciated them inforcing the rules of "no street clothes" allowed in water. I could have done without seeing others body parts hang out of t shirts and boxer shorts! We will be back...with sweatshirts! Pros: very polite, extremely clean everywhere on property, only allow guests to use water park which translates into no waiting in line Cons: need a sweatshirt everywhere as it's too cold; don't enforce no street clothes in water rule more

Happy when we walked in, Angry when we walked out! Check in 7/28-7/30/08 6/30/2008

I thought I'll save my family some gas $ & time driving to WildernessResrt; plus the place is brand new. I've been to so many resort, ie.Kohler, Grand Geneva Resort, Wilderness, even Mayan Adventure etc. but our last day made me so angry, the unfortunate highlight of our stay @ the "cave", oh at the cove. My 6 y/o daughter requested that we go again for the last time in a bowl ride; but the attendant did not allow it, remeasured her &stated that she's not allowed to go bec. of her ht. I was shocked!!! The day before we've been going through the bowl ride, &my daughter met the height requirement. The staff was very inconsistent with their rules &the supervisors, Mike and Amanda whom they introduced to me weren'tvery helpful at all, never alleviating my anxiety, & frustration, no other alternatives given, & mentioned that they werethe top manager of the facility! My daughter whispered to me that she's never going to ride the tube slide again. Other occurences of unpleasant experiences; burned muffin underneath my poached eggs, despite of empty seats, the waiter had to figure out where to put us (2 families there only); 2 milk, ice cream at D.W. Anderson, with ( mostly empty seats, it took over 45 min to get all our orders for 2 adults & 2 kids.The front desk people barely smiled ; No RM.service;, you have to order your food to go fr. one of the restaurants downstairs; the shop have no size 30 swim shorts for my 17 y/0. I had to pay extra for my husband and my son $20. ea. extra; did not even sleep in the room, they went home for the night after camping in WI.I don't mind thetaxes, but not willing to pay the resort fee daily and was not even explained to me during check in. It was supposedly for the use of shuttle to six flags, and internet access which we never utilized. We spent almost $1,000.00 for 2 nights, left very angry. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Save your money, and stress, and drive 2 to 4 hrs away, it'll be much worth it. Pros: Yet to be desired Cons: Rules changes; Unfriendly staff ; The price does not match the services; Food selections limited, more

Not what we were expecting?? 3/10/2008

I guess we were expecting something different but we found the food to be iffy and the service confused. The prices for this part of Chicagoland were very high. It also felt very empty though I know they just opened a few weeks ago I think. We won't make the drive back I think. Pros: Very new Cons: Food, service, price more

WOW when you walk in...Ouch when you walk out. 3/7/2008

My family really expected to love this new indoor water park in the far North of Chicagoland. When you walk in it was total WOW!! Everything look wonderful and we were ready to have a lot of fun. Pros: Very good water park, rooms were nice and new. Stunning decor. Cons: The total cost of a stay is VERY high vs. other indoor water park options, food and service were not up to the price charged. more

Amazing idea, not well done 3/4/2008

Amazing idea but not done correctly. First, the food quality was poor vs. the price. This is GURNEE, IL not down town Chicago or a mega resort. Service was OK but again was not up to the standards the price would indicate. Pros: Tropical theam was great, look and feel over all amazing Cons: Cost, food quality, service, and lack of ability to use water park without renting a hotel room more
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